Happy New Year!

We wish you a New Year that’s happy and full of joy! We would like to share a small summing-up of Foundation Ad Arte’s actions throughout the whole year. 

This year is coming to an end and we’re starting to collect our memories and thinking what these 12 months have meant to us. Ad Arte Foundation went on a long and colourful trip coming back to known spaces, staying on stable ground and exploring new worlds.
It’s hard not to mention our biggest project which costs us a lot of work and time yet a lot of satisfaction and pleasure: Short Waves Festival. This year it took part from 21th till 26th of March. Once again the event brought a great number of fantastic movies, wonderful authors and guest and one-and-only dream audience! This edition motto „beyond borders” showed that the borders between various art forms blur more and more creating new qualities.
Simultaneously we inaugurated a project called Poznań ID which helped organizing a coproduction forum – European Short Pitch and also series of screenwriting workshops for young artists.
Together in cooperation with Poznan University of Economics and Business we organized a series of screenings „Cinema in Action” discussing about the most important social and political issues, which found a great interest among people.
We’re happy that this year we created a professional open-air cinema called „Baltic Waves”. During the holidays people in Poznan could find 9 themed screenings, which took us on a beautiful film journey along Baltic Sea and make the summer evening in the city more interesting and fun.
We also came back to the already trusted field which is Autumn Film. Since September ‘till December we offered a whole range of cultural events: from sneak previews, through film screenings and discussions to a film industry meeting “A Year after Report”.
The well-known project we’ve been working on for a couple of years is “Short Talk”. This year once again we decided to stay by our familiar source that continuously please you. The film screening combined with discussion is a great start to talk about important and current matters.
One of the most unique initiatives is undoubtedly “Polish Wave” – a project which makes us really proud. It promotes the Polish film productions around the world. We reached this year Dublin, Berlin, Taiwan or Brazil! We’re happy that also foreign people have the opportunity to get to know Polish short films.
This year Foundation was mostly focused on one city district in Poznan: Piątkowo. During three months the local residents had the opportunity to take part in the workshops or screenings under the motto: “Projektor Osiedlowy”. The whole endeavor took place in a very special place to Piątkowo: the legendary cinema “Dąbrówka”.
2017 was also incredibly full of festivals visits, which begins to be a pleasant routine for Foundation team. This year we visited over 30 film festivals in the whole Europe! Carefully selected experiences are filtered to new ideas building Short Waves Festival as a project full of the events of the best quality and interesting forms.
Full and satiated with unique film experiences in 2017 we’re slowly making space for another wave of short films in all kinds of forms next year.

We would like to thank you all for this amazing year!

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