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  • FAST FORWARD / dir. Emilia Kuryłowicz / 2007 / 1′
  • ARIA DIVA / dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska / 2007 / 30′
  • MIASTO PŁYNIE / dir. Balbina Bruszewska / 2008 / 3′
  • ZIĘTEK / dir. Bartosz Blaschke / 2008 / 17′
  • “THE SCAR” KINGS OF CARAMEL / dir. Maciej Szupica, Maciej Salamon / 2008 / 3′
  • BEZ TYTUŁU / dir. Jeremi Jędroś / 2007 / 1′
  • KANAŁ / dir. Paulina Bobrycz / 2008 / 6′
  • T. RICKSTER / dir. Justyna Łuczaj-Salej / 2007 / 27′
  • eFTe RADZI – Nie ryzykuj segreguj / dir. Przemysław Adamski, Katarzyna Kijek / 2008 / 2′
  • FILM O KOSTUCHU / dir. Piotr Bosacki / 2008 / 3′
  • MYJNIA / dir. Jan P. Matuszyński / 2007 / 20′
  • METKA / dir. Piotr Szewczyk, Małgorzata Jabłońska / 2009 / 2′


  • JURY

The jury of the first edition of Short Waves Festival consisted of audience, which decided of the best film by giving a vote.



Audience Grand Prix Award: MYJNIA / dir. Jan P.  Matuszyński

Future Shorts Award: ZIĘTEK / dir. Bartosz Blaschke

Special Award: FILM O KOSTUCHU / dir. Piotr Bosacki



The 1st edition of Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES took place between 16th and 30th of April 2009. In these two weeks the audience in 28 Polish cities – as well as in Berlin, London and Dublin – had a chance to see the best short films from Poland.
The 2-hour programme consisted of 12 films: not only narratives, documentaries and animations, but also videoclips, video-art and an advertisement. Apart from various festival winners, the collection included films submitted directly for Short Waves.
The audience contribution was crucial to the Festival. In every city, where a screening took place, the viewers voted for the best film. Audience Grand Prix and the money prize of 1.500 EUR went to Jan P. Matuszyński, the author of “Myjnia (Carwash)”. The special jury of international platform of short film promotion and presentation Future Shorts gave its vote to Bartosz Blaschke, the author of “Ziętek”. As a result, his film was included in the international Future Shorts’ distribution. Szymon Stemplewski – the Festival’s director – decided to honour with a special award “Film o Kostuchu” by Piotr Bosacki. Therefore three films by Bosacki were presented during Polish screenings of Future Shorts.



  • AAA TANIE WIZUALKI / dir. Katarzyna Łygońska, Ewa Juszkiewicz / 2009 / 1′
  • SZCZĘŚCIARZE / dir. Tomasz Wolski / KIJORA / 2008 / 26′
  • RABBIT CASE / dir. Jakub Wroński / 2009 / 10′
  • „PIES” BIFF / dir. Grzesiek Nowiński / 2009 / 5′
  • BRZYDKIE SŁOWA / dir. Marcin Maziarzewski / 2009 / 25′
  • POWRÓT / dir. Anna Błaszczyk / 2009 / 7′
  • KASZEL UMARLAKA / dir. Krzysztof Borówka / 2009 / 20′
  • NIEWIDZIALNI / dir. Katarzyna Gondek / 2009 / 15′
  • „EVERYTIME” OI VA VOI / dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski / 2009 / 3’
  • KONIEC / dir. Agnieszka Pokrywka / 2009 / 8′


  • JURY

The jury of the first edition of Short Waves Festival consisted of audience, which decided about the best film by giving a vote.



Audience Grand Prix Award: BRZYDKIE SŁOWA / dir. Marcin Maziarzewski

Szczecin Wave Award: SZCZĘŚCIARZE / dir. Tomasz Wolski



The 2nd edition of Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES took place between the 15th and 30th of April 2010. The screenings took place in 30 Polish cities and also in Berlin, Dublin and London. The almost-2-hour programme was filled with the best Polish shorts produced since 2008: award-winning ones as well as few premieres. We chose the best films from over 150 submissions. Among them were narratives, documentaries, animations, videoclips, video-art and advertisements. The audience members in every city had a chance to vote for their favourite film. The winner of the Festival awarded with the money prize of 2.000 EUR was Marcin Maziarzewski, the author of “Brzydkie słowa (Bad Lyrics)”. There was also a second award for the winner of the audience voting in the city of Szczecin – the Szczecin Wave Award of 1.500 EUR. It went to Tomasz Wolski, the author of “Szczęściarze (Lucky Ones)”.



  • THE GALLERY / dir. Robert Proch / 2010 / 5′

Dynamic movie, standing against commercialisation and consumerism. Weekend custommers lost in a gigantic shopping centre…

  • LIFESHAPES / dir. Norman Leto / 2010/ 15′

A film riddle. Amongst shapes resembling anything from Alien monster to hot wax poured on water – a story of complicated human fates.

  • I’M LOOKING FOR A CERTAIN PERSON / dir. Janusz Kojro / 2010 / 4′

How to meet in a big city? Dating service might be helpful… Several people of various age and sex share their missed opportunities for “something”…

  • RESURRECTION / dir. Klara Kochanska / 2011 / 20′

Psychodrama in Easter scenery. Starring: her, him, and the third one… father. Tense, almost Chekhovian atmosphere and an obligatory rifle shot.

  • PENNE GOD – SzaZa / dir. Maciej Puczynski, Karolina Karwan, Pawel Szamburski, Patryk Zakrocki, Piotr Szamburski / 2009 / 5′

Music flows – but in the pool? Music video for SzaZa in which unreal, underwater space is slowly filled with sounds and… furnishings.

  • LUIZA HERT / dir. Aga Woszczynska / 2011 / 9′

A talent can be found in the least expected places… A backstage look at a theatre, a portrait of extraordinary Luiza Hert.

  • SAMPLED ROOM / dir. Mateusz Zdziebko / 2011 / 2′

A story of an unobvious relation between sound and an instrument. A symphony for glass, spring and… g-string.

  • DRACULA / dir. Piotr Bosacki / 2010 / 10′

An attack on narration and form: a clash of history, reason and perception. A process of thought formation, a cognitive path through a human body and mind, aided with minimalist animation.

  • WEIGHT / dir. Anna Turowska / 2011 / 1′

An animated miniature with a message. A windmill versus rapidly growing anonymous buildings.

  • THROUGH GLASS / dir. Igor Chojna / 2009 / 14′

Sausage, alcohol and disco-polo music… A trip to the polish countryside. Young boy comes to his aunt’s funeral and gets involved not only in the last rites but also… flirtation.

  • THE DRUG / dir. Mateusz Witkowski / 2011/ 5′

Space, pulsating with soothing rhythms. Deep black starry sky, illuminated with mysterious, fluorescent shapes… Prize-winner of the contest for Royksopp’s video.


  • JURY


Laurence Boyce

born in Leeds. Journalist, programmer. He worked for Leeds International Film Festival for many years. He moved on to be a directof of GLIMMER: The Hull International Short Film Festival. He currently works at the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.

Frank Bretschneider

musician, composer and video artist from Berlin. He is mostly known for creating electronic music and his experiments with synthesizers, tape machines and modified guitars. His music projects are always connected with amazing visual elements.

Graham Daniels

AV artist. He’s working on his project in AddictiveTV. His projects are mostly focused on sampling films and remixing both audio and video.

Mikołaj Jazdon

Polish film critic, film expert, professor of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, a tutor of Film Television and New Media Department. He’s also a director of International Film Festival OFF FESTIVAL. He also directed interviews to 12 episodes of television series “Documentary Art”.

Bartosz Żurawiecki

Culture expert, journalist, film critic, writer. He collaborated with a film magazine “Film”. He writes recently in review section to a magazine “Kino”. His articles can be found in papers like: “Przekrój”, “Tygodnik  Powszechny”, “Odra” or magazines such as “Charaktery”, “Dialog”, “Didaskalia”.



Audience Grand Prix Award – DRACULA / dir. Piotr Bosacki

Short Waves Pro Award –  THROUGH GLASS / dir. Igor Chojna



2011 marked the third time that Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES has travelled across cinemas and venues of the world. The programme included 11 hottest Polish shorts: narratives, documentaries, animations, video-arts and music videos.
Between March 24th and April 16th the Festival has visited 38 Polish cities plus Berlin, Dublin, London, Munich, Porto and Zilina. The audience of 5.000 from 8 countries took part in the voting and determined the winner. 
Grand Prix and the money prize of 2.500 EUR went to Piotr Bosacki, the author of “Drakula”. What’s more, a special Short Waves PRO award of 1.250 EUR has been given to Igor Chojna, the author of “Przez szybę (Through Glass)”. The international jury was composed of experts in audiovisual culture: Laurence Boyce, Frank Bretschneider, Graham Daniels, Mikołaj Jazdon and Bartosz Żurawiecki.



  • EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE / dir. Filip Lisowski / 2011 / 11′

An orderly boy, his birthday and the prose of life: dust, dirty dishes, mess. A subtle story of friendship and obsessions. For the last 2 minutes of the film the hero shakes his head.

  • TELOGEN / dir. Alan Kępski / 2012 / 4′

Transgression of body, metamorphosis of image, morphology of hair. Starring: eccentric fashion blogger Coco Mayaki.

  • SLEEPINCORD / dir. Marta Pajek / 2011 / 14′

An animation from the border of a dream and consciousness. About difficulties with getting up in the morning, an uneaten borsch and the titular sleepincord – the wire connecting amniotic fluid of dreams with placenta of reality.

  • THE CONVERSATION / dir. Piotr Sułkowski / 2011 / 17′

A documentary story of a young woman on a prison pass. The whole universe of new feelings and emotions awaits her. Unusual narrative method is the contribution of both the director and the heroine.

  • LEGLESS ANIMAL / dir. Jakub Drobczyński, Tymon Tykwiński / 2011 / 4′

Polish rappers Fisz and Emade follow the Beastie Boys and… retire. An elderly walk through the city set to the bouncing rhythm of hip-hop.

  • THE STRONGWOMAN / dir. Aleksander Pawluczuk / 2012 / 7′

A documentary about a strong woman – literally and figuratively. The heroine – Dorota Jadczak – doesn’t lose her charm, even when flexing her muscles.

  • ISLA / dir. Małgorzata Grygierczyk / 2011 / 1′

Moving pictures? A moment of concentration. Have a look and you might see.

  • NOISE / dir. Przemysław Adamski, Katarzyna Kijek / 2011 / 7′

With your ear against the wall it’s easy to mishear. A short story about noises invading human’s life. Comically visualised sounds become a part of visible reality.

  • DRIVING SCHOOL / dir. Emi Mazurkiewicz / 2011 / 13′

A power struggle in the closed space of the parent’s car. Three sisters and one steering wheel. Tension, conflicts, hidden aggression, fear of rejection and love. In short: family.

  • CROSSWORD OF THE DAY / dir. Krzysztof Skonieczny / 2011 / 4′

Kaleidoscope of animation: various techniques and artists, dynamic montage. Polish singer Monika Brodka solves the crossword.


  •  JURY

Alexey Alexeev

He studied animation in the famous Moscow studio Pilot and finished the Moscow Film School VGIK. He is an author of a great number of animation movies and he had been awarded many times for his projects. He’s most famous for the animation series of Mr Bean.

Bruce Webb

Awarded director and producent. In 2010 he won Choice Award  at the Festival in Karlowe Wary for his film debut “The Be All and End All”. Moreover, the film was awarded at the festivals in Monte Carlo, Durango, Nashville, Poznan and Washington. He’s recently working on dramas and comedies on BBC or Channel 4, as well as television programs for kids.

Magda Felis

Member of editorial film department at Canal +, film journalist.

She had been writing to “Gazeta Wybrocza” about film music. She hosts a program about cultural news presenting both mainstream and underground.

Urszula Śniegowska

She studied art history and English philology with culture background. She organised exhibitions as a curator, she was a member of jury CICAE on the Berlinale Forum, at the Film Festival in Venice and Locarno. She’s been working as a programme director at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw since 2011.

Stavros Raptis

Born in 1976 in Greece. Film director. He finished Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos in Athens. He created short films and a few video production for theatre plays. He worked as a casting director for almost 300 advertisements. He’s been working as an art director at Athens International Short Film Festival “Psarokokalo”.

Rúnar Rúnarsson

Icelandic film director living in Denmark, where he graduated from Danish Film School. He was nominated for i.a. Oscars, Golden Camera in Cannes. His movies are a typical example of scandinavian escapism – subtle fights against illnesses, death and very unpleasant weather.



Grand Prix Audience Award : NOISE / dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski

SHORT WAVES PRO Award: NOISE / dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski



Between 12th and 28th of April Short Waves Festival visited over 30 Polish cities, as well as few selected ones abroad (Berlin, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Porto, Prague, among others) but at the time the capital of short films undoubtedly became Poznan.
This year the programme consisted of 10 shorts carefully selected from over 220 applications. Among them were narratives, documentaries, animations, experimental films and music videos.
This year the undisputed winners were Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski, the authors of „Noise“, which won not only Audience Grand Prix Award and 2 500 EUR but also Short Waves PRO Canal + and 1 250 EUR awarded by the international jury.



  • SHAPE / dir. Przemysław Adamski, Katarzyna Kijek / 2013 / 3’

Second life of memories that for a moment stop being features of nostalgia. They start coming in shape, katachi, in the video clip. A speeding parade of two thousand elements summarises the story of a great journey and creates a certain catalogue of postcards that sends greetings in a breakneck pace from the world of imagination.

  • THE GUARDIANS / dir. Krzysztof Szot / 2013 / 15’

A path in the forest is enclosed with a barrier on a rope. Next to it there is a station made of bricks. Young Marek doesn’t know how he’s got here and the old guardian might have already forgotten. Marek likes the cold of his gun made of steel because it seems as if he had a hot hand. The old man likes television because his service is over. Marek is going to stamp the furloughs and that’s the whole job. Or so it seems.

  • WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHILDREN DON’T EAT SOUP / dir. Paweł Prewencki / 2011 / 9’

Soup allows to satisfy hunger but not child’s curiosity. Two little heroes can find satisfaction only in adventure. When they run away from the table, the grandfather decides to teach them a lesson. His spells close all the doors. An innocent fad has severe consequences. And the soup is getting cold.

  • TO LOVE LIFE /dir. Piotr Bosacki / 2011 / 12’

The narrator reads a certain study devoted to the construction of the world. He introduces equations for mechanisms of nature and mores. Scientific arguments sometimes distract poetic vulnerability. He seems amazed. He calculates. He illustrates critically and symmetrically. Intertwining of layers creates a structure of a literary film.

  • ALL SOULS’ DAY / dir. Aleksandra Terpińska / 2012 / 18’

It doesn’t seem suitable to be born on November 1st. However, Lena found the date suitable. On the day of her eighteenth birthday she needs to light candles not only on her birthday cake but also on a grave. She’s got used to it but this time will be different. An age-connected breakthrough evokes in her the desire to solve certain mystery. Lena decides to grow up.

  • THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE / dir. Adela Kaczmarek / 2013 / 13’

A documentary about an unusual man or maybe a postulate of being usual. An animated philosophical treaty spoken with a common language of heart. The patient of life tells the story of his illness and depicts it with his own drawings. He saw a lot and spoke to important people. A beautiful war with Hungary is, among others, in the background.

  • SPONGE IDEAS / dir. Katarzyna Nalewajka, Paulina Szewczyk / 2011 / 5’

It’s not a rocket science to know that friendship between a squirrel and an octopus may be difficult. One can just imagine how difficult it gets. Out of one such attempt a video clip was made. Its characters need a couple of minutes to hit the adventure jackpot but the balance of the emotional journey seems to be negative.

  • PHOTON / dir. Alexander Pawlik / 2011 / 5’

A particle becomes a master of the world. A particle rules. We wander with it through “everything” and doing so is going to be easier thanks to a collage of archival scientific films. The collage, edited by means of the so-called found footage creates a dynamic kaleidoscope. We’re going through an auteur metaphor of driving force that suddenly sends us into the universe from the inside of the body.

  • A MEMORY OF LAST SUMMER / dir. Kuba Gryżewski, Ivo Krankowski / 2013 / 10’

Legendary winters of the 1980s might have been severe but from time to time the temperature was surprisingly high. A seemingly prosaic episode will be a heart-warming recollection for the characters of the film. It’s a story told through the so-called steamy glass but at the same time it also sheds some light on the mystery. Love with a human blushing face.


  • JURY

Scandar Copti

Izraaeli director and screenwriter. Nominated for the Academy Award and the European Film Award for Ajami, which he co-directed. The same title brought him the Golden Camera in Cannes. He was a member of the jury during the Tribeca Film Festival and Thessaloniki Film Festival. He was also the president of the jury during the Human Rights Award in Istanbul. He began his career with short films: features, documentaries and experimental forms. Ajami was his first feature film. He is currently working on a new film.

Anna G. Magnusdottir

One of the most renowned and experienced producers in Scandinavia. Connected with the movie industry since 1987. She was the commissioning editor for the Icelandic Film Fund. Also, she participated in a training project EAVE and in a centre for the development of independent cinema ACE. She works mainly in Sweden and Iceland with such companies as, for instance, MovieBoosters and Little Big. She is still getting involved in production and post-production of many projects from the region.

