Year-Round Initiatives 

Short Waves Festival is not only a festival week, but also a year-round promotion of short cinema.

For years we have been making sure that our audiences in Poznań and all over Poland have access to high quality short cinema. Our activities in Poznań are regular thematic events aimed at promoting short cinema.

Year-Round Initiatives

Year-Round Initiatives 2023

We invite you to the Short Film Celebration, which in 2023 falls on December 22, and to short film screenings on December 21-22 – only in cinemas!

The winter solstice and the beginning of astronomical winter is the moment when the Sun is at its zenith on the Tropic of Capricorn in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year! 10 years ago in France, the idea was born to designate this day as the International Short Film Day. Every year, cinema lovers around the world meet at the cinema to celebrate the uniqueness and magic of the short film form, also in Poland. The shortest day is usually a movable day, passing smoothly from December 21 to 22, depending on the year.

More info about Short Film Celebration ➔ HERE

A month after the conclusion of the 15th SWF, we returned to the formula and venue of the festival. Showcase OFF SWF #2 was the second edition of screenings featuring films submitted during competition entries but not included in the official festival selection. Participants had the opportunity to see a set that was, on the one hand, raw, and on the other hand, thematically and formally diverse, showcasing many creative perspectives on the realization of the short film.


  • Noise Train / Pol de Plecker / Belgia / 2023 / fiction / 20’
  • Image me / Till Gombert / Germany / 2023 / experimental / 5’
  • The final nail in the coffin / Connor Kehelly / Irlandia / 2023 / animation / 8’
  • Waking up in silence / Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko Germany / 2023 / fiction / 17’
  • Flores del Otro Patio / Jorge Cadena / Germany / 2023 / fiction / 15’
  • Tria / Giulia Grandinetti / Italy / 2023 / fiction / 17’
  • Bleu Silico / Eloïse Le Gallo / France / 2023 / experimental / 16’
  • Death in August / Bruno Abib / Portugal / 2023 / fiction / 16’
  • Seagulls Scream on the Weekend / Freder ik Stuut / Netherlands / 2023 / documentary / 10’
  • Salute to the sun / Darko Masnec / Croatia / 2023 / animation / 8’
  • The garden of heart / Olivér Hegyi / Hungary / 2023 / animation / 10’
  • Her dress for the final Martina Mestrovic / Croatia / 2023 / animation / 8’
  • The perfect fit / Meinardas Valkevičius / Latvia / 2023 / animation / 10’
  • It’s nice in here / Robert-Jonathan Koeyers / Netherlands / 2023 / animation / 15’
  • Stump Silva Kuusniemi / Finland / 2023 / fiction / 17’
  • Nightswims / PV Lehtinen / Finland / 2023 / experimental / 4’
  • Riders / Andrea Russo / Italy / 2023 / fiction / 13’
  • Blue print / Dan Robert Lahiani / France / 2023 / fiction / 11’
  • Not go gentle / Sasha Ihnatovich / Slovenia / 2023 / fiction / 5’
  • La fornace / Daniele Ciprì / Italy / 2023 / fiction / 19’
  • Stateless / Tawfik Sabouni / Belgia / 2023 / fiction / 26’
  • Godspeed / Silke van Kamp / Netherlands / 2023 / fiction / 8’
  • Shinigami / Lina Laraki / France / 2023 / experimental / 13’
  • P.D.O / Samy Sidali / France / 2023 / fiction / 18’
  • Invisibles / Matthieu Salmon / France / 2023 / fiction / 23’
  • Binaud and Claude / Mélanie Laleu / France / 2023 / fiction / 17’
  • Beyond the city park Tomasz Jan Kulpiński Netherlands 2023 fiction 20
  • The taster / Sophia Bierend / Germany / 2023 / fiction / 30’
  • Spring/ Pernilae Kjaer / 2023 / fiction
  • De imperio / Alessandro Novelli / Portugal / 2023 / animation / 13’
  • Beyond the city park / Tomasz Jan Kulpiński / Netherlands / 2023 / fiction / 20′
  • The family portrait / Lea Vidakovic / Croatia / 2023 / fiction / 14′
  • After dawn / Yohann Kouam / France / 2023 / fiction / 23′
  • Aube / Vincent GIBAUD / France / 2023 / animation / 4′
  • Luce and the rock / Belgium / 2023 / animation / 13′
  • Knin zadar / Melita Vrsaljko / Croatia / 2023 / documentary / 15′
  • La fornace / Daniele Ciprì / Italy / 2023 / fiction / 19′
  • Worth Your Weight in Gold / Sandro Aguilar / Portugal / 2023 / fiction / 26′
  • Nameless Heitor / Vasco Saltão / Portugal / 2023 / fiction / 30′
  • Donkey music / Karolina Malinowska, Morana Schulz / Croatia / 2023 / documentary / 17′
  • The minotaure strike / Raphaël Lozano / France / 2023 / animation / 13′
  • Tria / Giulia Grandinetti / Italy / 2023 / fiction / 17′
  • Opulence / Clement Riere / France / 2023 / fiction / 20′

On the still flowing wave of festival screenings, we want to continue the meetings we started in October at the Pies of Andaluzjski. With pleasure and some nostalgia, we will remind you about the European short films that found their place in the programs of the 12th, 13th and 14th editions of the Short Waves Festival. 3… 2.. 1. is three screenings on the showcase basis, during which we will not only present a number of films, but also comment on them and discuss how they situate themselves among the current trends of short cinema with the passing years. We will look at whether, in the changing conditions and dynamic global situation, the films of the past few years have retained their freshness and relevance. 


