Finale of Short Waves Festival 2019 – competition winners

We are proud to publish the list of winners of this year’s competitions!



Jury members: Sigrid Hadenius, Ilya Marcus, Paweł Wieszczeciński decided to award following films:

I Award – 10 000 PLN

Déploiements (Deployments), dir. Stéphanie Lagarde, France/Netherlands 2018

The award was presented for: unique cinematic work which strikes with captivating imagery, creating a foreboding feeling and a sense of deconstructed masculinity.

II Award – 5 000 PLN

Câm Lặng (The Mute), dir. An Pham Thien, USA/Vietnam 2018

For the rich use of cinematic techniques that voice a condition of hopelessness.

III Award – 2 500 PLN

Gardhi (Fence) – dir. Lendita Zeqiraj, Kosovo/Croatia/France 2018

For an innocent view into the contrast between childhood and adulthood.

Audience Award – 2 500 PLN

Tungrus, dir. Rushi Chandna, India 2017


Jury members: Sigrid Hadenius, Ilya Marcus i Paweł Wieszczeciński  presented following awards:

I Award – 10 000 PLN

Gość (The Guest), reż. Sebastian Weber, Polska 2018

The film is an intimate and honest portrait of a world we rarely get exposed to. In a respectful, eloquent and direct way, the director gives us an insight into the protagonist’s universe.

II Award – 5 000 PLN

Jestem synem górnika (I am a Miner’s Son), dir. Michał Soja i Róża Duda, Poland 2018

By taking the audience on an immersive journey in a first-person point of view, the director leads us through a dialogue between man and space.

III Award – 2 500 PLN

O Jezu! (Oh, God!), reż. Betina Bożek, Polska 2017

For its combination of joyfulness and grotesqueness within the small time frame, we award

Audience Award – Siostry (The Sisters), dir. Michał Hytroś, Polska 2017


Jury members: Sarah Möller, Francesca Poglie i Jeannette Ginslov pronounced the following verdict:

I Award –  5 000 PLN

Sisters, dir. Daphne Lucker, Holandia 2018

The subject matter with an elegant sensitivity. Use of camera, editing and choreography are well integrated and sophisticated. Outstanding performance quality.

II Award- 3 000 PLN

Competing for Sunlight: Ash, dir.Dagmar Dachauer, Austria 2017

The director treats the subject of loss with care and a refined sensibility in both medium of delivery and gesture.

III Award – 1 000 PLN

Altera, dir.Baptiste Rouveure, Francja 2018

The film inverts the dialogue between bodies, emotions and architectural spans. Camera and edit are well thought out, shifting the emotions of finding otherness.

Audience Award – 1 000 PLN

Sisters, dir.Daphne Lucker, Holandia 2018


 Audience Award – 2 000 PLN

Operation Jane Walk, dir. Robin Klengel i Leonhard Müllner, Austria 2018

Congratulations to all winners!


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