The first RAW competition set on SWF Beyond!

What is RAW? Those of you who had the opportunity to attend the last Short Waves Festival probably remember this selection of films as an unusual new addition to our catalogue. This month, as part of the Beyond series, we will present the first competition, which was created with the support of young European programmers. RAW marks new directions in contemporary experimental cinema, which seeks to push boundaries and play with conventions, addressing a spectrum of relevant themes. These are certainly the most brain-melting short films you will have the chance to see in the near future. See you, as usual, on the third Wednesday of the month at Pies!

RAW Competition I: Exceptions

What does it mean to program exceptions? Are these films that don’t fit in other sections, or are they just so rare and unique that they need to be separated from the rest? Five completely different films that all connect on a supernatural level. Riots in Paris, projected light on a cemetery in Brazil, two cyberspaces, one haiku and an animated love trip. Welcome to Exceptions! A place where people are playing pretend.

➔ Program:

▪️ Cinema for the Dead / Bruno Moreno, Renato Sircilli / Brazil / 2023 / 14’
▪️ Manta Ray / Anton Bialas / France / 2022 / 30’
▪️ Furrie / Lucie Grannec / France / 2022 / 9’
▪️ Mars / Yann les Jours / France / 2023 / 1’
▪️ Elantra is Almost A Life / Maja Skjøth Hegelund / United States / 2023 / 7’
▪️ The Shortest Relationship in the World / Xiaoxuan Han / China / 2023 / 1’

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