The entertaining section at the Short Waves Festival!

Like every year, during 11th edition of Short Waves Festival, we will also present the entertaining section, which will definitely make your day more pleasant!

On the very first day of the Festival we’re starting with our classic programme Old Man Who Can, which this time focuses on the collective protagonists: their common experiences that lead to intense emotions and also joy of life. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday nominated film shorts to one of the most prestigious film awards, Oscars, will be available in two selections: animations and live-action. This year American Film Academy decided to distinguish quite controvelsial pictures showing dark side of human nature and current, crucial social-political issues.

Thursday’s evening is full of colour! Rainbow Shorts is a selection which shows panorama of sexuality, exploring LGBTQ+ environment, not forgetting about sense of humour and smile.

On a Friday night we prepared a brand new programme which will make happy every cat-lover: Cat Shorts. Our beloved pets and their guardians will become the main figures in the various genres and their stories will make you laugh and cry.

At the weekend in the Pałacowe Cinema our Poznanian audience will have a chance to see three screenings of EFA Nominated Shorts: Short Matters!, which shows a manifold panorama of young contemporary filmmaking. This year 15 productions will be running for the European Film Award.

Saturday’s night belongs to girls! In the Rialto Cinema we will show the Girl Shorts programme, which presents inspiring women stories and their friendship and strength that help to deal with everyday difficulties.

On Sunday at 11 o’clock we invite all parents with their kids to discover short films dedicated to children: SWF for Kids: Family favourites.


Stary Człowiek i Może / Rialto Cinema / 19.03.2019 / 15:30 / Buy tickets here.

Oscar® Nominated Shorts: Animacje / Rialto Cinema / 19.03.2019 / 22:00 / Buy tickets here.

Oscar® Nominated Shorts: Fabuły /Rialto Cinema / 20.03.2019 / 22:00 / Buy tickets here.

Rainbow Shorts / Rialto Cinema / 21.03.2019 / 22:00 / Buy tickets here.

Cat Shorts / Rialto Cinema / 22.03.2019 / 22:00 / Buy tickets here.

Girl Shorts / Rialto Cinema  / 23.03.2019 / 22:00 / Buy tickets here.

EFA Nominated Shorts: Short Matters! / Pałacowe Cinema / 23.03. 2019 / 19:00 i 21:00  | 24.03.2019 / 17:00 / Buy tickets here. 

SWF for Kids: Family Favourites / Pałacowe Cinema / 24.03.2019 / 11:00 / Buy tickets here.

See you!

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