Andrea Wink

The director of the ExGround Filmfest, one of the biggest festivals of independent cinema, which she has been co-organising since 1990, in Germany. She is also a curator of a student competition during the goEast festival and a coordinator of Young Professionals trainings that belong to the goEast project. Moreover, she works for the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Sarajevo Talent Campus. She is the advisor of the young people and she conducts training dealing with the topic of getting funds for film projects. The scope of her activity includes also Central and Eastern Europe.

Michaela Pnacekova

The organiser of a number of festivals and a member of the board of a European network of young cinema NISI MASA. She works on such projects as IFF Berlinale, Cottbus FilmFestival, Achtung Berlin, IFF Artfilmfest or QFF Mezipatra. She is a specialist in programming festivals and an experienced

coordinator. She was a member of the jury during Berlinale and LGBT FF Image+Nation in Montreal. She is currently working on her first documentary.

Beata Fido

An actress taking part in theatre, film and television projects. SHE graduated from the Polish Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Cracow. She was playing in theatres in the United States for almost a decade and she was awarded with the Theatre Excellence Award in the Best Actress and Leading Role category granted by Detroit Free Press. She also participated in such film projects as Matka Teresa od kotów. Moreover, she was also playing in the Tv Theatre. She is currently working in the Polish Institute of Film Art.



Short Waves PRO Award: THE GUARDIANS / dir. Krzysztof Szota

Audience Award: THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE / dir. Adela Kaczmarek



The 5th edition of Short Waves Festival lasted from 4th to 28th of April. 45 cities, 8 countries, 5000 viewers – this is a numerical summing-up of the festival.
In spite of the wide-ranging Polish short films programme, the festival has also enjoyed projects presented by London Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry from Berlin, ExGround from Wiesbaden and Filmowe Podlasie.
The audience had also the chance to see the best short films from Iceland, film series showing dancing projects or the first in the world – erotic puppetry animation review Sexy Dolls.
This year the audience award went to Adela Kaczmarek, a 28-year graduate of Cracow Fine Arts Academy, whose „The governance of love“ the audience appreciated the most. What’s more, a special Short Waves PRO award of 1.250 EUR has been given to Krzysztof Szota, the author of “The guardians“.



  • ZIEGENORT / dir. Tomasz Popakul / animation / 2013 / 19’33’’

A small village at the seaside. A father who works a lot tries to teach his teenage son how to be a fisherman. An introvert boy-fish will have to take part in his first real rivalry. The world discovered by the boy is full of disturbing signs and intriguing observations that often evoke fear in him

  • RESONANCE / dir. Mateusz Sadowski / experiment 2013 / 6’16‘‘

An outcome of reading and thinking about physical theories proposing the existence of parallel worlds and disputes tackling the issue of whether the world has a linear (analogous) or non-linear (discrete) structure and finding balance between divergent traits by reading, for example, Robert Walser. The film was created simultaneously with the process of exploring the aforenamed topics.

  • OUR CURSE / dir. Tomasz Śliwiński / documentary 2013 / 27‘32‘‘

The film is a personal statement of the director who together with his wife has to deal with an extremely rare and incurable disease of their newborn child – the Ondine’s curse (the congenital central hypoventilation syndrome). The film shows the process of taming the fear connected with the disease.

  • THE INCREDIBLE ELASTIC MAN / dir. Karolina Specht / animation 2013 / 4’53’’

A story of a man who was born without his own shape. Constant deformations and squeezing into someone else’s forms evoke a feeling of rebellion in him. Can he live completely independently from others and in isolation from reality?

  • HOSANNA / dir. Katarzyna Gondek / fiction film 2013 / 9’30’’

Hosanna is a story of a lively girl who enters the world of her grandmother – a bigot and wreaks sweet havoc in it. The granddaughter discovers a bizarre collection of grandmother’s friend.

  • THE MOTHER / dir. Łukasz Ostalski / fiction film 2013 / 30’’

Małgorzata (Danuta Stenka), a prominent politician, goes to a house by the lake. Her son, a drug addict, needs help. Małgorzata asks her daughter for support. In the time of a tragedy their mutual relations get complicated and hidden resentments are revealed. The mother has to make the most difficult decision in her life.

  • UNCONSCIOUS / dir. Martyna Iwańska / video clip 2013 / 4’56’’

A video clip to a track created by the Rebeka duo. The duo takes part in the clip but the most important are the leading characters played by Maria Cieślak and Piotr Stramowski as well as ascetic scenography. Unconscious is a story of hypnotizing and disturbing love relationship, a one-sided relation with surprising surrounding.


  • THE SEA / dir. Zofia Dąbrowska / animation 2013 / 5‘06‘‘

A short story about what we sometimes don’t see but what may really exist

  • BEAT FREQUENCY / dir. Arkadiusz Biedrzycki / fiction film 2013 / 30‘58‘‘

Three women. One home. A shared and painful past. After seven years of living an emigrant’s life, Natalia returns to Poland, where she left her daughter, Hela and her mother, Zofia, when she went abroad. She is ready to take on the role of a true mother. What she fails to realise, though, is that it is too late to break into her daughter’s and mother’s world, the world she ran away from years ago; a world once ruled by a father’s iron hand.

  • THE SLIP / dir. Karolina Głusiec / video clip 2013 / 3’50‘‘

The music video accompanying The Slip by Przemysław Etamski and Małgorzata Penkalla.

  • CELL 96 / dir. Adam Lipiński / fiction film 2012 / 8‘24‘‘

A couple of days from prison cell number 96.

  • THE BIG LEAP / dir. Kristoffer Rus / fiction film 2013 / 13‘‘

Three poeple meet atop a skyscraper. They have the same intention – to commit suicide due to a major financial crisis. The conflict quickly escalates when they discover that they all represent a different conviction about the afterlife. The only way to find out who’s right is to take The Big Leap.

  • UNTILLED / dir. Mikołaj Syguda / fiction film 2013 / 10‘16‘‘

Untilled doesn’t have its Polish equivalent. The word describes non-ploughed land, soil that has not been prepared to be grown. The word consists of two elements: “until” and the “-ed” ending, which signifies a perfective aspect. It creates an interesting adjective that puts the subject into a state of waiting, a state of permanent lasting preceding something that is supposed to happen. The characters of two film screenings are in such a state.

  • SURVEY ABOUT WOMEN / dir. Mateusz Głowacki / documentary 2012 / 30‘

A film about women recounted form young men’s point of view. This humorous Picture of Young generation proves that the father sex is a riddle males still cannot guess

  • KILLING AUNTIE / dir. Mateusz Głowacki / fiction film 2013 / 30‘

Jurek is 23 years old and he is a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises him and supports him. Feeling that she is a cause and a symbol of his existential boredom, monotony and malaise, he reaches for the hammer… But will his life without his aunt reach brighter colours? “Killing Auntie” is a movie about fighting your own demons, based on an unfinished novel written by Andrzej Bursa in 1957.

  • SHAME / dir. Karma Fryc / experiment 2012 / 6‘19‘‘

Free or humiliated? Who is ashamed? Me or you? It is so hard to share one’s secret.

  • ROLLECOASTER / dir. Marek Marlikowski / fiction film 2013 / 14‘

A young woman trains intensively for an unusual test by diving, running, meditating and trying to fully control her body, but it refuses to do everything she wants. Despite health and family complications; however, she fights on. During her trial, emotions fly high and her family threads interfere so much with her passion that the day will forever be marked in her mind.

  • BINDING / dir. Katarzyna Plazińska, Aaron Ellis / experiment 2013 / 10‘

The biblical tale of Isaac and his father is revisited Guy Maddin-style in this creative short.

  • TRANSITION / dir. Klaudia Romańska / animation 2013 / 2‘45‘‘

Random sequences of different scenes, starting from birth, escape, fear, struggle, everyday life, travelling in time and space, chase after what we consider necessary. The film’s title is Transition and in the context of the animation it is related to the process of human movement and changeability of human existence.

  • THE 128th RAT/ dir. Jakub Pączek / fiction film 2013 / 30‘

A black-humoured comedy about staying away from the rat race, and about a wry realisation that only idiots are capable of true happiness. Paweł Burak, a theology student, declare

  • LUKE AND LOTTA / dir.  Renata Gąsiorowska / animation 2012 / 8‘37‘‘

A short story about cone-girl Lotta and pear-boy Luke who go on their first date.

  • MOKO / dir. Marta Szymańska / animation 2013 / 4‘26‘‘

Moko is a dynamic story about shapes, colours and Polynesian ornaments that derives from the region’s mythology. It’s a variation on the Polynesian myth of the creation. The story of the first parents, the first lovers, is inundated into a multicolour visual and music impression.

  • THE EASTER CRUMBLE / dir.  Julia Kolberger / fiction film 2013 / 30‘

Urszula is preparing a traditional Easter breakfast to welcome her daughter and her new fiancé. When the couple arrives, the man turns out to be thirty years older than Urszula’s daughter. Easter breakfast turns into supper, while Urszula goes through the worst day of her life.

  • MARIA / dir. Katarzyna Plazińska / fiction film 2014 / 12‘

Internal and external forces clash quietly in this intimate portrait of solitude.

  • FIFTH RULE / dir. Alicja Stasiak / documentary 2013 / 18‘49‘‘

A sheepherder’s hut inhabited by several outsiders decorates a forgotten mountainside. Each of them must face their own problems as they escape from reality, undergo penance, or wait for a better tomorrow. Here, however, time stands still, the only changes being another cigarette and coffee – and waiting until the time comes to corral the sheep. This documentary about an unusual protagonist helps us believe that, like in the Beatle’s song, As we live a life of ease / Every one of us has all we need /Sky of blue and sea of green.

  • FRANK / dir. Bartek Tryzna / fiction film 2013 / 6‘09‘‘

Franek is eight years old, has got rough hands and ears that are too big. One day his grandmother tells him something that will change his life forever.

  • HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN? / dir. Filip Sycyński / fabuła 2013 / 29‘

Mark wakes up in a stomach of a huge whale. If that wouldn’t be enough: he also meets there all the people he’s once known in his life: his wife, his crazy father, who wants to be called King of the ocean! There are also other people living inside the gigantic whale amongst rusty aircrafts, ships and rockets. All of them curious how Mark managed to join them inside the stomach?

  • SECRET / dir. Maciej Markowski, Marcin Ożóg / video clip 2013 / 1‘43‘‘

A short music video accompanying the song Secret by Kariera.

  • THE HEAT / dir. Bartosz Kruhlik / fiction film 2013 / 23‘30‘‘

THE HEAT  1. Coal or wood afire to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3.Vehemence of feelings.

  • EDWARD / dir. Emilia Śniegoska / documentary 2013 / 11‘34‘‘

A heap of rubble from buildings bombed in wartime rises like a green forested wall outside the city which Edward has refused to acknowledge for 22 years. The hermit has built his shack and paths out of the bricks he digs nonstop from the ground and constantly handles. He can sell the metal he unearths in the process. He has no objections to the film about himself

  • ARENA / dir. Martin Rath / fiction film 2013 / 23‘

A hitchhiker is taken in by a remote Polish mountain community. Tested by the hardened locals and the unforgiving harshness of his new environment he constitutes his presence in the mountains. But to whom do we have to prove of what we’re made?

  • TOMORROW / dir. Michał Orzechowski / animation 2014 / 8‘15‘‘

The film is about how hard it is to part with something that creates a human being and destroys it at the same time. About matters that put themselves into each suitcase and are always ready to go. About time travel in a direction that is different than it has been before.

  • MIRUNA / dir. Piotr Sułkowski / fiction film 2013 / 19‘45‘‘

After an argument with her lover, a young woman recklessly gets on the car of a mysterious stranger. Their short journey gives birth to their mutual fascination that leads to fatal accomplishment of man’s deeply hidden desires. In a maze of vivid flashbacks of the protagonist’s painful past, the destiny of the young woman gets inevitably linked to that of an imaginary fish.

  • FAREWELL / dir. Adam Suzin / fiction film 2013 / 3‘30‘‘

Anton comes to visit his wife so that she can sign their divorce papers. His current girlfriend is waiting for him in the waiting room, not knowing that he has become a father.

  • SELF-EVIDENT THINGS / reż. Piotr Bosacki / animation 2013 / 13‘‘

The film is about the way the world is built. By means of numerous allusions and paraphrases it refers to different literary works and scientific concepts. It focuses on various issues, starting with the relativity of time and space, through the matter of relationship between will and faith and ending with human misery.



  • MIRRORS / reż. Drew Lint / Niemcy 2012 / 10’

When a woman stops identifying with what she sees in the mirror, she begins to question her existence.

  • TURNAROUND TANGO / dir. Marites Carino / Canada 2012 / 6’51’’

In the dance for camera short TurnAround Tango, a quirky couple puts a twist on the sultry dance form and back-to-back becomes the new cheek-to-cheek. As they feel each other out, in this awkward, yet sexy dance, their hope builds until their eyes meet for the first time. Could this be “the one” ?

  • THE STRONGER / dir. Gabrielle Lansner / USA 2012 / 9’20’’

The Stronger evokes the interior conflicts of two women grappling with love, betrayal, and shame and is inspired by August Strindberg’s play of the same name.

  • BETWEEN / dir. performance duo Janicka_Elsner / Poland 2014 / 4‘42‘‘

Between is an attempt to describe, with body language and film language, the collision of two worlds – a stable existence immersed in stillness and about to be born, and active, creative existence, which inspires to act and makes the new, emerging existence learn the language of movement.

  • 890 BROADWAY / dir. Marta Renzi / USA 2013 / 4‘30‘‘

Two women all dressed to go out, which they never do.

  • THE TIME IT TAKES / dir. Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes / Great Britain 2013 / 11‘‘

the time it takes / to arrive / to live / to make a land / to find / to fall / to settle in / to work / to build / to seize the day / to journey / to be happy / to make a story / to dance / to pick up the pieces / to laugh / to sing a song / to love / to grow / to bury the dead / to lose / to uncover the past / to walk / to imagine the future / to leave / to return / the time, it takes

  • HANDFUL OF DUST / dir. Marta Kosieradzka / Belgium 2013 / 5‘

The film was inspired by Portugal fado music, which emerges from the feeling of melancholia, life of poor people, and longing, and is usually associated with the word “suadade,” which symbolizes irreversible loss and lifelong longing for something lost.

  • CONCERT FOR SHADOWS 1-10 / dir. Alessandro Amaducci / Italy 2012 / 15‘

A meta-choreographic duet between artificial and natural dimensions.

  • 99° / dir. Rawad al Zaqout / Liban 2014 / 3‘53‘‘

A short, experimental film, in which the director expresses, through dance, the bodily and mental memories built against the framework of personal experiences from the time when he was a prisoner of the Syrian regime. Closed in narrow space, without hope and prospects for the future, tormented by the feeling of rebellion, he desperately longed for freedom. The film is a cry for freedom by all Syrian prisoners, regardless of who imprisons them.

  • GLOBAL TIDES / reż. Charly Wenzel, Linda Brieda / USA 2012 / 6‘52‘‘

The film explores the urban struggle to recognize the soft calling of one’s inner voice, which can be overpowered by the frantic rush of the city crowds. Our need for isolation within the masses can lead to alienation from our environment and we become unaware of the permanent footprints that we leave upon the earth.

  • CRACKS / reż. Alex Pachón / Hiszpania 2013 / 4‘

Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound.

  • WASHED / reż. Daphna Mero / USA 2012 / 13‘‘

A recounting of a violent event through the integration of narrative film and dance: A female laundry worker desperately attempts to abort the fruit of a violent encounter. When the consequences of her action are reveled, the memories she has repressed reemerge.

  • WANDER/LOST / reż. Gregory R. R. Crosby, Keith Johnson / USA 2012 / 4‘05‘‘

Wander/lost is a tone poem that embodies the ideas of traveling, disorientation, loss, and redemption. Dance and experimental imagery blend together to provide emotional context.

  • THE MYSTERIES OF NATURE / dir. Dahci Ma / South Korea 2008 / 10‘

Visually stunning film exhibiting exceptional artistry in all its aspects. Contemporary and primordial at the same time, the alien nature of this work transports us into a reverie from which we can see clearly the seeds of humanness and engage in a secular meditation.

  • GLOBE TROT / dir. Mitchell Rose / USA 2014 / 4‘35‘‘

An international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 50 filmmakers on all seven continents each shoot one second of dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.

  • DORIAN C. / dir. Rebecca Ardnt / USA 2013 / 22‘30‘‘

In the middle of the night, Dorian wakes up on her couch, plagued with memories from which she thought she had severed ties long ago. Soon these memories take the shape of a ghostly figure, who might be a past version of herself. Dorian loses control of her manifested “other” and must engage in a claustrophobic battle.

  • AQUARIUM / dir. Yuuki Takita / Japan 2013 / 2‘40‘‘

Floating in water, then I wander down a path of forest. I find myself dancing in the Japanese garden collecting lotus all around the world. You will rediscover beauty of minimal Japanese dance like a strange journey

  • ROOMS / dir. Paul Sarvis / USA 2013 / 6‘03‘‘

A solo in a bare room conjures another presence–real, imagined, or remembered. Images of family, shelter, entrapment, youth and age, collie and fold into one another.

