12th Short Waves Festival – Industry Program

An innovative industry program that is going to be presented at 12. Short Waves Festival definitely stands out in comparison to the past editions. Over fifty guests from Poland and abroad will have the opportunity to attend Q&As with filmmakers, as well as classic networking meetings at Concordia Taste: Industry Drink with Warsaw Film School and Saturday Festival Brunch. But we’re just getting started – the hybrid festival structure allows for online events intended for film industry community worldwide. 

Short Waves Festival – a festival free from hate

Cinema as an extraordinary, democratic medium, is intended to build a community of viewers and educate its audience. Dissemination of meaningful short films, as well as promotion of diversity, openness, and dialogical attitude has been a consistent mission of Short Waves Festival. The festival’s programming team selects films that, aside from high creative value, promote the idea of a civil society, and respect regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and economic status. In the wake of current sociopolitical climate where individuals who are non-heteronormative, belong to the POC community, or represent certain religous beliefs experience verbal aggression, in some cases even physical violence – we are determined to make Short Waves Festival an event free from hate and prejudice.

New at Short Waves Festival 2020

It’s been five months since the decision to postpone the festival to August. This time allowed the Short Waves Festival organizers to take a look at its established format from a different perspective. The new, pandemic reality and summer season have inspired new ideas – here are the most important changes in the festival’s program and structure. 

Short Waves Festival 2020 catalogue

Only 13 days left until the festival! Today we present a refreshed summer catalogue for the Festival!

Download Short Waves Festival 2020 catalogue!

In our catalogue you will find the detailed Festival program – descriptions of our Competitions, screenings, bios of our creators and other essential insights. Make sure to read about our Opening Screening — Sensitive Images, as well as our educational and industry events. Check out our special and accompanying events – including the full program of the Festival Club. We recommend a warm welcome from Jacek Jaśkowiak, the President of Poznań and the introduction from Emilia Mazik, the Director of Short Waves Festival where she explores this year’s motto: Fixing the Future. As always, what we care most about are our Competitions. This year we have a brand new category: The Polish Experimental Film Competition. As you can see, the program of Short Waves Festival keeps evolving. We hope to surprise you yet again this year – hopefully in a positive way!

Tickets and online passes are available for sale!

We wish you an enjoyable read and hope to see you soon at Short Waves Festival 2020!

See you both offline in Poznan and online!