3… (5.12)

  • Zoon / Jonatan Schwenk / Germany / 2022 / animation / 4’
  • Adjusting / Dejan Petrović / Serbia / 2021 / documentary / 20’
  • Nights and days in July / Jana Bringlov Ekspong / Sweden / 2021 / fiction / 20’
  • The human torch / Risto Pekka-Blom Finland / 2022 / fiction / 5’
  • Sierra Sander Joon / Estonia / 2022  / animation / 16’
  • A Roadside with a view / Paul Razlaf / Germany / 2021 / experimental / 4’
  • When the moon was gibbous / Erika Grace Strad/ Portugal / 2021 / experimental / 3’
  • The Demands of Ordinary Devotion / Eva Giolo / Belgium / 2022 / fiction / 12’
  • Open water / Georg Eckmayr / Austria / 2021 / animation / 11’
  • 81 meters / Janis Abele / Latvia / 2021 / fiction / 14’
  • What Dying Feels Like / Philip Ullman / Netherlands / 2021 / animation / 9’

2.. (12.12)

  • A White screen is Visible / Sohaib Bouaiss / Netherlands / 2020 / fiction / 8’
  • The Men Who Wait  / Quý Truong Minh / France / 2020 / fiction / 15’
  • VO / Nicolas Gourault / France / 2021 / documentary / 21’
  • Blue Honda Civic / Jussi Eerola / Finland / 2020 / experimental / 11’
  • New year / Corina Andrian / Romania / 2021 / experimental / 12’
  • Bye little block! / Éva Darabos / Italy / 2020 / animation / 20’
  • The Lack of Clarity / Stefan Kruse Jørgensen / Denmark / 2020 / experimental  / 23’

1. (19.12)

  • Cracking sound / Hanna Kaihlanen / Finland / 2019 / documentary / 11’
  • How to Dissapear / Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel / Austria / 2020 / animation / 20’
  • Little lower than the angels / Friederike Kersten / Germany / 2019 / fiction / 14’
  • All movements should kill the wind / Yuyan Wang / France / 2019 / documentary / 12’
  • Sun dog / Dorian Jespers / Belgium / 2020 / fiction / 20’
  • Mudlove / Tero Peltoniemi / Finland / 2019 / fiction / 7’
  • Alta / Antti Ahokoivu/ Finland / 2019 / fiction / 4’
  • The headless gatherer / Igor Shin Moromisato / Germany / 2019 / fiction / 15’
  • If then else / Carla Simón / Hiszpania / 2019 / fiction / 15′

On the 10th and 28th of November, Short Waves Festival and Ad Arte Foundation invited everyone to Pies Andaluzyjski for the Urban View screenings. This section has been an integral part of the Short Waves Festival for years, and this year it made its way to the Summer Time Festival, reminding us once again around the 15th edition of SWF.

Urban View is dedicated to short cinema focusing on architecture, design, urban space, textures, layers, and nuances that metropolitan areas encompass. It also examines its inhabitants, their motivations, relationships, and problems. The films included in the Urban View programs do not trivialize global and local issues, bringing viewers closer to elements of the city that often go unnoticed in daily life.


Set I:

➔ Municipal Relaxation Module / Matthew Rankin / Canada 2022 / fiction/ experimental/ 6’
➔ Zigipouse (Smoke Break) / Alan Sahin / Switzerland 2021 / documentary / 10’
➔ Fantoomwijk / Ravi Sandberg / the Netherlands 2023 / documentary /14’
➔ Iizuna Fair / Sumito Sakakibara / Japan 2021 / animation / 11’
➔ Phase II / Kelly Sears / United States 2022 / fiction, experimental/ 7’
➔ Menagerie / Jack Grey / United States 2022 / animation / 5’
➔ Green Space / Jamie Fraser / United Kingdom 2022 / fiction/ 21’

Set II:

➔ It’s a Date / Nadia Parfan / United Kingdom/Ukraine 2023 / fiction /6’
➔ Tempo Home / Kamil Bembnista / Poland 2022 / documentary / 20’
➔ YUtopia / Haris Salihovic / United Kingdom, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2022 / documentary, experimental / 5’
➔ The Fruit Tree / Isabelle Tollenaere / Belgium 2022 / documentary / 15’
➔ Lockdown Dreamscape / Nicolas Gebbe / Germany 2022 / animation / 7’
➔ Troika / Robert Mentov, Karl Kai / Canada 2023 / fiction / 20’

OFF Short Waves to four screenings dedicated to films that were submitted during this year’s call for entries but did not make it into the official selection of SWF competitions: International, Polish, MOVES, and RAW. These are productions that illustrate how short film cinema is transforming, what trends we can observe in it, and represent the character of each competition. The 15th Short Waves Festival will take place from November 14 to 19, 2023. However, before we begin the festival week, we invite you to this series of Tuesday events at Pies Andaluzyjski, which announce, complement, and showcase what the competitive part of SWF is all about.


OFF Polish Competition: 

  • Time to Revolt / Poland / 2022 / documentary / 14′ / Director: Daniel Le Hai
  • W pamięci / Poland / 2022 / fiction / 11′ / Director: Zofia Sawicka
  • A Beautiful Wildflower Meadow / Poland / 2022 / fiction / 30′ / Director: Emi Buchwald
  • If I had to die, it’s like I want to die / Poland / 2022 / animation, eksperyment / 10′ / Director: Andrzej Staniek
  • I know you are afraid too / Poland / 2022 / animation / 11′ / Director: Pola Lotta Włodarczyk

OFF International Competition:

  • Heart Fruit / Switzerland / 2022 / fiction / 20′ / Director: Kim Allamand
  • Sweet Like Lemons / UK / 2023 / animation / 6′ / Director: Jenny Jokela
  • All Inclusive / Columbia / 2022 / fiction / 20′ / Director: Duván Duque Vargas
  • Ardent Other / France / 2022 / experiment, animation / 16′ / Director: Alice Brygo


  • Purgatory / 2022 / Netherlands / 6′ / Director: Nina ven der Berg
  • Juice / 2022 / Germany / 5′ / Director: Mona Keil
  • This story to exist / 2022 / France / 18′ / Director: Pauline Moussours
  • Two Men on Train and Someone Else / 2022 / Estonia / 20′ / Director: Jaan Toomik
  • March 8 2020: A Memoir / 2022 / Netherlands / 15′ / Director: Firat Yücel
  • At Word’s End / 2022 / Lithuania / 6′ / Director: Julius Stakisaitis


  • Epicentre / France / 2021 / 8′ / Director: Nguyen Anne
  • A BODY IS / Spain / 2021 / 4′ / Director: Jaime Dezcallar
  • SILO / France / 2022 / 5′ / Director: Jérémie Bouillon
  • In the Same Boat (Samassa veneessä) (9509) / Finland / 2023 / 8′ / Director: Mervi Junkkonen
  • Inner Room / Bulgaria / 2022 / 6′ / Director: Ina Dimitrova Gerginova
  • Circology (9653) / Finland / 2023 / 16′ / Director: Tero Peltoniemi
  • Open Call / France / 2023 / 8′ / Director: Katia Crivellari
  • Fragments of Resilience (8552) / Poland / 2022 / 25′ / Director: Anna Semenova

“In my dances, sculptures are alive, watched by immobile spectators.”