  • THE RITE OF SPRING / dir. Agnieszka Kobylecka / Poland 2013 / 2‘07‘‘

The Rite of Spring is a lyrical reference that connects Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with the outbreak of Islamic Spring in Syria on March 15th, 2011. Two extremely different stories are connected by symbols of sacrifice, downfall, death, rebirth, and new life. Fable combines with life, which seems to be as frail as puff ball.

  • TIME / dir. Mimi Garrard / USA 2013 / 5‘

Time directed by Mimi Garrard and featuring Dai Jian is an abstract dance created for video that explores time.


  • JURY


Joanna Kos-Krauze

Polish director and scriptwriter, married to the director Krzysztof Krauze; the two were one of the most creative duets in Polish cinema at the beginning of 21st century. She authored, scripted, and co-directed „My Nikifor” (2004), and cooperated with her husband on television films in the Wielkie Rzeczy cycle. In 2006, as codirector and cowriter, she received the Golden Lions Award at the 31st Gdynia Film Festiwal for „Saviour Square”, another work she coauthored with her husband. The film was enthusiastically received by most critics. In 2003 she created the touching biopic about „Papusza”.

Philip Ilson

Has been a programmer at many film events since mid nineties, when he created The Halloween Society movie club. Since then, he programmed the Curzon Soho and the East End Film Festival. Additionally, on a bigger scale, he programmed music and films for LatitudeFestival and the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival. Since 2004 he has been organizing London Short Film Festival. At present, he is also a programmer for BFI London Film Festival.

Wim Vanacker

Living in Antwerp and Dublin, he has been working as a film critic and programmer for several film festivals. Later he moved to Paris and started another study at the International Film School of Paris, where he produced two short films, Endgame, shown at 25 festivals (15 awards), and The Naked Leading the Blind, shown at 45 festivals (15 awards). At present he is working for the European young cinema network NISI MASA, and coordinates the European Short Pitch program.



Anna Głowińska

Graduated from the French university Lumière Lyon 2, specializing in Film and Theatre. She worked for several festivals: Les Inattendus – Festival of Independent Cinema (Lyon), NO WOMEN NO ART, and since 2010 has been the Programme Coordinator of the ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival. She has been the curator of numerous reviews shown as a part of NO WOMEN NO ART, Le Grand Salon de la Microédition (Lyon), FilmPOLSKA (Berlin), Punto y Raya (Reykjavik). Jury member at many festivals, including Zoom Zbliżenia, Punto y Raya, Animocje, OKFA.

Anna Królica

Critic, historian, and curator of dance. Authored the first book on recent history of Polish dance, Sztuka do odkrycia. Szkice o polskim tańcu (Tarnów, 2011). She conducts the biennial curatorship programme called Choreographic Machine, at the Cricoteka in Kraków. In 2013 she created the Body Archive, a performative programme at Zamek Culture Centre in Poznań. Between 2008 and 2012, she was member of the Artistic Commission of the Polish Dance Platform.

Darek Arest

graduated in film studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. As a freelancer, he has been working for various journals, including a long shift in “Film” and the Filmweb internet portal, Dwutygodnik and the Ale Kino+ television channel.




OUR CURSE / dir. Tomasz Śliwiński


I award: KILLING AUNTIE / dir. Mateusz Głowacki

II award – SHAME / dir. Karma Fryc

III award – LUKE AND LOTTA / dir. Renata Gąsiorowska

Audience Award – SURVEY ABOUT WOMEN / dir. Mateusz Głowacki


I award – WASHED / dir. Daphna Mero

II award ex aequo – ROOMS / dir. Paul Sarvis / MIRRORS / dir. Drew Lint

Audience Award – GLOB TROT / dir. Mitchell Rose



The 6th edition of Short Waves Festival commenced on 14th March 2014 with an international “Grand Prix Tour”. The audience voted “Our Curse” directed by Tomasz Śliwiński as best documentary picture, presenting it with the Grand Prix award.
Two new competitions were added to the festival program: “Poznan Open” which aimed to promote the Polish artists (winner: “The Aunt’s Killing”, dir. Mateusz Głowacki) and “Dances with Camera”: an international competition of films on dance (winner: “Washed”, dir. Daphna Mero). The organizers added workshops that mirrored the processes of film production “Film Rave”, film poster design workshop, and discussion panels for film industry professionals. Film screening sets designed specifically for children and seniors, and screenings of Greater Poland artist’s work called “Poznan Wave” were also added to the program.
The festival hosted many notable guests including: directors of London Short Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Brest European Short Film Festival, and activists from CinemaHall and KinoKlub Zagreb.



  • THE SUPREME / dir. Katarzyna Gondek / documentary, 2013 / 20’,

Katarzyna Gondek brought her video camera between the majesty and the grinder. She took a pious look on the biggest pope in the world: a 14-metre-high statue of John Paul II made of composite. As a result, we are watching with disbelief a documentary about a belief that constructs.

  • FISZ EMADE TWORZYWO – DUST / dir. Marek Skrzecz / video clip 2014 / 4’41”

There have been many literary works and films about Polish holidays. Marek Skrzecz complements this collection with a video clip about a holiday that happens 52 times in a year: Saturday. Dust is a story of a brilliant tractor driver who is able to dance the transformation of Polish countryside.

  • A BLUE ROOM , dir. Tomasz Siwiński / Animation 2014 / 14’26”

Tomasz Siwiński painted pain. He painted it with blue which is considered a soothing colour. Together with the main protagonist we end up in a closed room where there is only a view but no way out. Don’t try to break the screen.

  • FRAGMENTS / dir. Aga Woszczyńska / live action 2014 / 25’

The world presented in Fragments falls slowly apart. A pair of protagonists renounces reality in a designer dungeon taken on credit but there is no place left even for emotions. If you feel cold during this film, it is not because the air conditioning got broken.

  • THAT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL / dir. Anna Morawiec / documentary 2014 / 17‘

Mrs Aleksandra keeps both feet on the ground. That is why she has decided to live on Mars. She made her decision after she had found out what kind of future the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) prepared for her. Anna Morawiec provides a profound research on the relationship between Polish pension system and the universe.

  • THE DUMPLINGS – TECHNICOLOR YAWN / dir. Arek Nowakowski / video clip / 2014 / 2’22”,

You have certainly experienced a lot. You have seen it all, been to many places and spoken with various people. Right? Now you will experience, see and hear even more. This juicy video clip lacks only boredom.

  • BATHS / dir. Tomek Ducki / animation 2013 / 4’20”

Here there are two old women who are getting into the water once again to swim their usual distance. This time will be different, the other way around. In this unusual animation by Tomek Ducki the double bottom exists for real.



  • SURVEY ABOUT MEN / dir. Mateusz Głowacki / documentary 2014 / 30‘53‘‘

A survey about men or a documentary about women. Another futile attempt to understand the fair sex and an engaging film at the same time.

  • LENA AND ME / dir. Kalina Alabrudzińska / fiction film 2014 / 18‘47‘‘

Lena has a husband, a child, depression and roots. It’s definitely too much for one young woman. However, others are not doing much better – and they have just found themselves in the same flat.

  • SURFACE / dir. Polina Stoyanowa, Hygin Delimat / experiment / 2014 / 7’51’’

A Bulgarian-Polish duo is exploring external layers of the city. By means of contacting the surface the artists are trying to get to the citizens’ identity.

  • PRESENCE / dir. Marcin Ptaszyński / fiction film 2014 / 9’21’’

Emotional science-fiction escaping genre-related cliches. A Modest, for the conditions in space, story about a dead end situation in space with no limit.

  • HOME / dir. Agnieszka Borowa / animation 2014 / 14’22’’

The heroine of this austere animation comes back to a huse built from memories. In order to move one step further, he needs to get over her past.

  • SHIT EATERS / dir. Agata Wojcierowska / fiction film 2014 / 17’22’’

When feeling are hardly smouldering, imaginations creates monsters. A teenage protagonist comes closer to the projection of her mind and grows apart from her parents. The distance is getting dangerously greater.

  • DOGGING TO HEAVEN / dir. Maciej Lorenc / animation 2014 / 6’47’’

What does a mole need to do to get to heaven? It’s simple.

  • ALBERT / dir. Daniel Wawrzyniak / fiction film 2014 / 23’44’’

A dark story with a clear message. A tale about an entity smothered in an industrial world. The title hero uses his last ounce of strength to provoke himself to a rebellion.

  • KNIFE IN THE WIFE / dir. Vita Maria Drygas / documentary 2014 / 10’50’’

Arizona is a state of mind. Arizona is a genuine circus. Under a huge tent, natural and candid emotions come to life. Ther are registered by a precisely set video camera.

  • MOTHER EARTH / dir. Piotr Złotorowicz / fiction film 2014 / 30’18’’

A thin example of thick metaphysical prose in a short film. Maciek, a boy on the verge of adulthood, is seeking suport in an old tree rather than in his father’s arms. Since he is not able to live up to the man’s expectations, he throws himself into mystical power of the countryside.

  • HIPPOS / dir. Piotr Dumała / animation 2014 / 12’30’

Naked women and their children bathing in a river. The men who are watching tchem finally decide to go one step futher.

  • AWAKENED / dir. Karolina Malinowska / fiction film 2014 / 4’26’’

This ascetic film tackles the idea, according to which death means merely coming from one room to another. A little girl who has just lost her father has found her own way to experience death. But i sit a right way? Is there a right way?

  • MOLEHILL / dir. Joanna Zastróżna / fiction film 2014 / 20’33’’

The Forefather’s Eve on a beach. The longest day of summer. Two mauled fellows. The White Bear, the Mole and the Horse. In such constellation something has to happen. Or nothing.

  • IT TAKES TIME / dir. Mateusz Sadowski / experiment 2014 / 3’14’’

It is doubtful if a description of this work may be put in one categorical, closed sentence. It is higly probable that we’re observing a record of doubts as an atittude towards art. And the creator (author).

  • MILKY BROTHER / dir. Vahram Mkhitaryan / fiction film 2014 / 29’59’’

Seto, a ten-year-old boy from an Armenian village, dreams about having siblings. His family is struck by a tragedy and his brother is literally replaced by a small lamb.

  • ENDEMIC’S GREED / dir. Natalia Dziedzic / animation / 11’08’’

A seaside beach is a place where the lives of a balding sailor, a young girl and two inconspicuous creatures, namely, a bee and a crab, get interwoven. Their stories get combined into a tale of animal desires present in human nature.

  • FROM GRUNWALD VILLAGE / dir. Artur Wierzbicki / documentary  2014 / 21’00’’

A small village with a big story. A place that sinks into apathy on a daily basis changes into a huge parking once a year and the villagers earn their lifelong wages. Media and politicians appear. And disappear.

  • THE SHADOW PROJECT / dir. Andrzej Cichocki / fiction film 2014 / 14’05’’

Even wolves can feel impending danger. Finally shots are fired. The human hunt has started.

  • INVISIBLE / dir. Zofia Pręgowska / documentary 2014 / 22’03’’

Mrs. Krystyna is ninety years old and has enormous poetic output in her notebooks. She is still taking notes of her visions of the world. She is currently preapring to go on a poetry recitation contest.

  • THE SHEPHERD’S SONG / dir. Vahram Mkhitaryan / documentary 2014 / 30’11’’

Chaczik, a blind Shepherd, has started a family and each day grazes his goats on steep mountain hills despite cerain adversaries. He leads a simple life until it turns out he needs to consider moving to the city.

  • GOOD MORNING / reż. Milena Dutkowska / fiction film / 9’21’’

It is possible that the punishment for the sin of suicide will be life itself. Although somewhere else. In this grotesque and surreal film we will learn about a place that is unknown to any belief.

  • TOMORROW WHEN YOU SLEEP / dir. Marta Prus / fiction film 2014 / 16’11’’

A father and a daughter are trying to fill the space between tchem with feelings. Any kind of feelings as long as they are real. It is hard work that does not guarantee any benefits.

  • UNWANTED DESIRES / dir. Ola Szmida / animation 2014 / 4’00’’

A very cheeky animation about people.

  • CONSTELLATIONS / dir. Aniela Astrid Gabryel / fiction film 2014 / 29’28’’

A film full of images on the verge of absurd and the purest emotions. Hellinger’s Constellations are strong experiences for the participants and as it turns out, intense emotions for the viewers.

  • WHERE I CAN’T BE FOUND / dir. Arjun Talawar / documentary 2014 / 15’35’’

Folk philosophers, highly obserwant ascetics, wander through southern India. We have a chance to accompany one of them.



  • HOMING / dir. Xabier Iriondo / Spain 2014 / 30’

A girl who was brought up by a pack of wolves returns to the city. Along her way she comes across different characters who transform her behaviour. HOMING represents a journey from the wild world to a life in socjety.

  • LET’S SAY / dir. Fuk Pak Jim / United Kingdom 2014 / 8’

LET’S SAY focuses on modern communication issues between people. Three scenes, three dances, one message. Stop Phubbing!

(*Phubbing – the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention)

  • L’EPHEMERE / dir. Marta Wódz, Katarzyna Sitarz, Raphaël Rautureau / Poland 2014 / 1’50’’

Film about a faint impression, which comes out of nowehere and, despite of temporary intensity, dsappears very quickly. Before the dancer could realise what is happening around him, it is already over – as if he was driven by a wave or a sudden blof of the wind.

  • WAY OUT / dir. Jacopo Landi, Vanessa Michielon / Italy 2014 / 6’40’’

What happens when we suspend all our actions to question them? By making visible the immaterial layer of thoughts, the video aims at revealing the inner dimension of the dancer and at investigating the relationship between stream of consciousness and flow of movement. Overcoming the paralysis of doubt, we can enter the state of flow, where there is no need for interruptions to reflect because we are so involved in our actions that they follow each other in a natural way.

  • THE TIME OF A TANGO / dir. Frederic Hontschoote / France 2014 / 4’45’’

An old man sits lonely in a tango ball filled with young dancers. He is bored until a woman of his age arrives.

  • BEATING / dir. Kari Sulc / Czech Republic 2014 / 6’

In this observational dance film, the camera work and editing draw to the surface not only the beauty of intentional movement but also the unexpectedly archaic, ritual dimension of an ordinary training session.

  • CHEST / dir. Nonne Mai Svalholm / Denmark 2013 / 10’’

CHEST is about an intimate relationship between a man and a woman as it develops. Throughout the duet the dances repeatedly bump their chest together. The repetitive collision not only symbolizes their emotional state but also the complexity of a relationship in a society highly influenced by culture and religion. CHEST was shot on a rooftop in Downtown Cairo, April 2013. Tear gas from riots in the street below gave an extreme physical memory of Cairo.

  • THING ARE LOOKING UP / dir. Alicja Hoppel / Poland, Germany 2014 / 2’45’’

Even when getting only a partial image, our brain will add up to it, based on what we have seen before.

  • LIVING INSIDE BODIES / dir. Petra Bučková / Czech Republic 2013 / 8’30’’

Documentary about the philosopher, dancer and choreographer – Pierre Nadaud. Pierre is looking for answers to five questions through words, move and language. Integrity of his answers arises by film editing when audio (word) and video (move) join together.

  • SMALL ROOM SYNDROME / dir. Natalia Wilk / Poland 2014 / 4’30’’

Small Room Syndrome – Polish parochialism’s apartment. Dance in your house – somebody’s watching. Someone is next to. No peace and ease with morning coffee. Bath taking – impossible. Wonder about intimate moment. Lonely cigarette. Not hearing neighbour knocking, yelling, patters… Negotiate your paths within it. So it’s ergonomic. Not to bother someone else’s privacy with yours. Our project starts in the kitchen, like Jonathan Burrows ones. It is a kitchen story of one of many WK-70 flats…

  • REMEMBRING NYX / dir. Filip Wencki, Joanna Sieradzan / Poland 2014 / 4’45’’

The video in the result of the improvisation project run by Joanna Sieradzan and Filip Wenecki on the peripheries of…city, dance, mythology. The NYX gave birth to many children and many might gods. Two of them, occupied with their game, fall to realize the passing of time. All the mighty gods – passed away. All their primordial siblings – gone. Slowly realizing they may not be kids anymore, their game may no more be a game, and their existence… it may not be so certain anymore.

  • WANNABE / dir. Jessica Taylor / USA 2014 / 7’’

An adaptation of an original solo dance work choreographed by Jessica Taylor. Artistic Director of NYC dance company DAMAGEDANCE with original music composition by Ximena Borges (co-director of the film). This solo plays upon masculinity vs. femininity, and exposes expectations of gender identity. This solo is designed to be perfomed by a female or a male dancer, interchangeably. The way a viewer connects with the lead characters, regardless of the viewer’s gender, sparks the interest of Taylor.

  • TACTUM –THE ELEMENTS OF DANCE / dir. Krzysztof Stasiak / Poland 2014 / 28’’

According to Ayurveda our life is a dance of the three forces give color to our existence. „Green” Kapha is a combination of the elements of water and earth. „Red” Pitta of fire and water. „Blue” Vata of air and ether. The film „Tactum – The Elements of Dance” is a clash of masculine and feminine by longing for simple thruths and rules that can be rediscovered through changes taking place and a desert: touch and movement. Alternate: balance and its lack. Connection and seperation.

  • EMBRACE / dir. Shantala Pèpe / Belgium, Great Britain 2014 / 7’28’’

A woman and a man share a suspended moment of intimacy sitting before a vast ocean. Here they muse on the enigmatic immensity of their own destiny taking us into an ethereal fantasy that is compelled by ardent love, outside of time and the constraints of questioning.

