Short Waves Festival – Day 4

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FRIDAY AT SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL / DAY 4 / 21.08

We can’t believe it’s already DAY 4 of the festival! But Short Waves is not slowing down at all! Today we have prepared, inter alia, the very first Hotel Europa event, Polish Exeprimental Film Competition, Polish Competition and International Competition screenings and sixpackfilm showcase. In the evening we hope to see you at Schron, wandering festival club No. 3, where we will be watching Horror Shorts!

Industry Talk: The Potential of Short Film in Community-building and Educational Activities
13:00 / online

The global pandemic has changed the way how we present films and participate in film culture. The online world has made it really difficult to build a community through a collective experience of film watching. Educators who use film in their daily work also face many new challenges. The invited panelists will talk about the best examples of the educational use of short films and community-building strategies tailored to the times of covid-19. The panel is organized in cooperation with FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival thanks to the kind support of British Council.

Spotlight: sixpackfilm Showcase
15:00 / Kino Muza / online

The idea of making music or sound visible and hence to create a synaesthetic experience does already exist since nearly one century in artistic filmmaking. All the selected films presented in this program deal with image/sound accordance or shift – whether they are a “kind-of“ music-video, an abstract animation, a street performance or a documentary about a clarinet duo – resulting in a visualisation of the acoustics, in the interpretation of image-information into sound design or in a general query of our practiced perception. Bring your ears and eyes!

Fixing the Future: Eco Activism
16:30 / Kino Muza / online

Even though activists and scientists from all over the world have been discussing the detrimental effects of human activity on the ecosystem for over half a century, it was only in 2019 that the message has reached the mainstream media and shaken the public opinion. Let’s not be passive! There is a variety of valuable initiatives focusing on environment protection: from campaigning against cage rearing to global climate strike. After the screening of films documenting various endeavors present in the field of green activism, we will be hosting a conversation with special guests from Stowarzyszenia Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages Poland) and Extinction Rebellion Poznań, among others.

Hotel Europa Intro: Hybrid – the post-pandemic future online +/- offline
17:00 / Concordia Design / online
registration only

A multimedia event at the intersection of performative activity and internet art, prepared by Szymon Stemplewski, the project creator and one of Hotel Europa curators in collaboration with Ygor Gama, artist and film director. It is going to be carried out in participation of experts representing very different fields: arts and culture, broadly defined design, technology, social sciences, as well as artists and performers. The event is going to be streamed with free access.

Polish Experimental Film Competition
19:00 / Kino Muza / online

This year’s Polish Experimental Film Competition primarily contains messages that are philosophical, personal and characterized by uneasiness. There are no direct references to global issues, yet the tensions associated with functioning of the present reality are definitely perceivable. Examination of the potential that comes with gestures or simply of the perspective on certain things. The creators are looking for alternative solutions. They use the language of film, animation, poetry, they experiment with form. There tend to be no simple answers to the questions asked by the authors. Yet they bring about the subject that evokes reflection.

International Competition II: Together Forever
20:30 / CK Zamek / online

Being together takes different forms from a family, through a relationship to a friendship. A promise of being together forever may be incredibly exciting but also terrifying, and definitely full of emotion. The protagonists of this program encounter both the highs and the lows of living in symbiosis, presenting unconventional relationships that have a significant influence on how we live. You don’t necessarily need another human to create a family, maternal love does not need to be unconditional, while the feeling of closeness may be experienced even at the stadium.

Festival Club: masscry
21:00 / Schron

Our DJ for tonight will be Oskar Maćkowiak, known as Boarding Pass. His carrier started a little over two years ago, when he has began working at Schron. Now, he is one of the club’s regular residents, and Schron will be our next partying spot on the wandering festival club route.

Horror Stories
21:00 / Schron / online

Do you like being scared? In the dark street, you always see something staring at you? Does the sound of a chainsaw make you run away? Horror Shorts will take you to a place where you’ll find the thrills of fear, discomfort and anxiety. The characters are people just like us – a middle-aged man, a mother and daughter, a young couple or a girl working at a nursing home, but each of them will be forced to face the ghosts of the past, black magic, long hidden secrets or the traps of their own mind. Let’s see if you can get out alive.

Hotel Europa Extra: Coquetta / sound performance
21:30 / Concordia Design

Coquetta. flawless looks is a sound performance by Ioana Vreme Moser, which starting point is an obsession with creation of a “perfect” image, more and more often observed in our culture. The artist leads us through the steps of her morning routine, accompanied by a process of simultaneously generated sounds. Couquetta is a disturbing spectacle, in which exaggerated beauty treatments supply the initial concept with sardonic character.
Coquetta – a ballet dancer who grew up on opera scenes in fabulous outfits – dreaming of becoming as beautiful as Barbie…

International Competition V: Mirage
22:30 / CK Zamek / online

How often are we prone to delusions? The films presented in this selection are productions exposing the duplicity of human nature, its egocentric belief in power over the world and nature. Human relationships seem to be not necessarily fake, yet ephemeral, just like the certainty that the other person will always be by our side. We follow the characters at different paces, watching them try to find themselves in a world where nothing is crystal clear. Even the selected productions themselves turn into a mirage as the lines between genres they represent are blurred.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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