Teaser Short Waves Festival 2018!

Short and to the point – let’s watch the trailer of 10th edition of Short Waves Festival 2018!


We’d like to thank all the people who were engaged in creating the teaser:

cast: Anna Woźniak
Alicja Radziej
Michał Strugarek
art direction, screenplay, editing, post-production, music: Adam Romel
cinematopgraphy, production: Mateusz Nowak
set manager: Anna Szamotuła
cooperation: Anna Zalejska AZ Production, Aleksander Rudawski
choreography: Michał Strugarek (Point Dance Studio)

thank you for the support:

Hubert Sobalak, Klub Seniora “Hetman”, Ekopiniata

thank you for the space:
Bistro Bar – Cezar
Biurowiec Za Bramką
Teatr Ósmego Dnia
Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

The Festival’s Visual Identification: Michał Mierzwa Uniforma

Production: Antistatic for The Ad Arte Foundation

Funding: Poznan City


10th Short Waves Festival
20––25.03. 2018

See you!


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