A Year after Report – the film industry meeting

We would like to invite you to a unique event „A Year After Report”, which organized by Ad Arte foundation within Film Autumn is mostly meeting aimed at film industry.

Ad Arte Foundation in 2016 thanks to Estrada Poznanska and Poznan Film Commission drew up a report describing current film industry status in Poznan and showing directions of its development and reinforcement. Our work and analysis made it clear that Poznan with its assets in film industry became a very important place on the culture map.

The December meeting will be focused on introducing conclusions from the previous year.

One of the most crucial assignments will be examining current film industry status in Poznan compering to the previous report, analyzing the legitimacy of the given recommendations, criticizing analysis of the implemented changes and drawing further actions.

During the meeting the invited guests will be presenting their own observations, as well as the audience will hopefully be an active part of the discussion. ‘A Year after Report’ seems to be a great opportunity for strengthening discussion about film industry condition in Poznan not only among film industry representatives but also among people living in Poznan.

The circle of invited guest will be:
Jakub Jasiukiewicz- Intermedia Department of Univeristy of Fine Arts in Poznan
Michał Gramacki – Poznan Film Commission
Szymon Stemplewski – Short Waves Festival
Ewa Kujawińska – Pałacowe Cinema
Dariusz Nosal – Krakow Film Commission


Participation in the event is free of charge.
More details are available on Facebook.

4th December 2017, 6 p.m.
Dom Tramwajarza
Słowackiego Street 19, Poznan

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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