International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.

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Hotel Europa

hotel – europa | workshops, meetings, screenings

23-24 October 2020 / Inkubator Kultury Pireus + Schron


The accumulation and summary of the actions of the hotel – europa’s first edition in Poznan will take place in the Inkubator Kultury Pireus and the Schron. Due to the pandemic, the h – e program, initially planned for March and closely related to the Short Waves Festival, was spread out over several months and was subject to numerous changes. We did not avoid making difficult choices – we had to give up many ideas and some of the events took on an experimental character.

In the second half of October, we will concentrate on creating an essential for h – e space of exchange and realising various ventures heading by the idea of fair play. Meetings, workshops, film screenings will mainly relate to alternative methods of education, exploring subcultures, building relationships, internet safety, designing and producing ethically and ecologically.

We would like to invite you mostly to two events. The first one is a workshop and discussion on privacy on the web, prepared by Agnieszka Pokrywka – a Poznan-based artist living and working in Helsinki. We will talk about how our data becomes the property of others and what happens to information about us when they start living their own lives on the Internet. Together with the participants we will go through a series of practical exercises, during which we will try to make our smartphones more secure. We will change both the settings on our devices and our own habits. The other event will be held as part of the hotel – europa extra series and will be a film program “Subcultures & Entertainments” prepared by Philip Ilson, the art director of London Short Film Festival. Roller-coaster ride, from suburban goths, through grime crews, to riot grrrls; a collection of short films that will give us an insight into British subcultures. Philip will come to Poznan and not only will he share his extremely rich knowledge about London scene, but he will also play a specially prepared for this occasion vinyl dj-set.

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