Short Talk with SWPS University

On the 7th November at Dom Tramwajarza Short Waves Festival and SWSP University once again will present the educational-cultural platform Short Talk.

Short Talk is a special event including film and discussion, relevant and recent topics with a multitude of opinions, expert knowledge with individual visions. Carefully selected short film is just a pretext to meeting, to which invited are both experts and audience.

This time the platform focuses on players’ world, their addiction, building their own worlds, separating from the reality and fighting against their demons.

The chosen short film relating to the topic will be Jonas Odell’s “I was a winner”.

It’s a touching animated documentary showing three different lives in the shape of avatars. Each of them is forced to face strong emotions but also isolation and loneliness.

After the screening the discussion is being held with the invited guest Marek Goworek, who is an educational psychologist, certified addiction specialist, working at the SWPS University as a lecturer and an expert in the Addiction Center of SWSP University. Szymon Stemplewski, a director of Short Waves Festival, will lead the discussion.

Everyone who is willing to take part in the event is requested to fill out the application form, which can be found at SWPS University website. 

7th November 2017, 6p.m.
Dom Tramwajarza
Słowackiego 17, Poznań

See you!

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