Short Waves Festival 2020 – Day 3

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]THURSDAY AT SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL / DAY 3 / 20.08

Second Industry Talk, another virtual reality experience in Kino Muza, shorts from Glasgow Short Film Festival, competition screenings, Warsaw Film School Preview and the very last chance to participate in Random Garden Cinema in this special summer edition of Short Waves. This evening we will be partying and in HOUSE Szkolna and watching Comedy Shorts at KonternerART by the river. We present you with the third day of the festival!

Industry Talk: VR, Performative Arts and the Future of Dance Film in Pandemic Times
14:30 / online

What is the future of dance film? What are the biggest challenges for the filmmakers? How can creators work with new technologies such as VR or AR? What does it all mean for film curators? These and many other issues will be discussed with the invited experts and filmmakers. Event is organized with a kind support of Goethe Institut.

VR 360°: Film Tańca: Das Totale Tanz Theater
15:00 / Kino Muza

The whole theatre should be a stage! Das Totale Tanz Theater makes the Bauhaus dream of „total theatre” a reality in this anniversary year, lets body and space blend together and brings Walter Gropius’ and Oskar Schlemmer’s stage experiment into the digital age using virtual reality. The question about the relationship between man and machine, which had already been asked by Bauhaus, and how it can be experienced interactively in the extensive virtual reality dance installation Das Totale Tanz Theater, now becomes a three-dimensional audio and visual experience: A dance video with choreography by Richard Siegal and music by the band Einstürzende Neubauten.


Spotlight: Glasgow Short Film Festival
15:30 / Kino Muza / online

Ripped from our 2020 Scottish competition selection, the largest and most impressive we’ve seen in years, Glasgow Short Film Festival is proud to bring a taster programme of home-brewed talent to Short Waves Festival. The programme takes us from an oddball community of alien-spotters to the aftermath of a Saturday night out in Glasgow, stopping off in rural Ireland and 1950s New York City along the way. Fiction, documentary, animation and artists’ moving image are all represented, including BAFTA, Palm Springs International ShortFest and Royal Television Society award-winning films.


Warsaw Film School Preview
17:00 / Kino Muza
invitation only

Warsaw Film School invites you to a closed screening of the two of its most recent productions. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for film industry members present at the festival, as they will be able to get acquainted with pre-premiere titles that are still to be presented at festivals in Poland and abroad. After the projection we will be hosting a networking session with a glass of wine at Concordia Taste. We will also be hosting a Saturday brunch for creators, guests and the film industry members at the same venue. Both events are invite-only.


Fixing the Future: Future Worlds
17:30 / Kino Muza / online

The most futuristic of all programs, Future Worlds features filmmakers from all over the world, presenting their visions of the future and anxieties associated with it. Is the great flood upon us? Or maybe we will be longing for remote locations without reception? A visually fascinating tale of future worlds concluded with a philosophical pact constructed of new ideological forms mediated by technology.


Polish Competition II
18:30 / CK Zamek / online

During the festival we are always trying to create a special place to highlight Polish short films. We welcome every Polish submission with great joy and their number increases every year, including the ones that are not professionally affiliated with film schools. For the final round we have selected 6 productions. They are a phenomenal display of genre cinema which has consistently been a strong element of the Polish cinema. We are diverging from searching for the common denominator for all films and instead we simply aim to present the most interesting and fresh national productions. They touch upon many universal issues which may be encountered locally: psychological perspective on belonging to a group, the influence of #metoo movement on society, a study of modern technological reality or the troubling one associated with economic, climatic and identity issues.


Focus Lebanon: The Surreal Reality
20:00 / Kino Muza / online

This program reflects the absurdity of the daily life in Lebanon. It exposes the fragility and inability of the dominated social and political order.


Industry Drink with Warsaw Film School
20:30 / Concordia Taste
invitation only

As every year, in addition to our rich film program, we are happy to invite you to take part in educational and industry events. The festival creates the possibility of a meeting and networking with professionals from the film industry. In 2020 the festival will be a hybrid of online and offline activities.

Random Garden Cinema II
20:30 / location – *TBA

Since summertime (as well as the pandemic) makes us more eager to spend time outdoors, we decided to move our favorite Random Home Cinema closer to nature. Random Garden Cinema is going to surprise you not only with diverse programs prepared by programmers from European film festivals, but also unique locations. Location will be revealed to ticket holders on the day of the event

International Competition I: New Life
21:00 / CK Zamek / online

New life brings creation of something from scratch to mind, but also transformation and farewell to the previous stage of life. Encounter with the new is caused by an internal desire, but also by circumstances beyond our control. The tensions that occur between the past, the present and the future result in an antsy anxiety. The protagonists navigate between peculiar worlds full of genetic modifications, uncomfortable conversations and history revealing dark secrets. Is the new day going to bring answers to burning questions?

Festival Club: mnky + chaika
21:00 / HOUSE Szkolna

mnky – a young DJ affiliated with FriendsForFriends and BUK corner at Garbicz. He’s great at reading the mood of the dancefloor, while his sets are a great dance mix.

Comedy Shorts
22:00 / KontenerART / online

Is short form able to contain stories that genuinely amuse? Is 10 minutes enough to get hooked and laugh? Of course! Short films have the capacity to take a closer look at the protagonist and reveal their most bizarre secrets. Mad love for cats, twisted (for real) shindig, a clinic for the severely hungover or common belief that gnomes exist and you’re, in fact, one of them – that is only a fraction of ironic, funny and warped stories that will most definitely crack you up![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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