A selection of films inspired by the work of Magdalena Abakanowicz. The program is the result of international selection, incorporating works that explore the mysteries of matter, presence, and freedom.


1. “Places We’ll Breathe” dir. Davos Sanvincenti, Croatia, 2022

2. “The Last Children” dir. Fu Le, France, 2020

3. “Duszyczka” dir. Barbara Rupik, France, 2020

4. “I’ve Always Wanted To See a Martian” dir. Samgrada Nitsopoulou, Greece, 2022

5. “Abakany” dir. Kazimierz Mucha, Jarosław Brzozowski, Poland, 1970

Mechelen, Belgium – 15.09 – Dansstorm Festival 

Program I:

1. Herbarium, dir. Iwona Pasińska, Poland 
2. Walks With Me. dir. Kati Kallio, Finland
3. The Hurting, dir. Kay Otto, Germany
4. Lazarus, dir. Tuixén Benet, Spain|
5. Cinderella Games, dir. Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple, United Kingdom

Program II:

1. Etch, dir. Abby Warrilow, Lewis Gourlay, United Kingdom
2. ag:Au, dir. Alex Cantouris, United Kingdom
3. The Last Children, dir. Fu Le, France
4. Maids, dir. Sofia Castro, Argentina
5. Mudlove, dir. Tero Peltoniemi, Finland

Wrocław – 23.09 – Festiwal Przestrzenie Sztuki 

A screening of six short films with movement and dance as their common language, selected from the program of the 14th edition of the Short Waves Festival, prepared by MOVES section curator Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak.


1. Neon Phantom, dir. Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil 2021, 20’ 
2. An Evening with Taglioni, dir. Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple, United Kingdom 2021, 14’
3. Ag:Au, dir. Alex Cantouris, United Kingdom 2021, 3’
4. Zielnik, dir. Iwona Pasińska, Poland 2021, 13’
5. Amani, dir. Alliah Fafin, Canada 2021, 17’ 
6. Walks with me, dir. Kati Kallo, Finland 2021, 11’

Białystok – 10.11.2023 – Przestrzenie Sztuki

The program of films shows the currently dominant trends of dance cinema – going beyond the traditional understanding of dance, referring to the phenomenon of movement, using various forms of its representation – from high-budget feature productions, through the use of the musical formula to the strong combination of audial elements with the most delicate gestures.


1. Neon Phantom, dir. Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil 2021, 20’ 
2. An Evening with Taglioni, dir. Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple, United Kingdom 2021, 14’
3. Ag:Au, dir. Alex Cantouris, United Kingdom 2021, 3’
4. Zielnik, dir. Iwona Pasińska, Poland 2021, 13’
5. Amani, dir. Alliah Fafin, Canada 2021, 17’ 
6. Walks with me, dir. Kati Kallo, Finland 2021, 11’

Screening of short films from the selection of the Manhattan Short Festival. Participants in the event can discover their inner film critic by voting for the Best Film and Best Actor at the 26th Manhattan Short Film Festival, which will take place from September 28 to October 8, 2023. Every short film included in the MANHATTAN SHORT program automatically qualifies for the Oscars! The final ten films of MANHATTAN SHORT come from seven countries: Australia, Afghanistan, Finland, Iran, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Canada, alongside three films from the USA, showcasing a cross-section of the most interesting short films from around the world in all their diversity.


SUNLESS / reż. Boris Vesselinov / USA / 8min
As they pilot their submarine down into the world’s deepest point, two researchers must debate pressing on when a crack in their window port grows.
VOICE ACTIVATED / reż. Steve Anthopoulos / Australia / 12min
A florist with a stutter is forced to cooperate with a voice-activated car on the way to an important delivery.
YELLOW / reż. Elham Ehsas / UK, Afghanistan / 13min
In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, a woman walks into a chadari store in Kabul to buy her first full-body veil and face an uncertain future.
TUULIKKI / reż. Teemu Nikki / Finlandia / 14min
When a young woman, dominated by an over-protective mother plots her escape, their relationship dissolves into one of mutual suspicion.
THE FAMILY CIRCUS / reż. Andrew Fitzgerald / USA / 17min
A Vietnamese-American family’s plan to cover up a drunk-driving incident begins to unravel when their emotional baggage spills out in front of the police.
CAREER DAY / reż. Jason Robinson & Chris Hooper / USA / 10min
A once promising 90’s pop star and his aging boy band reunite for his daughter’s elementary school Career Day. They go viral.
SNAIL / reż. Aminreza Alimohammadi / Iran / 14min
A loving mother strives to make her young son’s singing dreams come true but an audition takes a dramatic, unforeseen turn.
THE RECORD / reż. Jonathan Laskar / Switzerland / 9min
An antique musical instrument dealer obsessively plays a magical vinyl record that “reads your mind and plays your lost memories.” Even the forgotten ones.
THE STUPID BOY / reż. Phil Dunn / UK / 15min
In London, a broken man groomed for a terrorist attack is confronted by a local lad who sees things differently. But seeing things differently can be dangerous.
SOLEIL DE NUIT / reż. Fernando López Escrivá & Maria Camila Arias / Canada / 13min
While training for a moon landing, a group of Canadian astronauts are tasked with an added mission by a Native American elder.

