15. Short Waves Festival ONLINE!

Watch SWF2023 ONLINE!

We would like to invite all who can’t join us physically in Poznań at the Short Waves Festival to discover the online program available for free on our Filmchief Hub platform. It contains over 70 short films from the four competition sections of the festival.

The selection was made by the competition coordinators along with the people from the selection committees. We encourage you to read the descriptions of competition sections and texts dedicated to each of the program blocks. Furthermore, the films have been labeled with tags related to their topics as well as other associations – you can filter them on the Search page.

When and how can I watch the films?

The online program is available from November 20th to November 30th and the films will be accessible throughout the whole period. You can access and use the online platform free of charge, without any individual number of viewings or time availability limitations. 

The films may be watched independently or collectively as part of a competition set by pressing the triangle “PLAY” icon on the program or film page, respectively. We encourage you to choose the option of viewing the whole program for a full and glorious cinematic experience. During the screening, you can move on to another film at any time. 

All films are available via browser – they may be watched both on a computer and a smartphone, yet we encourage you to watch them on a bigger screen with a good sound system.

Are all films available without the geoblock?

No, all the films are available only within the territory of Poland. 

Are all competition titles available to watch online?

No, a limited number of sales agents, producers or people administering the copyrights have not agreed to the online availability of certain films.

What are the warnings visible next to some of the films?

Some films have highlighted trigger warnings. If you feel uncomfortable or in need of a quiet moment, you can stop the film at any time. Please note the additional information when choosing what you’re going to watch.

What languages are the films available in?

The films from the International Competition, Polish Competition and MOVES Competition are available with Polish and English subtitles. The films from the RAW Competition are available only with English subtitles.

How can I improve the quality of the films during the screening?

If one of the films is not loading fast enough, it may be caused by the Internet speed. In order to solve the issue, please check the Internet connection first, update your browser or reduce the video quality. If the problem persists, please contact us at: info@shortwaves.pl.

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