Curatorial text of 15th Short Waves Festival

,,We are subconsciously sensing that a breakthrough is imminent. Our gut is telling us – we’re at a turning point. This feeling cannot be verbalized – it’s still fresh, eluding definitions, and has not been given a specific direction. Change slowly emerges on the horizon and intensifies inconspicuously. It is also fluid – its shape is entirely up to us.”

This is how we open the curatorial text of the 15th edition of Short Waves Festival! It was prepared for you by Aleksandra Skowronska, who holds a key curatorial position in the new structure of the festival. Her experience and knowledge of the international audiovisual arts landscape have a great value for the whole structure of this year’s SWF! We are delighted that it is Ola who will be in the center of our activities implementing the ideas under the motto Rethink/Rebuild. She will build new foundations, modifying patterns and incorporating new ideas. 

Aleksandra Skowronska – curator of the Short Waves Festival. Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, where she is preparing a dissertation on the relationship between artistic practices and media infrastructures. Associate of the Pavilion (program, international cooperation). Member of the Humanities Art Technology Research Center, co-creating projects from the intersection of art, science and technology. She has published in, “Glissando”, “KINO”, “Magazyn RTV” and “Fragile”. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports (2021).

A full curatorial text has appeared on our site, so you can get a more in-depth look at the vision for this year’s edition of Short Waves! We encourage you to read it – TEXT

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