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After daytime activities filled with film screenings, we would like to invite you to join us at the official festival club for conversation and melodic sounds. Just like last year, House is going to become our second festival home where our guests will be able to relax listening to local DJs and special guests. Music video screening is also a part of the game plan. Fix the future, stay at our House!

WEDNESDAY 17.03.: 21:00 – ∞ | Festival Club: Agata + Jasiu | House | free entry

Agata is an artist, producer and DJ. Curator of FORMA series. Her DJ sets are a meticulous selection with past and future elements. She tells stories, sets the mood and dances. Short Waves Festival 2020 club coordinator, she will be opening a series of sonic evenings at House.

Jasiu is a young, talented and promising DJ and producer. A member of L.S.D. and spicyboys collective. His selections are characterized by maturity, he does not limit himself to one genre and channels a lot of good energy in his sets.

TUESDAY 18.03.: 21:00 – ∞ | Festival Club: SSSurvival | House | free entry

A DJ duo with a colorful selection based on fresh sounds and post club genre. This is music of the internet, broken sounds, a lot of remixes and a technique with no limits.

THURSDAY 19.03.: 20:30 (60’) | Awesome Shorts: Music Videos – the Future is Now House | free entry | EN

If the future is now, then it’s worth to take a look at what it has in store. Awesome Shorts: The Future is Now is a selection of what’s new, the most interesting and most awesome in the audiovisual sphere. A set of music videos courtesy of so called millenials. 😉

21:30 – ∞ | Festival Club: KURORT House | free entry

A collective that has been present on the musical map of Poznan since April 2019. Every selector is interested in different radical genres from various parts of the dance music world, hence their sets are very diverse. They will most definitely feature a hint of uncertainty.

FRIDAY 20.03.: 21:00 – ∞ | Festival Club: date with Kate + mnky House | free entry

date with Kate is a young DJ from Poznań, House Szkolna resident – a venue of her humble beginnings. Her sets are saturated with folk sounds from Africa, South America, and the Middle East as well as a breeze of strong melodic downtempo.

mnky – a young DJ affiliated with FriendsForFriends and BUK corner at Garbicz. He’s great at reading the mood of the dancefloor, while his sets are a great dance mix.

SATURDAY 21.03.: 21:00 – ∞ | Festival Club: WOSK House | free entry

A DJ collective created by two homies – vinyl record collectors. A Boy Next Door aka Sąsiad and Plux aka Pudel. Poznań dance classic.

SUNDAY 22.03.: 20:00 – ∞ | Festival Club: Distinct Memories + searching for cash House | free entry

Distinct Memories | www.soundcloud.com/distinctmemories

What happens when a classical trained pianist from St Petersburg and an electro-head from Berlin start to make music? Together they jam with the machines, re-imagining broken basslines and stuttering beats, deeply immersed in melancholic melodies, 12-bit reverbs and 8-bit effects. Everything is live improvised, praising the moment and the eternity of electronic rhythms and sounds.

See you!

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