10 days left to Short Waves Festival 2020 – explore the 10 key events!

Short Waves Festival launches in only ten days from now! 

Our rich Festival catalogue offers an array of over 100 events.

Ten days ahead of Short Waves Festival we recommend the 10 most essential events! See you there!


Festival Opening Night – Kino Forma: Sharp & Honest
17.03.2020 /19:00 / Pawilon / 20 PLN – buy ticket

Our Festival Opening Night, a music and dance fusion, will take us towards on a journey through a world of color, rhythm, intense and primordial emotions. Short films and live acts – including Frank Bretschneider, a vibe of mystery. – all of this will render our Opening Night an unforgettable experience! Let’s enter our 12th edition with a bang!

Focus Lebanon: The Surreal Reality
19.03.2020 / 18:15 / Kino Muza / 15 PLN – buy ticket

This years Focus takes to Liban – a country of contradictions. This program exhibits the absurdity of everyday life of the complex Lebanese society. Can the future be fixed also there?

International Competition IV: This is Goodbye
20.03.2020 / 18:30 / Sala Wielka CK Zamek / 10 PLN – buy ticket
21.03.2020 / 15:30 /  Sala Wielka CK Zamek / 10 PLN – buy ticket

One of the five sets of the International Competition, this one channeling the sadness of goodbyes, but also the great hope connected with new chapters in life. USA, Korea, Ukraine… The protagonists from all around the world try to say ‘Goodbye’. Perhaps one of these films is the future winner of our 12th edition? See for yourself!

Awesome Shorts: Music Videos: The Future is Now
18.03.2020 / 19:00 / Vandal Cafe / Free entry
19.03.2020 /20:30 / House / Free entry

Two sets of videos aligned with the theme for this year’s edition – #fixingthefuture. In the context off this phrase we will explore the new in the program The Future Is Now. After the screenings join us for a dance and evening discussions at our Festival Club! Free entry!

Spotlight: Tomasz Popakul
19.03.2020 / 16:00 / Kino Muza / 10 PLN – buy ticket

‘Acid Rain’ is one of the most recognizable Polish animations of the past few years. Abundant with psychodelia and absurdity, the worlds of Tomas Popakul lack gravity. We’re showing them all in one set at the Festival. Join us for the Q&A with the artist after the screening!

SWF Award Ceremony + Hania Rani
21.03.2020 / 20:00 / Sala Wielka CK Zamek / 20 PLN – buy ticket

The most anticipated event of Short Waves Festival 2020. Huge joy for the winners of this edition – 12th prizes to be awarded with a joint pool of 42 000 PLN. This fantastic night will be graced by a live show by Polish celebrated singer-songwriter Hania Rani. You cannot miss this!

Festival Hits I & II
17, 18.03.2020 / 22:00 / Kino Rialto / 15 PLN – buy ticket

We all love to follow news from festivals around the world. This year is no exception to that! We have two sets with short films from eight countries awarded by the audiences, including the one from Poland. See if your tastes go in line or collide and become the jury. Vote for your personal favorite!

Subcultures & Entertainments at Schron
21.03.2020 / 16:00 / Schron / 10 PLN

Beyond daily events at Hotel Europa, we invite you for a screening at Schron, curated by Philip Ison, the Director of the London Short Film Festival. This raw space will make you feel a lot of punk energy. Take a walk down to the basement, accompanied by indie-rock sounds.

SWF for Teens: The Future is Teenage
20.03.2020 / 17:30 / Kino Pałacowe / 10 PLN – buy ticket

The end of the world, the climate crisis, censorship? We talk about the future a lot and we want the youngest generation to take part in the conversation! One of two sets for teens, showing protagonists trying to convince us that the future is indeed teenage.

Fixing the Future: Art of Protest
21.03.2020 / 17:00 / Kino Pałacowe / 10 PLN – buy ticket

One of four programs hinting at our motto this year: Fixing The Future. Does our objection mean anything? We will find out as we watch five shorts, including the Polish “My Country, So Beautiful” by Grzegorz Paprzycki.

See you soon at Festival!

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