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Competition Program

International Competition welcomes you this year with six programs encompassing 36 titles from 23 countries. The selection committee has watched over 1000 submissions and was discussing for hours to select the best and the most intriguing films for the final selection.

There are always visible trends that stand out while watching hundreds of submissions – little storyline novelties, visual surprises, or repetitive cinematic language. Short format has an amazing power of predicting changes in contemporary cinema. This year is marked by an essayistic approach within the documentary format that tries to analyze the current global situation. The visual commentary is enhanced by a voice-over as if the images themselves were not enough to tell the stories and share the concerns. The sense of being lost brings the authors to a desperate need to piece together the world that seems to be falling apart. The past moments of stagnation are followed by the intense urge to raise one’s voice, ask questions and wonder about unsettling matters.

In one of the competition films, the darkness is lightened up irregularly and unexpectedly, the image is vague but there is a potential of perceiving and getting used to the uncertainty. This competition section is definitely trying to catch what is difficult to see. While presenting the current cinematic trends, International Competition still manages to demonstrate a variety of forms, film language and ideas that surprise and please the programmers and, hopefully, will make the viewers as happy as us.

The linear understanding of time has recently started to become more and more confusing. The uncertain future comes in the form of allegedly stable and secure planning. Not sure about the forthcoming events? Let’s throw ourselves into a time vortex where past, present and future become an intricate and fascinating unknown.


  • (third study for) Swedge of Heaven 

‘Swedge of Heaven’ is a moving image project that continues a line of the artist’s practice engaging with the nature of experience in relation to place – particularly through the perspective of being connected to a place whilst simultaneously being a stranger to or outside of it.

United Kingdom / 2020 / Animation, experimental / 15’ / Richard Forbes-Hamilton


  • Dima, Dmitry, Dmytro. Glory to the Heroes

‘Dima, Dmitry, Dmytro. Glory to the Heroes’ uses archival footage and semi-historical narrative to weave a complex exploration of identity, culture, and the power of archives in contemporary Ukraine.

Ukraine / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 23’ / Clemens Poole


  • Becoming Male in the Middle Ages

Mirene and André are a heterosexual couple struggling with infertility issues. Carl and Vicente are a homosexual couple undergoing an experimental procedure in order to have a biological child. The film’s classic cinematography contrasts with a science-fictionalized narrative, to deliver an utterly refreshing exploration of gender, reproduction, normativity, and the notion of family.

Portugal / 2022 / Fiction / 22’ / Pedro Neves Marques


  • Gotta Fabricate Your Own Gifts

As snow falls over the city, people discuss a new technology that can read minds and visit a mysterious park, where you can kiss holograms into disappearance.

Switzerland / 2021 / Fiction / 11’ / Cyril Schäublin


  • Zoon

In the dark swamps of a nocturnal forest, a group of gleaming axolotls is in heat, nuzzling and nibbling one another’s limbs. Soon a much larger, two-legged forest-dweller encounters the lustful group and reaches down to gobble one of the small shimmering creatures. While dawn is slowly breaking, a cheerful game begins higher up in the branches.

Germany / 2021 / Animation / 5’ / Jonatan Schwenk


  • Plans for the Future

Who holds the reins of truth? ‘Plans for the Future’ documents my visits to various psychics. It questions how we as humans formulate, or rely on existing spiritual belief systems to help us understand our world.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 13’ / Dana Venezia

CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 14.06.2022 | 14:00 | 90’ + Q&A
Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 16.06.2022 | 18:00 | 90’ + Q&A

For those who do not appreciate leaving their comfort zone or those for whom planning is a way of coping with difficult existential moments. The perfection of the well-oiled machinery that allows you to enjoy the rhythm of security and a well-done job. However, what if one little cog suddenly breaks?


  • Adjusting

Through looking at a loveable dog’s refusal to submit to the will of her trainer, ‘Adjusting’ reflects on the relativity of any authority that renders us obedient through the exercise of reward and punishment.

Serbia / 2021 / Documentary / 20’ / Dejan Petrović


  • Nights and Days in July

During the light summer nights a woman finds herself alone in the city. She tries to get in contact with others over her phone and get out of her trapped boredom.

Sweden / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Jana Bringlöv Ekspong


  • The Human Torch

‘The Human Torch’ is a one-shot short film about a traffic crossing at night, where respectable people are waiting for the light to change. The film is about losing your sense of security in a world that is changing uncontrollably.

Finland / 2021 / Fiction / 6’ / Risto-Pekka Blom


  • Sierra

Father and his son are losing the folkrace. In order to win, a boy turns himself into a car tire. ‘Sierra’ pulls us into the surreal car racing world.

Estonia / 2022 / Animation / 16’ / Sander Joon


  • Anabase

Geneva sinks into melancholy as two stars meet.

Switzerland / 2021 / Fiction / 28’ / Benjamin Goubet



CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 14.06.2022 | 18:00 | 90’ + Q&A
Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 15.06.2022 | 14:00 | 90’ + Q&A

The tension is building up under the skin. It’s just about to ease, but first it plays nicely with the continuous circle of frustration, anger and confusion. The seemingly tranquil stagnation is just the calm before the storm. All we need is good vibes with the satisfactory release of all of the overwhelming feelings. C’mon, enjoy the madness!


  • The Parents’ Room

A family gathers around a bed to sing a lament to their own deaths, accompanied by a blackbird.

Italy, United Kingdom / 2021 / Fiction, animation / 10’ / Diego Marcon


  • Rampante (Seabreaker)

Santi is a teenage father who lives in a small coastal town. During the day he has a job as a fisherman, and at night he poaches seafood. While his girlfriend Lucía is taking care of their baby, Santi, overwhelmed by responsibility, seeks refuge and redemption in the sea.

Spain / 2021 / Fiction / 25’ / Eloy Domínguez Serén



Using an experimental and performative form of expression, ‘A Roadside with a View’ focuses on the experience of space through postures and movement of the body in order to grasp its core.

Germany / 2020 / Experimental / 4’ / Paul Razlaf


  • All The Things You Leave Behind

Thailand’s strategic position and political orientation made it the ideal ally for the United States during the Vietnam war. Through an astonishing mix of contemporary and archival images, ‘All the Things You Leave Behind’ deploys precise criticism to analyse a little-known page of modern history, emblematic of contemporary power games and warfare.

Thailand / 2022 / Documentary, experimental / 18’ / Chanasorn Chaikitiporn


  • Über Wasser (On Solid Ground)

Summertime in a city. The coolness of a morning swim in the river quickly vanishes as the heat covers the city like a magnifying glass under which supposedly trivial everyday nuisances suddenly take on weight. Eli tries to escape the narrowness and agitation of the city, yet keeps on facing aggression. And her rage starts to build up.

Switzerland / 2021 / Fiction / 12’ / Jela Hasler 


  • Solidarity 

In 2021, hundreds of thousands of people took over the streets in Brazil, in the midst of a pandemic, to protest against the Bolsonaro government. Inspired by Joyce Wieland’s 1973 film of the same name, ‘Solidarity’ portrays these manifestations by focusing on the expressiveness of human hands rather than Wieland’s feet.

Brazil / 2022 / Documentary / 8’ / Fernanda Pessoa



Exploring a sense of desperation and urgency, the film proposes a journey through the extremes, raising questions about madness and redemption.

Switzerland / 2021 / Experimental / 6’ / Saro Vallejo


CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 15.06.2022 | 18:30 | 90’ + Q&A
Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 16.06.2022 | 14:00 | 90’ + Q&A

A pleasant tingling at your fingertips and around your neck. The addictive sensation of relaxation that finally rescues you from the world filled with stimuli, problems and anxieties. Like the emerging dawn, suspended between night and day that brings a new light. Enjoy the unwinding visual session that offers you a therapeutic break and a sensual, trance-like experience. Content Rating: +16


  • Mars Exalté (Exalted Mars)

A city at dawn. Traffic is flowing like red and white blood cells. A man sleeps, enveloped in the darkness – he is beautiful, he is naked, it is hot. We will never know what he is dreaming. The sun rises and the façades of the skyscrapers begin to sparkle.

France / 2022 / Fiction / 18’/ Jean-Sébastien Chauvin


  • when the moon was gibbous

The life of a colorful ensemble of beasts is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of a small group of humans that are determined to subdue one of them.

Denmark / 2021 / Animation / 3’ / Erika Grace Strada


  • Beity

‘Beity’ is about a mother, who is awaiting the return of her daughter, and spends the day smoking and tormenting the household staff so as not to face her pain.

Liban / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Isabelle Mecattaf


  • The Demands of Ordinary Devotion

‘The Demands of Ordinary Devotion’ invites a reflection on the process of making, the prospect of motherhood, and uncertainties in creation, balance and composition

Belgium / 2022 / Fiction, experimental / 12’ / Eva Giolo


  • Squish!

‘Squish!’ is a meditation on the self through lurid and liquid forms; filtered through both old and foreseeable technology informed by Thai animation history and contemporary culture, and a constant process of constructing and deforming new selves to simulate ‘movements’.

Thailand / 2021 / Fiction, documentary, experimental / 17’ / Tulapop Saenjaroen


  • Places We’ll Breathe

‘Places We’ll Breathe’ is an audiovisual essay that advocates imagination through a travelogue of constructed and anonymous landscapes. It is a note about the future. Narratives that intertwine in the interstices between the visual, the auditory, and the expressed, speak about loss, exploration, presence, vigilance, responsibility, struggle and freedom.

Croatia / 2022 / Documentary, experimental / 22’ / Davor Sanvincenti



CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 15.06.2022 | 20:45 | 90’ + Q&A

Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 17.06.2022 | 15:00 | 90’ + Q&A

The vagueness that arises from uncertainty about the state of the world we’re living in. The program presents films that touch the elusive emotions that are circling around us. We cannot see clearly through this dense global fog, but we try our best to spark a little joy, humor and light that will break through the dark clouds.


  • The Detection of Faint Companions

Full Moon. Inside. Perhaps not alone.

Portugal / 2021 / Animation, experimental / 14’ / Sandro Aguilar


  • Open Water The ability to perceive walls

The development of perception gives this film, ‘Open Water’, its dramatic structure. Along this we arrange, layer, combine, contrast several topics: nature versus human condition, surveillance by the means of artificial intelligence and the crisis in the Mediterranean sea.

Austria / 2021 / Animation, experimental / 11’ / Georg Eckmayr



‘THE CAPACITY FOR ADEQUATE ANGER’ is an attempt at a personal and self-reflexive form of artistic critique that considers contemporary art, in its production as well as its presentation, from a perspective of class. Alongside questions around the intersections of negative affect and political agency, the work problematises notions around upward mobility that the field of contemporary art both produces and presupposes.

Germany / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 15’ / Vika Kirchenbauer


  • Oczniak (Eyeshroom)

Film tells the story of the creature – Eyeshroom. It has only one goal. It wants to reproduce and land in more and more new areas. It does it in a cruel and uncompromising way. The movie ‘Eyeshroom’ is a horror movie set in a forest. It is also a story about the relationship between humans and nature.