The Starołęka-Minikowo District Council, in collaboration with the “Ad Arte” Foundation for Cultural Education, warmly invited all neighborhood residents to four extraordinary cinematic journeys as part of the Open-Air Cinema in Starołęka.


August 4, 20:30 — “LA GOMERA,” dir. Corneliu Porumboiu, crime comedy, Germany, France, Romania 2020, 97′

A criminal comedy about a cynical police officer entangled in a double (or is it only?) game, referencing film classics and evoking the “Ocean’s” series. The film surprises with creativity, entertains with absurd humor, and, above all, proves that anyone who takes themselves deadly seriously is simply funny.

August 11, 20:30 — “EVERYBODY KNOWS,” dir. Asghar Farhadi, drama, thriller, France, Italy, Spain 2018, 132′

A tension-filled film that surprises and confuses tracks until the very end. Thanks to this masterfully conducted social drama with elements of crime and love story, the stellar duo (and privately a couple) – Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem – meet on the screen once again.

September 1, 19:30 — “UNDER THE SILVER LAKE,” dir. David Robert Mitchell, crime comedy, USA 2018, 139′

An incredibly funny, full of surprising ideas and twists investigation story where clues are found in every pop culture artifact, and nothing is as it seems to us. Can the biggest conspiracy theory in history, hiding the darkest secrets of Los Angeles, turn out to be true?

September 8, 19:30 — “WILD TALES,” dir. Damián Szifron, dark comedy, Spain, Argentina 2014, 122′

Most of us live in stress and tension. An underrated musician, a businessman, a bride, a famous millionaire, a waitress, and an explosives expert will say “enough!” and show everyone their wild side. In a world where only efficiency and success matter, they will outsmart the system and fight for themselves, even if it requires crossing the thin line between normalcy and madness.

In collaboration with the Starołęka-Minikowo District Council. Financed by the City of Poznań.

OFF Jeżyce is an event whose mission is to promote local Poznań culture and creative individuals from the capital of Wielkopolska. At the same time, we aim to create an atmosphere of collectivity, a comfortable space for meetings, and the building of neighborhood bonds. In the program of our festival, we incorporate short films, locally produced music videos, music, and spending time in outdoor locations, specifically in Jeżyce!

“The close proximity of culture” is the slogan that guided us throughout the entire preparation period and the duration of the festival. We have seen firsthand how events of this kind are needed because it is precisely in their immediate surroundings that residents are most eager to immerse themselves in things they don’t have the opportunity to experience in their daily lives.

The second edition of OFF Jeżyce attracted 1000 people who, during 10 events, gathered in festival locations! They listened, watched, talked, and together with us, discovered what local culture has to offer. Thank you!


This year’s Summer with the Estrada took the residents of Poznań on a unique journey through the sunny countries of the south. In collaboration with the Short Waves Festival and Lago Film Fest, we invite you to a real Italian feast in the Naramowice district of Poznań!

The Open Garden Cinema is a unique, unconventional event — intimate, outdoor film screenings arranged in beautiful natural surroundings, gardens, and parks. It combines a unique film selection with a social atmosphere and unforgettable entertainment.


“Stand by Me,” dir. Giuseppe Marco Albano, Italy 2011, fiction, 15′

Absurd and ironic, a discourse on the world of necropolises, funeral industry, and the South.

“Waterloo,” dir. Francesco Selvi, Italy 2018, fiction, 17′

From a plastic battle on the model plane surface, the figure of a lonely old man emerges from the darkness. Our tearful eye of the tenderly desperate Napoleon encounters tangible signs of the end of his society. Step by step in his march through the night, the genesis of a failure, which goes from personal to universal, is marked.

“The Drawback of Having a ****,” dir. Astutillo Smeriglia, Italy 2018, animation, 3′

Even if the penis shrinks in its small wheelchair, nothing will change; it will dictate the law until the very end.

“X.Y.U,” dir. Donato Sansone, Italy 2019, animation, 2′

Restless, neurotic lines transform the human body into visual madness. Its organs and limbs connect and transform through this uniform and bizarre metamorphosis.

“Sting Like a Bee,” dir. Leone Balduzzi, Italy 2020, fiction, 5′

In collaboration with jazz pianist Ze in the Clouds, Leone takes us on a musical journey through the hot streets of Italian Vasto. Following the adventures of the growing-up protagonist Nicoli Antonini and her friends, first loves, and developing friendships, we will get closer to all-too-familiar summer days of our own adolescence. This dynamic parallel between the life of bees and the youthful experience of the world, broken by a tribute to the iconic Italian vehicle Piaggio Ape, is an experimental and innovative look at traditional love flirtations.

“Forty Horsepower,” dir. Luca Ciriello, Italy 2020, documentary, 10′

An intimate observation of the summer outings of a group of kids from the Venetian Chioggia, their dreams, and expectations intertwined with the demanding life on the water. Sixteen-year-old Stefanin spends his days repairing engines and catching mussels, and his summer evenings are filled with fun and joint swimming with friends in the lagoons on small motorboats with 40 horsepower, accompanied by loud reggaeton and colorful LEDs. This drifting world is built on illusions and irony but also on dreams and hopes for the future.

“Nonna Carla,” dir. Alberto Danelli, Italy 2020, documentary, 15′

Grandmother Carla, accompanying the director in his everyday shopping, is a typical Lombard old lady – stubborn, full of character and sarcastic humor, reconciled with death, understanding that it takes away from life what it gave earlier, and that, despite our differences, in the end, we are all equal.

“Issa (her),” dir. Stefano Cau, Italy 2019, fiction, 12′

Issa is a young woman eager to see the world, experience it through touch and sight. She lives in a small village amid dry grass, where no child has been born for a long time. Issa is pregnant. She wants to escape, but the elderly residents cannot let their hope vanish – she must give birth at any cost. The future does not belong to Issa.

“652 miles = 0 (or the wonderful convenience of videocalling),” dir. Giulio Gobbetti, Italy 2021, documentary, 4′

While the whole world is dealing with the Coronavirus, Giulio’s grandmother is one of many Italians in quarantine. From a distance of 652 miles, the director embarks on a journey… to teach her how to conduct video calls.