  • FUTURE / dir. Marta Kosieradzka / Poland 2014 / 8’15’’

Creation of a dance film based on the poem „The three oddest words” by a Polish nobel-prize winning poet Wisława Szymborska. The words that are very definied and have a lot of conotations are transformed into an abstract and poetic language of dance which brings the words and their meaning into a different context. „Future” is a film about the passing of time, we impatiently wait for the future to come and although it immediately turns into past. It’s short, strong and compact visual interpretation of the poem in a collaborative project between three art disciplinies: dance, film and music.

  • OFF GROUND / dir. Boudewijn Koole, Jakop Ahlbom / The Netherlands 2013 / 12’30’’

A light grey room. A slender woman of 50 years and a 12-year-old boy. Joined together like the links of a chain. Changing positions at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. Sound of feet, Breathing. Faint smiles. Until suddenly the woman;s hands let go of each other.

  • CONTORSION / dir.  Alessandro Carmeci / Macau, United Kingdom 2014 / 2’56’’

„Twisted state of body”

  • RITE OF PASSAGE / dir. Juliette Yu-Ming / Brazil 2014 / 11’50’’

In an abandoned house, a body dances its memories… Rite of Passage is a sensory exploration of the act of becoming, transformation and the search for one’s identity. Featuring improvised Butoh dance, rare archival footage and an experimental soudntrack, it explores the relations to one’s memories and the place of transformation. What happens in the proces of „becoming”? How can the body express the sometimes violent nature of change? How are we constructed through these rites of passage”? In the words of Gilles Deleuze: „the self is only a threshold, a door, a becoming between two multiplicities”.

  • BOOMBOX ERYRI / dir.  Elir Pierce / Great Britain 2013 / 10’25’’

100 people. 100 songs. 100 places. 100 dances. BOOMBOX ERYRI is a film produced by Migrations, inspired by New York based performer and art director Ely Kim’s Boombox and recreated with the people of North Wales. Migrations filmed 100 people dancing to their favourite place in rural Conwy. The resulting short film is a celebration of dancing, rural Conwy and its communities.

  • REVERIE HABITUELLE / dir. Carlos Dittborn, Alejandra Maturanna / Great Britain 2014, 10’25’’

REVERIE HABITUELLE depicts an experience between daily monotonny and the daydreaming escape. Through an emotional and kinetic dynamic a woman embarks on a corporeal dialogue between her duties in the academic studies routine and her imagination where she gets immersed in a dimension of feelings and a surreal environment…

  • VERONICA & VINCENT / reż. Amy Seiwert / USA 2013 / 6’10’’

Inspired by a true-life relationship and set to a musical score by Daniel Bernard Roumain. VERONICA & VINCENT captures that longing for connection and the nostalgia that can arise when that opportunity is no longer available.



  • A PASSANGER STREAM / dir. Anna Dranitsyna / Russia 2014 / 30’

An average person spends almost a year in the metro throughout their life. We are always in a hurry to notice what is going on over there in the underground. But the life which is 60-70 meters deep requires some special watching: the watcher in the „glasses”, the people selling soft toys in the passages, the homeless, performers, the vendors of unnecessary goods in carriages-all that shapes a strange world, a „socio-„ which exists in parallel to the down to the earth world.

  • DISPLACEMENT / dir. Manuel Alvarez Diestro / Great Britain Hong Kong 2013 / 10’

Hong-Kong is one of the densest cities in the world. As there is no much space available, new towns are adjacent to the cemetries. These days in Hong Kong the world of the living coexists with the one of the dead. Meanwhile, Hong Kong inhabitants move from place to place. The are waiting for a final displacement.

  • DEPARTURE / dir. Jack Rawlins / Wielka Brytania 2014 / 9’

A short documentary film. A reflection on the experience of highly qualified immingrants living and working menial jobs in Exeter, United Kingdom.

  • ALBERDI’S HEROES / dir. Andreas Grabois / Argentyna 2013 / 10’

When a space is compromised, memory is endangered. After demolitions, debris and ghosts of past are left. There are some visible traces only for those who sharpen their eyes in search of the past. Under such risk, some stay to defend what they know is theirs, either through conscious militancy or through their daily trades. Heroes, they become.

  • A POLITICAL CARE / dir. Ermela Teli / Albania 2014 / 9’

The force of prejudices and racism threatens civilization, as the goal of discrimination the other, rather to meet the others. A film about Romani people in nowadays Albania.



  • MAGIC MILES / dir. Audrey Lam / Australia 2014 / 15’

Let’s go to the edge of town to catch our breaths. Two girls go for a drive, in an ordinary but glorious car trip where the sunny exuberance of one is countered by the wistful disquiet of the other.

  • ALL THE PAIN IN THE WORLD / dir. Tommaso Pitta / Great Britain 2014 / 12’

An older man, alone on Christmas, stops in a pet store to let their owners know that one of their fishes is stuck between the glass and a plant. The ill-fated fish is choking and is crealy about to die. Does nobody care? As the man insists on saving the fish, the situation slowly spirals out of control… Based od the short story „Tutto il dolore del mondo” by Michele Mari.

  • CAMBODIA 2099 / dir. Davy Chou / France 2014 / 20’

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On Diamond Island, the country’s pinnacle of modernity, two friends telle ach other about the dreams they had the night before.

  • PERSEFONE / dir. Grazia Tricarico / Italy 2014 / 18’

In this dark fable rendered in golden, sun-kissed images, a young diver on the coast of the Adriatic in southern Italy finds another kind of natural wonder amidst the bounty of the sea: a beautiful woman. As his strange romantic obsession grows he withdraws ever futher into silence.

  • THE SATANIC THICKET / dir. Willy Hans / Germany 2014 / 30’

The chicken is slaughtered, the song is sung, the lake is crossed and the female hitchhiker never knew where she was heading in the first place. One thing is for certain: it’s no easy task to try and understand other people.

  • A LIVING SOUL / dir. Henry Moor Selder / Sweden 2014 / 30’

A submerged self wakes up in a laboratory. Gradually we understand that it’s the subjectiv perspective of Ypsilon, a human brain being kept alive artificially. With black humor and focus on the human relations, we follow Ypsilon’s path from mere consciousness to the development of a personality. Based on P.C. Jersild’s controversial novel from 1980.

  • GETTING ON / dir. Ewan Stewart / Great Britain  2013 / 10’

Another day unfold in an anonymous woman’s life as she cooks and cleans for her uncommunicative husband and sullen grown-up children. Late in the afternoon she has an unusual visitor.


  •  JURY


Michał Oleszczyk (Festiwal Filmowy w Gdyni)

Melissa Bouchard (Regard International Short Film Festival)

Sven Schwarz (Hamburg International Short Film Festival)

Alice Kharoubi (Cannes Festival)

Laurent Crouzeix (Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival)

Wouter Jansen (Go Shorts International Short Film Festival)

Gaia Meucci (Encounters Film Festival)

Juan Manuel Gonzalez (Monterrey International Film Festival)

Alessandro Marcionni (Locarno International Film Festival)

Alessandro Beretta (Milano Film Festival)

Anna Purkrabkova (Prague Short Film Festival)

Jukka- Pekka Laakso (Tampere Film Festival)

Chiara Fiorentini (Ozu Film Festival)




I award: HOME / dir. Agnieszka Borowa

II award: MILKY BROTHER / Vahram Mkhitaryan

III award: INVISIBLE / dir. Zofia Pręgowska

Special Jury Award: UNWANTED DESIRES / dir. Ola Szmida


I award: ALBERDI’S HEROES / dir. Andres Grabois

II nagroda: A PASSENGER STREAM / dir. Anna Dranitsyna

III nagroda: DISPLACEMENTS / dir. Manuel Alvarez Diestro


I award: BEATING / dir. Kari Sulc, Tereza Hradilkova

II award: WANNABE / dir. Jessica Taylor

III award: OFF GROUND / dir. Boudewijn Koole, Jakop Ahlbom



The festival’s 7th edition was made up of two parts. The first part, “Grand Prix Tour”, started on March 6th and consisted of a tour of screenings all over Poland. The audience’s task was to select the winner in the poll. Their verdict: “It would be something beautiful” by Anna Morawiec. During the second, stationary part of the festival, the audience had the opportunity to watch films entered into four competitions: Polish “Poznan Open” (winner: “Home”, dir. Agnieszka Borowa) and international: “Dances with Camera” (winner: “Beating”, dir. Kari Sulc, Tereza Hradilkova), “Best of Seven” (winner: “Cambodia 2099”, dir. Davy Chou) and “Urban View” (winner: “Alberdi’s Heroes”, dir. Andres Grabois). The screenings outside of the competition were “Random Home Cinema” and “Park_in’ Cinema”.
SWF also included the “Film Poster Design Workshop” and “Graphic Design and 3D Animation Workshop”. Among the guests hosted by the festival were the directors of Kurtzfilmtage Winterthur, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Brest European Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Riga International Film Festival, Rover Film Festival, and FEST New Directors/New FIlms.WF 2015.WF 2015



  • THE DOCUMENTARY FILM / dir. Marcin Podolec / animation / 2015 / 6’55’’

Observe a day in life of a 60-year-old inhabitant of a small town in the province. He and wife dwell in a too big a house. Daily activities of this man, such as drinking coffee and phone calls to his children, are interspersed with his memories and reflections. Man dreams of beauty, yet is painfully aware of the reality.

  • MOLOCH / dir. Szymon Kapeniak / fiction film / 2015 / 32’00’’

Roma, Stach and Woody work illegally in an ailing steelworks. Roma gets into a passionate affair and decides to leave the job. His feelings become a pretext for altering his life, but that does not suit his colleagues. That is how one of a kind version of the Cain and Abel’s story uncovers.

  • Daniel Spaleniak – BACK HOME feat. Katarzyna Kowalczyk / dir.. Weronika Izdebska / video clip / 2016 / 4’33’’

Expanse. Cool, crisp air, foaming waves washing ashore, a thin line of unattainable horizon in the place where clouds reach the ground. What are you looking for?

  • OBJECT / dir. Paulina Skibińska / documentary / 2015 / 14’25’’

A creative image of a search action played out in two worlds – on an ice desert and under water. The film is narrated from the point of view of the rescue team, the diver stepping into the ice-world and ordinary people waiting ashore.

  • GRANDMA’S DAY / dir. Miłosz Sakowski / fiction film / 2015 / 30’00’’

Tom needs money. He decides to cheat an elderly woman using the “grandchild” tactic. When it seems that everything goes according to plan, the woman unmasks the impostor and locks him in the apartment. The woman proposes a deal that intertwines their lives in an unexpected way.

  • THE DEAL / dir. Ewa Smyk / animation / 2015 / 4’29’’

This stop-motion tells us a story of a traditional wedding proposal in the village Dobrowoda in Podlasie, taking place in the 1950s and 1960s. The scenario was based on a portion of a diary belonging to Nicholas Smyk – the author’s grandfather. “The agreement” is a personal reflection on the memory of the family.

  • Jacek Sienkiewicz – DRIFTING / dir. Michał Marczak / video clip / 2015 / 4’54’’

“Drifting” is a trip to a place where music puts souls in an ecstatic trance, where nobody cares about the reality. The clip is a part of Michal Marczak’s feature film “All the sleepless nights”, which was awarded at Sundance festival for best direction of a documentary film.



  • MAKU / dir. Yoriko Mizushiri / animation / Japan / 2015 / 5’00”

In an abstract space the characters are trying to get close to each other by subtle brushes and gentle touch. Bodies fluently pass into one another, we feel their endearment and how mellable they are. . The story of how delicacy awakes sensuality, told in symphony of pastel colors.  

  • OUT OF THE VILLAGE / dir. Jonathan Stein / fiction film / USA / 2015 / 16’37”

An african village is attacked by the Ebola virus, which causes the extinction of whole community, apart from siblings – brother and sister. The doctors want to examine them, but they run away, as they have to bury their ancestors. The urge to cultivate the tradition and the maturity of the boy who is taking his first step in adulthood are striking.

  • THE REFLECTION OF POWER / dir. Mihai Grecu / experiment / France / 2015 / 9’00”

The director shows us the capitol of North Korea – Pyongyang taken by flood. Although the disaster caused large damage, it was unable to destroy national monuments and society’s spirit of patriotism. Citizens standing ankle-deep in the water don’t stop cultivating their native culture.

  • YOU ARE BORING! / dir. Vika Kirchenbauer / experiment, documentary / Germany / 2015 / 15’00”

The reflection on contemporary existence based on watching and being watched. Starting from attention-attracting modern performances, through the social groups manifesting their difference, to working in corporations which spy on our every move. Goffman’s everyday life theatre, fascinated with voyeurism.

  • THE END OF THE WORLD / dir. Monika Pawluczuk / documentary / Poland / 2015 / 40’00”

Documentary composed of 911 calls, where various people call – sometimes because they need help, sometimes for no reason, intermixed with calls to the radio audition focused on the topic of the end of the world predicted by the Mayans.

  • OVER / dir. Jorn Threlfall / experiment / United Kingdom / 2015 / 14’00”

Quiet housing estate. Unexpectedly we witness crime scene. We don’t get the answer on intriguing question – what happened? Was it an accident or a murder? Who was this man? The tension is rising and the answer is hidden in shots shown to us in reversed order. Shooted mostly in master plan, they force us to watch with double vigilance.

  • SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER / dir. Zack Russell / fiction film / Canada / 2015 / 15’32”

The cabaret artist creates a new character and tries to bring her to life. It becomes easier when she meets her double – the male equivalent of the character she has created. Their faces seem to be molded from the same clay. The artist wants to know not only how it feels to dress like someone else, but also what it is like to be someone else. The full of sensuality escape from the status quo binding us.

  • THE RETURN OF ERKIN / dir. Maria Guskova / fiction film / Russia / 2015 / 29’20”

After leaving the prison Erkin tries to go back to his old life. However provincial community greets him with prejudice and aversion. Experiencing series of rejections Erkin starts to doubt if he can adapt to his new reality.

  • DERNIÈRE PORTE AU SUD (LAST DOOR SOUTH) / dir. Sacha Feiner / animation / Belgium / 2015 / 14’22”

The two-headed boy’s world is limited to the space of locked house with many doors, every single one of which hides a different secret. The biggest mystery for the boy is the world from where the magic light reaching the house’s inside comes from. Child’s curiosity won’t stop until it doesn’t get to know the source of light.

  • RÉPLIQUE (PARTNER) / dir. Antoine Giorgini / fiction film / France / 2015 / 18’48”

Tony has an important audition for the theatre academy. He will be reciting part from the Shakespeare. His best friend, Steven, was supposed to be his reading partner, but he didn’t show up, causing Tony to lose the chance to fulfill his dreams. Funny story about the men’s friendship put to the test.

  • EDMOND / dir. Nina Gantz / animation / United Kingdom / 2015 / 10’00”

Edmond goes on a journey to self-discovery. He’s analyzing his behaviors: from the adult period, through the youthful time of amorous conquests, childhood moments of making friends, meeting his first toys, till the inside of his mother’s belly. He tries to get the source of his cannibalistic inclinations. A moving black comedy, about being different.

  • NUESTRO MAR (OUR SEA) / dir. Eileen Hofer / dokumentary / Switzerland / 2015 / 15’00”

Life on Cuba has many shades. It can be an extravagant carnival, a safe asylum, a place where the hurricane forces to close doors and windows, a nostalgic memory, metaphysical meeting by the color-changing sea, and last but not least an opportunity to take a selfie with Fidel Castro’s son.

  • MORE HATE THAN FEAR / dir. Billy Boyd Cape / fiction film / United Kingdom / 2015 / 15’00”

We follow a young boy sentenced to over three years in prison for painting graffiti. An older man helps him adapt to the new reality (which basically means learning how to survive). Based on a true story simple tale of two prisoners, becomes a starting point for a discussion about ethics, morality and also the logic of the law.

  • RAISA / dir. Pavel Cuzuoic / fiction film / Moldovaa / 2015 / 15’00”

One day a young woman sets out on a journey, at the end of which she is supposed to receive something that will change her life. The camera hides the journey’s destination, constantly keeping us in suspense and arousing our curiosity. We accompany the woman in her thrilling fear of the unknown and returning uncertainty.

  • BLOOD BELOW THE SKIN / dir. Jennifer Reeder / fiction film / USA / 2015 / 30’00”

We follow three girls getting ready for the prom. We accompany them in their turbulent road to maturity, recognizing own feelings and naming hidden emotions. The portraying of their everyday life is focused on details, which forms its uniqueness. Visual masterpiece.



  • HEAVEN IS A PLACE / dir. Kayla Parker / United Kingdom / 2014 / 16’30”

Made in collaboration with members of the LGBT communities in Plymouth. Inspired by the writing of Jean Genet, „Heaven is a Place” explores becoming, melancholy, and the erotics of place through the human geography of ports and portals. The film places the queer bodies of today in the places of Plymouth’s past, contrasting the transient materiality of the human body in motion with the ephemeral nature of the elemental forces of wind and sea, in the histories of this place.

  • LAY ME LOW / dir. Marlene Millar / Canada / 2015 / 8’00”

Individual voices are woven together to make one song, steps are taken in rhythm to make one walk. Lay me low is a traditional Shaker song performed by 10 dancers, musicians and singers and it cuts right to the heart to communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.