Poland / 2022 / Animation / 8’ / Małgorzata Wowczak


  • Marblehead

A cryptic man’s little life. He lives amongst the graves at New Redeemer Cemetery.

United States / 2021 / Documentary / 10’ / Kevin Walker, Jack Auen


  • Tout ce qui était proche s’éloigne (Everything Near Becomes Distant)

My friend Xiaoxin contracted eye disease. He gradually lost his eyesight from that point on. By 2015, he had gone completely blind. He told me that complete black scared him. I felt my friend was on his way somewhere.

France / 2021 / Fiction / 22’ / Yunyi Zhu


CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 16.06.2022 | 20:45 | 90’ + Q&A
Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 18.06.2022 | 12:00 | 90’ + Q&A

Oh, wait, are we here again? The history that likes to be repeated following us to the same routine that might be unbearably frustrating but may also soothe the pain of uncertainty. Looking back might become overly nostalgic but don’t worry – here comes the cinema that gives you an incredible ability to actualize the past events and look where you’re not supposed to.


  • Golden Jubilee

In this third film in a series of works about memory, diaspora, and decolonisation, Sanzgiri attempts to recreate the landscapes of his father’s birthplace in Curchorem, Goa. He raises issues about colonialism and neo-colonialism through the lens of a local spirit known as Devchar and reconsiders ideas of freedom, loss, and recovery.

United States / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 19’ / Suneil Sanzgiri


  • Uninhabited

An experimental short film that goes through emotional scenarios of a woman in the last moments of her life.

Chile / 2021 / Animation / 7’ / Camila Donoso Astudillo


  • 81 Meters

Spring, 2021. A cinephile invites you on an intimate trip through the last surviving cinema houses in Latvia. This documentary essay shot on super 8mm opens the locked doors to the cinema houses during perhaps the most difficult time in the history of physical cinema space. They are closed for public, but sometimes we can feel they are alive.

Latvia / 2021 / Documentary / 14’ / Jānis Ābele


  • Curupira and the Machine of the Destiny 

Filmed in 2021 on the roads Transamazônica, BR-319 and the real village of Realidade, in the south of Amazonia, ‘Curupira and the Machine of the Destiny’ is the encounter between the entity Curupira, a queer devil who protects the forests of Brazil, and the incarnated ghost of Iracema, a 14-year-old prostitute.

France, Brazil / 2021 / Fiction / 25’ / Janaina Wagner


  • What Dying Feels Like

A mouse finds herself reciting childhood memories in a sterile living room. Shards of an alienating past paint the portrait of a human life. A sense of loss pervades the atmosphere as she’s torn between being human and being mouse, between being alive and being in a simulation.

The Netherlands / 2021 / Animation / 9’ / Philip Ullman

CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 17.06.2022 | 20:45 | 90’ + Q&A
Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 18.06.2022 | 14:30 |  90’ + Q&A

Polish Competition is all about showcasing the most interesting elements that have been introduced to our native short cinema this year. Two 90-minute sets are going to present 10 films that are a bona fide feast for the eyes, ears and mind. There are some bold animations (‘Sperm Obsession’, ‘Five Minutes Older’), as well as an animation fused with a live-action film in ‘Turbo Love’. In terms of gripping fiction forms, we are going to meet a disappearing Messiah, find out what the clench is, but also get goosebumps, quiver and hear howling. Documentaries are an important feature of the section: facing the attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community in Poland (‘Sharing’) or violence against women (Joanna D’Arc). The fact that half of the films presented in the Polish Competition program have been directed by women is very important to us, while demands for equality, a better country and world seem to unite all the films. Just like a fresh perspective, ability to engage the audience, and attention to form encapsulated in short waves of strong emotions.

  • Szereg syczący (The Clench)

Anna is a respected speech therapist. She lives a structured, quiet life with her husband. One day a patient appears in her office who violates the routine of her everyday life.

Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 25’ / Marcin Kluczykowski


  • Mów mi Mesjasz (Call me Messiah)

Alex is a virgin and a young rapper. After ODing during one of his shows, he is unable to come to terms with onstage humiliation. During the search for another fix, he meets Vanessa who hooks him up with a drug that makes him invisible.

Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 17’ / Andrzej Brzózka

  • Dzielenie się (Sharing)

Documentary showing a clash of three generations, Polish culture and Christmas with coming out of a homosexual granddaughter/daughter/sister.

Poland / 2021 / Documentary / 13’ / Natalia Sara Skorupska


  • Sperm Obsession

‘Sperm Obsession’ is a story of collecting sperm and the inability of deciding to use it. The main character is implicated in one night romances and the only true relationship she has is with her dearest fish. What will happen if the only place left where sperm can be stored is the same place where the fish tank is?

Poland / 2021 / Animation / 6’ / Klaudia Prabucka, Piotr Michalski 


  • Gęś (Goose)

As Ewa’s family is preparing for the Holidays, some truly outrageous things start happening. At first, the mother and the daughter fight and blame each other, but it turns out that the author of the erotic writings appearing here and there is not a member of the family. When the situation becomes truly dramatic, the women take matters into their own hands and decide to teach the intruder a lesson.

Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 30’ / Maria Wider


Kino Muza | Sala 1 | 16.06.2022 | 16:00 | 90’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 17.06.2022 | 20:00 | 90’ + Q&A

  • Skowyt (The Howling)

Kuba is growing up in a small village where nothing ever happens. He’s being raised by an alcoholic father, a sheep breeder. One day, an old friend from a big city appears in the village. The protagonist begins discovering his sexuality and is soon faced with a tough choice.

Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 30’ / Bartosz Brzeziński

  • Pięć minut starsza (Five Minutes Older)

A day in the life of two twin sisters, who take a trip to spend a lazy summer evening together by the lake. Their bond is so close that there is no telling where one ends and the other begins… each verges on being both the greatest blessing and saddest burden for the other.

Poland / 2021 / Animation / 6’ / Sara Szymańska 

  • Dygot (Quiver)

Justyna is a young dance student who fills her days with love, movement, and parties. One quiet autumn night, a violent encounter disrupts her carefree life.

Poland / 2022 / Fiction / 14’ / Joanna Różniak

  • Joanna d’Arc

Aneta is the manager of an erotic massage parlor in France. She left Poland to find her own path but nothing goes as she would like it to. Pressing problems with her partner and growing up children motivate her to take her life in her hands.

Poland / 2021 / Documentary / 30’/ Aleksander Szamałek


  • Turbo Love 

Olivia, an aspiring love couch guru, makes a Youtube tutorial about Turbo Love which is a computer software that is supposed to give one full control of the love life.

Poland / 2021 / Animation, fiction / 7’ / Alicja Jasina


Kino Muza | Sala 1 | 17.06.2022 | 17:00 | 90’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 18.06.2022 | 13:30 |  90’ + Q&A

Polish Experimental Film Competition is a space for the pushing of boundaries, something that the Polish cinema has the potential to be, but also a bridge between contemporary art and cinema. Creative tension arises precisely at the intersection of these two worlds. Polish Experimental Film Competition is also a constant search for an answer to the question: what exactly is considered to be an experimental film today.

Historically, for the cinematic avant-garde the theme has often been the medium of film itself and the materiality of the tape. In the digital age, contemporary Polish filmmakers also ask direct questions about what film is today, while dismantling cinematic technologies – sometimes in a literal way!

Is the idea of ‘experimental’ a certain catalog of aesthetic conventions? If so, this collection would’ve been extremely wide because in PEFC, we are going to see all kinds of things: abstract, analog animation, non-fiction, almost surreal live-action films, as well as calm documentaries, whose protagonists we’d like to befriend.

The presence of the latter form proves that Polish creators, similarly to the artists around the world, explore the space between fiction and reality, sometimes blurring the boundaries between them, but also often facing the challenges of reality.

  • relation

The film is a documentary record of drilling a hole through a camera.

Poland / 2021 / Experimental / 5’ / Daniel Dąbrowski


  • The House that shadows built

A green screen guides us through a fictional film studio. Its main attractions: mines transformed into theme parks, the biggest green screen on Earth, a rollercoaster ride through roads from Westerns.

Poland / 2021 / Experimental / 19’ / Zuza Banasińska


  • Meshes of affection

A dream caused by summer fever. Isolation that makes you miss the body. A film inspired by the works of Maya Deren.

Poland / 2022 / Experimental / 2’ / Weronika Joanna Wiśniewska


  • To my friends. Next room (Hotel Monterey)

In a direct fashion, it tells a story about the creation of a utopian commune. The fate of which is closely intertwined with the history of the place it occupies, the economy and the director’s vision. The typology of the apartment occupied by the protagonists turns out to be more durable than the need to change the function of this place and its forms of inhabitation.

Poland / 2021 / Experimental / 9’ / Jan Domicz


  • Mon chéri Soviétique 

A story of the last Soviet soldiers leaving Poland in the 1990s, created with hundreds of photos taken by an anonymous gay photographer.

Poland / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 28’ / Karol Radziszewski


CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 14.06.2022 | 19:00 | 60’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 17.06.2022 | 15:00 | 60’
Online | 14-19.06.2022

  • Broadcaster

Abstract animated music video for the music of the UK based band, Squid.

Poland, United Kingdom / 2020 / Experimental, music video / 6’ / Wiesława Ruta


  • puddles

In the film being splashed is actually an abject, melancholic experience. On my return to Amsterdam, I wanted to get splashed again from a puddle, but somehow in October there was not as much rain as usual, there were not enough puddles. This is a road film, an expedition to seek for the biggest and most beautiful puddles in a city.

Poland, the Netherlands / 2021 / Experimental / 10’ / Piotr Urbaniec


  • Atonan Dancing

Atonan is an avatar of a human struggling with helplessness and uncontrollable frustration. He faces the fear of destruction and the desire for overconsumption. In order to relate to such realities he practices a shamanistic ritual. Atonan records the process in a no man’s land kind of landscape. A place before time or after a collapse of the world as we know it.

Poland / 2021 / Experimental / 7’ / Bartek Arobal Kociemba, Mads Hemmingsen, Barbara Kai Kaniewska

  • Czy ludzki krzyk na pewno się rozpada? (Does the human scream disappear?)

Film that combines many attempts to present the scream in oil drawings, animations and objects. The phenomenon turned out to be more and more spacious and expansive, as if it echoed not only in the sound.

Poland / 2022 / Animation, Experimental / 5’ / Ewelina Figarska


  • Mapa ciała (Body Map)

A group of five pupils of J. Korczak Youth Reformatory in Szczecin captures their life with amateur cameras. The result of three weeks of film workshops is a portrayal of teenage dreams and goofing around interleaved with harsh reality of institution.

Poland / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 30’ / Krystyna Dobrzańska

CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 15.06.2022 | 19:00 | 60’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 17.06.2022 | 16:30 | 60’
Online | 14-19.06.2022

  • Ziemia wchłonie to wszystko (The Earth Will Swallow It All) 

The change of the political system that occurred in Poland in the early 1990s brought not only hopes related to the social and economic transformation, but also anxieties and fears. At the time, such fears were treated as evidence of incompatibility with the new capitalist order and thus consistently relegated to the margins of public debate. The film is an attempt to recall the traumatic experiences of this period.

