OFF Short Waves

OFF Short Waves to a series of four screenings dedicated to films submitted during this year’s call for entries but did not make it into the official selection of SWF competitions: International, Polish, MOVES, and RAW. These films illustrate how short film cinema transforms, the trends observed, and represent the character of each competition. The 15th Short Waves Festival will take place from November 14 to 19, 2023. However, before we start the festival week, we invite you to this series of Tuesday events at Pies Andaluzyjski, which preview, complement, and showcase the competitive part of SWF.


➼ Tuesday, October 17 – Pies Andaluzyjski – OFF Polish Competition

The competition is exclusively for Polish co-productions and productions that originated from previous competitions: Polish and Polish Experimental Films. Its aim is to present a panorama of the latest short film forms by Polish creators. The competition seeks to include projects not only strictly from the film world but also from the artistic realm. Key factors in the final selection include the original film language, blending different forms of expression, and engaging themes. The winner of the Polish Competition automatically receives a nomination for the European Short Film Audience Award and is presented in a competition set reaching ten prestigious film festivals in Europe, including Finland, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain.

Full program: TBA


➼ Tuesday, October 24 – Pies Andaluzyjski – OFF International Competition

The main festival competition presenting the broadest spectrum of short cinema in terms of genre, geography, narrative, and visual style. The theme or form is not subject to regulatory limitations. The goal of the competition is to construct a diverse program that shares a fresh perspective on contemporary cinema with the audience, conveying authenticity in storytelling and an authorial film language.

Full program: TBA


➼ Tuesday, November 7 – Pies Andaluzyjski – OFF RAW

RAW is a completely new competition at the Short Waves Festival dedicated to films that go beyond the boundaries of convention, seeking styles, techniques, and storytelling methods previously unfamiliar to the audience. It is a competition for filmmakers aspiring to break the rules in their own style, demonstrating that the world of short cinema is a space for innovation and courage.

Full program: TBA

➼ Wednesday, November 22 – Pies Andaluzyjski – OFF MOVES

Moves is an international competition for films whose narrative is rooted in the broad concept of movement. It is a new, interdisciplinary competition in the program, evolving from the eight-year-long Dances with Camera competition at the Short Waves Festival. Expanding the competition’s theme to various meanings of movement is a response to changes in the work of artists combining film and dance, who explicitly address socially and politically engaged themes while using film as a method to depict the phenomenon of movement, which can be created not only by the human body.

Full program: TBA

Admission to the events is free.


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