  • IMAGO EP.I: ORIENTATION / dir. Dani Joss / Greece / 2015 / 12’16”

Imago is meant to be a multi-part hybrid of video dance and short film. This first part is titled Orientation, and is the introduction to the nameless character’s abduction, who finds herself literally inside a story constructed by the main unseen antagonist, “The Engineer”. The story must be completed, and to accomplish that she has to interact with a room where semiosis and metaphor come to life.

  • SU MISURA (TAILORED) / dir. Augenblick / Italy / 2014 / 1’20”

A tailor, his wife: a day like any other. Then she comes in. Suddenly a mistake, a glimpse… one more word and the elbows will touch. The rhythmic gestures of the craft become a dance, now. The motif on the dress takes the form of a movement that is tailor-made. But this glimpse of desire springing from the line of the mountains falls down after only one minute, like a pin. It’s the effects of a short choreography, the dancing effects of a memory.

  • HONEYMOON / dir. Marta Renzi / USA / 2015 / 6’8”

A how-to honeymoon guide with a twist. Exotic and erotic, playful and provocative, this duet inspired by the Kama Sutra exposes plenty but never takes itself too seriously.

  • EVERY-ONE / dir. Willi Dorner / Austria / 2015 / 9’53”

The film is inspired by the book „The Practice of Everyday Life“ („Arts de Faire“) by Michel de Certeau and devoted to the ordinary man. Slowly the representatives that formerly symbolized families, groups, and orders disappear. We witness the advent of the number. It comes along with democracy, the large city, administrations, cybernetics.

  • CONTACT / dir. Jana Magdalena Keuchel / Germany / 2015 / 8’50”

An seemingly simple experience, shared by strangers, awakens a deep need.

  • FAMILY HONOUR (SECRETS) / dir. Omari Carter / United Kingdom / 2015 / 7’42”

Spoken Movement Dance Company present Family Honour (Secrets). A piece transposed from theatre to film in collaboration with The Motion Dance Collective.

  • THE BIRCH GROVE / dir. Gabrielle Lansner / USA / 2015 / 20’11”

Caught between love and death, two brothers wrestle with their past in a dance towards reconciliation. A poetic film about the power of family ties, inspired by the novella of the same name by the Polish author, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz.

  • 5 MINUTES / dir. Aleksandra Wysocka / Poland / 2015 / 7’40”

A ballerina works day and night to shine as main soloist in The Nutcraker. Would she cope with this challenge? “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance” as Samuel Johnson once have said.The time on stage is her moment to shine. Would she handle it? Despite beautiful tutus and stage glory, is this job a fulfilled dream for her?

  • SARMAD / dir. Ali Saadi / Jordan / 2015 / 6’30”

Sarmad is a short experimental dance film exploring the struggles of a female dancer who desires freedom and has to travel to the desert to find it. It is a film with a story, a visual feast, a sonic ritual, an atmosphere. Above all it is a celebration of the ephemeral nature of performance, where time stops and creative expression collides with the senses.

  • GONE / dir. Helena Jónsdóttir, Vera Sölvadóttir / Iceland / 2015 / 15’58”

Who is living your life when you are not there? Gone is a humorous little thriller that gives us an unusual insight into one man’s journey into dance of live. A middle-aged man visits “Gljúfrasteinn” a house in Iceland where the novelist and Nobel Prize writer Halldór Laxness lived with his wife Audur. While the couple is away, a man enters the house and spends the day there. The house observes the central figure and we get the feeling that it is breathing down his neck. The clock ticks impatiently, the paintings on the wall stare at him, the radio talks to him.

  • LIGHT / dir. Patryk Kizny / Poland / 2015 / 6’0”

An alien planet evolves once shone with light. As diverse formations evolve with light, the dancer is brought to life.

  • WURZEL (ROOT) / dir. Meli Kuhn / Netherlands / 2015 / 28’0”

The difficulties in communication in human relationships are the thematic focus of this film. Seven characters explore this theme in moments of loneliness and togetherness. The film is accompanied by a musical score, especially composed by the American Award winning composer Ali Helnwein.

  • TARGETED ADVERTISING / dir. Mitchell Rose / USA / 2015 / 3’54”

A sci-fi drone dance film. Dance film glimpsing a dark future when flying spambots chase a fleeing populace blasting ads for Viagra, hair loss products, and other exciting values.

  • APPROACHING THE PUDDLE / dir. Sebastian Gimmel / Germany / 2015 / 8’33”

A curious woman, appropriately dressed for a rainy day, explores her environment at an empty car park. Around puddles she dances in child like play, drifts into a fantastic inner world, unravels a magical place as her rubber boots come to life.

  • LOLA / dir. Florence Freitag, Johannes Plank, Alexandre Munz / Germany / 2015 / 4’12”

Lola is the third video of a trilogy-collaboration between dancer-choreographer Alexandre Munz, director Florence Freitag, filmmaker Johannes Plank and composer Fabian Russ. They travelled to Paris for a four-day intensive filming to work with three different bodies: the body of the dancer, the musical body, and the urban body of Paris. lola is the only video recorded inside, like a process working from the outside to the inside, closer and closer to the dancer’s movement and to the understanding and deconstruction of the body.

  • MIGRATION / dir. Daphna Mero / USA / 2015 / 13’31”

Hybrid experimental piece that integrates dance and the choreography of space within the structure of narrative film. The film portrays immigration as a dehumanizing process executed by an indifferent bureaucratic machine. It follows a young immigrant woman, waiting her turn to see the bureaucrat in-charge of her case.

  • SON DU SERPENT / dir. Tami Ravid / Netherlands / 2015 / 11’5”

African man feverishly looks for his wife who has vanished without a trace. His ramble, partly taking place in a supernatural reality, unfolds like a road movie. All the time, the man’s longing for his darling is undiminished. Torn between the modern and the traditional African life, he wonders if he may have lost his dearest to an invisible world.

  • UATH LOCHANS / dir. Simon Fildes / United Kingdom / 2015 / 6’30”

A solo dancer and a physical and visceral dissection of place. Shot on location at Uath Lochans, Glen Feshie, Invernessshire Scotland and commissioned through the Water & Glass project produced by Peter Royston.

  • ECHO / dir. Nicola Balhuizen Hepp / Netherlands / 2014 / 1’21”

An older man (the director’s father) looses himself in dancing and by doing so he once again feels young. Echo is a one minute film which is in fact a one-taker, the only edit happens when the boy appears in the mirror. The theme of ageing, sorrow and memory is recurring in my work.

  • HOME ALONE / dir. Adi Halfin / Izrael / 2013 / 2’0”

Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this video is a sensual exploration of an abandoned house, challenging the limits of body, gravity and perspective. This short film imparts an atmosphere of “parental absence” as the dancers make creative use of the space – an abandoned building, combining planned and improvised choreography.



  • PEACOCK / dir. Ondřej Hudeček / Czech Republic / 2015 / 26’00”

A creative story on life of 19th century playwright Lodislav Stroupežnický, secretative and full of mysteries, is nothing like what you could expect of an author of books marked for reading lists in schools. Ondrej Hudečk’s short called „a twisted queer romance“ by its creators is a stylistically contentious story of introduction into the world of sex, art and evil. „Peacock“ resembles some works by Peter Greenaway in the way it celebrates the hero’s eccentricity and breaks the fourth wall.

  • VAWES 98 / reż. Ely Dagher / Liban / 2015 / 14′ 50″

An incredible image of life in Beirut in the late 1990s. Awarded the Short Film Palme d’Or in Cannes. Ely Dagher tells a story of a relationship between the protagonist and his home town, which is simultaneously close and distant, friendly and hostile, bleak but also full of fantastic secrets. Combining various animation techniques results in a sort of brutal realism, resembling animated documentaries such as „Waltz with Bashir“

  • THE LIVING NEED LIGHT, THE DEAD NEED MUSIC / dir. The Propeller Group / Vietnam / 2014 / 20’00″

The press calls this film „a spectacular audiovisual journey through fascinating burial traditions of Southern Vietnam“, but its intensity and brilliance evoke the word „ride“. The Propeller Group’s short is a visual torpedo, which teaches and explains nothing, entrancing the audience with the universal language of images and music. Fluent camera movement turns ritual songs, cries and dances unto one hypnotizing sequence, seemingly from another planet altogether.

  • ENKEBAL (GOODNIGHT BIRDY) / reż. Zara Zerny / Dania / 2015 / 22’00”

A movie about the absolutely uncontrollable life force, working against the will of those sentenced to survive. After her husband’s death, a mature woman readies herself for her own end. Her well-ordered life falls apart but the death is nowhere in sight. Carefully crafted motionless frames and visual humor resemble at times movies of Swedish master Roy Anderssone. However, the Danish short film is more empathic and focused on the characters and therefore has its own say in the matter.

  • OBJECT / dir. Paulina Skibińska / documentary / Poland / 2015 / 14′ 40”

Awarded Short Film Special Jury Prize for „Visual Poetry“ at Sundance Film Festival, the Polish short tells a story of dangerous and inaccessible world hidden under thick ice. The protagonist is a diver, a member of a rescue team recovering bodies during the underwater search. The creators do not care much about the thrill, they rather focus on the abstract imagery. The soothing and at the same time intrusive camera turns this documentary into a universal tale of crossing the borders and being stuck in a suspense between worlds.

  • THE EXQUISITE CORPUS / reż. Peter Tscherkassky / Austria / 2015 / 19’00”

Peter Tscherkassky’s hypnotoizing film uses the surreal method of combining different materials to breathe life into aged pornography. Tscherkassky tampers with tapes with old erotic movies – he overlaps scenes, takes, the actors’ bodies, creating in this way a material of disturbing quality. The result of this experiment reminds one of a VJ battle between Ingmar Bergman and Guy Maddin, and the cinematic mechanism of desire becomes as bare and naked as the characters of „The Exquisite Corpus“.

  • SYMBOLIC THREATS / reż. Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke & Matthias Wermke / Niemcy / 2015 / 17’20″

A night in July 2014, someone climbs onto two towers of Manhattan Bridge and hangs two white flags in place of American flags. The event, at first missed, caused an overdue wave of intense reactions and interpretations hot to read into this action – was it an act of terror, a dumb joke or maybe an artistic provocation? „Symbolic Theatre“ breaks the barrier between a documentary and a provocation. Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf, an artistic duo, whose works sometimes are called „post-graffiti“, are responsible for the project.


  • JURY


Patrycja Wanat

A viewer, reader, listener and interlocutor. Quite certain that culture is an integral part of both personal and social life. Thanks to it we think in abstract terms and are able to create. The chief cultural editor in TOK FM radio. Runs the everyday „Kultura Osobista“ broadcast and the Saturday movie bulletin „Do zobaczenia“. Publishes culture-related info. Collaborates with Dzień dobry TVN, where she reviews press. Runs the program #dziejesienazywo on wp.pl on an hourly basis. Her project „Prześwietlenie“ in another Internet connection – short interviews with important personas in the world of culture. The project was nominated to Grand Video Awards this year. She also works with HBO and Next Film.

Samir Karahoda

He is a short film programmer, photographer and cinematographer. Completed his studies in Photography at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul where he is currently a postgraduate candidate. For two years he lectured at the Institute of Photography and Film “Gjon Mili” in Pristina. His works have been published in many international media, galleries and festivals. Since 2003 he’s a part of Dokufest, Documentary and Short Film Festival, Prizren in Kosovo and since 2007 he’s a programmer of short film program at Dokufest, which is the largest cultural event in Kosovo and one of the main film festivals in the region.

Massimiliano Nardulli

He was born in Rome in 1976. After a degree in Humanities and Arts he specialized in cinema. Starting from the University he has been a free-lance contributor for the organization of cultural activities in Italy, Spain and France and film-critic. Since 2007 he works as short film programmer and advisor for several festivals as Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest (France), Arcipelago, Festival Internazionale di cinema e nuove immagini (Rome, Italy), Piemonte Movie (Torino, Italy), Lakino – Latin American Short Film Festival Berlin(Germany), Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. He’s member of the selection comitee for the Cesar of Short Movies, He’s artistic director of Timishort in Romania and programmer  for Festival Amérique Latine Biarritz,France, NEXT, Romania, Tirana International Film Festival and DocuTIFF in Albania.


Jadwiga Majewska

She is a critic, a theoretician, and a curator. Since 2009 she is a guest lecturer at the Department of Theater and Drama of Jagiellonian University. She writes about dance, theatre and plastic arts. Her articles are published in such magazines as „Teatr“, „Res Publica Nowa“, „Miesięcznik ZNAK“ and „Didaskalia“. She i sone of the experts of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Author and curator of MAKT – Mobile Academy of Dance Critique.

Ewa Krasucka

A photopgrapher and video producer. Since 2009, the main photopgrapher and author of audiovisual materials for Polski Balet Narodowy and Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa. Her photographic works have been published in The New York Times, The Guardian and Dance Europe. An author of multitude of dance and opera shows.

Angela Deutch

She did a PhD in Art History at Humboldt University of Berlin and an M.A. in Psychology at University of Vienna. In 2014, after years of art historian and interdisciplinary research, of curating and organising exhibitions in Vienna, Budapest and Berlin, she decided to follow her ongoing passion for the dancefield. Thus, she chose mediation of contemporary dance art as her new professional focus, joined Tanzscout Berlin, developing at present among other ideas the format TanzScout Senior.


John Canciani (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur)

Philip Ilson (London Short Film Festival)

Olha Reiter (Wiz-Art Festival)

Niclas Gillberg (Uppsala International Short Film Festival)

Heinz Hermanns (Interfilm Berlin)

Anna Veilande – Kustikova (Riga Interntional Film Festival 2ANNAS)

Sven Shwarz (Hamburg Internationale Short Film Festival)

Laurence Boyce (Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival)

Alessandro Marcionni (Festival del Film Locarno)

Matt Lloyd (Glasgow Film Festival)

Mikhail Zheleznikov (M2M)

Kornel Miglus (Polnisches Institut Berlin)

Katrin Küchler (Filmfest Dresden)




I award: OBJECT / dir. Paulina Skibińska

Audience Award: GRANDMA’S DAY / dir.  Miłosz Sakowski


I award: EDMOND / dir.  Nina Gantz

II award: RAISA / dir. Pavel Cuzuioc

III award: END OF THE WORLD / dir. Monika Pawluczuk


I award: GONE / dir. Helena Jónsdóttir, Vera Sölvadóttir

II award: LAY ME LOW / dir. Marlene Millar

II award: HOME ALONE / dir. Adi Halfin



Short Waves Festival 2016 was an 8th edition of the international short film festival, which took place on 15-20 March 2016. Its motto “we are open” guaranteed a broadly defined openness both to current affairs, other people and ideas. SWF 2016 was also concerned with formal openness. By defying the standard format of a festival, Short Waves goes beyond the strict time frame. Without a beginning, without an end as Short Waves organizes events throughout the year and across Poland. The event’s main competiton, Poznan Open (winner: “Edmond”, dir. Nina Gantz) was open to artists from all over the world, what granted it an international status.
SWF also consisted of one-of-a-kind competitions: Best of Seven (winner: “Object”, dir. Paulina Skibińska) and Dances with Camera (winner: “Gone”, dir. Helena Jónsdóttir, Vera Sölvadóttir), and unique Random Home Cinema: film screenings in Poznanians’ private apartments. The festival repertoire also included experimental and video-art films as a part of Art Shorts and Poznan Wave. There were also many workshops and interesting industry events during Poznań Industry Days. Another exciting part of the program was the Festival Club that changed its location throughout the festival to give the attendees an opportunity for a multidimensional experience of the city.



  • DEBUT / dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski / animation 2016 / 7‘ 

A screenwritter finds himself in the center of the story he tries to create. Autoironic attempt to deal with the syndrome of the first film, which is an irresistible desire to showcase all ideas at once.

  • UNFORTUNE TELLER / dir. Joanna Stanowska / fiction 2016 / 26‘

Dorothy is a clairvoyant. During the day she works at the Institute of Physics and in the evenings she attends the Fortune Tellers Anonymous meetings. Matters get complicated when she meets Sprat – a young, small-town criminal.

  • POLONAISE / dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska / documentary 2016 / 16‘

In the small, central Polish town of Aleksandrów Kujawski, the director of the local culture centre announces a competition. The theme is a creative presentation of your personal patriotic attitude. Entrants are free to demonstrate their creativity in whatever form they like.

  • THE RETURN / dir. Damian Kocur / fiction 2016 / 21‘

Ania comes out of prison on her first thirty-hour leave. Her husband and toddler son are waiting for her arrival. Everything is prepared – the whole family is to leave the country but before the escape, she decides to face her past.

  • PUSSY/ dir. Renata Gąsiorowska / animation 2015 / 8‘

A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have some sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.

  • CLOSE TIES / dir. Zofia Kowalewska / documentary 2016 / 19‘

Forty five years of marriage is an impressive anniversary. Eight years ago Zdzisław left Barbara for his lover. Recently he decided to get back to his wife. However everyday life in one apartment seems to be quite a challenge for the married couple.

  • EDUCATION / dir. Emi Buchwald / documentary 2016 / 20‘

In one elementary school children are told to learn Julian Tuwim’s poem “Science” by heart as homework. The poetic phrase is sometimes incomprehensible, some words require explanation, but parents come to their aid.