Poland / 2022 / Animation, documentary, experimental / 9’ / Dominik Ritszel



‘SOLILOQUIUM’ is a visual Portrait of one’s internal speech, flowing like a river of thoughts, with the intention of seeking truth. The alphabet of feelings, associations, fears, memories overwhelming our mind, impossible to escape from. It is up to us to give them direction.

Poland / 2022 / Experimental / 10’ / Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz


  • Merboys

The work is a documentation of a one-off performance, a reverse reenactment of archival events, a queer reconstruction, entering into a relationship with the strongly systemic architecture of the pool.

Poland / 2021 / Experimental / 13’ / Kuba Stępień



A story about the Japanese tourists on a trip in Europe in 1970 told by 8mm footage.

Poland, Germany / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 21’ / Filip Jacobson


  • Spatial Exploration of Meaning 

A being emerges from the chaos of the void. Its blind movements, dictated by instinct, begin to establish a web of ordered relations with the world. Can this bond withstand the brutality of the real?

Poland / 2020 / Experimental / 10’ / Marcel Gadalski



CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 16.06.2022 | 19:00 | 60’ + Q&A

CK Zamek | Scena Nowa | 17.06.2022 | 18:00 | 60’ + Q&A

Online | 14-19.06.2022

Dances with Camera is an international competition dedicated to films that are joined by the common denominator of physical expression and dance – in the broadest sense of these terms! Movement is a universal language, which often is a much more powerful form of expression than words. Hence, the Dances with Camera program is much more than a mere aesthetic feast. It’s going to lead us through a broad spectrum of moods – from humor to nostalgia, from irony to pathos – presenting images that are abstract and surrealistic, as well as deeply reflective and full of emotion, exploring social experiences.

This year, we have selected 16 films from 10 countries that are going to compete for the Jury and audience awards. You’re going to find both fictional and experimental forms employing a variety of cinematic and choreographic techniques.

Dances with Camera competition has been a staple of the Short Waves Festival program for the past 9 years, winning the hearts of our audience each year. This year, aside from the main competition program, we would also like to invite you to two thematic sets: Focus: mAPs – migrating Artist Project and Mov(i)e Flow.

  • Unspoken

A film centered around world-class contemporary choreographer Paul Lightfoot (Artistic Director of the Netherlands Dance Theatre) losing his father during the pandemic. Not permitted into the hospital to say goodbye, he began working with a Danish dancer remotely to create a performance that processes the emotions he and many have shared worldwide.

Botswana / 2021 / Documentary, dance film / 7’ / William Armstrong


  • Ag:Au

Two young gods embark on a journey to create a new world.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Experimental, dance film / 3’ / Alex Cantouris

  • Due North

A film about life and embodiment of the wild.

Canada / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 23’ / Chantal Caron


  • An Evening with Taglioni

Based on a true story from when legendary ballerina Marie Taglioni, the first woman to go ‘en pointe’, retired. Her pointe shoes were bought by a fan… Then cooked at a lavish dinner party and served to 35 guests.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Fiction / 14’ / Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple


  • IO|OI

In ‘IO|OI’, with a play of exchanges and reflections, a person and their creation dance together inside a post-industrial cathedral. The work of art and its creator guide each other step by step, exchanging parts and leaving behind more questions than answers, one above all: are we the creation or the creator?

Italy / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 9’ / Francesco Lorusso


  • Amani

In this tale, halfway between reality and fantasy, a mysterious narrator tells us the story of Amani, a young boy passionate about dance. Amani’s innocence and joie de vivre open the narrator’s eyes to the humanity he had never really cared about before. But as the night begins to rumble, Amani’s joie de vivre disappears to give way to his pain, which echoes in the silence of the plain.

Canada / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 17’ / Alliah Fafin


  • Walls

Father and son. Secrets, unsaid and unembraced grudges separate them. A wall that guards silences, withheld tears, glances and shy contact. The lack of communication. In spite of it, the desire to emb

Spain / 2022 / Fiction, dance film / 10’ / Carmen Porras, Dani Cobarrubias


  • When The Night Falls

The dance film ‘When the Night Falls’ tells the story of a woman fleeing the horrors of a collapsing society in the near future. Along the way, she encounters people on whose trust depends her entire future.

Finland / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 10’ / Kimmo Leed


CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 15.06.2022 | 19:30 | 90’ + Q&A 

  • Firebird Reimagined

Man, nature and technology collide in a bold, modern interpretation of the iconic work, ‘Firebird’. Created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Stravinsky’s death, this original new dance work by McNicol Ballet Collective is an experimental short based on the narrative of a previous era, but with much more relevant subjects to our current world.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Experimental, dance film / 6’ / Nauris Buksevics



A foley artist creates sounds for a film starring a dressage horse and dissolves into his own imitation. Shot on 16mm film, ‘PASSAGE’ winks at Eadweard Muybridge’s pre-cinematic experiments with horses.

Germany / 2020 / Experimental / 13’ / Ann Oren


  • Neon Phantom

João is a delivery man who dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like a musical film.

Brazil / 2021 / Fiction, musical / 20’ / Leonardo Martinelli


  • La Galerie

During a nighttime visit to a museum, an unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey between the real and the unreal.

Canada / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 11’ / William Théberge


  • High Winds & Slippery Surfaces

In ‘High Winds & Slippery Surfaces’ a fleeting body fights to maintain control of their movement as they find themselves in an unstable and unpredictable environment. The film experiments with the friction between physical action, sound and space to awaken the kinaesthetic sense of the viewer.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Experimental / 1’ / Corinne Jola, Pernille Spence, Zoë Irvine


  • Tryptyk Warszawski (Warsaw Triptych)

The three separate cinematic etudes enter into relationships, while holding on to their distinctness. Some may be abstracted from reality and focused around emotions or traumas, or drawn from evocative quotes from poetry or the nation’s history preserved in the photos. Some may dip into the flow of events, then coalesce around human relationships being tested in the harsh reality of war, yet others being simply inspired by the visual textures, silhouettes and images of human figures peering out from these candid shots.

Poland / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 15’ / Natalia Jóźwiak, Sebastian Piotrowicz


  • Dancen

‘Dancen’ is the result of brief, intimate encounters between 5 dancers in preparation at the future Pina Bausch Centre for a series of street performances in Wuppertal, Germany in Sept–Oct 2021. The film looks at the fleeting impulses that live in between moments of the day. Their precise quality is being situated between quiet habits, that is the space inhabited by yearning, daydreams, surrealism.

Romania / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 16’ / Corina Andrian


  • Walks with Me

80-year-old Sanna lives alone with her memories and houseplants. One day Sanna sees an event from her window that makes her reminisce about her friends ‘Dancen’ is the result of brief, intimate encounters and notice her own loneliness.

Finland / 2021 / Fiction, dance film / 11’ / Kati Kallio


CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 16.06.2022 | 19:30 | 90’ + Q&A

Urban View Competition is a very specific Short Waves Festival’s section that embraces the various layers that urban space can offer, this year featuring 13 selected short films.

Whether the films try to be politically engaged, emerge from the academic background, are formed as a manifest, or honor the architectural heritage – they all have one in common – the unusual empathy towards cities and their urban spaces.

Mapping, touching, watching – intensely palpable films that go beyond the visual system. The individual encounters with their spaces become the filters that help the viewers see the cities differently. Michele de Certeau’s tactical approach is evident in the filmmakers’ practice showing their extraordinary ability to find their own ways to reach the unseen, marginalized, deprived from importance and slide through the orthodox understanding of cityscape. From the everyday experiences, they can bring out the stories that matter and criticize those who don’t want to look. From personal to universal. From universal to personal. Let’s all take a walk through the spaces that astonish, fascinate and become the real testimony of visibility.

  • Minimal Sway While Starting My Way Up

As an intelligent elevator discovers the world, we get to know the invisible links between extreme heights – the mega-tall tower, speculative object and symbol for social, cultural and economical domination – and extreme depths – the deep mine, place of natural wealth extraction and colonial exploitation.

The Netherlands / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 15’ / Stéphanie Lagarde


  • Misty Picture

The images of the collapse of the Twin Towers were preceded by manyfold stagings of the buildings. In ‘Misty Picture’, such fictional motifs string together: city symphony, disaster movie and medial trauma therapy become one.

Germany / 2021 / Fiction, experimental / 16’ / Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller


  • A Banana Tree is No Coincidence

A documentary about the urban banana plants that grow in San Sebastian, a historically famous tourist destination in Spain.

Spain / 2021 / Documentary / 10’ / Luiza Gonçalves


  • 20211985

Confidential report on designer Dino Gavina’s showroom created by Carlo Scarpa between 1961 and 1963. Restoration details and stills from a 1985 film by Ellis Donda.

France / 2021 / Documentary / 7’ / Stefano Miraglia



‘Ahorita Frames’ moves the stories of the asbestos workers from New York in 2001 across the border to Tijuana in 2019, thus reconfiguring the political cartography of power relations. The film not only describes the devaluation of migrant women, but also a system of cultural symbolism and its colonial narrative.

Germany / 2021 / Documentary / 22’ / Angelika Levi


  • Silence of the World

A ‘shadowy’ cinematographer, with a unique point of view and an old Beaulieu camera, discovers the World as if it were the first time, confused and uncertain about the mysterious relationship between himself and the rest of the world.

Italy / 2020 / Documentary, experimental / 8’ / Riccardo Palladino


CK Zamek | Dziedziniec | 14.06.2022 | 21:30 | 90’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 17.06.2022 | 13:30 | 90’ + Q&A

  • Piazzale d’Italia

The audio-visual artifact of an enigmatic architecture rising at the foot of a square. A temple? A museum? A shopping centre? The headquarters of a company? By constantly shifting between past and present, the film explores the fate of an indefinable building, the icon of an ambiguous place suspended between Switzerland and Italy.

Switzerland / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 14’  / Enea Zucchetti


  • Notes from the Periphery

Mainly shot in the peripheral areas of the ever-expanding Laem Chabang port in Chon Buri, Thailand, ‘Notes from the Periphery’ interrogates the notion of territoriality, globalized networks, and ownership through fragmented relations of the affected sites and communities nearby, shipping containers that become a policing tool, and the life cycle of a barnacle.

United Kingdom / 2021 / Documentary / 14’/ Tulapop Saenjaroen


  • Sun Surface 

‘Sun Surface’ revolves poetically around the principles of energy flow, the question of excess, the acceleration of the economy, climate upheaval, but also cinema as an energy device, its ability to translate principles of realities, or to capture the part of fiction that emanates from this reality

France, Germany / 2021 / Fiction / 20’ / Vincent Ceraudo, Benjamin Ramirez Perez


  • Daedalus

Daedalus is the name of the mythic architect of Labyrinth at Knossos in Crete, that was so complicated that the monstrous Minotaur could not get out. ‘Daedalus’ par excellence is a symbolic journey meandering roads as infrastructural non-places.

Italy / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 12’ / Devis Venturelli


  • Expo Film (this film is memory)

Using anonymous home movie footage of Expo ’67 in Montreal, the artist sets out to recreate a memory that perhaps never existed. Celluloid manipulation and sound decay techniques coalesce to transform the mythic landscape into a sublime expanse of disintegrated memory.

