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Hotel Europa

HOTEL EUROPA is a safe place to discuss urgent matters on the past, present and future, on Europe and its various perspectives, on culture/s, politics, climate and beyond. Located in a former Greek-like restaurant in the Lazarz district of Poznan, now a local community cultural center, HOTEL EUROPA brings questions on locality, emergency, collectivity and arts.

Cinema plays a significant role in our program as the mediator between ideas, categories, languages. It opens discussion every day and invites people to talk and share. In our program you will find screenings, followed by discussions, meetings, expert talks and performances.

Each day will focus on a special STORY, linking categories and defining the language we use to define important issues. HOTEL EUROPA will function also as alternative festival club. Less clubbing-oriented though, more intellectual in a site-specific, well-designed environment. Feel free to adopt to HOTEL EUROPA with your story.

HOTEL EUROPA. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE … OR DO? — Full version of the text by Krzysztof Łukomski — Hotel Europa Co-curator.

18 — 22.03.2020
Inkubator Kultury Pireus, ul. Głogowska 35
free entry


We are opening HOTEL EUROPA with a series of extremely important questions, both for individuals and whole communities. What contributes to the feeling of fulfillment? Is it a unique, individual set of factors or is it something that results from being a part of a group? Where does the comfort zone end in our relations with others? Is the choice of “fair play” possible and what benefits does it have? Do we share a language or do we simply copy the mechanisms and stereotypes, which have been building up within us for years? Do we want to communicate with each other? What makes us happy and why?


12:00 (60’) | ON WAVES: HOTEL EUROPA OPENING | Kaja Klimek talks to the creators and guests of Hotel Europa: Krzysztof Łukomski, Marta Adamczak, Iza Sitarska, Szymon Stemplewski | PL 


13:00 (60’) | Lunch with Vege Pizza


14:00 (90’) | Fair Play Exchange: Vege Pizza / Kosmiko Studio / k-wax. Presentation + discussion | PL


18:00 (60’) | Opening films:  A place we call reality / The Stroker + Q&A | PL + EN

How to build up your mental comfort and improve your well-being. The road to realization, or maybe to nowhere? After the show we talk about what and how we can communicate with short films.


18:30 (90’) | Happiness Is a Warm Gun. A live artistic integrating action with participation of the audience invited guests | PL + EN

An integrating artistic action created live with the participation of the audience and invited guests.


20:00 (120’) | Dj set Emil Tybura / HOTEL EUROPA resident


Films and discussions on Thursday will focus on the question of how the artificial orders of nations and states based on the model of 19th century Germany unified by Bismarck  have influenced our values and what follows. What impact do we have on politics as a society? What is the relationship between what is global and local? How are cultures shaped by politics and how do we define borders, borderlands, states by the values inscribed in “crossing the border”? In reference to European history, what is the cultural role of a border from the mythical West vs the East to the hard-working North versus the indolent South, from iron curtains to cold wars, old and new.


10:00 – 18:00 | 1:1 Meetings | video library 


13:00 (60’) | Lunch 


14:00 (45’) | The art of appropriation, my way of expressing my opinions. The presentation prepared by Karolina Gliniewicz a student at the University of Arts in London | PL


18:00 (120’) | Die Linie Germany 2019. Experimental. 67’ + Q&A. Dir. Clemens Wilhelm | EN

A footage of the author’s journey along the former border between East and West Germany. A symbolic story that refers to the subject of borders around the world as a tool of political power.


20:00 (60’) | Bigger Than Life Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018. 30’ + Q&A. Dir. Adnan Softić | EN

Adnan Softic’s film is multilayered, but it focuses on multi-ethnic countries, patriotic and national fantasies, the links between personal and collective memory.


21:00 (60’) | Just Talk: Historical Utopias. Exchange with invited quests| EN

A discussion summarizing what happened during the day, covering borders, culture and politics. Its main element will be a conversation between Olimpia Dragouni and Adnan Softic about the Skopje 2014 project in the context of historical politics.


