International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.

Kino Forma

The Cloud, premiere of a new interdisciplinary audiovisual event prepared specifically with 13. Short
Waves Festival opening in mind.
The Cloud, Frank Bretschneider, Agnieszka Obszańska, Zofia i Aga, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, choir
Minimus, Render Boys, Niemy Dotyk, ZOFIA i AGA.
The Cloud, sounds, images, words.
The Cloud, a space for untold stories and countless interpretations.
The Cloud, where speech is born, Fa, LeFaN, FaNLele, Falls, Fall, Fallen, Star, Start, It Starts.
The Cloud, generated and selected sound waves, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, mechanical sounds,
electricity, magnetism, lights and other radiations.
The Cloud, falling apart, alanache, half shut eyes, breathing in, empty spaces, haircut, breathing out,
sitting on the fence, smell of rain, breathing out, eyes open, breathing out, night, tucking in.
The Cloud, though our eyes be filled with sleep, may our hearts always remain awake.
The Cloud or actually – empty puff.

The text contains quotes and references to: Maria Magdalena Kozłowska’s text, description of Frank
Bretschneider’s EXP live act, description of Zofia’s album “Otulenie” and Misia Żurek’s publication
“Ground Reflecting on the Sky”.

Frank Bretschneider
av live act
av live act
Zespół Wokalny Minimus
live act
Agnieszka Obszańska
Maria Magdalena Kozłowska
spoken word
Render Boys
Niemy dotyk sound installation

Szymon Stemplewski
intuitions, correlations, links
Maria Trzeciak
production support
Krystian Piotr
light & sound
Grzegorz Ciemciach
digital visuals
Aga Nowacka
analog visuals
minimal Glamour + Andrzej Hercuń
graphic identity