Canada / 2020 / Experimental / 10’ / Penny McCann



Three kids searching for a story. A group of friends partying. An unusual church, an abandoned pool and a fallen tree in a roundabout. What is more unwavering about a place: the scenery surrounding us or the memories carved on its corners.

Portugal / 2021 / Fiction / 18’ / Rodrigo Braz Teixeira


CK Zamek | Dziedziniec | 15.06.2022 | 21:30 |  90’ + Q&A
CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 18.06.2022 | 11:00 | 90’ + Q&A

Focus Program

The three programs included in this focus section aim to present the diversity of themes, styles and formats existent in the short film practice of contemporary Romanian filmmakers, as well as to address a series of topics that might give the viewers a better understanding of the social and cultural context of present day Romania.

Composed of realist fiction films that bear a formal resemblance to the acclaimed New Romanian Wave, as well as delicately crafted animations, surprising experimental pieces and provocative found footage documentaries, this selection of shorts portrays a vibrant cinematic landscape that awaits discovery

Curator: Oana Ghera

Oana is a Romanian film curator. Her professional activities also include film education and cultural management, having been involved for more than five years in the coordination of a series of nationwide film literacy programs. Starting 2020, she is the Artistic Director of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival. Previously, she was a co-programmer for the NexT International Film Festival (2015–2018).

The program was prepared thanks to the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute. The featured film translation into Polish and accompanying translation of the Q&As into Polish Sign Language was created in collaboration with Deaf Respect Foundation.

Stylistically indebted to the already well established neorealist tradition of contemporary Romanian filmmaking, the films included in this program portray a society defined by individualism and divisiveness. Here, family relations and traditional values have come to define the majority of social interactions, while the outsiders are often framed as potential enemies. The characters in these films preach one after the other about the value of community, about generosity and faith, about the sin of hypocrisy or the sense of duty. They claim to raise above common prejudice, but their actions are nonetheless governed by it, regardless of their good intentions. And who is to decide what is right or wrong in a place where everyone is left to fend for himself?



  • Last Trip to the Seaside

Romania / 2019 / Fiction / 12’ / Adrian Voicu 


  • Black Clothes

Romania / 2017 / Fiction / 20’ / Octav Chelaru


  • Candy Can

Romania / 2021 / Animation / 9’ / Anton Octavian


  • Contraindications

Romania / 2020 / Fiction / 18’ / Lucía Chicos


  • Interfon 15

Romania / 2021 / Fiction / 21’ / Andrei Epure


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 14.06.2022 | 16:30 | 90’

Enveloped in a dreamlike atmosphere (though at times a rather nightmarish one), the films in this program deal with their characters’ need to connect to another. Fragmentary editing, fluid camerawork, sensual lightning and a vivid soundscape make for an almost surreal approach that breaks with the conventional image one might have about the Romanian filmmaking landscape. Out of place, confined in their claustrophobic realities and/or relationships, the characters escape by immersing themselves in dreams, in drugs or in luxurious natural landscapes, always in a search to find themselves reflected in somebody else’s affections and needs. A shared cigarette, a song, a fable touch or a hungry kiss are as many ways to communicate feelings when words fail to utter meaning anymore.



  • When Night Meets Dawn

Romania / 2021 / Fiction / 20’ / Andreea Bortun 


  • The Bed of Procrustes

Romania / 2018 / Fiction / 18’ / Andrian Imparatel


  • April, dream

Romania / 2017 / Fiction / 19’ / Andrei Inizian 


  • Fairy Fever

Romania / 2020 / Fiction / 27’ / Tudor Jurgiu 


  • Cradle

Romania / 2021 / Animation / 4’ / Paul Mureşan


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 15.06.2022 | 18:15 | 90’ + Q&A

I don’t participate in this reality, says the entity that embodies the narrator of the first short included in this program. A line that seems to apply to all the characters in these films, human or otherwise. Quite different in their formal approaches, the films gathered here have in common a certain tendency to linger around empty spaces, giving out an overwhelming feeling of loss and alienation. The loss of the primal connection with one’s mother or the loss of a mother altogether, the yearning for the lost age of childhood or the incapacity to exist as oneself inside of your own family or in the world itself, these are all themes that encompass at their core an utterly indescribable longing for belonging.



  • I am here

Romania / 2020 / Documentary / 15’ / Alina Manolache 


  • I was sleepwalking when I saw all these colors 

Romania / 2021 / Experimental / Bogdan Balla 


  • My mother is just one

Romania / 2018 / Experimental / 6’ / Teona Galgotiu


  • Kaimos

Romania / 2021 / Fiction / 28’ / Sarra Tsorakidis


  • Invisibles

Romania / 2020 / Animation / 10’/ 4inaroom


  • The trophy of youth

Romania / 2019 / Documentary / Razvan Oprescu


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 16.06.2022 | 20:30 | 90’ + Q&A

Anouk De Clercq is one of the leading artists that mesmerize with the consistency and the power of the cinematic language. The phenomenon of a dark screen that brings richness and fascination of the absence is surprised by the soft illuminations. The tense color oppositions within minimalistic context create sophisticated universes leading to the denial of certainty. In her six selected works Short Waves Festival’s viewers will have a chance to experience the electrifying poetry of cinema enhanced by the complex game between the positive and the negative.

The screening will be followed by the discussion about Anouk De Clercq’s artistic practice.

Anouk De Clercq explores the potential of audiovisual language to create possible worlds. Her recent work is based on the utopian idea of ‘radical empathy’. Her work has been shown in Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, MAXXI, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, BOZAR, at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Berlinale, Ars Electronica, among others. She is a founding member of Auguste Orts, On & For Production and Distribution and initiator of Monokino. She is affiliated to the School of Arts University College Ghent as a visiting professor. Anouk De Clercq is the author of ‘Where is Cinema’, published by Archive Books.



  • Thing

Belgium / 2013 / Experimental / 17 / Anouk De Clercq


  • Conductor

Belgium / 2004 / Experimental / 2’ / Anouk De Clercq


  • Swan Song

Belgium / 2013 / Experimental / 3’/ Anouk De Clercq, Jerry Galle, Anton Aeki


  • Whoosh

Belgium / 2001 / Experimental / 13’ / Anouk De Clercq 


  • One

Belgium / 2020 / Experimental / 6’ / Anouk De Clercq 


  • Oops Wrong Planet

Belgium / 2009 / Experimental / 8’ / Anouk De Clercq 


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 15.06.2022 | 16:30 | 60’ + Q&A

The program of four short films describes a journey from the vibrant warmth of artificial sunlight to the monochrome mist of feeling lost, and from the clouded tints of a world in limbo to the all too real conditions of life in an isolated community.

Made by four young filmmakers who graduated from the Belgian film school KASK in June 2021, these films testify to the wide variety in filmic approaches, artistic universes and personal narratives that spring from a film education rooted in an art academy, based on hands-on audiovisual research with a specific care for sound.



  • Carnations

Belgium / 2021 / Documentary / 15’ / Martijn Van de Wiele 


  • The Day That Was White

Belgium / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Wannes Vanspauwen


  • Come, Sweet Death

Belgium / 2021 / Fiction / 26’ / Jolke van Aerde 


  • Z Bratem (With My Brother)

Belgium / 2021 / Documentary / 21’ / Mattias Bavré


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 18.06.2022 | 17:00 | 90’ + Q&A

Non-Competition Program

When it gets dark and quiet, you may start feeling slightly uneasy. Your fear is about to grow after you sit down to watch the Horror Shorts program. It contains five films designed to not only give you the shivers during the screening, but also after you’re done watching. Enter the dark corners of mystifying images, both fascinating and chilling. Look for intricate details in family relationships and wonder why the most ghastly demons are within us…




Belgium / 2021 / Animation / 10’ / Anton Cla


  • Det Er i Jorden (In the Soil)

Denmark / 2021 / Fiction / 14’ / Casper Kjeldsen


  • The Parents’ Room

Italy, United Kingdom / 2021 / Musical / 10’ / Diego Marcon


  • Amygdala 

Greece / 2021 / Fiction / 22’ / Maria Hatzakou


  • The Thing That Ate the Birds

United Kingdom / 2021 / Fiction / 12’ / Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham 


Kino Rialto | 15.06.2022 | 22:00 | 90’
Online | 15.06.2022, 00:00 – 16.06.2022, 23:59

Apparently a little party hasn’t killed anyone yet! Get into the groove and lose yourself in the stories as captivating as the heat of the dancefloor, showing what may happen during those big nights out. Getting ready to go out, the journey to the club and then – a dance that can make you forget about everyday problems… unless the party comes with unexpected misadventures. But even in that case, we’re doing it for the thrill so let’s get this party started!



  • Keep that dream burning 

Austria / 2020 / Animation, experimental / 8’ / Rainer Kohlberger


  • Girls & The Party

United States / 2021 / Fiction / 6’ / Paloma Lopez


  • Dustin

France / 2021 / Fiction / 20’ / Naïla Guiguet


  • Four Pills at Night 

Kosovo, Switzerland / 2021 / Fiction / 25’ / Leart Rama


  • Congregation

Australia / 2021 / Animation / 3’ / Nick Simpson


  • King Max 

France / 2021 / Fiction / 21’ / Adèle Vincenti-Crasson


Tama | 17.06.2022 | 22:00 | 90’
Online | 18.06.2022, 00:00 – 19.06.2022, 23:59

Various forms of sexual tension escalate within us each day. Follow every detail, every move and every sound that is going to sharpen your senses and excite you even more. Don’t be put off by any obstacles, and don’t forget about consent before anything happens. Sometimes everything around us turns out to be more complicated than the sex itself.



  • Next Picture

The Philippines / 2020 / Fiction / 6’ / Cris A. Bringas


  • Eating in the Dark

United Kingdom / 2021 / Animation / 10’ / Inari Sirola


  • Are you ok

Norway / 2021 / Fiction / 5’ / Mattis Adar Ohana Goksøyr


  • after a room

United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands / 2021 / Fiction / 22’ / Naomi Pacifique


  • Consent Agreement

Canada / 2020 / Fiction / 10’ / Ravi Steve Khajuria


  • Pracka (Washing Machine)

Czech Republic / 2020 / Animation / 5’/ Alexandra Májová


  • All These Men that I’ve Done

United Kingdom / 2021 / Fiction / 10’ / Lorraine Nolan, Mark Daly


Kino Rialto | 18.06.2022 | 22:00 | 90’

Online | 19.06.2022, 00:00 – 20.06.2022, 23:59

Let the music guide you and see how it helps the film characters to express their emotions! Enter it during ballet games, and we’ll quickly change it up with rap confessions and everyday challenges. Let the opera performed by cackling animals distract you from reality, and then introduce you to the fascinating world of singing witches and inquisition. Everything culminates in a simultaneously proximate, yet abstract reality, because that’s where the music may take us – a little bit further from the earth, yet still close to human experiences.



