Short Waves Festival stands with women! – a statement

Short Waves Festival expresses solidarity with all individuals who, throughout the last few days, have been fighting for freedom of choice and for women to be able to make independent decisions about their own bodies. We have received the position of Constitutional Tribunal with indignation – it has declared the provision that allows abortion in the case of high probability of severe and irreversible fetal impairment or an incurable, life-threatening disease as inconsistent with the Polish constitution, and simultaneously, to put it bluntly, became a threat to women’s rights and divided the society in a critical moment of pandemic escalation in Poland. We believe that in this day and age, as we undergo constant changes and civilizational progress, there is one value that should not be subject to justification or compromise – freedom. Freedom of self-determination that is an inalienable human right, the right that is being more and more restricted in Poland with an alarming levity and cynicism, whether it is in context of LGBTQ+ rights, or access to safe abortion. Since the beginning of its time, cinema has been a platform for freedom and unlimited expression, their absence would deprive it of its raison d’être, and hence we stand with Polish women in the battle for their freedom. There is no time for compromise – this war is about every single one of us.

Short Waves Festival Team

PS Short Waves is a Woman.


Emilia Mazik / Festival Director
Aleksandra Ławska / Program Coordinator,
Programmer Anna Golon / Distribution and Office Coordinator
Maria Trzeciak / Production Coordinator
Karolina Sienkiewicz / PR and Communications
Agnieszka Czaplewska / Guest and Volunteer Coordinator
Daria Grabarek / Programming Intern
Zuza Nowak / Translator
Dawid Skórzybut / Festival Office Intern
Andrzej Hercuń / Social Media and Visual Communication
Michał Tomaszewski / Copy Circulation Coordinator, film subtitles
Szymon Stemplewski / Concept designer
Adam Romel / makemake
Łukasz Gajdek / makemake

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