European Short Pitch 2018: final selection!

The organization NISI MASA announced a full list of the selected projects for European Short Pitch 2018 coorganising within Short Waves Festival 2018.

It’s such a nice information that ESP noticed also a Polish project, which found its place in the final selection. The full list is available below.
Congratulations for all the sixteen authors of projects!


  1. Beyond the River– Galaxy Spanos (Greece, Switzerland)
  2. Deer– Istvan Hevesi (Hungary) 
  3. Divine in his creatures– Katarina Stankovic (Serbia) 
  4. Drawing Shadows– Maxence Vassilyevitch (France)
  5. Elena– Birutė Sodeikaitė (Lithuania)
  6. Gila Who Walks Alone– Yuval Shapira (Romania, Israel)
  7. Home Sweet Home– Michalina Fabijanska (Poland)
  8. Maissa– Lea Triboulet (France, Spain)
  9. Pale Saint– Rhys Jones (UK, Ireland)
  10. Rizi– Stella Kyriakopoulos, Marisha Triantafyllidou (Greece, Spain)
  11. Sedra– Judita Gamulin (Croatia)
  12. The Inheritance– Mihnea Rares Hantiu (Romania)
  13. The Rudeness of a German Lady– Silva Capin (Croatia)
  14. Trampoline– Kristian Sjerbo (Denmark)
  15. Vegeance Of The Vixens– Leander Hanssen, Niels Snoek (Belgium)
  16. When bodies fall from the sky– Yenni Lee (Norway) 

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