  • Cinderella Games 

United Kingdom / 2019 / Fiction / 7’ / Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple


  • Rap Night

France / 2019 / Fiction / 20’ /  Salvatore Lista


  • Cockpera

Croatia / 2020 / Animation / 6’ / Kata Gugić


  • Fascinatrix

Poland / 2018 / Fiction / 19’ / Justyna Mytnik


  • Neon Phantom

Brazil / 2021 / Fiction / 20’ / Leonardo Martinelli


  • BBQ

France / 2019 / Fiction / 19’ / Jeanne Mayer 


Kino Rialto | 16.06.2022 | 22:00 | 90’
Online | 17.06.2022, 00:00 – 18.06.2022, 23:59

Each is different, all equal, all represented in short film! Regardless of where you’re from and who you love, you’re welcome to find yourself in one of the unique characters we are going to present in this program. Anyone may enter, introduce themselves (including the pronouns!) and show how they’d like to improve our world that still very much requires change. Because we are all unique and deserve to celebrate this uniqueness.



  • Isn’t It a Beautiful World

UK / 2021 / Experimental / 13’ / Joseph Wilson


  • Skowyt

Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 30’ / Bartosz Brzeziński


  • Eyes and Horns

Germany, South Korea, USA / 2021 / Animation / 6’ / Chaerin Im 


  • Tracing Utopia

Portugal / 2021 / Documentary / 27’ / Nick Tyson, Catarina de Sousa


  • Let’s Do This Again Sometime

South Africa / 2021 / Fiction / 13’ / Petrus van Staden 


Duże Lokum Stonewall | 14.06.2022 | 22:00 | 90’
Online | 15.06.2022, 00:00 – 16.06.2022, 23:59

Awesome Shorts is a platform that is meant to promote and popularize the medium of a music video. We are going to present two sets – are they the best and the most interesting? It’s hard to tell. Hundreds of productions appear online every day. The ones we are going to see at 14. Short Waves Festival contain a spark of creativity and innovation, which heavily defines their place in the world of music videos. For the first time, we are going to present two entirely European sets authored by well known production companies, but also by independent creators. As always – there’s going to be lots of variety


Program I:

  • We Will Become Better 

Russia / 2022 / music video / 6’ / Andrej Gavriss

  • The Boys from Summer

France / 2021 / music video / 4’/ Julien Hazebroucq

  • Mirror

UK, the Netherlands / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Femke Huurdeman

  • Crawl

UK / 2021 / Germany, UK / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Edie Lawrence


Germany, UK / 2022 / music video / 4′ / Henry Scholfield, Mecnun Giasar 

  • Malasana

Poland / 2021 / music video / 5’ / Mateusz Miszczyński

  • Witch

Ukraine / 2021 / music video / 4’ / Adrian Villagomez

  • Bloodbath 

Austria / 2021 / music video / 4’ / Rupert Höller

  • Aline

USA, France / 2021 / music video / 4’ / Wes Anderson, Javi Aznarez

  • Król Życia

Poland / 2022 / music video / 9’ / Andiamo

  • Sweet Talker 

UK / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Sophia Ray


Święty Spokój | 14.06.2022 | 23:00 | 60’


Program II:


France / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Jérémy Rouch & Julien Millet

  • FLY

Ukraine / 2021 / music video / 5’ / Alan Badoev

  • Lebanon Hanover

UK / 2021 / music video / 7’ / Tamas Mesmer

  • Nightsweats

Germany / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Kommando Kreativ 

  • Quiero Comerte

France / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Valentin Pitarch

  • The Hunt Begins

the Netherlands / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Selma, MANKES

  • Twist into any shape

Italy / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Donato Sansone


Poland / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Grzegorz Skonieczny

  • Jeshi

UK / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Will Dohrn

  • IL’DAR

Russia / 2022 / music video / 5’ / Alexey Tokun

  • Wielkie Miasta

Poland / 2022 / music video / 3’ / Andrzej Stepouois

  • Hotel Room

UK / 2022 / music video / 4’ / Al Brown


Święty Spokój | 19.06.2022 | 21:00 | 60’

BAFTA, namely the British Academy of Film and Television Art is the British version of the Academy in the US, which awards the Oscars every year. If awarded films are something that you find yourself reaching for often and you’d like to see which live-action and animated shorts have received such honor this year – don’t hesitate and join us for this incredible program!



  • The Song of the Lost Boy

United Kingdom / 2020 / Animation / 10’ / Daniel Quirke 


  • The Present

United Kingdom / 2020 / Fiction / 24’ / Farah Nabulsi


  • Eyelash

United Kingdom / 2020 / Fiction / 5’ / Jesse Lewis Reece 


  • The Fire Next Time

United Kingdom / 2021 / Animation / 8’ / Renaldho Pele


  • Lucky Break

United Kingdom / 2020 / Fiction / 11’ /  John Addis


  • Lizard

United Kingdom, Nigeria / 2020 / Fiction / 19′ / Akinola Davies


  • The Owl and the Pussycat

United Kingdom / 2020 / Animation / 4’ / Mole Hill


CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 18.06.2022 | 19:00 | 90’

European Film Award is one of the most prestigious distinctions for filmmakers presented on the Old Continent. The stylistic, genre, and thematic diversity of short cinema makes people follow this category with bated breath not only by cinephiles but also film critics. Two film sets nominated to the award will allow us to see what’s new with European directors, with screenings of films from 9 different countries.


Program I:

  • Easter Eggs

Belgium / 2020 / Animation / 15’ / Nicolas Keppens

  • Displaced

Kosovo / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Samir Kaharoda

  • The Natural Death of a Mouse

Germany / 2020 / Animation / 21’ / Katharina Huber

  • Nha Sunhu 

Portugal / 2021 / Fiction / 20’ / Jose Magro

  • My Uncle Tudor

Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova / 2020 / Documentary / 20’ / Olga Lucovnicova


CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 17.06.2022 | 18:00 | 90’


Program II:

  • Push the Button if You Begin to Panic

UK / 2020 / Animation / 13’ / Gabriel Böhmer

  • In Flow of Words

the Netherlands / 2020 / Documentary / 22’ / Eliane Esther Bots

  • Flowers Blooming in Our Throats

Belgium, Italy / 2020 / Experimental / 8’ / Eva Giolo

  • Bella

Greece / 2020 / Fiction / 25’ / Thelyia Petriaki

  • Malbeek 

France / 2020 / Animation / 16’ / Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis 


CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 19.06.2022 | 20:45 | 90’

A unique film selection that is a result of collaboration between 8 international film festivals. Vila Do Conde, Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Wiz-Art, Go Short, Alcine, Belgium Short Film Festival and of course Short Waves are short film festivals, which have been collectively promoting their audiences’ favorites for years. The audience of each festival has chosen one title, turning the program into a true feast of entertainment, intriguing images and genre diversity.

The film with the highest number of votes from all eight festivals has a chance to win 3 500 EUR, the decision is in your hands!


Program I:

  • Harta

Spain / 2021 / Fiction / 23’ /  Júlia de Paz

  • We Have One Heart

Poland / 2020 / Animation / 12’ / Katarzyna Warzecha

  • My Uncle Tudor

Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova / 2020 / Documentary / 20’ / Olga Lucovnicova

  • Bye Bye

France / 2021 / Fiction / 25’ / Amélie Bonnin


Winiarnia Pod Czarnym Kotem | 14.06.2022 | 21:00 | 90’


Program II:

  • The Lone Wolf (O Lobo Solitário)

Portugal / 2021 / Fiction / 22’ / Filipe Melo

  • Hanging On

UK / 2021 / Documentary / 10’ / Alfie Barker

  • Summer of Bees

Finland / 2021 / Fiction / 23’ / Ida-Maria Olva

  • Bambirak

Germany, USA / 2020 / Fiction / 13’ / Zamarin Wahdat

  • Squish (Sprötch)

Belgium / 2020 / Fiction / 20’ / Xavier Seron


Winiarnia Pod Czarnym Kotem | 16.06.2022 | 21:00 | 90’

SWF for Kids: New Horizons Association Kino Dzieci

We all are kids and all of us want to participate in the world of short cinema known as Short Waves Festival! Created by programmers specializing in cinema aimed at young viewers from the International Film Festival Kids Kino (organized by the New Horizons Association), the set of animations is going to take our youngest participants to beautiful worlds drawn with a unique line. It is also going to feature nature and animals that are going to remind us of their significance in the development of youngsters.

Curator: Kamila Tomkiel-Skowrońska, director of Kino Dzieci Film Festival



  • Niedźwiedź, który połknął muchę

France, Belgium / 2020 / 7’ / Pascale Hecquet

  • Kiko i zwierzęta

France / 2020 / Animation / 8’ / Yawen Zheng

  • Ursa – pieśń zorzy polarnej

Norway / 2021 / Animation / 10’ / Natalia Malykhina

  • Tulipan

Tulipan / United States / 2021 / Animation / 9’ / Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl 

  • Mishou

Germany, Bulgaria / 2020 / Animation / 8’ / Milen Vitanov 


CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 19.06.2022 | 11:00 | 45’
Online | 18.06.2022, 00:00 – 19.06.2022, 23:59 


SWF for Kids: Cinema & Fun / SWF для дітей: кино та розвага

This year, Short Waves Festival is also building a space that goes beyond cinema and is dedicated to families with children. The events are organized in collaboration with Border Crossing – Children’s Film Festival – an extraordinary initiative by Bianca Lucas and Weronika Jurkiewicz, created with children and families waiting on the Polish-Ukrainian border in mind. Their idea is the belief that ‘in light of traumatic experiences, cinema may become a little oasis of peace and joy, and a short break for mothers and fathers, a light at the end of the tunnel.’

We invite all parents with children – from Poland, Ukraine, any country, town or place in the world, not only to introduce their kids to short animations, but also to have a nice time watching good cinema, playing with the youngest viewers, and talking to other participants. During the three-hour meetings we are going to show two film sets with an open zone for dancing, antics and relaxation.

Цього року Short Waves Festival будує простір, який виходить за рамки кіно та присвячений сім’ям з дітьми. Заходи організовані у співпраці з Border Crossing – Children’s Film Festival – надзвичайною ініціативою Б’янки Лукас та Вероніки Юркевич, створеної для дітей та сімей, які чекають на польсько-українському кордоні. Їхня ідея полягає у вірі в те, що у час травматичних переживань кіно може стати маленьким оазисом спокою та радості, а також короткою перервою для батьків, світлом в кінці тунелю.

Запрошуємо всіх батьків з дітьми – з Польщі, України, будь-якої країни, міста чи місця світу, не тільки познайомити своїх малюків з короткими анімаціями, а й приємно провести час, переглядаючи гарне кіно, граючи з найменшими глядачами та спілкуючись з іншими учасниками. Під час тригодинних зустрічей ми покажемо два знімальні майданчики з відкритою зоною для танців, забавок та відпочинку.