  • THE OPENING/ dir. Piotr Adamski / fiction 2016 / 32‘

An artist with cancer planned his last performance for the day of his exhibition opening in a contemporary art gallery. His body connected to medical appliances is wheeled into the exhibition room lying on a bed.

  • THREE CONVERSATIONS ON LIFE / dir. Julia Staniszewska / documentary 2016 / 24‘

A series of difficult conversations between a mother and a daughter. The mother is a doctor and a devout, practicing Catholic. The daughter is an atheist  whose children were conceived through IVF. The mother is torn between love for her family and Catholic beliefs.

  • LEAVEN / dir. Artur Hanaj / animation 2016 / 5‘

If you want the dough to rise, mix flour with yeast and milk. Then put the dough in warmth, so it rises a bit. Finally knead it well, place in the baking tin and put in the oven.

  • COME PLAY WITH ME / dir. Milena Dutkowska / ficiton 2016 / 20‘

Lisa visits her cousin, whom she hasn’t seen for 5 years. They return to the childhood games, the ones they used to play together. In their provocations they seem to be invincible, until they meet Robert.



  • LIMBO / dir. Konstantina Kotzamani / fiction / France, Greece 2016 / 30‘

The leopard shall lie down with the goat.
The wolves shall live with the lambs.
And the young boy will lead them.
12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore…

  • TRIAL & ERROR / dir. Antje Heyn / animation / Germany 2016 / 5‘ rial

A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots – and a long-lost friend.

  • FLOR DE MIL COLORES (FLOWER OF A THOUSAND COLOURS) / dir. Karen Vazquez Guadarrama / documentary / Belgium 2015 / 23‘

Flor de Mil Colores is an intimate portrait of Emiliana, a single mother who tries to survive in a remote Bolivian mining camp at 4897 meters above sea level.

  • A LOVE STORY / dir. Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara / animation / United Kingdom 2016 / 7‘

Two creatures fall in love, weaving a colourful world together. But when darkness threatens to consume one of them, the other must fight to stay together, or risk being torn apart.

  • MORIOM / dir. Francesca Scalisi, Mark Olexa / documentary / Switzerland 2015 / 12‘

“I came from Heaven. I came to destroy all bad things in the world. I’m a flower angel. I’m a police officer. I will punish them. I will put them in jail.” This is the story of a girl from rural Bangdalesh and the tragedy that changed her life.

  • 489 YEARS / dir. Hayoun Kwon / experimental / France 2016 / 11‘

The imaginary journey in the Korean Demilitarized Zone through the memories of a former South Korean soldier, Mister Kim.

  • MALKI (MOTHERS) / dir. Lubomir Yotov / animation / Bulgaria 2016 / 18‘

In a cold, wet autumn night Philip needs a woman. A woman to give him all her love, to inspire his strength and hopes by doing it professionally and earning her money to the last penny. Philip hires Agathe – a mother for a night.

  • NIEMENDAL (NOTHINGNESS) / dir. Harm Dens / fiction / Belgium 2016 / 16‘

Two cellmates face yet another day together in prison. They do whatever they can to relieve their boredom, resulting in physically and verbally transgressive behaviour.

  • VENUSIA / dir. Louise Carrin / documentary / Switzerland 2016 / 35‘

Lisa, the despotic brothel madam of the luxurious “Venusia“ has only one friend : Lena, an artless prostitute as unpredictable as lazy. The two women are filmed in the intimacy of a smoking room.

  • WORLD WAR CUP / dir. Simon Ellis / experimental / United Kingdom 2016 / 7‘

A grim display of English nationalism, as experienced during a televised football match against Germany. Misguided patriotism, tribal thuggery, and the disallowed goal that brought goal-line technology to the game.

  • THE MANLIEST MAN / dir. Anuj Gulati / fiction / India 2016 / 22‘

When the village potter fails to produce a son, the community Chief calls for a “manlier” man to help the family bear a male offspring.

  • DER BLOCK / dir. Nadine Boller / documentary / Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland 2015 / 9‘

In the middle of the steppes of Kyrgyzstan an old foundation dating back to the Soviet era is gaining more and more importance in the nomads’ daily life.

  • DECORADO / dir. Alberto Vázquez / animation / Spain 2016 / 11‘

The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.

  • RI GUANG ZHI XIA (UNDER THE SUN) / dir. Qiu Yang / fiction / Australia, China 2015 / 19‘

One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

  • IN THE DISTANCE / dir. Florian Grolig / animation / Germany 2015 / 7‘

It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.

  • LIGHTRAPPING / dir. Marcio Miranda Perez / fiction / Brazil 2016 / 22‘

Gustavo is a photographer who registers the bodies of naked men in public spaces of Sao Paulo. One night, young Pedro follows him, curious and undecided about participating in the project or not. The city will witness the journey.

  • GREEN SCREEN GRINGO / dir. Douwe Dijkstra / documentary / Brazil, Netherlands 2016 / 16‘

Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting – and yet turbulent – Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch.



  • SONGS OF THE UNDERWORLD / dir. Nicola Hepp / Netherlands 2016 / 6‘

As the images of the older and the younger couple become more intertwined, we begin to understand that this story is not only about youth being lost.

  •  COIRE RUADH / dir. Katrina McPherson / United Kingdom 2015 / 10‘

The transition between not wild and wild is for most people all about a feeling and it’s this very personal response that matters not lines on maps.

  • NEANTS / dir. Nellie Carrier / Canada 2015 / 10‘

Four characters see their destiny falling apart. An exploration about mourning, an anticlimax.

  • LIFE IS A DANCE / dir. Sebastian Linda / Germany 2015 / 5‘

With your heartbeat the rythm of your life begins. It’s an endless playing song. But they tell you not to listen. They tell you to ignore. But now you know their promises were a lie. You rise up to move and dance to the sky.

  • DIE STILLE (STILL) / dir. Lily Erlinger / Germany 2016 / 29‘

How do you part from something that never existed?
A professional ballerina deals with the effects of an irreversible decision.

  • AQUARIUS / dir. Timo Zhalnin / Russia 2016 / 9‘

This film is a metaphor for who we are, for where we come from? A secret held in the abyss. The irony of our metamorphosis – in order to grow, the seed must die.

  • JILAVA / dir. John T. Williams / USA 2016 / 9‘

Jilava tells the story of a foreign missionary held prisoner at the infamous Romanian Communist prison. Can his faith survive twelve years of persecution, mental and physical torture? Will Communism break his soul?

  • THROUGH MY STREET / dir. Piet Baumgartner / Switzerland 2015 / 5‘

A couple of workers get ready for the usual routine. He fills a sandwich while she sings a song in front of the TV. But, once they arrive to their job site, their working day turns into an unexpected artistic event.

  • PROMENADE / dir. Cirila Luz Ferron / Argentina 2015 / 9‘

“Promenade” proposes a rapprochement between dance, video and architecture, with the aim of finding new interpretations of space.

  • EXQUISITE CORPS / dir. Mitchell Rose / USA 2016 / 6‘

42 contemporary choreographers link together on a chain love letter to dance.

  • SENSATE / dir. Jo Cork / United Kingdom 2015 / 16‘

One woman’s fight to shed the emotional inhibition which prevents her from feeling any true physical connection to her life. Through her desperate journey, she seeks a way to feel the reality of her world.

  • PLOW PLANT REAP / dir. Marta Renzi / USA 2015 / 13‘

Against a majestic landscape of rolling farmland, an all-female community comes together, joining in a baptism and a roundelay. Arriving and leaving like sun and shadow, “Plant Plow Reap” celebrates the joy and order that culminate in harvest

  • TOURNURES (TWIST) / dir. Sebastien De Buyl / Belgium 2016 / 8‘

In a world where gender is reversed, a man tries to free himself from the torrent of alienation, prejudice and stigma. Embodying emancipation, claiming sexual equality.

  • TO THE ENDS OF THE FINGERTIPS / dir. Roswitha Chesher / United Kingdom 2016 / 3

Slipping through the fingers of time, we follow a search for freedom and fulfilment in this visually rich and surreal tale.

  • MINI BALLET EN TROIS TACHES DE SANG ( A BLOOD STAINED BALLET) / dir. Étienne Chédeville / France 2016 / 16

In her bedroom, a young woman must fight to protect herself against a man who came mysteriously out of the closet. Man tries to seduce her but becomes more and more violent.

  • JUST SO / dir. Ben Estabrook / USA 2016 / 9‘

A morality play exploring anticipation and the ’70s.

  • TACT / dir. Thibaud Le Maguer / France 2016 / 15‘

Two dancers engaged in a slow poetry of reposing and uplifting generate organics architectures rendered difficult to define. Disorder emerges, gravity wavers, the bound dancers merge in order to appear in constant transformation.

  • SOLO FOR TWO / dir. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Kalina Duwadzińska / Poland 2016 / 4‘

After a long standstill the protagonist learns how to feel once again. A minimalistic story told with dance and stop motion.

  • PILGRIMAGE / dir. Marlene Millar / Canada 2016 / 11‘

Nine dancers and singers travel across along parched roads and moonlit fields to find refuge in an abandoned place of worship. Through a complex series of Turkish usul patterns the group finds solace in the sheltered space.



  • SOMETHING ABOUT SILENCE / dir. Patrick Buhr / Germany 2015 / 13‘

My wife doesn’t like my movies. She says they are a waste of time. But she is an ignorant and hateful person. Don’t be like my wife.

  • MOVIE ABOUT OBSESSION / dir. Marta Stachowska / Poland 2016 / 7‘

“Movie about obsession” is an artist’s existential reflection on spoken form, juxtaposed with abstract images such as: “need chain” resembling a book shelf or a graphic diagram of “need” as if it were taken out from under the microscope.

  • PROCEDERE / dir. Delia Schildknecht / Switzerland 2015 / 6‘

The genuine disease diary leads into the soulscape of a person suffering from OCD: “Bad images should disappear suddenly!“ Since negative images mustn’t been thought. Nevertheless, they are here and constantly circling in the brain.

  • WOMAN WITHOUT MANDOLIN / dir. Fabiano Mixo. Brazil, Germany 2015 / 5‘

The face of a woman seems to be fluctuating in space. She is absorbed and it is almost possible to hear her breathing. She gazes at us profoundly. Meanwhile she is transforming herself, unravelling and recovering herself piece by piece.

  • EXONERATION / dir. Jacek Jędrzejczak / Poland 2016 / 5‘

Duration becomes an expression of the slump of continuum, stoppage, and as a result – a change, an inertness. In a tension of slowdown Jacek Jędrzejczak finds the space for reflection, constituted on noticing a broader perspective and deeper dimensions.

  • GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE – A COMPOSITION / dir. Tymon Nogalski / Poland 2016 / 3‘

“Green, white, orange – a composition” is a record of landscape from birds eye. It’s a pictorial video of modernity as a composition of colour and content sparingly operating information. The film was recorded on the Greek island of Lesbos.

  • BAUANGRIFF (CONSTRUCTION ASSAULT) / dir. Laura Engelhardt / Germany 2015 / 8‘

“Construction Assault” is about the building and demolition cycles in Beijing’s periphery. The journey shifts between vast and continuously changing landscapes and the massive advertising screens that occupy the city and promote progress and a better life.

  • ZAGREB CONFIDENTIAL – IMAGINARY FUTURES / dir. Darko Fritz / Croatia 2015 / 14‘

Imagining the future and time travel through the city of Zagreb. The story of the city’s expansion from the 1960s to the present is told by presenting an unfinished project of modernism and the end of utopia.

  • KWASSA KWASSA / dir. Tuan Andrew Nguyen / Denmark, Vietnam 2015 / 19‘

A new filmwork by SUPERFLEX portraying a boatbuilder on the island of Anjouan, in the Comoro Islands. The boats are used for fishing but also to transport migrants to the neighbouring island of Mayotte.

  • THE POWDER OF SYMPATHY / dir. Tuomas A. Laitinen / Finland, USA, China 2015 / 9‘

Diving deep into the global flow of materials, in this instance copper, “The Powder of Sympathy” sets in motion a frantic flow of images combined with feverish pounding, hissing and rattling sounds sourced from West Africa, the USA and China.

  • PLASMA VISTA / dir. Sarah Cockings, Harriet Fleuriot / United Kingdom 2016 / 8‘

“Plasma Vista” allows us to explore the themes of economics, production, creativity and collaboration. Objects and devices become bodily and manipulative. The magician is a composed cartoon machine repeating tricks and equations.

  • THIS AIN’T DISNEYLAND / dir. Faiyaz Jafri  / China 2015 / 7’

A surreal personal account of the 9/11 attacks in New York, presented in the form of juxtaposition of the destruction of the Twin Towers and Disney neo-archetypes.

  • BLOW OUT / dir. Grzegorz Stefański / Poland 2016 / 5‘

The main protagonist has been digitally removed from Myriad Parc scenes of Antonioni’s “Blowup”.  The removal of Thomas, the hero, creates an empty space, ready to be filled with the viewer’s memory and  imagination.

  • HOTARU / dir. William Laboury / France 2015 / 22‘

They told me: “You have a gift, Martha. Down here, your gift is useless. So we’re going to show you the most beautiful things. You’re going to have more memories than anyone  else. And then, you will fall asleep. You won’t wake up again. But you will carry the most precious memories from Earth.”

  • HOME / dir. Charles Williams / Australia 2015 / 4‘

Home is missing planes and sunken boats; a eulogy in the form of a poem. A film about Australian refugee crisis.

  • SHE WHOSE BLOOD IS CLOTTING IN MY UNDERWEAR / dir. Vika Kirchenbauer / Germany 2016 / 4‘

Following her research on enhanced vision via infrared technology in modern warfare, here Vika Kirchenbauer utilises these technological means to discuss intimacy, the body and the privileged gaze of the spectator.

  • CITY CRUSH / dir. Mia Forrest / Australia 2015 / 14‘

A lavish thug poaches an exotic young trophy-boy and smuggles him into City Crush. When our would be ivory concubine escapes during his own sale he must navigate the desolation, boredom, and deviant lust of the locals.

  • NOT EVEN NOTHING CAN BE FREE OF GHOSTS / dir. Rainer Kohlberger / Germany, Austria 2016 / 11‘

No motion pictures meet the retina, but instead, impulses and waves of pure light. The extreme light-dark intervals incessantly vary, climaxing in a black-and-white stroboscope storm.


  •  JURY


Ananda Pellerin

Ananda Pellerin is the programming director for global film channel Nowness, based in London, UK. She has an editorial background in magazines, websites and publishing, with a focus on food, film, philosophy and culture. She publish her articles in Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazines.

Michał Marczak

Michał’s latest film ALL THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2016 where it won the Best Directing Award. The film also won the Heterodox award for best hybrid film at the Cinema Eye Honors 2017 in NYC. Michał recently directed a music video for Mark Pritchard entitled “Beautiful People” featuring Thom Yorke. He also directed a music video vignette for Radiohead from their latest album “A Moon Shaped Pool”. His previous film FUCK FOR FOREST premiered at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas and Rotterdam IFF.

Viviana Carlet

Viviana Carlet has worked on various projects that arise out of purely artistic attention and methodology to relational and public art. She founded Lago Film Fest, international festival of short films, documentaries and scripts in Italy in 2005, and the Formentera Film in Spain in 2011; she worked at NISI MASA the European Network of Young Cinema in 2012-2014. As well as serving as artistic director of Lago Film Fest, she organizes contests and art and video projects. She is research fellow at Ca’ Foscary University of Venice in Management of Art and Culture since 2014.


Andrzej Grabowski

Fotograf teatralny i reklamowy, portrecista, scenograf. Twórca dwóch prężnie pracujących pracowni: studia fotografii reklamowej oraz studia  designu Holin. Ekspresję ciała, ciało w ruchu oraz taniec fotografuje od prawie 30 lat. Wśród teatrów, z którymi współpracował są  m.in.: Polski Teatr Tańca Balet Poznański, Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Poznaniu, Teatr  Nowy w Poznaniu, Teatr Polski w Poznaniu, Movements Factory. Jako fotograf pracował dla największych agencji reklamowych: Saatchi & Saatchi, McCannEricson, Lintas, GPD, Just, Tequila

Koen Victoor

Until 2016 the artistic coordinator of Ciné Privé, a nomadic short film festival based in Ghent, Belgium. He was involved in the development of various festivals and projects (including film, theatre, dance) in the city of Ghent and beyond. Currently, he works for Danspunt vzw, an organisation that promotes and supports dance, dance performances and dancers in Belgium.

Gábor Pintér

Committed to dance film since 2005, when he initiated EDIT Festival, the first international dance film platform in Hungary, of which he was the curator for four years. Currently artistic director of Parallel Art Foundation, where besides running visual art and site-specific dance programs, he is the coordinator of the Dance Film Project, an initiative to distribute and internationally contextualise Hungarian dance film. In 2017 the Foundation launches the first edition of SZERPENTIN International Dance Film Festival.



Toby Ashraf

Journalist, curator, translator and film professional based in Berlin. He writes for various publications and moderates film talks such as Berlinale Forum and Berlinale Generation. In 2014 he founded the Berlin Art Film Festival which focuses on art films experimental video works that focus on Berlin. In 2015 he won the Siegfried Kracauer Prize for Best Film Review. He has been part of the commission of the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) and organises CIMA BERLIN, a series of monthly screenings of queer Berlin films with live Arabic translation for refugees.