On the third day we will be taking a closer look at building neighborhood communes, housing cooperatives, cultural and artistic actions based on local energy. We are going to see if the revival of communities and collective work models may be an alternative to hyper-individual work typical of late capitalism, often leading to a successful career at cost of loneliness/alienation. We will be looking for ways of effective collaboration and examining whether we are able to build empathy and trust using them. We encourage you to collective spending of time. talking, cooking, walking, learning from each other and unlearning. 


10:00 – 18:00 |1:1  Meetings | video library  


13:00 (90’) | Lunch with the residents of Łazarz district


14:00 – 18:00 | Performative walks | PL + EN

Kris Łukomski, together with local cultural animators from Łazarz district, invites you to a unique walk through one of most interesting neighborhoods in Poznań.


18:00 | (60’) | Podwórko im. Wszystkich Mieszkańców (Everyone’s Yard) Poland 2017. Documentary. 15’. Director: Iza Rutkowska + Q&A | PL + EN


19:00 | (120’) | Collective Housing. How to live and create together | PL


21:00 (60’) | Culture as Social Experience. Exchange with Koen Victoor | EN   

Talk about making cultural activities with the local community taking into account the context of the place and respect for the environment.


The motto of the fourth day at Hotel Europa will be a quote from Neil Postman: “Amusing Ourselves to Death”. We will be offering a variety of attractions, as well as a space for reflection. What is the influence of fashion on culture, what does currently amuse and intrigue us, what may be a source of not yet discovered pleasures? In play mode, always online, smoothly transitioning from popcultural kitsch to sophisticated, new “clockwork oranges”. How does capitalization create individuals and what can serve as an alternative in this paradox? Alternatively to what? How to appease UNHAPPY HIPSTERS and where do NEW PUNKS go shopping?


10:00 – 18:00 |1:1  Meetings | video library


13:00 (60’) | Lunch 


18:00 (90’) | Warm up: dj set Emil Tybura / HOTEL EUROPA resident .


19:30 (90’) | Just Talk: Sub-cultures. Discussion | PL

Kris Łukomski invites people who have created and are creating various subcultures to share their experiences and thoughts.


21:00 | Sound performance: Coquetta / Ioana Vreme Moser 



k-wax, Ratajczaka 32

15:00 (120’) | Bring your instrument. Creators of futuristic instruments, musicians and producers present their favorite sound generation tools | EN


Schron, Kościuszki 68 / tickets: 10 PLN

16:00 (120’) | Subcultures & Entertainments. A film program accompanying with HOTEL EUROPA prepared by Philip Ilson, the Artistic Director of London Short Film Festival | PL + EN


On the last day we will be immersing in the visions of the future, both the ones from the past and the modern ones. We are going to examine how tempting is the vision of techno utopia and unconventional artistic creations. We are going to talk about what future holds in the face of climate change, increasing social divisions and uncontrollable technology development. Is it possible to design our everyday routine in a way that would prevent the imminent destruction? What are the healthier ways to coexist and is there a chance not only for survival but also development? What is the role of technology and changes in communication and realizing our FUTURE? Would return to nature facilitate change or should we trust technology we are finding harder and harder to understand?


12:00 (150’) | Brunch & dance: techno utopia. Live act + dj set Icon, performance + video + set design: Iza Sitarska | PL / EN


15:00 (60’) | Fair Play Exchange: Się Kręci. Presentation + discussion + music video screening + live act | PL


16:00 (30’) | Fair Play Exchange: NEW VISIONS. Presentation + discussion | EN



16:30 (90’) | Final cut: This is the end my friend. A screening + discussion | PL / EN        


Dark Waves, France 2017. Experimental/Documentary. Dir. Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis. 21’


A Wider Screen, UK. 2019 Documentary. Dir. Joe Hunting. 13’ 

Opportunities and challenges associated with the new technologies. 

Information about online registration: shortwaves.pl                   


10:00 – 14:00 | 12:00 – 16:00 | Workshop: How to be internally prepared for anything that can happen. Decolonizing the future – cracks and joints. Hosts: Agnieszka Bułacik i Amaka Ohia-Nowak, NEW VISIONS | PL 


House, ul. Szkolna 17

20:00 | HOTEL EUROPA after: live act Distinct Memories + searching for cash

Funding: City of Poznan, The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation