SWF2018: Are you ready for day 4?

Already 3 days of the festival craziness behind us! Your smile and presence gives us such power to do more for short film.
The Friday programme is filled to the brim: 4 competition screenings, 5 special events, industry events, entertainment and dance!
We’re so happy that we can host the amazing A WALL IS A SCREEN from Hamburg, who take us for a walk though forgotten or commercial parts of the city: it’s a great event connecting guided tour with film screenings…on the walls![starting point: Old Market Square, in front of Galeria Miejska Arsenał]
For those, who’d rather get warm in the cinema, we invite to the international competition: Friends 4 Life: the set showing friendship and its various sides. [Kino Pałacowe, 8:30 p.m.]
Check also our focus programme strongly linked to our motto IN OR OUT: we’re going to watch short documentaries showing the postbrexit images from Scotland called Short Docs from Scotland at 5 p.m. in Kino Muza,

What’s the best to begin the weekend? Maybe a pleasant laughable selection Comedy Shorts [Kino Rialto, 10 p.m.] in Kino Rialto? Shortly after the screening we can move to our festival club, where you can dance to Wypożaczalnia Kumpli! [PIES andaluzyjski, 23:00].


Klem (Stuck) / reż. Mathijs Geijskes [Comedy Shorts]
Who Are We? / reż. John Smith [Glasgow Short Film Festival: Short Docs from UK]

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