The second meeting of the SWF Beyond in the Pies Andaluzyjski on 21.02.2024

The second screening of the SWF Beyond series will continue the discussion initiated in January about the stylistic and thematic entanglements of the Polish short film. We will look at the Polish Competition once again, this time at its second program, which also asks important existential questions about the past and the mental legacy faced by contemporary Poles. We will revolve around abandoned places and those inhabited by communities, immersed in silence and the sound of trees. The world of the living will mix with the world of the dead, and fantastic elements taken from magical realism will coexist with the traumatic everyday life. In this cinematic imagery, we will look for answers on how to deal with complex relationships and challenging realities.


SWF Beyond | Polish Competition II: Deep in the Forest

A fascinating set of films that present the enigmatic landscapes of dense Polish forests and remote cemeteries. They confront the layers of trauma entwined with cultural and political structures, and face the universal doubts on morality, fear and mystery. With the various range of cinematic approaches they engage into both the physical and psychological depths of Poland’s history and the human condition.

➔ Polish Competition II: Deep in the Forest

▪️ The Night Falls Quietly / Mieszko Dobek / Poland / 2023 / 9’
▪️ ZIMA / Tomasz Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki / Poland / 2023 / 26’
▪️ Brama Św. Piotra (Saint Peter’s Gate) / Natalia Sara Skorupa / Poland / 2023 / 11’
▪️ No Way Forward, No Way Back / Maciej Stępniewski / Poland / 2022 / 3’
▪️ Death and Herring / Klaudia Prabucka / Poland / 2022 / 4’
▪️ Stwór (The Creature) / Damian Kosowski / Poland / 2022 / 22’
▪️ W lesie są ludzie (There Are People in the Forest) / Szymon Ruczyński / Poland / 2023 / 10’



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