International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.

Previous editions


The 1st edition of Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES took place between 16th and 30th of April 2009. In these two weeks the audience in 28 Polish cities – as well as in Berlin, London and Dublin – had a chance to see the best short films from Poland.
The 2-hour programme consisted of 12 films: not only narratives, documentaries and animations, but also videoclips, video-art and an advertisement. Apart from various festival winners, the collection included films submitted directly for Short Waves.
The audience contribution was crucial to the Festival. In every city, where a screening took place, the viewers voted for the best film. Audience Grand Prix and the money prize of 1.500 EUR went to Jan P. Matuszyński, the author of “Myjnia (Carwash)”. The special jury of international platform of short film promotion and presentation Future Shorts gave its vote to Bartosz Blaschke, the author of “Ziętek”. As a result, his film was included in the international Future Shorts’ distribution. Szymon Stemplewski – the Festival’s director – decided to honour with a special award “Film o Kostuchu” by Piotr Bosacki. Therefore three films by Bosacki were presented during Polish screenings of Future Shorts.


The 2nd edition of Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES took place between the 15th and 30th of April 2010. The screenings took place in 30 Polish cities and also in Berlin, Dublin and London. The almost-2-hour programme was filled with the best Polish shorts produced since 2008: award-winning ones as well as few premieres. We chose the best films from over 150 submissions. Among them were narratives, documentaries, animations, videoclips, video-art and advertisements. The audience members in every city had a chance to vote for their favourite film. The winner of the Festival awarded with the money prize of 2.000 EUR was Marcin Maziarzewski, the author of “Brzydkie słowa (Bad Lyrics)”. There was also a second award for the winner of the audience voting in the city of Szczecin – the Szczecin Wave Award of 1.500 EUR. It went to Tomasz Wolski, the author of “Szczęściarze (Lucky Ones)”.


2011 marked the third time that Polish Short Film Festival SHORT WAVES has travelled across cinemas and venues of the world. The programme included 11 hottest Polish shorts: narratives, documentaries, animations, video-arts and music videos.
Between March 24th and April 16th the Festival has visited 38 Polish cities plus Berlin, Dublin, London, Munich, Porto and Zilina. The audience of 5.000 from 8 countries took part in the voting and determined the winner.
Grand Prix and the money prize of 2.500 EUR went to Piotr Bosacki, the author of “Drakula”. What’s more, a special Short Waves PRO award of 1.250 EUR has been given to Igor Chojna, the author of “Przez szybę (Through Glass)”. The international jury was composed of experts in audiovisual culture: Laurence Boyce, Frank Bretschneider, Graham Daniels, Mikołaj Jazdon and Bartosz Żurawiecki.


Between 12th and 28th of April Short Waves Festival visited over 30 Polish cities, as well as few selected ones abroad (Berlin, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Porto, Prague, among others) but at the time the capital of short films undoubtedly became Poznan.

This year the programme consisted of 10 shorts carefully selected from over 220 applications. Among them were narratives, documentaries, animations, experimental films and music videos.

This year the undisputed winners were Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski, the authors of „Noise“, which won not only Audience Grand Prix Award and 2 500 EUR but also Short Waves PRO Canal + and 1 250 EUR awarded by the international jury.


The 5th edition of Short Waves Festival lasted from 4th to 28th of April. 45 cities, 8 countries, 5000 viewers – this is a numerical summing-up of the festival.

In spite of the wide-ranging Polish short films programme, the festival has also enjoyed projects presented by London Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry from Berlin, ExGround from Wiesbaden and Filmowe Podlasie.

The audience had also the chance to see the best short films from Iceland, film series showing dancing projects or the first in the world – erotic puppetry animation review Sexy Dolls.

This year the audience award went to Adela Kaczmarek, a 28-year graduate of Cracow Fine Arts Academy, whose „The governance of love“ the audience appreciated the most. What’s more, a special Short Waves PRO award of 1.250 EUR has been given to Krzysztof Szota, the author of “The guardians“.


