2019 by Short Waves Festival Team!

Emilia Mazik (Festival director): It’s hard to choose just one! Neozoon duo and Community Gardens fiction directed by Vytautas Katkus are among my 2019 discoveries. I’m also impressed by Past Perfect by Jorge Jacome, whose previous film Flores was shown at a festival in 2018. My favourite animation from 2019 festival season is Slug Life directed by Sophie Koko Gate.

Aleksandra Ławska (Programme coodinator): Castle to Castle,  Emmanuel Marre —>  One of the few films, that moved me deeply. The feeling of loneliness, injustice and being lost in a such uncompromising and raw form have reached my heart with double power. Wonderful dialogs!

Urszula Wysocka (Production coodinator): I Signed The Petition, reż. Mahdi Fleifel – for showing in a very accessible form that even seemingly simple choices may be political.

Anna Golon (Festival office / Awesome Shorts): Acid Rain — wonderfuly loud with nice sets in the background.

Szymon Stemplewski (Concept designer): Best is not the best word. It’s more of a video than a film, and I’ve seen it in a form of an installation… Bjørn Melhus Sugar.


Emilia Mazik (Festival director): The 11th edition of Short Waves Festival will always be important to me because in 2019 I debuted in the role of a festival director, which involved a lot of stress and a sense of responsibility. I took a deep breath just about when    the confetti popped out at the awards gala. When it comes to a one specific event, then it’s brainbows live act by Rainer Kohlberger at the Pawilon in beyond cinema section, for sure.
Aleksandra Ławska (Programme coodinator): Once more, it’s hard to choose only one, but Random Home Cinema with our friends from Concorto was the one and only. An evening in a great atmosphere, fantastic apartment in the best company – Kung Fury has kicked in!
Urszula Wysocka (Production coodinator): Festival production sets the bar high when it comes to “best moments”. They’re the ones where I see that everything works as it should. During SWF 2019 I’ve had plenty of these moments 🙂 It was great to see that both our team and guests were feeling great at the festival. I was particulary moved by a Rainer live act at the Pawilon, where I was happy not only because of the audiovisual quality and attendance but also because the great feedback, which we recieve up to this day.
Anna Golon (Festival office / Awesome Shorts): Each one involving music, by our guests or team members – #ukulele. Playing music and singing at the festival office is the best!
Szymon Stemplewski (Concept designer): John Badalu, much more than a moment, entirely distinctive.

Emilia Mazik (Festival director): Kurzfilmtage Winterthur in Switzerland, where I’ve had pleasure to moderate a masterclass with Ewa Puszczyńska – one of the most inspiring female producers in Europe – will stay in my memories for a long time. Excellent film selection and opportunity to meet friends from the short film industry from around the world. I’m coming back next year!
Aleksandra Ławska (Programme coodinator): It’s hard to choose one but my best trip has to be Vienna Shorts: for professionalism, very good film program, very interesting talks, oh, and a flat with a view at the Vienna Opera was a really nice addition :))) (thx to the best flatmate ever Mathieu Jenssen)
Urszula Wysocka (Production coodinator): transmediale 2019: for inspirations!
Anna Golon (Festival office / Awesome Shorts): Concorto festival will stay in my memories for a long time and it’s not just because of #shortwavesgirls but first and foremost the great atmosphere – italian holidays!
Szymon Stemplewski (Concept designer): A trip… for a change I would like to point out something extraordinary, beautiful and film-like at once: the afterparty at the “Peron” club during the 40. International Cinematographers’ Film Festival MANAKI BROTHERS in Bitola. But it might as well be just Bitola, if it has to.

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