Program I:

  1. Królewicz / Poland / 2014 / Animation / 4’ / Directors: Monika Kuczyniecka, Igor Jerz
  2. Buźka i Dzióbek jedziemy na narty / Poland / 2017 / Animation / 5’/ Director: Maciej Pestka
  3. Bobaski i Miś Dzień i Noc / Poland / 2021 / Animation / 4’ / Directors: Marek Skrobecki, Maciej Pestka 
  4. Mała Czarodziejka / Poland / 2021 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Aksinnia Semyanikhina 
  5. Buźka i Dzióbek Wielkie Sprzątanie / Poland / 2021 / 5’ / Director: Maciej Pestka
  6. Bobaski i Miś Dziura / Poland / 2020 / Animation / 4’ / Directors: Marek Skrobecki, Maja Garmulewicz
  7. Buźka i Dzióbek Buźka Robi Zdjęcia / Poland / 2017 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Maciej Pestka
  8. Zima / Poland / 2018 / Animation / 3’ / Directors: Monika Kuczyniecka, Agata Świętoń 


Program II: 

  1. Świetlik / Latvia / 2003 / Animation / 12’ / Director: Dace Riduze
  2. Kuap / Switzerland / 2018 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Nils Hedinger
  3. Słoń i rower / France / 2014 / Animation / 9’ / Director: Olesya Shchukina 
  4. Zgubione i znalezione / Australia / 2018 / Animation / 8’ / Directors: Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe 
  5. Ostatni dzień jesieni / Switzerland, Belgium, France / 2019 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Marjolaine Perreten


Program III:

  1. Strzeż się wilka! / France / 2020 / Animation / 1’ / Directors: Nikolai Bianca-Levren, Julie Rembowil
  2. Most / Ukraine / 2021 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Klim Klimchuk
  3. Polećmy / Latvia / 1994 /Animation / 6’ / Director: Nils Skapans
  4. Mały ptaszek i pszczoły / Germany / 2017 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Lena Von Doren 
  5. Nici / Slovenia / 2018 / Animation / 3’ / Director: ZVVIKS
  6. Parasol / Germany / 2019 / Animation / 3’ / Director: Marcus Klempken
  7. Jasne gwiazdy / Spain, China / 2019 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Mercedes Marro, Leno Miao
  8. Pangolin i jeż / United Kingdom / 2017 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Paolo Rousseau
  9. Dodu, chłopiec z kartonu / Portugal / 2011 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Jose Miguel Ribeiro
  10. Duet / USA / Animation / 5’ / Director: Sydney Gale


Program IV:

  1. Upał / United Kingdom / 2019 / Animation / 7’ / Director: Fokion Xenos 
  2. Królik i jeleń / Hungary / 2013 / Animation / 16’ / Director: Péter Vácz
  3. Pan Nadęty / France / 2019 / Animation / 2’ / Director: Baptiste Tassin
  4. Przebudzenie / Czech Republic / 2017 / Animation / 9’ / Director: Filip Diviak
  5. Wróżki na wzgórzu Buda / Hungary / 2018 / Animation / 1’ / Director: Eszter Molnár
  6. Atelier / France / 2019 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Bianca Mansani 
  7. Coś / Germany / 2015 / Animation / 7’ / Director: Elena Walf


Program V:

  1. Leśna piosenka / Ukraine / 2019 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Andrey Naumenko
  2. Szczęśliwa koza i pech / Lithuania / 2017 / Animation / 16’ / Director: Ilja Bereznickas
  3. Plama / the Netherlands / 2019 /Animation / 1’ / Director: Arno de Grijs
  4. Tajniaki / Mexico / 2021 / Animation / 3’ / Director: Frida Moran
  5. Mały ptaszek i liść / Germany / 2012 / Animation / 4’ / Director: Lena von Döhren
  6. Klatka dla ptaków / Latvia / 1996 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Jānis Cimmermanis
  7. Ryś w mieście / France / 2019 / Animation / 7’ / Director: Nina Bisyarina
  8. TiTaTo / Lithuania / 2017 / Animation / 3’ / Director: Antanas Skucas
  9. Cicho-sza, niedźwiadku / Latvia / Animation / 4’ / Director: Māra Liniņa


Program VI:

  1. Kot i Ptak / Germany / 2021 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Franka Sachse 
  2. Za brodą / Germany / 2018 / Animation / 5’ / Directors: Marc Angele, Noel Winzen
  3. Rozmarzona owca / Colombia / 2019 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Lulú Vieira
  4. o28 / France / 2020 / Animation / 5’ / Directors: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin   Merle, Fabien Meyran
  5. Marmolada / Bulgaria / 2020 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Radostina Neykova
  6. Cat Lake City / Germany / 2019 / Animation / 7’ / Director: Antje Heyn
  7. Tygrys bez pasków / France, Switzerland / 2018 / Animation / 9’ / Director: Robin Morales


Biblioteka Raczyńskich | 15.06.2022 | 13:00 – 16:00
Biblioteka Raczyńskich | 17.06.2022 | 13:00 – 16:00
Biblioteka Raczyńskich | 18.06.2022 | 13:00 – 16:00

SWF for Youth: My Body, My Voice

We are presenting a short film program that encompasses 6 productions from all over the world, linking the stories of young people. The screening was created with an intention of raising awareness of the subjects that are often downplayed or considered taboo, ones that explicitly discuss the subject of humans as complex entities. Diversity may manifest itself in various ways – starting from sexuality, to self-expression and emotionality

The program was built as part of Film City – an educational film project dedicated to highschool students.

Film selection: Małgorzata Andruszkiewicz, Julianna Budziak, Zuzia Martinek, Konstancja Taraszka



  • Más Bowls / USA / 2020 / Fiction / 10’ / Director: Max Tulio / Contact: 
  • Along Came a Prince / Romania, Czech Republic / 2020 / Fiction / 22’ / Director: Cristina Groșan / Contact:
  • Spotless / the Netherlands / 2021 / Fiction / 16’ / Director: Emma Branderhorst / Contact: 
  • Boni & Wes A True Love Story / South Africa / 2020 / Fiction / 8’ / Directors: Helen Raine, Kim Hinrichs / Contact:
  • The Night Train / Sweden / 2020 / Fiction / 15’ / Director: Jerry Carlsson / Contact:
  • Hot Dog / Germany / 2020 / Fiction / 8’ / Directors: Alma Buddecke, Marleen Valien / Contact:


Kino Muza | Sala 1 | 14.06.2022 | 11:30 | 90’ + Q&A
Online | 17.06.2022, 00:00 – 18.06.2022, 23:59 


SWF for Youth: Who Am I Becoming?

The program is a set of 5 productions portraying situations that young people find themselves in. It depicts broadly defined relationships – between family, friends as well as romantic ones – and the ways they are perceived by the characters and the way these people are shaped by them. The films talk about issues such as a difficult relationship with a father, the issue of national identity, changes in life and facing prejudice. The program was created by young people who aim to demonstrate how universal the issues presented in these films are. They may be experienced by anyone regardless of location and economic status.

Film selection: Małgorzata Andruszkiewicz, Julianna Budziak, Zuzia Martinek, Adrianna Skórnicka, Konstancja Taraszka



  • Love, Dad / Czech Republic / 2021 / Animation / 12′ / Director: Diana Cam Van Nguyen / Contact:
  • Julia / Ukraine / 2021 / Fiction / 23’ / Director: Catherine Lemeshynska / Contact:
  • Burros / USA / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Director: Jefferson Stein / Contact:
  • Not the 80s / Germany / 2022 / Fiction / 17’ / Director: Marleen Valien / Contact:
  • Easter Eggs / Belgium / 2020 / Animation / 15’ / Director: Nicolas Keppens / Contact:


Kino Muza | Sala 1 | 16.06.2022 | 11:30 | 90’ + Q&A


SWF for Youth program is going to be judged by the Film Educators Team composed of Karol Szafraniec, Karolina Gierdys and Kaja Łuczyńska. The Best Short Film Award in this section is going to be presented during the Award Ceremony.

Film Educators Team is a group of experts that aims to select the most interesting and valuable films dedicated to children and youth, both among cinema premieres and children’s film festival programs that take place in Poland.

Films are for everyone! Even the seniors are going to find a special section dedicated to them in our program. Straight from our competition sets to the program tailor-made for seniors – the best selection of entries from International Competition, Polish Competition, Urban View and Dances with Camera! If the cinema is not something you’re experiencing often and you’re not sure whether our unusual competition films are going to be your cup of tea, pick a screening with a special selection entitled ‘Rodzinne historie’ (‘Family stories’) – these films are the easiest to identify with.



  • Beity / Liban / 2021 / Fiction / 15’ / Director: Isabelle Mecataff / Contact: 


  • Dzielenie się / Poland / 2021 / Documentary / 14’ / Director: Natalia Sara Skorupa / Contact:


  • Unspoken / Botswana / 2021 / Documentary / 7’ / Director: William Armstrong / Contact: 


  • Seabreaker (Rompante) / Spain / 2022 / Fiction / 27’ / Director: Eloy Domínguez Serén / Contact:


  • Sierra / Estonia / 2021 / Animation / 16’ / Director: Sander Joon / Contact:


Jeżyckie Centrum Kultury | 14.06.2022 | 20:30 | 90’

Long Story Short is a new section of Short Waves Festival combining feature films of notable directors, as well as their shorter film productions. Well-known creators have been reaching for the short form more and more often as it allows for a greater subject and production freedom, often using it to present autobiographical and very personal stories. Long Story Short is also an extraordinary and rare occasion to see these films on a large screen along with other cinematic favorites.

The partner of the section is Porsche Centrum Poznań.

The Human Voice / Spain / 2020 / Fiction / 30’

A woman is having a final phone conversation with a lover who is planning to marry somebody else.

Pain and Glory / Spain / 2019 / Fiction / 113’

Salvador Mallo, an iconic Spanish film director who avoids the media and fiercely protects his privacy, relives the most important moments of his life.

Park przy Starym Browarze | 15.06.2022 | 21:30 | 150’

If Then Else / Spain / 2019 / Fiction / 26’

Alex goes to a village bar looking for someone. Edu is dancing like a madman ignoring that someone has come looking for him.


Summer 1993 / Spain / 2017 / Fiction / 96’

After her mother’s death, six-year-old Frida is sent to her uncle’s family to live with them in the countryside. But Frida finds it hard to forget her mother and adapt to her new life.


Park przy Starym Browarze | 16.06.2022 | 21:00 | 120’

The Architecture of Reassurance / USA / 2000 / Fiction / 22’

Dissatisfied with life at home, a young girl travels through other residences in her suburban neighborhood. She does what all of us would like to do: experience the domestic stories being played out by our neighbors. This tale is a voyeurist’s paradise.


C’mon C’mon / USA / 2021 / Fiction / 108’

Johnny and his young nephew forge a tenuous but transformational relationship when they are unexpectedly thrown together in this delicate and deeply moving story about the connections between adults and children, the past and the future.


Dziedziniec przy Starym Browarze | 17.06.2022 | 21:30 | 120’

Film programs that are a part of the Four Perspectives section have been prepared by four festivals who are members of the European Short Film Network – a network of festivals presenting and promoting short cinema. Four film sets interpreting one subject are going to be presented locally to the viewers of four festivals, as well as online on This Is Short platform (1.04–30.06.2022).

In 2022 the focus is set on Movements: both within a broader, metaphorical spectrum and in more literal perception. The programs will tackle changes, shifts and tangible movements from the limits of the human body, to heavy transport and the shifting of tectonic plates and make screens shake, dance and swing.