Total duration: 83′

Summer Time is a new music and film festival created with the aim of seamlessly combining leisure and the city, entertainment and substance, nature and culture, people and space. Summer Time brings high-quality cinema and alternative music to unique locations in Poznań, encouraging exploration and rediscovery. Summer Time is a space of comfort and collectivization, directed to anyone who wants to make summer spent in the city a time of active and productive relaxation.

The first edition of the festival took place from July 12 to 16, 2023, in Poznań. During the five festival days, we managed to gather over 3,000 people participating in 21 events at 15 locations, which took part in concerts, film screenings, live meetings, and collectively embraced the Summer Time spirit.


Art gallery No No Yes of Course and Short Waves Festival were happy to invite to the series of short film screenings delving into the topics close to the millennials’ hearts: their mental state, search for attention, confusion stuck between care and boredom, and many more.


  • Inflorescence [slowloop-06] / dir. Nicolaas Schmidt / Germany / 2020 / 7’
  • Bébé colère / dir. Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel / France / 2020 / 13’
  • A Place we Call Reality / dir. Kristoffer Borgli / USA / 2018 / 15’
  • Next Picture / dir. Cris A. Bringas / The Philippines / 2020 / 6’
  • where the truth lies / dir. Diane Nerwen / USA / 2018 / 5’
  • The End of Suffering (A Proposal) / dir. Jacqueline Lentzou / Greece / 2020 / 14’

R/R Café: Breaking New Ground in Film Curating – a two-day workshop that culminated in a panel discussion open to the public. It was led by Suzy Gillett – a British curator, festival producer, screenwriter, director and film consultant with over 30 years of experience. Those invited to participate in the workshop represented diverse areas of film culture, both from the audience and talent development side. Based on active mutual education through the exchange of opinions and experiences, they looked at issues related to event programming and organizing film festivals, and developed practices and strategies leading to the formation of sustainable, ethical models of activities in the future.

Video recording of the event: HERE

Once again, the Ad Arte Foundation is the exclusive Polish distributor of two Oscar Nominated Shorts programs live-action and animated films. We organized dozens of screenings in art-house cinemas throughout Poland, presenting the audience with ten exceptional shorts nominated for the most prestigious film award in the world.

Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Short Films 2023:

1. “Irish Goodbye” / dir. Tom Berkeley, Ross White / Ireland / 2022 / 23’

2. “Ivalu” / dir. Anders Walter / Denmark / 2022 / 16’

3. “The Pupils” / dir. Alice Rohrwacher / Italy, USA / 2022 / 37’

4. “Night Ride” / dir. Eirik Tveiten / Norway / 2020 / 15’

5. “The Red Suitcase” / dir. Cyrus Neshvad / Luxembourg / 2022 / 17’

Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films 2023:

1. “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” / dir. Peter Baynton, Charlie Mackesy / United Kingdom / 2022 / 35’

2. “The Flying Sailor” / dir. Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby / Canada / 2022 / 7’

3. “Ice Merchants” / dir. João Gonzalez / Portugal, France / 2022 / 14’

4. “My Year of Dicks” / dir. Sara Gunnarsdóttir / USA / 2022 / 25’

5. “An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It” / dir. Lachlan Pendragon / Australia / 2022 / 11’ 

Valentine’s Day with short films at the Palace Cinema!

On February 14th at the Palace Cinema, we watched a set of five short films telling unique love stories. Whether it was a crazy chase after a husband’s lover, the quest for a knight in shining armor in a young director’s astrological journey, or a party night full of breakups and reunions of a loving couple – the characters in these films did a lot for love, but they also endured torture for love. They sought comfort among supportive neighbors or constructed a virtual, perfect partner. Before us unfolded a lot of fun, romantic catastrophes, and a true rollercoaster of emotions!
  1. “Plans for the Future,” dir. Dana Venezia, United Kingdom 2022, documentary, 13′
  2. “Sweet Salty,” dir. Linh Duong, Vietnam 2019, fiction, 18′
  3. “Yulia & Juliet,” dir. Zara Dwinger, Netherlands 2018, fiction, 12′
  4. “Habib & the Thief,” dir. Naures Sager, Sweden 2021, fiction, 15′
  5. “Turbo Love,” dir. Alicja Jasina, Poland 2022, fiction/animation, 7′

        Year-Round Initiatives 2022

        The Short Film Club features the best short films from around the world in all their diversity. The screen hosts features, animations, documentaries and experimental films made by both promising newcomers and established figures from the film world. The year-round program includes screenings of productions awarded at festivals, thematic screenings, audience favorites or titles nominated for major film awards.

        The cycle took place from 2018-2022, and is currently suspended.

        Make America Real Again: January 10, 2022

        The Short Film Club’s New Year’s program focused on contemporary American short cinema, which does not shy away from analyzing the far-from-perfect society of the United States, successfully deconstructing and demolishing the utopian image of the American dream.

        1. A Place We Call Reality, dir. Kristoffer Borgli, USA 2018, live action, 14’
        2. There Were Four of Us, dir. Cassie Shao, USA 2019, animation, 7’
        3. All on Mardi Gras Day, dir. Michał Pietrzyk, USA 2019, documentary, 22′
        4. My Expanded View, dir. Corey Hughes, USA 2018, experimental, 7’
        5. Project X, dir. Laura Poitras, Henrik Moltke, USA 2016, documentary, 11’
        6. Skip Day, dir. Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan, USA/UK 2018, documentary, 17’

        Love/Hate Relationship: Fabruary 14 and 15, 2022

        (Un)love short films at the Palace Cinema! Valentine’s Day invitation not only to the land of love, but also to the club of broken hearts.