The 6th edition of Short Waves Festival commenced on 14th March 2014 with an international “Grand Prix Tour”. The audience voted “Our Curse” directed by Tomasz Śliwiński as best documentary picture, presenting it with the Grand Prix award.

Two new competitions were added to the festival program: “Poznan Open” which aimed to promote the Polish artists (winner: “The Aunt’s Killing”, dir. Mateusz Głowacki) and “Dances with Camera”: an international competition of films on dance (winner: “Washed”, dir. Daphna Mero). The organizers added workshops that mirrored the processes of film production “Film Rave”, film poster design workshop, and discussion panels for film industry professionals. Film screening sets designed specifically for children and seniors, and screenings of Greater Poland artist’s work called “Poznan Wave” were also added to the program.

The festival hosted many notable guests including: directors of London Short Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Brest European Short Film Festival, and activists from CinemaHall and KinoKlub Zagreb.


The festival’s 7th edition was made up of two parts. The first part, “Grand Prix Tour”, started on March 6th and consisted of a tour of screenings all over Poland. The audience’s task was to select the winner in the poll. Their verdict: “It would be something beautiful” by Anna Morawiec. During the second, stationary part of the festival, the audience had the opportunity to watch films entered into four competitions: Polish “Poznan Open” (winner: “Home”, dir. Agnieszka Borowa) and international: “Dances with Camera” (winner: “Beating”, dir. Kari Sulc, Tereza Hradilkova), “Best of Seven” (winner: “Cambodia 2099”, dir. Davy Chou) and “Urban View” (winner: “Alberdi’s Heroes”, dir. Andres Grabois). The screenings outside of the competition were “Random Home Cinema” and “Park_in’ Cinema”.

SWF also included the “Film Poster Design Workshop” and “Graphic Design and 3D Animation Workshop”. Among the guests hosted by the festival were the directors of Kurtzfilmtage Winterthur, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Brest European Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Riga International Film Festival, Rover Film Festival, and FEST New Directors/New FIlms.WF 2015.WF 2015


Short Waves Festival 2016 was an 8th edition of the international short film festival, which took place on 15-20 March 2016. Its motto “we are open” guaranteed a broadly defined openness both to current affairs, other people and ideas. SWF 2016 was also concerned with formal openness. By defying the standard format of a festival, Short Waves goes beyond the strict time frame. Without a beginning, without an end as Short Waves organizes events throughout the year and across Poland. The event’s main competiton, Poznan Open (winner: “Edmond”, dir. Nina Gantz) was open to artists from all over the world, what granted it an international status. SWF also consisted of one-of-a-kind competitions: Best of Seven (winner: “Object”, dir. Paulina Skibińska) and Dances with Camera (winner: “Gone”, dir. Helena Jónsdóttir, Vera Sölvadóttir), and unique Random Home Cinema: film screenings in Poznanians’ private apartments. The festival repertoire also included experimental and video-art films as a part of Art Shorts and Poznan Wave. There were also many workshops and interesting industry events during Poznań Industry Days. Another exciting part of the program was the Festival Club that changed its location throughout the festival to give the attendees an opportunity for a multidimensional experience of the city.


Short, concise, diverse. Short Waves Festival 2017 was the 9th editon of the international short film festival, which took place on 21-26 March in Poznan. The edition’s motto was “beyond borders”, which aimed to illustrate the diminishing of borders between various art forms and decrease in importance of division between creators and consumers of culture. Focus on German cinema was an important element of the program and included screenings of film selections from Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Christoph Girardet retrospective and an exhibition of works created by Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf. Short Waves repertoire also included short animations and features of last year’s Oscar nominations – Oscar Nominated Shorts, and films nominated for European Film Awards. A new addition to the program called New Queer Visions tackled the issues of sexual, cultural and racial diversity. The festival program also offered film selections dedicated to specific age groups: SWF: Family for children and Man Who Can for seniors. For the first time, the program included a unique set of music videos entitled Saving Pop Culture from Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. There were also special events such as Fusion Cinema and Random Home Cinema: famed film screenings in Poznanians’ private apartments, industry meetings and discussion panels as a part of European Short Pitch and Poznan Industry Day, including project and screenwriting workshops. The program was completed with festival club afterparties located at LAS venue on Małe Garbary Street.


