“A Wall is a Screen” at the Short Waves Festival 2018!

“A Wall is a Screen” is a unique project bonding guided city tour and short film night, which was created in Hamburg in 2003.

The biggest inspiration for the authors was urban space, which is mostly ruled by corporation and commercial sphere these days. Thereby, it lost its human and local aspect. The originators found something exceptional in abandoned areas, unnoticeable walls, forgotten alleys, commercialized urban objects and they changed them into cultural space – a display showing a whole range of various short films. The tour has from 6 to 8 different location to show short films with a maximum length of 12 minutes. The whole project should not exceed more than 1,5 hour.
The participants stroll around the city following the project team and stop by chosen walls and watch movies. Each location has its own particular theme which build a special connection between urban and film space, participants and passers-by. Space, people, urban noise become a creators of films building a new quality. The project is already well-known not only in Europe but also on other continents.

All the more reason to be proud that Short Film Festival is hosting “A Wall Is A Screen” within this year edition of the festival. The project representatives visited Poznan and inspired by its urban space created a map of the show. The screening spots are kept in secret and they are gradually revealed during the guided tour.  The event takes place only in the open air and in any weather conditions.
Frankly, we can’t wait to take part in “A Wall is a Screen” in Poznań!

24.03.2018, 7:30 p.m.
Start: Old Market Square, near Galeria Miejska “Arsenał”

See you!

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