        1. La chair (Flesh), dir. Jean Le Peltier, live action, Belgium 2019, 18’
        2. Afloat, dir. Ève-Chems de Brouwer, live action, France 2019, 20’
        3. Bear with me, dir. Daphna Awadish, animation, Netherlands 2019, 5’
        4. Koniec Sezonu, dir. Stanisław Cuske, documentary, Poland 2020, 19’
        5. Here at Home, dir. Renaud Ouimet, live action, Canada 2020, 17’

        Women’s Day – Stronger Together: March 17, 2022

        In March, the month of Women’s Day, the Short Film Club invited to a film screening dedicated to all girls – their presence on the screen, as well as off it, in everyday life.

        1. Mat and her mates, dir. Pauline Penichout, France 2019, live action, 25’
        2. Unliveable, dir. Enock Carvahlo, Matheus Farias, Brazil 2020, live action, 20’
        3. A perfect me, a perfect you, dir. Dina Bukva, Austria 2018, animation, 5’
        4. Synchronizacja, dir. Anna Kasińska, Poland 2018, live action, 20’
        5. The Ritual to Beauty, dir.Shenny De Los Angeles, Maria Marrone, USA, 2021, documentary, 14’

        On four paws: April 14, 2022

        In the April installment of Short Film Club, we looked at how important the presence of animals is in our daily functioning, and how interesting and thin is the line between platonic love and something that is still difficult to define for our psychology.

        1. All Cats Are Grey in the Dark, dir. Lasse Linder, documentary, Switzerland 2019, 18’
        2. Premier Amour, dir. Haris Raftogiannis, live action, Greece 2020, 15’
        3. Anita’s Pack, dir. Marlies Smeenge, documentary, Netherlands 2018, 15’
        4. Some Kind of Intimacy, dir. Toby Bull, documentary, UK 2020, 6’
        5. NAYA – der Wald hat tausend Augen, dir. Sebastian Mulder, documentary, Netherlands 2021, 20’

        Mom, dad: May 12, 2022

        A program of short films that explore topics related to parenthood. It explores different areas of childcare, the complexity of relationships, the tensions arising from economic or social reasons, the complexities of maternal love as well as fatherly love.

        1. Christmas Gift, dir. Bogdan Muresanu, live action, Romania 2018, 23’
        2. Party Day, dir. Sofia Bost, live action, Portugal 2019, 17’
        3. The name of the son, dir. Martina Matzkin, live action, Argentina 2020, 14’
        4. The Last Image of Father, dir. Stefan Djordjevic, Serbia 2019, live action, 20’
        5. Ella i Jo, dir. Jaume Claret Muxart, live action, Spain 2020, 20’

        Plenerowe Pałacowe. Short Waves Festival in summer version: Polish Obssesions 

        1. Szereg Syczący, dir. Marcin Kluczykowski, Poland 2021, live action, 25’
        2. Pięć Minut Starsza, dir. Sara Szymańska, Poland 2021, animation, 6’
        3. Dzielenie się, dir. Natalia Sara Skorupa, Poland 2021, documentary, 14′
        4. Joanna D’arc, dir. Aleksander Szamałek, Poland 2021, documentary, 30’
        5. Sperm Obsession, dir. Klaudia Prabucka, Piotr Michalski, Poland 2021, animation, 6’

        Plenerowe Pałacowe. Short Waves Festival for summer: Oscar Nominated Shorts 2022

        1. On My Mind, dir. Martin Strange-Hansen, Denmark, 2021, 18′
        2. Please Hold, dir. K.D. Dávila, USA, 2020, 19’
        3. Sukienka, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak, Poland, 2020, 30’
        4. The Long Goodbye, dir. Aneil Karia,UK, 2020, 12’
        5. Ala Kacchu – Take and Run, dir. Maria Brendle, Switzerland, 2020, 38’

        lightaspark #wystarczyiskra #swf2022 14. Short Waves Festival 14 – 19 06 2022 Krótkie metraże nominowane do

        In 2022, the Ad Arte Foundation and the Short Waves Festival once again brought Oscar® Nominated Shorts programs – live-action and animated films – to theaters as the exclusive distributor. Audiences had the opportunity to see the nominated shorts on the big screen at nearly 70 screenings across the country – including a Polish film, The Dress, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak.


        Short Live Action Films Nominated for Oscar® 2022.

        Five unique films, stories and full-blooded characters. Viewers will accompany Henrik, who for some reason must sing karaoke at all costs, or Mateo, who finds himself in a no-win situation (literally!). They will get to know the desires of lowly Julia, working in a roadside motel, whose life changes when she meets a handsome truck driver; the anxieties of a British family whose peaceful life falls to pieces in a split second, and the dilemmas of teenage Sezim from Kyrgyzstan, who faces a choice between freedom and respect for tradition.

        1. On My Mind, dir. Martin Strange-Hansen, Denmark, 2021, 18′
        2. Please Hold, dir. K.D. Dávila, USA, 2020, 19’
        3. Sukienka, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak, Poland, 2020, 30’
        4. The Long Goodbye, dir. Aneil Karia,UK, 2020, 12’
        5. Ala Kacchu – Take and Run, dir. Maria Brendle, Switzerland, 2020, 38’

        Krótkie metraże nominowane do Oscara 2022 w kinach! Widzowie zobaczą oscarowe fabuły i animacje na blisko 70 pokazach w całej Polsce - Short Waves Festival 2022

        Animated Short Films Nominated for Oscar® 2022. Five unconventional stories – each painted on the screen with a different animated line. Meet the adventures of a little bird adopted by a family of mice, who decides to finally spread his wings. See what a delicate ballerina and a rough boxer might have in common. Discover why the members of an eccentric family become obsessed with everything they touch and what questions a secret service agent asks her dog, and finally sit down at an anonymous table in a café drenched in cigarette smoke and together answer the question “What is love today?”.

        1. Robin Robin, dir. Dan Ojari, Mikey Please, UK 2021, 31’
        2. Boxballet, dir. Anton Dyakov, Russia 2019, 15’
        3. Affairs of the Art, dir. Joanna Quinn, UK, Canada 2021, 16’
        4. Bestia, dir. Hugo Covarrubias, Chile 2021, 16’
        5. The Windshield Wiper, dir. Alberto Mielgo, Spain 2021, 15’

        Oscar nominations 2022: animated shorts Bestia, The Windshield Wiper, Robin Robin, and more.