The most concise festival in Poznan Short Waves Festival 2018 took place from 20th to 25th of March. The special nature of this year’s Festival manifests itself mainly in a very extensive programme, which embraces 5 competitions and also a huge variety of non-competition screenings. The novelty of festival’s programme was thematic division in international competition and come back of Urban View competition focusing on architecture, design and urban issues. Under the slogan in or out Festival was centred around recent social processes aiming at closing borders in human relationships and also strong social segregation. The question of being in or out can be also found in social focus programme, which presented recent problems of Great Britain, but also in A Wall is a Screen project, which formula allowed to leave the traditional cinema space and enjoy the film screening on urban walls. There was also a new art project called Kino Forma – a site-specific project showing relations between sound art and everyday life. In line with the festival’s slogan the team decided to invite the festival’s audience to take part in creating the festival by showing their favourite films on Do It Yourself screening. During the 10th edition of Short Waves Festival there was a special event called All In, which was a celebration of 10 years work on the festival, and also sign of respect for all the people creating Short Waves Festival through all these years. This year’s edition once again took care of industry programme: European Short Pitch and Creativity Talks, which promoted young contemporary cinema and also opened a discussion regarding to film programming and access to audiovisual art. For the first time SWF team created a programme dedicated to people with hearing impairment called Deaf Shorts. Every intense day was culminated in the festival’s club PIES andaluzyjski, which offered not only film screenings but also the possibility to meet artists and filmmakers from all over the world.


The 11. th edition of Short Waves Festival took place in Poznań from 19th to 24th March 2019 under the “Outside the box / From a different perspective” slogan.


In 6 festival days 66 events took place, 225 films were presented for 8500 viewers. 72 guests both from the country and abroad took part in the film and industry program. 11 awards were awarded in 4 competitions and the total prize pool was 47,5 k PLN.


The most important points of the festival program included regional focus dedicated to South-East Asia cinema, special shows: presentation of dance films from Germany, new Polish experimental cinema, music videos from London Short Film Festival, as well as audiovisual live-act performed by Rainer Kohlberger.


Educational and industry activities included long-term educational project implemented with the Team of Communication Technician from Poznan, a series of Creativity Talks discussion panels implemented from the British Council dedicated to video-art programming and film criticism around the medium of short film.


There were also event cinema events like KINO FORMA – site specific shows carried out in the space of the Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta, Random Home Cinema shows in the private apartments of Poznań residents, as well as music videos at the festival club.