The program tries to give visual space to nature, an element that is oftentimes marginalized and treated as a film background or used as an educational material. The films in this set enhance the unique beauty of organic movements – subtle moves, rapid shifts, complex transformations. Although the human impact on occurring changes is unending, their rhythm, as well as the choreography of creation and destruction, permanent flow of energy and tensions between natural processes and those disturbed by man, is what fascinates the most. The visibility of human activity in these films is marginal, but the effects of centuries-old efforts are influencing its current and future state.

Curator: Aleksandra Ławska



  • Reigns of Silence / Austria / 2013 / Documentary / 8’ / Director: Luxas Marxt / Contact:


  • Orogenesis / France / 2016 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Boris Labbé / Contact: 


  • …THE WINDS HAVE SWEPT US OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS… / Ukraine / 2021 / Fiction, experimental / 13’ / Director: Elias Parvulesco / Contact:


  • Terra Australis Incognita / Switzerland / 2021 / Documentary, experimental / 10′ / Director: Andrea Bordoli / Contact:


  • Le Tigre des Tasmanie / France / 2018 / Animation / 13’/ Director: Vergine Keaton / Contact: 


  • animistica / Austria, Germany, Mexico / 2019 / Animation / 7’ / Director: Nikki Schuster / Contact: 

Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 19.06.2022 | 15:00 | 60’

Everywhere you go, always take your stuff with you! This is an ode to moving objects from A to B. Whether we change apartments or travel to distant places, we take our things with us. In this program we’re looking at some challenging transports: from statues to family members, and from dead animals to furniture. No matter how heavy things are, we always find the right means of transport. And while we are asleep, sometimes things even start to move themselves.

Curator: Mathieu Janssen



  • Amor, Avenidas Novas / Portugal / 2018 / Fiction / 20’ / Director: Duarte Coimbra


  • Antarctica / Belgium / 2016 / Animation / 10’ / Director: Jeroen Ceulebrouck  


  • Figure / Poland, Belgium / 2015 / Documentary / 9’ / Director: Katarzyna Gondek  


  • The Chairs / Azerbaijan, United Kingdom / 2018 / Fiction / 20’ / Director: Orkhan Aghazadeh  


  • The Camel / Lithuania / 2016 / Fiction / 14’ / Director: Laurynas Bareiša  


  • Pracka (Washing Machine) / Czech Republic / 2020 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Alexandra Májová 


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 14.06.2022 | 18:30 | 90’

The most obvious way to interpret the subject of movement is the movement of human bodies. Films that talk about power, discipline, communities, exhaustion and after all the pleasure of moving one’s body

Curator: Hilke Doering



  • Twist / France, Switzerland / 2006 / Experimental / 11’ / Director: Alexia Walther


  • Giant / Finland / 2013 / Documentary, experimental / 13’ / Director: Salla Tykkä


  • Six Days Run / Finland / 2013 / Experimental / 15’ / Director: Mika Taanila


  • excursus of fitness / Austria / 2010 / Experimental / 12’ / Director: Josef Dabernig


  • How to Reach God Through Proper Exercising / Poland / 2016 / Fiction / 20’ / Director: Gabriel Herrera Torres


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 17.06.2022 | 13:00 | 90’

Aviation training on the swivel chair. Motorbike stunts in a wall of death. Camera experiments in the virtual spiral. The seven works collected here oscillate between body cinema, resonances of perception, and animated measurements of interiors. No matter if it is the people, objects, or the camera itself: things are constantly in motion, and then the theater itself starts to rotate (well, or the laptop spins off the desk) and we end up at square one. At the O as in recOvery, sOnic bOdy 2.0, mOtOdrOm, tangO, and the perpetual circular motion. Sit back and let the hypnotization begin!

Curator: Daniel Ebner



  • Recovery / USA / 2020 / Experimental / 10’ / Director: Kevin Jerome Everson


  • Sonic Body 2.0 / Austria / 2022 / Experimental / 9’ / Director: NO ONE


  • Motodrom / Germany / 2006 / Documentary / 9’ / Director: Jörg Wagner


  • vs / Austria / 2021 / Experimental / 8’ / Director: Lydia Nsiah 


  • O / Austria / 2021 / Animation / 6’ / Director: Paul Wenninger 


  • Grid / Portugal / 2021 / Experimental / 14’ / Director: Alexandre Alagôa


  • Tango / Poland / 1981 / Animation / 8’ / Director: Zbigniew Rybczyński


Kino Muza | Sala 2 | 15.06.2022 | 20:00 | 60’

The Polish premiere of a collection of five films engaged in social issues, produced in five countries and linked by a common theme: POWER. Separate, yet complementary professional productions created with support from local communities at each stage of the process. The films were made as part of a transmedia project: mAPs – Migrating Artists Project.



  • Emersion / France / 2022 / Fiction / 19’ / Director: Aline-Sitoé N’Diaye


  • Cricology / Finland / 2022 / Fiction / 15’ / Directors: Tero Peltoniemi, Antti Seppänen


  • 36 MONTHS Fighting for Zak / Greece / 2022 / Fiction / 13’ / Directors: Konstantina Bousmpoura, Ariadne Mikou


  • Dansomation / Italy / 2022 / Fiction / 13’ / Directors: Riccardo Maione, Luca Pescaglini, Daniele Condemi


  • Searching for Phoenix / Germany / 2022 / Fiction / 15’ / Director: Marc Wagenbach


Polski Teatr Tańca | 17.06.2022 | 19:00 | 90’ + Q&A

A set of eight short films, created by Polish dance and film artists who were awarded in the first edition of Mov(i)e Flow – Polish Showcase & Mentoring. The program combines competition, promotion and distribution of Polish dance and art films at international film festivals.



  • Szpule / Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 9’ / Director: Maria Bijak


  • Edge / Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 10’ / Director: Paulina Święcańska


  • Manifest kobiety żywej / Poland / 2020 / Fiction / 5’ / Director: Agnieszka Borkowska


  • Escape Room / Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 14’ / Director: Anna Bajjou


  • You Wanted Rivers / Poland / 2020 / Fiction / 7’ / Director: Magdalena Zielińska


  • Desmia X / Poland / 2021 / Fiction / 3’ / Directors: Alicja Miszczor, Piotr Werewka


  • Go Beyond the System / Poland / 2020 / Fiction / 5’ / Director: Anna Tymków, Daniel Górski


  • Kant / Poland / 2020 / Fiction / 8’ / Director: Joanna Drabik


Polski Teatr Tańca | 18.06.2022 | 16:00 | 90’ + Q&A

Beyond Cinema

Is it possible to hear the city?

Christina Kubish, a composer and technological sound art pioneer, invites you to experience an alternative way of experiencing the audiosphere. After all, the sounds of the city are not limited to the city buzz and vrooming cars.

Electrical Walks is a work in progress. A series of walks was started in 2003 and continues to this day, carrying out local editions in the meantime, presenting the project at events and locations such as ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, The Kitchen, Ars Electronica and documenta.

Electrical Walks is an invitation to tune in into the layer of one’s surroundings that usually remains inaudible to humans. The walks become an excuse for a sonic contemplation of the background, participation in an investigation and a brief re-tuning of one’s perception capacity.

Thanks to the headphones designed by the artist, electroacoustic properties of the magnetic field become accessible to the human ear. This way, the soundscape reveals the presence of elements such as electrical installations, neons, public transport networks, ATMs, radars, surveillance cameras, antennae and mobile phones.

During Electrical Walks nothing looks the way it sounds. And nothing sounds the way it looks.

The number of spots available for the event is limited. Aside from curated walks with Christina Kubisch there is going to be an opportunity to rent the headphones for an individual exploration of the city.

Christina Kubisch – born 1948 in Bremen, belongs to the first generation of sound artists. She has artistically developed multiple techniques based on electromagnetic induction, solar energy and special light systems. Since 2003 she has started the series Electrical Walks where the public can listen by special custom made headphones to the hidden electromagnetic waves around us. She has been a professor for audiovisual arts in Berlin, Paris, Saarbrücken and Oxford. She is a member of the Akademie der Künste Berlin. Her installations, compositions and audio-visual works have been presented worldwide. Christina Kubisch lives and works in Berlin.


Individual Walks: 
Start: CK Zamek 14.06. – 19.06.2022 | 10:00 – 20:00  | You decide

Group Walks:
Start: CK Zamek | 15.06.-16.06.2022  | 11:00 | 90’
Start: CK Zamek | 15.06.-16.06.2022  | 14:00 | 90’

From nothing comes the matter. The particles that float around and move within the choreography of chaos and opposite attraction. The mounting tension that slowly wakes up the deep interactive potential. The little frictions that are generated by the cinematic language are vital and can serve as a saving remedy

Whether the world might seem to crash and the history seems to be surreal, there’s always an undeniable capacity of the cinema that through the whole history of our mistakes and failures, successes and victories has been able to embrace what is not easily comprehensible. So despite the dark times there will be filming because more than ever the cinema is needed to witness, understand, negate, criticize, soothe, provoke and comfort. And just right here – to continuously light a spark.

The Opening Event: Light a Spark is an audio-visual experience that presents seven short moving images interpreting the main motto within the context of cinematic energy and its tangible impact on a viewer, enriched by the live-act of Monocolor, one of the most interesting Austrian audio-visual artists that will lighten up the space with his intriguing visuals and exciting sounds.

MONOCOLOR alias Marian Essl is a Vienna based audio-visual artist. He explores the interrelations between sound and image in both performance-based and installation-based works. Wydarzenie Otwarcia / Opening Event Wydarzenie Otwarcia / Opening Event His fully generative, algorithmically created imagery oscillates between fluid, organic textures and rigid structures. He focuses on the relation between sound, image, light and space, aiming to create highly immersive audiovisual universes. He holds a degree in media technology and experimental media and is currently studying Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

This program contains elements that may potentially trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.



  • When the Sun Goes Down / Belgium / 2021 / Experimental / 5’ / Director: Anouk De Clercq / Contact:


  • Energie! / Germany / 2007 / Experimental / 5’ / Director: Thorsten Fleish / Contact:


  • Fireflies / Brazil / 2021 / Fiction / 18’ / Director: Léo Bittencourt / Contact:


  • Walking Cycle / China, USA / 2016 / Experimental / 8’ / Director: Wenhua Shi / Contact:


  • What Happens to the Mountain / USA / 2016 / Fiction, experimental / 12’ / Director: Christin Turner / Contact:


  • Volcano Erupts / unknown / 2014 / video registration / 1’ / Director: unknown 


  • The Amorous Indies / France / 2017 / Documentary / 5’ / Director: Clement Cognitore / Contact:


Scena Wspólna | 14.06.2022 | 20:30 | 90’

A ceremonial announcement of winners in all competition categories presented at the 14th Short Waves Festival as well as winners of New Point of View competition organized by European Short Film Network. The evening will also host a performance by Misia Furtak.