Łukasz Jastrubczak

(born 1984) In 2009, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He employs a variety of media: video, installation, sculpture, drawing, object, concert, intervention, travel, event, intuitive music recordings. He organized individual exhibitions at Art in General in New York City, Art Bunker in Cracow, Sabot Gallery in Cluj-Saboca, and CSW Kronika in Bytom. He is a Deutsche Bank Foundation award 2013 laureate. Since 2014, together with Zorka Wollny, he has been organizing the Sound and Image Festival Młode Wilki.

Stach Szabłowski

(born 1973) Curator, art critic and publicist. Art History Institute at University of Warsaw graduate. In the years 1998-2016 he was associated with The Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Polish Film Institute expert. Curator and producer of over 50 exhibitions and art projects, both in Poland and abroad. Editor of art publications and author of many texts. He publishes his work in exhibition catalogues, art publications, specialist periodicals and mainstream press. He has published his texts in Gazeta Wyborcza and Fluid.




I award: EDUCATION /  dir. Emi Buchwald
II award: LEAVEN / dir. Artur Hanaj
III award: POLONAISE / dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska
Honourable mention: CLOSE TIES / dir. Zofia Kowalewska
Audience award: CLOSE TIES / dir. Zofia Kowalewska


I award: DECORADO /  dir. Alberto Vázquez, Spain
II award: THE MANLIEST MAN / dir. Anuj Gulatii, India
III award: WORLD WAR CUP / dir. Simon Ellis, Great Britain
Honourable mention: IN THE DISTANCE / dir. Florian Grolig, Germany
Audience award: FLOR DE MIL COLORES (Flower of a thousand colours), dir. Karen Vazquez Guadarrama Belgium


I award: TOURNURES (Twist) / dir. Sebastien de Buyl, Belgium
II award: TACT / dir. Thibaud Le Maguer, France
III award: NEANTS / dir. Nellie Carrier, Canada
Honourable mention: TO THE ENDS OF FINGERTIPS /  dir. Roswitha Chesher, Great Britain
Audience award: THROUGH MY STREET / dir. Piet Baumgartner, Switzerland


I award: SHE WHOSE BLOOD IS CLOTTING IN MY UNDERWEAR / dir. Vika Kirchenbauer, Germany
II award: SOMETHING ABOUT SILENCE / dir. Patrick Buhr, Germany
III award: NOT EVEN NOTHING CAN BE FREE OF GHOSTS /  dir. Rainer Kohlberger, Germany/Austria
Honourable mention: HOTARU / dir. William Laboury, France
Audience award: HOTARU / dir. William Laboury, France



Short, concise, diverse. Short Waves Festival 2017 was the 9th editon of the international short film festival, which took place on 21-26 March in Poznan. The edition’s motto was “beyond borders”, which aimed to illustrate the diminishing of borders between various art forms and decrease in importance of division between creators and consumers of culture.
Focus on German cinema was an important element of the program and included screenings of film selections from Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Christoph Girardet retrospective and an exhibition of works created by Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf. Short Waves repertoire also included short animations and features of last year’s Oscar nominations – Oscar Nominated Shorts, and films nominated for European Film Awards. A new addition to the program called New Queer Visions tackled the issues of sexual, cultural and racial diversity.
The festival program also offered film selections dedicated to specific age groups: SWF: Family for children and Man Who Can for seniors. For the first time, the program included a unique set of music videos entitled Saving Pop Culture from Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. There were also special events such as Fusion Cinema and Random Home Cinema: famed film screenings in Poznanians’ private apartments, industry meetings and discussion panels as a part of European Short Pitch and Poznan Industry Day, including project and screenwriting workshops. The program was completed with festival club afterparties located at LAS venue on Małe Garbary Street.






STRANGE CASE / dir. Zbigniew Czapla / animation / 2017 / 14’

The last surrealistic journey into consciousness. The sequence of protagonist’s personal experiences and collective memory. Universe created by gentle brush strokes and spots of color.

THE BEST FIREWORKS EVER / dir. Aleksandra Terpińska / fiction / 2017 / 28’

Contemporary world, one of the European cities. It depicts one day of life of three friends who, facing a military conflict in their country, must modify their plans for the future.

DUST / dir. Jakub Radej / documentary / 2016 / 25’

“Dust” shows the way of the body and belongings after the death of a single lonely person. Asks questions about the meaning of life, the importance of the individual and value of material goods.

DEER BOY / dir. Katarzyna Gondek / fiction / 2017 / 15’

A short story about a strange weave of love and hate. Its beginning is the birth of a son of a hunter. The boy is born with small nodules, which over time turn into overgrown antlers that resemble a baby deer.

BANQUET / dir. Julia Orlik / animation / 2016 / 4’

The main character is on a banquet during which he can not find the company where he found himself. To keep up with the rest, he starts repeating the actions performed by other guests.


CASTING / dir. Katarzyna Iskra / fiction / 2017 / 20‘

Zofia and Kuba are young parents in a small town. When Zofia has an opportunity to act in a film with a famous actress Marta, she decides to go to the casting with her baby. Then she has to decide which role to take.

HEIMAT / dir. Emi Buchwald / ficiton / 2017 / 24‘

Five members of a rather peculiar family meet at the police station. Three grown-up children have to testify against the man who beat up their father.

MARYSIA’S WORLD / dir. Katarzyna Ewa Żak / documentary / 2017 / 20‘

In intimate documentary about coming into adulthood. Marysia is 20-years-old and doesn’t know what to do with her life. She takes her phone everywhere and has strained relationship with mother.

EUPHORIA / dir. Natalia Pietsch / documentary / 2017 / 16‘

A woman who is an experienced breeder introduces a young girl to the world of purebred dog shows. The two of try to become friends, despite the ruthless competitiveness that holds sway in those circles.


IMPOSSIBLE FIGURES AND OTHER STORIES II / dir. Marta Pajek / animation / 2016 / 15‘

The protagonist of the film is a woman who trips and falls, while rushing around the house. She gets up, only to discover, that her home is built from paradoxes and filled with illusions

DREGS / dir. Kordian Kądziela / fiction / 2017 / 28‘

Beata is a telephone fortune teller and she’s advising thousands in her work. Her life changes drastically, when one of her readings almost leads to a tragedy.

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN / dir. Damian Kocur / fiction / 2017 / 25‘

Michal lives in the country and works at a cattle farm, comes back home, has dinner and rests. Every day in his life is the same. One day girl met on the internet is visiting him.

THE WIZARD OF U.S. / dir. Balbina Bruszewska / animation / 2017 / 23‘

Social satire on story by L. F. Baum. A mysterious tornado grabs Dorothy and takes her to an unusual place. She follows the yellow brick road to the wizard who will surely make her dreams come true.



WHEN YOU AWAKE / dir. Jay Rosenblatt / experimental / USA 2016 / 11’

An unscientific and comedic study of what happens when two people are hypnotized leading into an exhilarating journey into the unconscious mind where all the images, sounds and music are from found footage.

HIWA / dir. Jacqueline Lentzou / fiction / Greece 2017 / 11’

Jay wakes up in Manila. He had a nightmare. He was in Athens. In his dream, Athens’ sun is so weak, you can look straight at it without getting blind. How does he dream of a place he has never visited?

LAGI SENANG JAGA SEKANDANG LEMBU (IT’S EASIER TO RAISE CATTLE) / dir. Amanda Neil Eu / ficiton / Malaysia 2017 / 18’

Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new friend to the point of violence, monstrosity and affection.

A PHOTO OF ME / dir. Dennis Tupicoff / animation / Australia 2017 / 11’

I’m a baby in 50s backyard with my toys and my family, facing a box camera. I’m a sleepy child at the Darra “pictures”, waking up to a film noir. My mind flickers from past to present, in memories and dreams.

ASTROMENTAL / dir. Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis / fiction / Greece 2017 / 25’

Two boys and a girl prepare for nightclubbing in the heart of Athens. Arriving, they face a deserted club, where music plays blaring but there is no one to listen. There, one by one falls asleep as they surrender themselves in a collective dream.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MOUNTAIN / dir. Christin Turner / experimental / USA 2016 / 12’

A long-distance driver, a drifter, journeys from a tenuous reality into a vision of the afterlife, called forth by the spirit of the mountain.


RETOUCH / dir. Kaveh Mazaheri / fiction / Iran 2017 / 19’

Maryam’s husband does weightlifting at home. When a weight falls on his throat and puts him near death, the woman makes a decision.

ON THE ROPES / dir. Manon Nammour / fiction / Lebanon 2016 / 20’

“On the Ropes” reflects the Lebanese society through a family whose members’ life is suspended, stuck in Limbo, like everything else in the country.

AMBI / dir. Marija Apcevska / fiction / Macedonia 2016 / 19’

Another ordinary night for Deno and Sara, going through their usual routine. Only this time, as tension grows, a decision which may bring their future into question is born.

I MADE YOU, I KILL YOU / dir. Alexandru Petru Bădelită / documentary/animation / France/Romania 2016 / 14’

I think that this film is necessary for me, in this moment of my life. I have always been ashamed to talk about my childhood and I think that this caused me a lot of sadness.

NEGATIVE SPACE / dir. Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata / animation / France 2017 / 6’

A bittersweet story of a relationship between a father and his son, Sam. Always leaving on business trips, the father connects with Sam by teaching him how to pack a suitcase efficiently.


MIN BORDA (THE BURDEN) / dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr / animation / Sweden 2017 / 14’

A dark musical enacted in a modern market place. The employees of the various commercial venues, portrayed as animals, deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns.

APRES LE VOLCAN (AFTER THE VOLCANO) / dir. Léo Favier / experimental / France 2016 / 17’

The earth quakes, ashes fall from the sky, and there’s this fire that firefighters don’t get to extinguish. The villagers decide to take refuge in the forest. Surronded by wild beasts, a new life begins.

THE BEAST / dir. Samantha Nell, Michael Wahrmann / fiction / Brazil/France/South Africa 2016 / 24’

An ordinary day at a Zulu cultural village. Shaka, their star performer, expresses his frustrations to his co-workers as he sits on display for tourists. When he reaches the end of his tether, his protest reaches Shakespearian proportion.

COPA-LOCA / dir. Christos Massalas / fiction / Greece 2017 / 14’

This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares about everyone – in every possible way.

ARMAGEDDON 2 / dir. Corey Hughes / exprimental / Cuba 2017 / 6’

The Internet in Cuba is very slow. Movies, television, and information are exchanged through a black market system of media distribution via external hard drives known as “el paquete semanal.”

CONTACT / dir. Alessandro Novelli / animation / Spain 2017 / 8’

Somewhere between reality and fantasy, a woman’s consciousness is awoken through her inner journey that reflects the world around her.


LA PEAU SAUVAGE (WILD SKIN) / dir. Ariane Louis-Seize / ficiton / Canada 2016 / 19’

The quiet life of a young and solitary woman is disturbed when she discovers a baby python in her apartment. This mysterious presence unleashes her deepest urges and will let her express for the first time who she truly is.

THE RABBIT HUNT / dir. Patrick Bresnan / documentary / USA/Hungary 2017 / 12’

On the weekends during the harvest season, seventeen year old Chris and his family hunt rabbits in the sugarcane fields of the Florida Everglades. The film records a tradition by which migrant farm workers have been hunting and preparing rabbits since the early 1900s.

CALL OF CUTENESS / dir. Brenda Lien / animation / Germany 2017 / 4’

All that is outsourced gets back to us in this consumerist nightmare. On a global playground the cat’s body is devoured. Objects are fetishized. The bodies reveal the causes and effects of power, pleasure and hate.

FLORES / dir. Jorge Jácome / fiction / Portugal 2017 / 27’

In a natural crisis scenario, the entire population of Azores is forced to evict due to an uncontrolled plague of hydrangeas, a common flower in these islands. Two young soldiers, bound to the beauty of the landscape, guide us to the stories of sadness of those forced to leave the islands.

PERFECT DARKNESS / dir. Maaike Neuville / fiction / Belgium 2016 / 24’

Gus and Anna are on holiday. During a nightly walk, Anna does a confession. Can the couple, amidst the wild nature and under a full moon, overcome the conflict? A short story about the nature of love, filmed in one shot.


VALPARAISO / dir. Carlo Sironi / fiction / Italy 2016 / 20’

Rocío was detained in Rome. Waiting to be deported to her native country, she gets pregnant. According to the law, pregnant women can’t be detained, she is released with a pregnancy residency permission. Now, she is free, but also hast to continue with an undesired pregnancy.

GIONATAN WITH A G / dir. Gianluca Santoni / fiction / Italy 2016 / 15’

Gionatan is nine years old. In a hospital waiting room his mother is receiving medical attention. Secretely, he hears her mother lying about wounds on her face. With candy in his hands and a terrible idea in his mind, Gionatan decides to run away.

GAMECHANGER / dir. Christian Van Duuren / fiction / Netherlands 2016 / 10’

On his way to a military mission, Max is caught up in a war-game with his neighbor boys. As Max gradually loses his self control, the boys get involved with his internal warfare and loose their innocence.

AND STILL WE WILL WALK ON / dir. Jonathan Millet / fiction / France 2017 / 25’

Simon arrives to Paris searching for his brother. Following his footsteps, he discovers the depth of the invisible city. They are those whose margin is territory, those who go without being seen. They are illegal and speak thousand languages.

BIRTHDAY / dir. Alberto Viavattene / fiction / Italy 2017 / 15’

Night. A young nurse wanders through the halls of a nursing home. The only thing she hates more than her job is old people. Upon entering room 12, she discovers that one of the patients has just turned one-hundred years old: there must be a birthday present somewhere…


AND SO WE PUT GOLDFISH IN THE POOL / dir. Makoto Nagahisa / fiction / Japan 2016 / 28’

One summer day, 400 goldfish were found in the swimming pool of a secondary school. This is the story of the four 15-year-old girls who put there the fish.

CATHERINE / dir. Britt Raes / animation / Belgium 2016 / 12’

Catherine loves pets! But most of all, she loves her cat. As she grows up, she can not connect with other people. Her cat is her life, and little by little she grows up to be a crazy old cat lady… Will she ever find friendship or love?

VOLTE / dir. Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzała / documentary / Poland 2017 / 14’

Zuzia is twelve and she’s been training as an equestrian vaulter for several years. She’s the ‘top mounter’, the capstone crowning their human pyramid. A new, intensive season begins and it turns out that the moves she’s involved in lack grace and lightness.

AIN’T GOT NO FEAR / dir. Mikhail Karikis / documentary / UK 2016 / 10’

A group of young teenage friends growing up in a remote industrial marshland in England sing along to the crushing demolition sounds of the power plant which makes everyone in their community unemployed.

MARTIN CRIES / dir. Jonathan Vine; / animation / France 2017 / 17’

Imagine you wake up one day, all your friends have disappeared. So you look. You look everywhere. Every hiding place, each inch of the city, all the marshes, all the rivers. You look, but cannot find them.


HERON / dir. Rocana Barbra / USA 2016 / 5’

“Heron” is an improvised dance film about marginalization and urban rites of passages. The story and movements unfolded out of an intimate encounter with a wounded heron. Remaining beautifully defiant, utterly graceful and elevated out of his pain, he looked as impotent as I felt.

SIX SOLOS / dir. Simon Fildes / UK 2016 / 7’

Individual performances or communal expression? We can become more than the just the sum of our parts if we come together. Six solo dancers walk on to a bare white stage, they start performing carefully choreographed individual dances. The film cuts between their performances, interweaving their dynamics and flow in to a single performance as the shots get faster.

CARTE BLANCHE / dir. Augenblick / Italy 2017 / 6’

A wandering poet. A wood of leaves and fleeting glimpses. What time is this? Just like a recurring echo, imagination is movement, movement becomes dance. In the middle of nature, in an ancient or future place that is only his own, some elusive figures come up beside the main character, tempting him with a sign, a dance, or a passionate embrace.

IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME / dir. Marta Renzi / USA 2017 / 9’

A man and a woman inhabit the same surreal location though not, apparently, at the same time. Marta Renzi directs this black-and-white meditation on memory and absence, joined by long-time collaborator Charles Caster-Dudzick (camera), as well as Aislinn MacMaster & David Thomson (performers).

HOME / dir. Nicola Hepp / Netherlands 2017 / 1’

A house that is falling apart. A relationship that is crumbling. When there is nothing left.

PORCELAIN / dir. Roswitha Chesher / UK 2017 / 7’

A table, two chairs, some teacups… a lifetime together… Porcelain. A story of love…. life and its many changes, meeting, sharing, caring, dependency, and loss. A couple show their story, of how the strength of their relationship informs the way they adapt and accept a change brought on by a serious health issue.

COLD STORAGE / dir. Thomas Freundlich / Finland 2016 / 9’

Short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the ice, and thaws him out for a wild all-night party.

KABUS / dir. Alice Fargier / France 2017 / 8’

Turkey is experiencing a disturbing political turn. Meanwhile, a man, troubled by the sounds of an increasingly menacing conflict, fails to find sleep.How to sleep while one hears the ghosts of war? Where did these explosions come from? From the city or his own head?

CARGO / dir. Jasmine Ellis / Germany 2017 / 4’

Uncertainty of reality that permeates daily life. Is what’s happening really happening? CARGO is a short, one shot dance film.

