Industry & education events during Short Waves Festival 2021

Short Waves Festival would have been incomplete without our Industry and Education program, presented in a hybrid format for the second time. We will be hosting networking events for our guests and industry professionals attending the event locally in Poznań: Industry Drink inaugurating the cinematography of Austria focus program, as well as a Saturday Industry Cofee meeting with programmers of international film festivals. We are also going to take a deeper, inside look at film festivals during two workshops: ‘Fair Festival – How to create an ethical & sustainable film event?’ and ‘Curating as a Creative Collective Collaboration’ led by international guests. Education program also entails events called Fair Play– a series of workshops and meetings designed to tame the online space, intended not only for young adults. In addition to events held locally in Poznań, we will be hosting an online industry program in collaboration with This Is Short platform, discussing solidarity between the sexes in the film industry as well as the future of Festival Networks program.

Education & Industry program partners: European Short Film Network, Creative Europe – MEDIA Desk Poland, Austrian Cultural Forum.


TUESDAY, 15.06.2021 10:00 (180’) | Workshops: Curating as a Creative Collective Collaboration | MY | registration | EN | Signup form will go live on Monday, 24.06.2021.

Curating as a Creative Collective Collaboration is a workshop led by Suzy Gillet, a writer, director, and teacher at Barbican Centre in London. Inspired by the participants, the session will be a practical and holistic discussion about putting on films as a curator or programmer, building audiences, and finding your niche in a crowded space. It will explore collaboration as a tool for solidarity, creative practice, and as a new method for film programming.

Guests: Suzy Gillet – writer, director and a teacher at Barbican Centre.

WEDNESDAY, 16.06.2021 12:00 (60’) | Industry Talk: Gender Solidarity in Film Industry | online for registered users on the This Is Short platform | EN

The event is part of the This Is Short – Four Perspectives program, in which the four festivals that make up the European Short Film Network interpret and discuss the category of solidarity in relation to gender, age, or place of residence. The presentation and case study by Monika Kotecka and Karolina Domagalska will address the notion of radical empathy in the context of documentary filmmaking and gender equality in the film industry.

Hosted by: Monika Kotecka – artist and documentary filmmaker and Karolina Domagalska- reporter and activist.

17:00 (90’) | Workshops: Fair Festival: How to create an ethical & sustainable film event? | Kino Muza | Screening room 3 | registration | EN | Signup form will go live on Monday, 24.06.2021

Workshops hosted by Daniel Ebner, the director of Vienna Shorts Film Festival. During the workshops, we are going to explore why codes of conduct are necessary and how to ensure implementation of ethical and sustainable policies at all stages of organization and what is their influence on the festival environment in the local and global context.

Guest: Daniel Ebner – A co-founder and co-director of Vienna Shorts.

THURSDAY, 17.06.2021 17:30 (60’) | Industry Drink: Launch of Austrian Focus | Kino Muza | Terrace | invitations | EN

This year’s geographical focus is on the cinematography of Austria and prepared in cooperation with the most important film festival presenting Austrian cinema – Diagonale, which has been turning Graz into the film capital of Austria for more than two decades. The focus program and the industry drink are prepared in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum.

FRIDAY, 18.06.2021 12:00 (60’) | Industry Talk: New Challenges for Festivals: The Future of Festival Networks | online for registered users on the This Is Short platform | EN

A series of events entitled New Challenges for Festivals is a part of industry program hosted by This Is Short, a platform for European Short Film Network member festivals used to discuss critical issues and challenges faced by audiovisual culture professionals. During the panel entitled The Future of Festival Networks, the representatives of leading festival networks are going to share their experiences in relation to implementation of projects created in partnership with MEDIA – Creative Europe program. The discussion is going to explore the subject of online operation strategies, challenges and possibilities associated with them, and first and foremost – their future.

Created in partnership with: Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Poland. Moderator: Niels Ketelaars – European Short Film Network Guests: Andrea Lenz – Project Manager, PR & Marketing at Film Festival Cottbus part of the Moving Images – Open Borders network; Maša Markovič – Industry Manager at Sarajevo Film Festival, part of the Network of Festivals in the Adriatic Region; Ana Pereira – Doc Alliance and Extensions Coordinators at Doclisboa, part of the Doc Alliance network; Marzena Cieślik – representative of Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Poland.

SATURDAY, 19.06.2021 12:00 | Industry Coffee: Meet the curators! | Minister Cafe | invitations

An opportunity to meet and chat with festival guests, filmmakers and international film festival curators in a casual setting.


This year’s Short Waves Festival motto is Mirror Mirror. During this strange pandemic year we were locked in our homes, while work, learning, passions and social interactions have all been moved online. Considering the length of time spent online, it’s worth to contemplate the mere notion of the Internet – what kind of space is it? Does it make us feel safe? Fair Play is a series of events dedicated to (not only) young adults, focusing on various aspects of functioning in the online environment from the perspective of data protection, body positivity and dealing with hate speech. The workshops are intended to encourage an open discussion and exchange of experiences between the attendees.

MONDAY, 14.06.2021 18:00 (90’) | Fair Play: Body positivity – how to talk about it without getting lost? | MY | registration I PL

A workshop led by Ula and Natalia, founders of Vingardium Grubiosa, the first Polish podcast about fatness and its sociopolitical context. During the workshop, the attendees are going to learn about the terms used to discuss body positivity, as well as how to differentiate between media messages focusing on body positivity as a movement, pop body positivity, and marketing strategies masked as body positivity. During the meeting, we will be using online and offline tools, media examples and engaging our own intuition.

Hosted by: Urszula Chowaniec, Natalia Skoczylas – Vingardium Grubiosa podcast founders.

FRIDAY, 18.06.2021 17:30 (120’) | Fair Play: Hater Home Alone – how to stop online hate speech? | Coworking | registration | PL

A workshop led by anti-discrimination educators Patryk Moszka and Aleksandra Jarocka on the subject of online hate. During the workshop, we are going to learn how to recognize hate speech online and beyond. We are also going to discuss what is it about, what are its consequences, and how to respond to it.

Hosted by: Aleksandra Jarocka, Patryk Moszka – anti-discrimination educators.

SATURDAY, 19.06.2021 13:30 (90’) | Fair Play: Datanomy | Coworking | registration | PL

Datanomy is a workshop on online privacy led by Agnieszka Pokrywka, a Poznań artist based in Helsinki. In conversation with our attendees, we are going to discuss how our data become the property of others, and go through a selection of practical exercises, during which we are going to make an attempt to turn our smartphones into safer everyday tools. We are going to change both our device settings and our habits.

Hosted by: Agnieszka Pokrywka – a multidisciplinary artist.

More info on workshops and registration:

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