Misia Furtak – composer, songwriter, singer and bassist. Together with the Très.B band, she won the Polityka Passport in the popular music category and the Fryderyk award in the debut of the year category. Solowo as Misia Ff honored with the Toruń City Prize Grzegorz Ciechowski. She collaborated with Wojtek Mazolewski’s quintet on the album “Chaos full of ideas”, which was awarded the status of a gold album. Together with Piotr Kaliński (Hatti Vatti), he forms the Ffrancis duo.


SWF Award Ceremony
CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 18.06.2022 | 20:30 | 120’


SWF Awarded: Polish Competition + Polish Experimental Film Competition
CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 19.06.2022 | 14:00 | 90’
Online | 19.06.2022, 00:00 – 20.06.2022, 23:59  


SWF Awarded: Urban View Competition + Dances with Camera Competition
CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 19.06.2022 | 16:00 | 90’
Online | 19.06.2022, 00:00 – 20.06.2022, 23:59 


SWF Awarded: International Competition
CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 19.06.2022 | 18:00 | 90’
Online | 19.06.2022, 00:00 – 20.06.2022, 23:59 

Eternal Engine: Enter the Chamber

Eternal Engine: backyard enchantresses and cyberfairies of technoculture.

Eternal Engine: female visual artists, designers and software developers incorporating the notions of xeno-, glitch- and cyberfeminism into their practice.

Eternal Engine: Open Source and Free Learning warriors.

Eternal Engine: Jagoda Wójtowicz and Marta Nawrot / Marta Nawrot and Jagoda Wójtowicz.

The first individual exhibition of Eternal Engine is an invitation to the sensitive metaverse of a replayed past and designed futures. It is an experience of the beginning of the millennium in distortion and shift: by a millimeter, by an atom, by a pixel. Mystical familiarity and psychedelic everyday. Digital folklore in quantum entanglements and queer perception.

Curator: Aleksandra Skowrońska
Producer: Aleksandra Kołodziej
Event Partner: Galeria Skala


Exhibition: Eternal Engine
Galeria Skala | 14.06.–19.06.2022 | 12:00 – 20:00

Opening: Eternal Engine
Galeria Skala | 14.06.2022 | 18:00 | 60’

Curatorial Tour: Eternal Engine
Galeria Skala | 16.06.2022 | 15:00 | 60’

Participation in Random Garden Cinema is the definition of a cinematic festival adventure! Only on the day of the event we are going to reveal which part of Poznań you’re headed to for a screening of a film selection tailored to each of the unique locations. Experience the extraordinary atmosphere and get to know filmmakers and festival programmers. Let’s meet in these unusual open-air conditions to celebrate the short film festival together!

Vilnius International Short Film Festival is one of the biggest short film festivals in the Baltic countries, presenting the newest and best short films from all around the world. Established in 2006, the festival has become a unique platform in Lithuania, not only screening European but also global professional short films made by the upcoming generation of talented filmmakers. The 16th edition of Vilnius International Short Film Festival will take place from 18 to 24 January 2023.

Rimantė Daugėlaitė-Cegelskienė – Head of the Festival, Vilnius International Short Film Festival Gabrielė Cegialytė – Festival Producer, Vilnius International Short Film Festival



  • Lou’s Neighbour / France / 2021 / Fiction / 18’ / Directors: Victoria Lafaurie, Hector Albouker / Contact:


  • Binge Loving / Belgium / 2020 / Fiction / 22’ / Director: Thomas Deknop / Contact:


  • It’s Alright / Lithuania / 2020 / Fiction / 16’ / Director: Jorūnė Greičiūtė / Contact:


  • NAYA Der Wald hat tausend Augen / the Netherlands / 2021 / Documentary / 24’ / Director: Sebastian Mulder / Contact:


TBA* | 15.06.2022 | 21:00 | 120’

*The exact location will be communicated to ticket holders or announced on later date

ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival for several years has been building a cultural bridge between East and West, North and South, thanks to which creative energy from all over the world meets in Bialystok and Podlachia. An important part of the festival are competitions – The Eastward Window and Whole Wide World competitions present the most interesting short films made outside of Poland, while the Feature. pl, and competitions are directed to Polish filmmakers. The other three are: On the Edge – competition for the best experimental film and video art, Music Video – competition for the best music video, and Kids – competition for the best film for children.

Monika Piskurewicz, Krzysztof Sienkiewicz – programmers (Żubroffka – International Short Film Festival)


  • Laura un Vineta / Latvia / 2017 / Fiction / 20’ / Director: Roberts Kuļenko / Contact:
  • Umowa / Poland / 2015 / Animation / 5’ / Director: Ewa Smyk / Contact:
  • Golden Love / Ukraine / 2016 / Fiction / 12’ / Director: Pavlo Ostrikov / Contact:
  • Kurzy Śpiewak / Poland / 2011 / Fiction / 15’ / Director: Hermanos de Chamuco / Contact:
  • Breakfast on the Grass / Estonia / 2011 / Animation / 5’ / Directors: Erik Alunurum, Mihkel Reha, Mari-Liis Rebane, Mari Pakkas / Contact:
  • ORGANEK: POGO / Poland / 2020 / Music Video / 5’ / Directors: Maciek Szupica, Krzysztof Kiziewicz / Contact:

TBA* | 16.06.2022 | 21:00 | 120’

*The exact location will be communicated to ticket holders or announced on later date

Talking Shorts is an online film magazine dedicated to short films. Its goal is to make shorts more visible and to create a wider discourse about the art form, closely connected to the international short film festival landscape. The co-initiative was founded in 2020 by FILMFEST DRESDEN, Short Waves Festival, Vienna Shorts, Torino Short Film Market and NISI MASA. The platform, which publishes reviews, interviews, essays, podcasts and industry panels, is supported by over 15 (short) film festivals from all over Europe and beyond. In addition to weekly coverage, Talking Shorts also organizes workshops for young film critics in collaboration with its partners.

Niels Putman – co-founder of Talking Shorts, chief editor of, short film programmer at Fantoche International Animation Film Festival



1. Zoo / the Netherlands / 1962 / Documentary / 10’
Director: Bert Haanstra / Contact:

2. On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo / the Netherlands / 2004 / Documentary / 6’
Director: Jan Verbeek / Contact:

3. hier. / Belgium / 2019 / Documentary / 20’
Director: Joy Maurits / Contact:

4. Ten Meter Tower / Sweden / 2016 / Documentary / 16’
Directors: Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck / Contact:

TBA* | 17.06.2022 | 21:00 | 120’

*The exact location will be communicated to ticket holders or announced on later date

Industry Program

Short Waves Lab is a platform designed to build a relationship between young filmmakers, artists, art and film school students, as well as art and film professionals, running within Short Waves Festival – the international short film festival, which over the years has become a hub for thought and experience exchange, discussion on the state of modern cinema and art, and search for solutions and support with one’s projects.

The core of Short Waves Lab is constituted by a series of meetings dedicated to various stages of experimental film creation: from research, through short film production, to distribution and promotion of the experiment. The workshop attendees are going to have the opportunity to consult their work with Hubert Czerepok regarding the initial film production stages, as well as a chance to collaborate with them on a full-fledged production. The workshop is enhanced by a space for mutual exchange revolving around conversation, discussion, as well as circulation of experiences and opinions, and by a presentation of film selected from the portfolio during the 14th edition of Short Waves Festival.

Hubert Czerepok – professor at the Art Academy of Szczecin, where he runs the Experimental Film Workshop at the Faculty of Painting and New Media. A graduate of Antoni Kenar Art High School in Zakopane and holds a degree from the University of the Arts Poznań, where he studied under Izabella Gustowska and Jan Berdyszak. He was one-half of an artistic duo called Magisters (with Zbyszek Rogalski) which produced absurdist photography and film. In collaboration with Sebastian Mendez, he produced a strategic video game called Survivors of The White Cube – an art world simulation. He co-created a death metal band, Children of Sodom along with Steve Rushton. He draws, paints, creates objects, installations, videos, animations, makes found footage films.

The event is organized in partnership with the Department of Intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznań


Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu | 14.06. – 17.06.2022 | 10:00

CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 18.06.2022 | 15:00 | 60’ + Q&A

Informal meetings dedicated to film industry professionals and festival guests. Together we will celebrate Romanian cinematography or talk about the works of Eternal Engine collective and creative output of Christina Kubisch. With a glass of good wine there will be also place for backstage talks, meetings with old and new friends or chats about festival news.

Industry Meet-up: Christina Kubisch + Eternal Engine
Kawiarnia Kino Muza | 15.06.2022 | 17:30 | 60’

Industry Meet-up: Celebrating Romanian Cinema
Kawiarnia Kino Muza | 16.06.2022 | 17:30 | 60’

Industry Meet-up: Meet’n’Greet 
Meskalina | 17.06.2022 | 17:30 | 60’

With Anouk De Clercq’s book ‘Where is Cinema’ comes a rich and essential conversation about the unusual cinema places that are born from passion and resistance. The artist brings back the importance of the cinematic community. The unusual tension between a viewer, the moving image and the cinematic space when the magic happens. What’s the collective perception? Is there one? Is common interaction possible? The discussion that might bring some interesting insights dedicated to the audience and site-specification of cinema.

Anouk De Clercq – artist, filmmaker, writer

Michał Matuszewski – programmer, Short Waves Festival; film curator, Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu | Atrium | 15.06.2022 | 12:30 | 60’

English only.

Experimental cinema, video-art, art film, new media and many more… In the festival circuit the terms can create a lot of confusion. Do we need definitions? How have they changed throughout the years? Does the hybridity of the form can be easily embraced and named? Or does contemporary experimental cinema need a new definition? We might not reach the point today but let’s try to discuss the matter that troubles many.

The event is organized in partnership with the British Council Poland and Goethe Institut.


Hilke Doering – head of the International Competition, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

Sanne Jehoul – program Director, Glasgow Short Film Festival

Jessica McGoff – critical writer, video essayist


Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu | Atrium | 16.06.2022 | 12:30 | 60’

English only.

The question of whether the call from inside the trouser pocket was coincidence or fate, willing us to be exactly the person called, remains unanswered and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. Paul Spengemann’s ‘Pocket Call’ prompts the observer to think about the tension between technical feasibility and chaotic chance. In his works, Spengemann negotiates subjects that elude technical and industrial reproduction (e.g. life itself, the universe, chance), but does so by hyper-technical means. He builds replicas of mistakes, connects pixels to make polygons, which then become specks of dust, threads, or bits of fluff, which condense in the dark cavern of a trouser pocket. The result is a technological replica, or digital reconstruction, of chance. A way to dial into the 14th Short Waves Festival whether it’s welcome or not.

The event is organized in partnership with the Goethe Institut.


Screening and meeting:
CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 17.06.2022 | 17:00 – 19:00
English only.

The talk will openly present the difficulties that might appear on your way to create an experimental film. Is there a chance to avoid common mistakes or are they inscribed in experimenting with moving images? What does it mean to be successful in the experimental field? Discussion that takes a stand from personal views on the main unlucky decisions that young filmmakers can make at the beginning of their artistic path.

The event is organized in partnership with the Goethe Institut.

CK Zamek | Sala Audiowizualna | 17.06.2022 | 19:00 | 60
English only.