Gotong Royong. Things we do together

We would like to inform that Short Waves Festival takes part in a unique international art project which explores the definition of community.

Thanks to the invitation of one of the curators Krzysztoł Łukomski the festival’s programmers make much of a contribution to the three-month exhibition in Warsaw by presenting carefully selected short films.

From 19th October 2017 to 14th February 2018 come and see the exhibition „Gotong Royong. Things we do together” to Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art.

The exhibition’s title says a lot about „things we do together as we learn them by acting together”. This title pays homage to the practices of informal arts education and social self-organization that are specific to Indonesian culture but also common in many other places in the world.

Movies chosen by the festival’s selectors play a very important part of the project by referring to the main exhibition’s motto and showing current problems from around the world. Among main characters such can be found: a single mother in a Bolivian miner’s camp, a young family of immigrants in the Netherlands, peacefully living Lammert, whose life turns upside down or a group of modern nomads in the steppes of Kyrgyzstan. Every character is forced to understand on its own way what community really means in their lives. Check the website for full details:


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