THE LEANING AND THE BLIND / dir. Sara Pathirane / Finland 2017 / 12’

By the Leaning tower of Pisa, an endless choreography goes on. Attempting to catch the iconic shot, people are posing as if holding the tower up. Hundreds of strangers fumble and probe at air, like the blind, finding their way. This creates a shared language of movement, a global game of chinese whispers.

FIREBIRD / dir. Velislava Gospodinova / Bulgaria 2016 / 7’

An artistic impression, driven by the rhythm of the music and the freedom of the dance, creates a magical world, where Love is the leading metaphysical force that overpowers life and death.

THE DANCE OF THE LIVING STONES / dir. Angelo de Grande / Italy 2017 / 5’

An independent group of young Italian artists; a Sicilian indie-rock band; one of the greatest land-art works in the world and a small, fierce town always fighting to keep its memory alive. Combining land-art, dance and music is the ultimate goal of a project born to illustrate the image of Sicily and a piece of Italian history in a creative way.


DANCE ROME RISE / dir. Javier Cardenete Rivera / Italy 2016 / 8’

You have walked free among the flowers by yourself. From me the beautiful world of colour and motion has been taken away. How do you feel if you knew the end of the world will come within three days? What would you do? How would you express that?

TRUE LOVE WAITS / dir. Adi Halfin / Israel 2017 / 3’

A poignant tale of loss and loneliness. This dance film features world-renowned Batsheva dancer-choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith in a hypnotic performance to Radiohead’s “True Love Waits”.

ABOVE THE LIGHT / dir. Heike Salzer / UK 2016 / 6’

“Above the light” is set on a rooftop to the backdrop of sun set and city lights.

SHADOW ANIMALS / dir. Jerry Carlsson / Sweden 2017 / 22’

Marall follows her parents to a party and they want her to behave. As the evening progresses she finds the adults’ behaviour increasingly strange. Everyone at the party is trying to fit in, but not everyone succeeds. Marall also seems to be the only one seeing the shadow circulating inside the house.

THE DOUBTS AND REFLECTIONS OF EVE / dir. Eva Campos Suarez / Spain, Poland 2017 / 9’

The film inspiration was drawn from story of Eve, strong female character, that appears in holy books of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, it’s interpretations in painting, film and literature. Dance film inspired by a poem by polish writer Adam Zagajewski ”Try to praise the mutilated world”. The theme of the film is a contrast between incredible beauty of the world and it’s brutality and sadness.

COLD / dir. Sven Niemeyer / Germany 2017 / 6’

Is about the suffer of a mother who is not able to feel love for her child, no matter how she tries. She falls into a depression, which makes it hard to go on with her life…

EUREKA! / dir. David B. Ricard / Canada 2016 / 15’

A society of people with Down syndrome is living in the ruins of a former fairgrounds. They find a mechanical doll, played by the only nondisabled artist of the troupe. The disabled artists grab the doll, manipulating and making her into a circus number.

60 PULSES / dir. Aliki Chiotaki / Greece 2016 / 3’

Video that explores the idea of making the effort to adjust the moment by moment of timing of action. With the outcome of having alertness to tactics and setting goals. A female figure smashed into her own world, submitted to a bizarre journey of entrapment. Moves fiercely onto a narrow, rusty old space surrounded by windows that reflect the raging sea.

THE YELLOW ROOM / dir. Sara Pathirane / USA 2017 / 5’

We discover the isolated figures of Jessica and Junji, each encased in a solitary beam of warm light. They cautiously circle one another, collide and collapse. Limbs entwine, tangle and extend, bodies release and are caught before they crash to the ground. Are they lovers? Are they one?

BHAIRAVA / dir. Marlene Millar, Philip Szporer / Canada 2017 / 14’

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destructor of evil and the guardian of time. Dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies the powerful and omnipresent persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity, set within the evocative landscape of Hampi, India.

BALLAD OF HYPOCHONDRIA / dir. Antonello Matarazzo / Italy 2017 / 6’

A path for music and images suspended between narration and experimentation, technology and tribalism. Primarily focuses on symbolic work on the color scheme, with choreography by Hilde Grella. and Loguercio’s playback that works sometimes with melodeon player Alessandro D’Alessandro, while the other guest are vocalists.


DISRUPTION / dir. Feyrouz Serhal / documentary / Lebanon 2017 / 26’

The football World Cup kicks off today and the people of Beirut are eager for the big awaited event. While life moves on normally in such a day, the signal of the first match seems to be disrupted by strange audio waves.

THE NEST / dir. Jamie Jones / fiction / UK 2016 / 20’

A story about how quickly social harmony can break down when people are pushed out to the sidelines. A single-mum family are driven to extreme behaviour when they are evicted from the house they live in illegally and replaced with second-generation immigrants.

CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND / dor. Lilian Hess / Germany 2016 / 7’

With curiosity about how we are shaped by the spaces we grow up in, a filmmaker questions her parents – two architects – about their creative process in designing her childhood home.

PROJECT X / dir. Laura Poitras, Henrik Moltke / documentary / USA 2016 / 11’

A top-secret handbook takes viewers on an undercover journey to TITANPOINTE, the site of a hidden partnership. Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, Project X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.

NATURE: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / dir. Sebastian Mulder / documentary / The Netherlands 2016 / 22’

In a world where the original nature is widely disappearing, there seems to be a new form of nature: artificial nature. The essayistic documentary examines the context, experience and various forms of this simulated nature in a experimental way.

THE FALL OF LENIN / dir. Svitlana Shymko / documentary / Ukraine 2017 / 12’

An ironic documentary film about the farewell to the phantoms of the USSR in Ukraine.The spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present and future. The film presents the dawn and the twilight of idols, and the curious afterlife of history’s ghosts.

IMPRESSO IN-URBE / dir. Giuseppe Spina / documentary / Italy 2017 / 17’

“Impressio in-urbe” goes through the textures of the urban space: the materiality of architectures, corners and prospectives, the drawings of pavings, the squares, the bricks. It’s a detailed decomposition of the city’s “cloak”.

LIVORNO 32 / dir. Miki Polonski / fiction / Israel 2017 / 11’

A house on the outskirts of the city in the dark of night: Inside the apartments, one by one, the lights go out. Late at night, a boy receives a phone call from his father asking him for one last favour. He always says it’s the last one.


FIRST NIGHT / dir. Andrei Tanase / fiction / Romania 2016 / 17’

Alex’s birthday is approaching, and his father Calin has prepared a very special surprise: the first night with a girl.

WE LOVE MOSES / dir. Dionne Edwards / fiction / UK 2016 / 15’

When Ella was 12, she had her first fight. And when she was 12, she discovered sex. Now 18, Ella reflects on how her obsession with her brother’s best friend Moses left her with a secret she still carries.

THE BURDEN / dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr / animation / Sweden 2017 / 14’

A dark musical enacted in a modern market place, situated next to a large freeway. The employees of the various commercial venues deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns.

KILLING KLAUS KINSKI / dir. Spiros Stathoulopoulos / ficiton / Colombia, Greece 2016 / 21’

The weather and the overpowering jungle lead the film crew to plot the assassination of the main actor. We revisit a myth of the history of film when in the toughest part of shooting Fitzcarraldo, the director Werner Herzog fantasize about killing actor Klaus Kinski.

THE HOLLOW COIN / dir. Frank Heath / experimental / USA 2016 / 12’

Existing between spy thriller and prank call, this charmingly facetious video is about a man at a payphone desperately trying to retrieve his SD card, which is hidden in a hollow coin.

HAIRAT / dir. Jessica Beshir / documentary / Ethiopia 2016 / 6’

For over 35 years Yussuf Mume Saleh journeys at night to the outskirts of the walled city of Harar to bond with his beloved hyenas.

THE MOUTH / dir. Camilo Restrepo / experimental / France 2017 / 19’

A man learns of the brutal death of his daughter, murdered by her husband. Suspended time oscillating between the need for peace and the desire for vengeance. A musical film performed by the master percussionist from Guinea, Mohamed Bangoura, aka “Diable Rouge,” loosely based on his own life.

AFTER SCHOOL KNIFE FIGHT / dir. Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel / ficiton / France 2017 / 21’

Laëtitia, Roca, Nico, and Naël get together in a wasteland for their final rehearsal. The group will soon no longer exist because Laëtitia is going faraway to study. A story of these young adults who don’t want to say goodbye.

THE HUNGER / dir. Kenneth Karlstad / fiction / Norway 2017 / 20’

A sixteen-year-old boy seeks out a vicious criminal to prove his grit. An expressive suburban gothic tale which enters the mindset of a teenager and explores the phenomenon of sensation seeking at a young age.

THE FIFTH WALL / dir. Florian Kindlinger, Peter Kutin / experimental / Austria 2017 / 12’

A glass pane undergoes major physical forces — a metaphor for the omnipresent displays and signs of our time, for our society, linked to the screen.



Anna Germanidi

Film festival professional based in the Netherlands and is currently a Short Film Programmer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and a Program Advisor for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). She previously worked at the Slamdance Film Festival from 2011-2015 and co-headed the Narrative Shorts committee for the 2015 program while acting as the festival’s Director. She received her MA in Film & Television from Syracuse University.

Daniel Vadocky

He has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Trnava and in Film Studies from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is a Programmer of the short film competitive and non-competitive feature film section ‘American Indies’ at the Art Film Fest in Slovakia. Daniel worked as Head of Sales at The National Film Archive in Prague and has been a member of international juries in Tallinn, Budapest, Uppsala etc. Currently he works as Sales Agent for Negativ Film Productions.

Tomasz Gąssowski

Composer, film director, producer. In 2014 he completed a film-making course in the Wajda School, and a year later he debuted as screenwriter and director with The Play-off ( among others: Best Live Action Short Film Award at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival, Finistere County Council Award at the 32nd Brest European Short Film Festival, France)<br /> For years he’s been working with Andrzej Jakimowski, making music for his films: Tricks, Imagine, Once Upon a Time in November and Squint Your Eyes, which he also co-produced. For the music in Imagine he won the Radio RMF Classic MocArt Award for the best film score of 2013.


Piotr Czerkawski

Film critic, journalist. He regularly publishes his work in magazines both print and online, including “Kino“, “Harper’s Bazaar“ and on Filmweb.pl. Was awarded the Polish Film Institute Prize in 2017 and awarded in the Krzysztof Mętrak Young Film Critic competition twice. A member of the European Film Academy. He was told by a famous Polish director once: “You’re a little bit messed up, but all in all ok.”

Giulio Vita

Director of La Guarimba, Tedx Speaker and activist. He studied journalism (in Venezuela) and filmmaking (in Spain). In 2012 he founded La Guarimba International Film Festival that takes place in Amantea, a small town in southern Italy. In 2014 he founded alongside Sara Fratini La Scuola Delle Scimmie, the first independent school of cinema and illustration. In 2016 he directed the project “Cinema Ambulante” to integrate refugees and local population.

Laura Valde

Has an MA degree in Film Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Zurich and Aberdeen. She works as a freelance curator and programmer for Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. From 2014 to 2017, she was the co-director of the Swiss Youth Film Festival.



Kerstin Hamburg

Born in Nordhausen, Thuringia. She studied at the Wuppertal University where she has been living and working since 1995. She works as a communication designer, focusing on photography. In 2013 Kerstin co-founded Tanzrauschen, together with a number of artists, curators, dancers, web designers and film distributors. Tanzrauschen is an association which supports ideas and intentions of Dance on Screen. In 2016 the first TANZRAUSCHEN – International Dance on Screen Festival took place in Wuppertal.

Krzysztof Stasiak

Film producer, sound designer and director. Member of the European Film Academy and a teacher in Warsaw Film School. PhD student at Film School in Lodz. Scholarship holder of the Silesian Voivodeship in the field of culture. Participant of the masterclasses: ”Sound of the Image“ (Berlin), “European Video Dance Heritage“ (Madrid), “Screendance Masterclass“ (Perth), “Winnipeg Screendance Intensive“ (Canada). His films “Masina“ and “Tactum – elements of dance“ are screened at many int. festivals.

Gitta Wigro

Freelance dance film programmer based in London, UK. She has been a guest programmer, speaker and jury member for many international festivals and ran the UK festival Dance on Screen. She is currently a programmer for Leeds International Film Festival’s screendance competition, and lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School’s new screendance MA. She is also co-director of artist development organisation Independent Dance.



Lech Moliński

Film journalist and cultural animator. For three years he worked for Stopklatka and published his articles in “Aktivist”, “Rita Baum”, “Dwutygodnik”, “KINO”. In 2011 he became the artistic director of Okiem Mlodych International Documentary Film Festival, in 2015 he became the artistic director od Spektrum Film Festival. One of the curators Brave Cinema. Winner of the first edition of the “30 Creative Wroclaw“ competition, “Man of the Year 2015“ in the Culture category by TuWrocław.com.

Bogna Świątkowska

The founder of Bec Zmiana Foundation with whom she rolled out a wide number of interdisciplinary projects. The Associate Curator and the Curator of the exhibitions staged as part of Synchronicity project plus numerous projects rolled out by Bec Zmiana Foundation, including “The Experiment Shall Not Be Continued, Public Collection of Art of the Capital City of Warsaw”. A member of the Board for Architecture at Warsaw Town Hall. The founder of the national cultural magazine “Notes na 6 tygodni”.

Maciej Siuda

Architect, graduate with honors from the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology, scholarship holder at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, his “XYZ Structure” diploma was presented, among others in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, finalist at international competition Archiprix at MIT in Boston. Lecturer at School of Form. Since 2012, he has been running his own project company. He cooperates with architectural design studios based in Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Africa and Haiti.




  • Anne Gaschütz Filmfest Dresden Germany
  • Maja Šuša Bašta Fest Serbia
  • Sanne Jehoul Glasgow Short Film Festival Scotland
  • Laurence Boyce PÖFF Shorts Estonia
  • Per Fikse Minimalen Kortfilmfestival Norway
  • Lucile Bourliaud Flatpack Festival UK
  • Doris Bauer VIS Vienna Shorts Austria
  • Sven Schwarz Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg Germany
  • Vincent Langouche Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven Belgium
  • Rich Warren Encounters Short Film Festival UK


Jury Members:

  • John Badalu Berlin International Film Festival, Germany Shanghai International Film Festival, Thailand
  • Simone Bardoni Concorto Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Manon Bovenkerk Go Shorts International Short Film Festival The Netherlands
  • Viviana Carlet Lago Film Fest, Italy
  • Gina Dellabarca Show Me Shorts, New Zealand
  • Laima Graždanoviča Riga International Film Festival 2Annas Latvia
  • Sam Groves Nordisk Panorama, Flatpack Film Festival UK
  • Philip Ilson London Short Film Festival, UK
  • Delphine Jeanneret Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland
  • Nicolas Khabbaz NDU International Film Festival, Liban
  • Jukka-Pekka Laakso Tampere Film Festival, Finland
  • Bianca Lucas Sarajevo Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Jorge Magaña Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de México, Mexico
  • Natalia Maliszewska Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
  • Kyrylo Marikutsa Kiev International Short Film Festival Ukraine
  • Mário Micaelo Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, Portugal
  • Helene Ouvard Vientianale International Film Festival Lao
  • Anna Purkrábková Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Czech Republic
  • Alvin Tse Hong Kong International Film Festival China
  • Enrico Vannucci La Biennale di Venezia



I Award (12 000 PLN)

The Beast, dir. Samantha Nell, Michael Wahrmann, Brazil/France/South Africa 2016

II Award (8 000 PLN)

Retouch, dir. Kaveh Mazaheri, Iran 2017

III Award (4 000 PLN)

Après le volcan (After the Volcano), dir. Léo Favier, France 2016

Honourable Mention

for music composer Simon Smith

Contact, dir. Alessandro Novelli, Spain 2017

Audience Award (4 000)

And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool, dir. Makoto Nagahisa, Japan 2016



I Award (7 000 PLN)

Nic nowego pod słońcem (Nothing New under the Sun), dir. Damian Kocur, Poland 2017

II Award (5 000 PLN)

Heimat, dir. Emi Buchwald, Poland 2017

III Award (2 000 PLN)

Proch (Dust), dir. Jakub Radej, Poland 2016

Audience Award (2 000 PLN)

Fusy (Dregs), dir. Kordian Kądziela, Poland 2017


BEST OF TEN (10 000 PLN)

Min Börda (The Burden), dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden 2017



I Award (4 000 PLN)

Nature: All Rights Reserved, dir. Sebastian Mulder, The Netherlands 2016

II Award (2 000 PLN)

Leninopad (The Fall of Lenin), dir. Svitlana Shymko, Ukraine 2017

III Award (1 000 PLN)

Livorno 32, dir. Miki Polonski, Israel 2017

Honourable Mention

Tshweesh (Disruption), dir. Feyrouz Serhal, Lebanon 2017

Audience Award (1 000 PLN)

Nature: All Rights Reserved, dir. Sebastian Mulder, The Netherlands 2016



I Award (4 000 PLN)

Skuggdjur (Shadow Animals), dir. Jerry Carlsson, Sweden 2017

II Award (2 000 PLN)

Cargo, dir. Jasmine Ellis, Germany 2017

III Award (1 000 PLN)

Six Solos, dir. Simon Fildes, UK 2016

Honourable Mention

Kâbus, dir. Alice Fargier, France 2017

Bhairava, dir. Marlene Millar, Phillip Szporer, Canada 2017

Audience Award (1 000 PLN)

Bhairava, dir. Marlene Millar, Phillip Szporer, Canada 2017