New episode of ON WAVES Podcast – UKRAiNATV hosted by Aleksandra Skowrońska

UKRAiNATV is an international collective of creative individuals – activists, researchers, designers, musicians and DJs. Its performative-audiovisual act during the opening night of last year’s SWF was an amazing representation of their creative and experimental capabilities, distinguished by a psychedelic, post-internet aesthetic.

The day after the opening, Aleksandra Skowronska conducted an interview in which the members explain how a group of friends turned into a thriving collective, open to interdisciplinary creeds. Although they most often refer to themselves as artists, their activities are not just about creating and popularizing art – they are a team of people sharing the experience of exile, emigration, wanting to provide a safe space for those who were forced to leave their country. Listen in and find out how CYBER’s wide-ranging domain becomes a place to comment on and tame an unfavorable reality.

Listen HERE

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