Short Waves Festival – Day 6

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SUNDAY AT SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL / DAY 6 / 23.08

Six August days have passed so quickly, yet we still have Sunday upon us, filled with exciting festival events. We begin with Hotel Europa: Life in Loops – a unique experience of storytelling and para-cinematography. In the afternoon – last screenings in Kino Muza from program sections Fixing the Future and Focus: Lebanon. In CK Zamek we will see a selection of awarded short films from this year’s competitions. Our last festival club will be barbarka ze spokojem by the riverside. Thank you for being with us during this exceptional summer edition of Short Waves Festival!

Hotel Europa Extra: Life in Loops
12:00 / offline

On the last day of the Short Waves Festival, the Team of Hotel Europa invites you to a unique experience of storytelling and unique para-cinematography. We are physically moving from the cinemas to the Warta River. In a way, Polish statehood was born on its shores, and now, in the tone of the climate coup we are quite responsible for, it is drying up. Our guests will be divided into three groups. They will walk, cycle or canoe. Each group will be led by one of the three Hotel Europa’s idea-makers. Moving along the river, we come across various site-specific, more or less literal, situations. Put the body in the center of your experience and join us!

Fixing the Future: Masz Wybór
13:30 / Kino Muza / online

In many situations we tend to wonder: does my choice have an impact? Does my individual attitude or consumer choice may change the course of world’s action? We live in times where decision-making, both individual and collective, has been the most difficult to date. Sometimes in a serious manner – by taking a closer look at the National Rally in France, and sometimes in a more lighthearted way – by presenting a city council meeting in Tampere during which councilors deliberated over a tram line for 12 hours. One thing is certain: choice matters.

Focus Lebanon: The Neighbor is a Threat
15:30 / Kino Muza / online

Boarders, Refugees, and the intervention of the neighboring countries in the general state security. This program is more like a geographical and cultural positioning of Lebanon and the conception of otherness whether a foreign or a fellow Lebanese other.

17:30 / CK Zamek / online

Selection of the awarded films from Polish Competition, Polish Experimental Film Competition and Dances with Camera Competition.

19:30 / CK Zamek / online

Selection of the awarded films from International Competition and Urban View Competition.

Europejskie Nagrody Filmowe II
20:00 / Kino Muza / online

The award is widely known as the “European Oscar” as it is the most prestigious distinction on the Old Continent. Each year, in The Best European Short Film category the EFA nominates feature, animated, documentary and experimental films covering a variety of subjects. In this festival set you will be able to witness a wide spectrum of emotions – from a crazy film about a nymphomaniac mother to an intimate animation about a battle with anorexia.

Final Party: Elvira + Prince Polo
20:30 / barbarka ze spokojem

The last Festival Club and also en event that ends Short Waves Festival 2020. Stop by barbarka ze spokojem at the Warta River and join us to listen to the tunes by Elvira + Pinco Polo. Let’s celebrate together!


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