Short Waves Festival 2020 – Winners!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are proud to publish the list of winners of this year’s competitions!



Jury members: Margarida Moz, Simone Späni, Niels Putman decided to award following films:

I Award – 10 000 PLN

This means more, dir. Nicolas Gourault, France 2019

In this reminiscence of an event that forever changed the perception of football, we are forced to reflect upon how fragile our condition is when a passion becomes an industry. Using technology which allows the director to reconstruct an old stadium, a voice is given to those who were left behind when football switched from being a community event to becoming an elite entertainment business on the grounds of something as irrefutable as security. A documentary that without judging, or much explaining, becomes a very powerful and emotional political statement. The jury was struck by the film’s depth, and with how it all “means (so much) more”.

II Award – 3 750 PLN

Suc de Sindria (The Watermelon Juice), reż. Irene Moray, Spain 2019

In this film we walk along a woman`s path to gain back her power to the highest form of sexual pleasure that was once brutally taken from her. A topic shown without any clichés of victimization but with so much tenderness, care and insight to its topic and its characters as we have not seen it before. A tribute to the power of love, humor, summer, showing and overcoming vulnerability and the magic of watermelon juice.

II Award –3 750 PLN

A Mordida (The Bite), reż. Pedro Neves Marques, Portugal 2019

In this quasi-science fiction, we cross an unreal universe where sounds and textures blend with the fluidity of the characters and the construction of the drama. An abstruse film that, unintentionally, becomes extra relevant in these times of pandemic and is helmed by a filmmaker who never reveals all the secrets. The jury was intrigued to discover this world where love persists and reproduces itself in logics that seem to contradict the binary thinking applied to nature. 


Audience Award – 2 000 PLN

To each your Sarah, dir. Deokgeun Kim, South Korea 2019



Jury members: Margarida Moz, Simone Späni, Niels Putman  presented following awards:


Main Award – 7 500 PLN

The End of the Season (Koniec Sezonu), dir. Stanisław Cuske, Poland 2019

An ageing couple sails on the lake as they did since they were young. In the sunset of their life there are other struggles to face and issues that no longer need addressing. A long-standing relationship like so many others but here portrayed as if it were unique. A camera that does not hide neither invades an intimacy of silences, complicities and small disagreements. Floating in this honest simplicity lies the magic of the film that captivated the jury.


Youth Jury Award:

Eye of God, dir. Igor Kawecki, Poland 2019


  •       sensitive approach to the protagonist as well as his surroundings that nurtured the air of closeness and intimacy in the film
  •       authenticity and realistic historical character
  •       capturing the protagonist’s bond with the location – the setting completes the protagonist, reciprocally
  •       humor

The film follows the main protagonist with particular sensitivity that, when merged with a presentation of the somber reality of Kazimierz’s spaces, creates an image that is not only authentic, but also reflective. Comic elements enhance this peculiar visit to a tenement house approaching the end of its days. 


Audience Award

The Edge of Town, dir. Daria Kasperek, Poland 2019




Jury members: Marc Wagenbach, Marlene Millar and Paulina Święcańska pronounced the following verdict:

I Award –  5 000 PLN

Under the Skin, reż. Carmen Porras, Hiszpania 2019

The jury saw the potential of the personal as political, especially in the context of COVID-19, in which we are confronted with isolation and the rise of traditional domestic roles. A strong protagonist confronts the audience with her radical and honest femininity. ‘Under the skin’ takes the time to explore the intimacy of her body and redefines a space of beauty and strength.

II Award– 2 000 PLN

The Last Children, dir. Fu Le, France 2019

“The Last Children” is a poetic story full of joy and hope which takes the viewer on a journey
 into the imagination of a village, where fiction and reality merge. The jury was impressed by the inventive parallel storytelling and the creative engagement of the community. An ode to the end of a passing era.

Audience Award – 1 000 PLN

Maids, reż. Sofia Castro, Argentina 2019



Audience Award – 2 000 PLN
Kopacabana, dir. Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif, Brazil 2019
Congratulations to all winners!


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