2020 brought unexpected changes, which resulted in the transfer of the 12th Edition Short Waves Festival from March to August. The coronavirus outbreak caused the Festival to take hybrid form – there were about 50 events in Poznan on August 18, and on the Filmchief Hub platform, industry guests and viewers from all over Poland could watch around. 200 movies. Adhering to the epidemiological restrictions and situations, we were able to host about 50 local and international guests, and together – online and offline – visited our Festival 5000 viewers and the videos on the platform have been watched more than 3500 times! The international jury and the audience presented 12 awards with a total pool of 42 thousand.
There were as many as 5 competition programs this year: in addition to the well-known International, Polish, Urban View and Dances with Camera, the Polish Experimental Films Competition joined, including 77 titles from 36 countries.
Two focus programs took place as part of the ′′ Fixing the Future ′′ festival motto: a Lebanese cinema review prepared by the curator and director of the NDU International Film Festival in Lebanon – Nicolas Khabazza, and a set of four sets of socially and politically engaged: Eco Activism, You Have Choice, Art of Protest and the future worlds.
The out-of-competition section also included the entertainment band: Comedy, Horror and Kinky Shorts, as well as screenings of films nominated for European Film Awards or Spotlighty: a review of Thomas Popakula’s films, a program of Scottish short-metre or a set of the latest productions represented by sixpackfilms – the agency for distribution and promotion of Austrian video – art.
Short Waves Festival’s unique summer edition opened up many opportunities for the team, allowing 12 outdoor shows to be organized. in. in. on ContainerArt, at the Art Marina k / Concordia Design or in the Shelter Project. Warm evenings were diversified by a new version of Random Home Cinema, whose transformation consisted of moving shows from private cognition apartments to their gardens.
The industry’s events took place mostly online, allowing for cooperation with many friendly festivals m. in. in. Glasgow Short Film Festival or FeKK Short Film Festival. We focused on the current situation, talking about VR-ze, potential educational short-term or collaboration during the pandemic times. Additionally, there were meetings as part of the Hotel Europe project, which consisted of screenings of films and discussions with the creators, as well as a hybrid experimental event – a meeting of artists, curators and filmmakers. A wandering festival club was established allowing for conversations and meetings with guests in different locations in Poznan m. in. in. in the East Bank, Barbarka with peace or HOUSE School.

SWF 2021 Catalogue:



International Competition


  • Marta Prus
  • Gerald Weber
  • Ioakim Mylonas



  • I Award – 10 000 PLN / A Lack of Clarity, dir. Stefan Kruse Jorgensen, Denmark 2020
  • II Award – 5 000 PLN / Same/Different/Both/Neither, dir. Adriana Barbosa, Fernanda Passoa, Brazil/USA 2020
  • III Award– 2 500 PLN / Blue Honda Civic, dir. Jussi Eerola, Finland 2020
  • Honourable Mention / Push This Button if you Need to Panic, dir. Gabriel Böhmer, United Kingdom 2020
  • Audience Award – 2 000 PLN / Still Processing, dir. Sophy Romvari, Canada 2020


Polish Competition


  • Tomasz Kolankiewicz
  • Peter Cerovšek
  • Suzy Gillett


Youth Jury:

  • Dobrochna Walczak
  • Pola Nowacka
  • Karolina Majchrzak



  • Main Award – 7 500 PLN / Equinox, dir. Daria Kasperek, Poland 2020
  • Youth Jury Award – 1 000 PLN / Vyraj, dir. Agnieszka Nowosielska, Poland 2020
  • Audience Award – 2 000 PLN / We have one heart, dir. Katarzyna Warzecha, Poland 2020


Polish Experimental Film Competition


  • Ewa Szabłowska
  • Piotr Bosacki
  • Marina Kožul



  • Main Award – 5 000 PLN / untitled, dir. Daniel Dąbrowski, Poland 2020
  • Honourable Mention / Inside me (To co we mnie siedzi), dir. Mateusz Kułacz, Poland 2020


Dances with Camera


  • Mary Wycherley
  • Wojciech Mochniej
  • Anna Alexandre



  • I Award – 5 000 PLN / CAN’T KILL US ALL, dir. Botis Seva, United Kingdom 2020
  • II Award – 2 000 PLN / Fibonacci, dir. Tomáš Hubáček, Czech Republic 2020
  • Honourable Mention / Navigation, dir. Marlene Millar, Canada 2020
  • Honourable Mention / Ben, dir. Gabriel Beddoes, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, Mattia Parisotto, Teresa Sala, Italy 2020
  • Audience Award – 1 000 PLN / You wanted rivers, dir. Magdalena Zielińska, Poland 2020


Urban View


  • Audience Award – 5 000 PLN / Enter Through the Balcony, dir. Roman Blazhan, Ukraine 2020