        Image for Ukraine – 5.03.2023 – Liberty Square, Poznań 

        Program prepared by Short Waves Festival in cooperation with – an independent Ukrainian online platform for legal viewing of new Ukrainian cinema and Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art.

        1. Unavailable, dir. by Nikon Romachnenko, live action, Ukraine 2018, 28′
        2. Diorama, dir. by Tetiana Kornieieva, Zoya Laktionova, documentary, Ukraine 2018, 12′
        3. Petrivka – requiem, dir. by Kateryna Voznytsya, animation, Ukraine 2020, 6′
        4. Enter Through the Balcony, dir. Roman Blazhan, documentary, Ukraine 2020, 26′

        Cooperation with Border Crossing – Children’s Film Festival

        As a result of cooperation with the Border Crossing Festival, non-stop screenings of Ukrainian children’s films were held at two reception points on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair.

        25.03.2022, Osieczna 

        Short Waves and Osieczna Land Society organized a screening of short films for children in Polish and Ukrainian.

        May 2022, Night shelter for refugees on Dożynkowa Street in Poznań

        Throughout May, screenings were held twice a week at a night shelter for Ukrainian refugees on Dożynkowa Street in Poznań. The sleeping quarters space accommodates about 150 people. Every Monday and Thursday, children attend screenings of animated films presented as part of the Border Crossing – Children’s Film Festival

        27.04.2022, Kino Pałacowe, Poznań

        Screening of animated films for children from Ukraine.

        May 2022 – Dom Tramwajarza – 4 screenings of films for children from Ukraine

        Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.

        8.05.2022 – Unusual Animals 

        1. Forest Song by Andriy Naumenko, Ukraine, 2 min.
        2. Bird cage, by J anis Cimmermanis, Latvia, 5 min
        3. A bird and a leaf , Lena von Dohren, Germany, 4 min
        4. Goat Bad Luck , Ilia Bereznickas, Lithuania, 16 min
        5. Splash Stain Spot, Arno de Grijs, Netherlands, 1 min
        6. Undercover, Frida Moran, 3 min
        7. Lynx in the City, Nina Bisyarina, France, 7 min
        8. TiTaTo, Antanas Skucas, Lithuania, 3 min
        9. Quiet Little Bear, Mara Linina, Latvia, 4 min

        Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.

        15.05.2022 – OP!A

        1. The Prince, 4 min
        2. Buzzard and Beak, We’re going skiing, 5 min
        3. Beavers and Teddy, Day and Night, 3 min
        4. Buzka and Dzióbek, Grzybobranie, 5 min
        5. Little Sorceress, , 4 min
        6. Buzzard and Peck, Big Cleanup, 5 min
        7. Buzzard and Teddy, Hole, 4 min
        8. Buzzard and Beak, Buzzard takes pictures, 5 min
        9. untitled, 3 min
        Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.

        22.05.2022 – Cosmic Love

        1. Nest, Sonja Rohleder, Germany, 4 min
        2. Every Star, Yawen Zheng, USA, 3 min
        3. Solar Walk, Reka Bucsi,Hungary/UK, 20 min
        4. Don’t Know Where Going by Reka Bucsi & Peter Millard, Hungary, 1 min
        5. Smortlybacks, Wouter Dierickx, 6 min
        6. Angel’s Trumpets, Martinus Klemet, Estonia, 2 min
        7. Signalis, Adrian Fluckiger, Switzerland, 4 min
        8. Island, Max Moertl & Robert Loebel, Germany, 2 min

        Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.

        29.05.2022 – Lost and Found

        1. Firefly, Deis Riduze, Latvia, 12 min
        2. Lost and Found, Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe, Australia, 8 min
        3. Kuap, Nils Hedinger, Switzerland, 8 min
        4. Elephant and bicycle, Olesya Shukina, France, 9 min
        5. Last day of autumn, Marjolene Perretten, Switzerland, Belgium, France, 8 min
        6. Kokonilte, 2 min
        7. Deux_amis, 4 min

        OFF Jeżyce - lokalny festiwal filmowy - Centrum Inicjatyw Senioralnych w Poznaniu

        A new film festival in the heart of Poznań! 

        OFF Jeżyce is a local film festival aimed not only at the residents of Jeżyce, but also an invitation to all Poznań residents to experience the magic of cinema in a local atmosphere. The first edition of OFF Jeżyce was held on August 25-28, 2022 under the slogan ‘In close proximity to culture’. 

        The program included:

        • Multigenerational Jeżyce Cinema •

        25.08.2022 – Dom Tramwajarza 

        The Balcony Movie, dir. Paweł Łoziński, Poland 2021, documentary, 100’

        26.08.2022 – Rialto Cinema

        Kedi, dir. Ceyda Torun, Turkey, USA 2016, documentary, 80’

        27.08.2022 – Dom Tramwajarza 

        Honeyland, dir. Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska, Macedonia 2018, documentary, 85’

        • Our People, Our Hobbys•
        A series dedicated to special passions and social phenomena – this year’s theme was plants with a workshop on the ABCs of plant care performed by Kama Chwil of Black Earth and a screening of two films centered around the plant kingdom, and how
        • Jeżyce Open Screen & Music from the Fyrtel  •
        OFF Jeżyce is first and foremost a space for residents to share with each other what they do every day! Review of the work of local female filmmakers and artists in the context of film and music – sets of short films and a music video contest of local female filmmakers, music authors and more!

