DKF Interwaves

DKF Interwaves is the very first Polish Film Discussion Club mostly dedicated to experimental cinema. It was created by The Ad Arte Foundation in cooperation with the Faculty of Intermedia of the University of Arts in Poznań. It is a unique initiative providing space for important conversations and inspiring the viewers with the experimental forms of selected works. During the meetings, the audience will get a chance to watch movies presented during the 15th edition of Short Waves Festival which took place under the slogan „Rethink/Rebuild”. The meetings will begin with an introduction presenting the topics of selected films and their creators. After the screenings, there will be a place to express one’s thoughts and reflections during a discussion dedicated to presented movies. DKF Interwaves screenings will take place every last Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the UAP Cinema Hall (room number 204) at the Animation and Intermedia Faculty in building C at 9 Wielkopolski Square.


The first DKF Interwaves show will take place on the 29th of February at 7 p.m. and will present films from the series called „Out of This World”. It is a set of five films that challenge the established order and re-create reality by touching topics such as loneliness, depression, and human interference with nature. These extremely important issues are presented in completely innovative forms. The films intrigue, move, and search for new means of expression, presenting the seemingly well-known reality in a completely different way.


The next meetings invite us to look at parallel dimensions and distant worlds. They explore supernatural realities and use metaphors to refer to contemporary problems. They investigate extraterrestrial beings, paranormal phenomena, and strange places, all to find answers that are so difficult to grasp. The selected films are bold, surprising, and incredibly fascinating. They shock and inspire and, at the same time encourage the viewers through their authenticity and tenderness towards humanity and a magical atmosphere that allows us to go outside reality.


Films will be presented in their original languages, with English and Polish subtitles. However, the introduction and final discussion will be conducted in Polish.

DKF Interwaves screening

Five films that deconstruct narratives, create reality from scratch and challenge the notion of an established order. They revolve around themes such as (interspecies) loneliness, depression, human interference with nature, and ecological problems, doing so in diverse and complex ways.

➔ Program: 

  • La herida luminosa: Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays / Christian Avilés / Spain / 2022 / 23’
  • Sunspots / Yannick Mosimann / Switzerland / 2022 / 8’
  • Zoopticon / Thies Mynther, Jon Frickey, Sandra Trostel / Germany / 2023 / 29’
  • The Despair of Monkeys / Julián García Long / France / 2023 / 17’ 
  • Scenic View / Maija Blåfield / Finland / 2023 / 16’