Submit your film to competition program of the most concise short film festival!
10th edition of Short Waves Festival will take place
between 20-25th March 2018 in Poznań, Poland.

Submissions are open till 10th October 2017.


Films can be submitted to the following competitions:

International Competition
Polish Competition
Dances with Camera
Urban View


International Competition is the most prestigious competition at the Festival for the best productions from all over the world, up to 45 min long. Topic, form and genre are not subjects of rules restrictions.  The main goal of the Competition is to create a diverse programme with a fresh perspective on contemporary cinema and original film language.


Polish Competition is dedicated only for short film produced in Poland, up to 45 min long. Topic, form and genre are not subjects of rules restrictions. The Competition aims at presenting a diverse panorama of the latest short films, created by Polish filmmakers and at the same time open their way to international career by presenting them at the Festival.


Dances with Camera is an international competition for short films, whose common language is dance and body movement. To participate in the selection are welcome dance productions from all over the world, which expose endless possibilities of physical expression, emodied through film medium, regardless of form and genre – from drama, documentary, animation to experimental projects and choreographic impressions.


Urban View is an international competition for short films related to architecture, city planning and design understood as arts, as well as their social, cultural or economic aspects. A building, street, park or object cannot be just a part of scenery, the background to the story, but they must act as a key and the main character for the film. All film genres such as fiction films, documentaries, animations, video clips as well as experimental forms may be submitted.

The winners will be chosen by an international jury, which will award three prizes in every competition. The audience gathered at the competition screenings will decide about Audience Award. Total prize pool is 17 000 EUR.




Submissions to Polish Competition are accepted solely via FilmFreeway:



Submissions to International Competition, Dances with Camera and Urban View are accepted solely via Film Festival Life:



Regulamin: Dances with Camera
Rules: Dances with Camera

Regulamin: Konkurs międzynarodowy
Rules: International Competition

Regulamin: Konkurs polski
Rules: Polish Competition

Regulamin: Urban View
Rules: Urban View

Video story from Short Waves Festival 2017