International Competition details

The International Competition is invariably an effort to show the widest possible panorama of the very rapidly developing short cinema. We want to show cinema that is constantly searching, both for unconventional means of expression and for topics that are unheard of, marginalized or uncomfortable. After the difficult pandemic years, we also feel that in cinema we are looking for a sense of comfort and a collective experience of various emotions – not only the difficult and uncomfortable ones, but also the soothing and comforting ones.

For us, cinema is also a language that is malleable enough that we want it to be a tool for change and for drawing attention to the problems around us. We want it to be diverse and from different perspectives, places on earth, experiences and contexts. 

With the new members of the selection committee, we believe that the International Competition will actualize these changes and processes and provide our viewers with comprehensive and contemporary short cinema. 

If in doubt, please take a look at our FAQ page or our competition regulations.

For all other questions and concerns, please contact the competitions coordinator Aleksandra Ławska at

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