International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.

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Short Waves Festival 2021


During Short Waves Festival 2020 we invite you to HOTEL EUROPA – space of exchange.

HOTEL EUROPA is a safe place to discuss urgent matters on the past, present and future, on Europe and its various perspectives, on culture/s, politics, climate and beyond. Located in a former Greek-like restaurant in the Lazarz district of Poznan, now a local community cultural center, HOTEL EUROPA brings questions on locality, emergency, collectivity and arts.

Cinema plays a significant role in our program as the mediator between ideas, categories, languages. It opens discussion every day and invites people to talk and share. In our program you will find screenings, followed by discussions, meetings, expert talks and performances.

Each day will focus on a special STORY, linking categories and defining the language we use to define important issues. HOTEL EUROPA will function also as alternative festival club. Less clubbing-oriented though, more intellectual in a site-specific, well-designed environment. Feel free to adopt to HOTEL EUROPA with your story.


More info soon!


HOTEL EUROPA will be open since the second day of Short Waves Festival 2020 (18-22.03) at Inkubator Kultury Pireus

Funding: City of Poznan, The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation