International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.

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Hotel Europa

HOTEL EUROPA is a safe space for discussion of urgent matters associated with the past, the present, and the future of Europe and its various perspectives, culture/cultures, politics, climate and more. Built on a collective action, it examines risks, challenges and chances faced by individuals and entire communities. The HOTEL EUROPA program contains screenings, meetings, discussions, concerts and performative elements. 


The idea was born during a trip to North Macedonia, when Szymon Stemplewski found an abandoned hotel called Hotel Europa and decided to make it a starting point for a new story about creating and sharing the European identity. The project’s main goal is to define questions and search for answers that could help us build a conscious future in the face of increasing, unbalanced development, climate crisis and unrestricted technology use. 


The project debuted in December 2019 with an event called HOTEL EUROPA PREVIEW, prepared in collaboration with Krzysztof Łukomski, that encompassed meetings and film screenings on social subjects, and was later planned to be a series of educational and art events accompanying the 12th edition of Short Waves Festival. Due to the pandemic, the organizers have decided to refresh and extend the structure of HOTEL EUROPA as a separate year-round project led by The Foundation of Cultural Education Ad Arte. 


It was initiated by a workshop entitled “How to prepare internally for anything that may happen: decolonizing the future(s) – connections and cracks” led by Agnieszka Bułacik and Amaka Ohia-Nowak. From 21st to 23rd August , Short Waves Festival will be hosting another five events, including one vital to its shaping – Intro: Hybrid – the post-pandemic future online +/- offline. The cumulation of HOTEL EUROPA’s activities is going to take place in October 2020 at Inkubator Kultury Pireus. It is going to be a series of events on communication, collaboration in the spirit of fair play and constructive ways of shaping the future. 


All HOTEL EUROPA events are free and some of them are going to be streamed online. We invite and encourage you to inscribe your story into an open and friendly narrative of HOTEL EUROPA. 



17:00 (90’) | Hotel Europa Intro: Hybrid – the post-pandemic future online +/- offline | Concordia Design | zapisy / registration | PL + EN | REGISTRATION FORM 

21:30 (60’) | Hotel Europa Extra: Sound performance: Coquetta / Ioana Vreme Moser | Concordia Design | darmowe wejściówki / free tickets | EN 

14:30 (90’+Q&A) | Hotel Europa: Historical Utopias | Kino Muza | sala 2 | darmowe wejściówki / free tickets | PL + EN 

18:00 (90’+Q&A) | Hotel Europa: Border Zone | Kino Muza | sala 2 | darmowe wejściówki / free tickets | PL + EN  

12:00-16:00 | Hotel Europa Extra: Life in loops | TBA | zapisy / registration | PL + EN | REGISTRATION FORM