Dear Viewers,

we are grateful a great deal of your alertness! As it turns out we are indeed doomed with the Mercutio’s retrogradation. Not in a major way, but it still causes a confusion. We can also call it a misfortunate turn of events or a printing pixie –  we are really sorry for. In our brochures you can find a misleading information, that  the Urban View screening in Kino Pałacowe is free of charge.

We owe you a rectification. We are very sorry to say, that the free of charge mode is not exactly the case. There are tickets to be bought for this event (at the same price as the other screenings in Kino Pałacowe – 10 PLN)


Here you can purchase tickets for the Urban View competition screenings:

  • Urban View w Concordii Design (21.03, 6p.m.): directly before the screening, if you would like to purchase the tickets earlier, you can do so at Centrum Informacji Kulturalnej (former CIM), ul. Ratajczaka 44 http://www.poznan.pl/mim/cim
  • Urban View at Kino Pałacowe (22.03, godzina 18:00): box office of Kino Pałacowe Pałacowego and online at bilety24.pl




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