        Jeżyce Open Screen I: Shadows of the big city

        1. Szczury, dir. Rafał Łysak
        2. Wielka gwiazda kina niemego w kąpieli, dir. Marcin Kozłowski, Wojciech Tadeusz Lewandowski
        3. Match, dir. Urszula Taraszka
        4. Dychana, dir. Zuzanna Michalska
        5. Moje myśli mnie kiedyś zabiją, dir. Weronika Nowacka
        6. Egzamin, dir. Dominika Stachowiak
        7. The Humming, dir. Paweł Panfil
        8. rats, dir. Klara Woźniak
        9. Wesele, dir. Martyna Kopacz

        Jeżyce open screen II

        1. Szarańcza, dir. Piotr Klubicki

        Jeżyce open screen III: Welcome to my world

        1. Dorastaństwo, dir. Robert Kołodziejczyk
        2. Chwila z mamą, dir. Konstancja Taraszka
        3. dobrze cię widzieć, dir. Filip Michałek
        4. Terra, dir. Agata Patoła
        5. Show(er), dir. Julia Hazuka
        6. Dobranoc sąsiedzie, dir. Rozalia Las
        7. Oby ciebie nie nosiła ziemia, dir. Rozalia Las
        8. przypadek świadomości, dir. Arek Ratajczak
        9. ART OF MOVE, dir. Błażej Szydzisz
        • Polish-Ukrainian morning •
        Poznan has welcomed our neighbors from Ukraine, and quite a few of them also live in Jeżyce. One of the points of the OFF Jeżyce program was a Polish-Ukrainian Morning for the youngest. There was a screening of animated shorts from Border Crossing – Children’s Film Festivall and a yoga workshop for children with the Polasanka studio!
        • Festival Club at the Dom Tramwajarza •
        As part of the first edition of OFF Jeżyce, Poznan band Mosty played for us, and the dance floor was warmed up by DJ sets performed by Iwona Skv and DJ Sofa (MiniRadio).
        • OFF Jeżyce: Overtime

        1. On My Mind, dir. Martin Strange-Hansen, Denmark, 2021, 18′
        2. Please Hold, dir. K.D. Dávila, USA, 2020, 19’
        3. Sukienka, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak, Poland, 2020, 30’
        4. The Long Goodbye, dir. Aneil Karia,UK, 2020, 12’
        5. Ala Kacchu – Take and Run, dir. Maria Brendle, Switzerland, 2020, 38’

        In September, the Ad Arte Foundation and Short Waves Festival visited two towns in Wielkopolska – Gniezno and Osieczna. During the last days of summer, we organized an open-air cinema under a cloud – plus a concert and other accompanying events. It all started on September 2 in Osieczna, where there was a concert by the Melrose duo and a screening of the film My Wonderful Life by Lukasz Grzegorzek.

        Wielkopolska Film Summer: Osieczna


        Melrose project brought to life in 2018 by Michal Strzelczyk, who lives and works in Poznan. An eclectic collage of jazz, rock, electronic samples, synthesizers, piano and string instruments. The duo refers to many genres, such as left field, breakbeats trip – hop, downtempo and synth-pop. Inspired by film soundtracks, club and classical music, as well as the British electronic scene of the 1990s, Melrose has collaborated with various musicians and vocalists to create a unique and organic sound.


        My wonderful life / dir. Łukasz Grzegorzek / Poland 2021 / fiction / 99′

        Great, maybe, but is it really mine? This is the question that Joanna (Agata Buzek), the heroine of Lukasz Grzegorzek’s comedy of manners (“Camper”, “The Coachman’s Daughter”), faces. A caring daughter, a laid-back mother, a well-liked teacher, a wife with whom you can steal horses – in each of these roles she comes off perfectly. And in none of them has she felt herself for a long time. That’s why “Jo” leads a double life, has a secret that she doesn’t share with anyone. Because if anyone found out, it would be the end of everything that seems so “wonderful” in her world.

        Wielkopolska Film Summer: Gniezno

        We then traveled to Gniezno, where three sets of short films were screened over three days from September 7 to 9: Summer Tenderness, Polish Obsessions, and Oscar® Nominated Short Films – that is, the five acting shorts selected by the Academy, among which was Polish Dress.

        Summer sensitivities

        Sentimental journeys through Latvian movie theaters, expressive memories of a longing mother, a disjointed picture of a struggling father or a colorful animation about family conundrums. The tenderness with which the filmmakers and filmmakers approach their characters make this selection of shorts a uniquely emotional encounter with the short film form.

        1. Ag:Au, dir. Alan Cantouris, UK 2021, live action, 3’
        2. 81 meters, dir. Jānis Ābele, Latvia 2021, documentary, 14’
        3. Beity, dir. Isabelle Mecattaf, Liban 2021, live action, 15’
        4. Seabreaker (Rampante), dir. Eloy Domínguez Serén, Spain 2022, live action, 27’
        5. Sierra, dir. Sander Joon, Estonia 2022, animation, 16’
        6. GOOD VIBES IS ALL I NEED, dir. Saro Vallejo, Switzerland 2021, experimental, 7’

        Polish obsessions

        Screening of five selected films of the Polish Competition of the 14th Edition of the Short Waves Festival. Polish productions that won the most votes from the audience and their extraordinary and stories captivated our viewers. We will peek into several Polish homes, offices, and cars to learn about well-known sisterly scrapes, confront the image of a Polish Catholic family, look into the strained relationship between a patient and a doctor, follow the inspiring story of a Polish woman abroad, and find out what some people can do with sperm after exciting amorous ecstasies.

        1. Szereg Syczący, reż. Marcin Kluczykowski, Polska 2021, fabuła, 25’
        2. Pięć Minut Starsza, reż. Sara Szymańska, Polska 2021, animacja, 6’
        3. Dzielenie się, reż. Natalia Sara Skorupa, Polska 2021, dokument, 14′
        4. Joanna D’arc, reż. Aleksander Szamałek, Polska 2021, dokument, 30’
        5. Sperm Obsession, reż. Klaudia Prabucka, Piotr Michalski, Polska 2021, animacja, 6’

        Short live-action films nominated for Oscar®

        Five unique films, stories and full-blooded characters. Viewers will accompany Henrik, who for some reason must sing karaoke at all costs, or Mateo, who finds himself in a no-win situation (literally!). They will get to know the desires of lowly Julia, working in a roadside motel, whose life changes when she meets a handsome truck driver; the anxieties of a British family whose peaceful life falls to pieces in a split second, and the dilemmas of teenage Sezim from Kyrgyzstan, who faces a choice between freedom and respect for tradition.

        1. On My Mind, dir. Martin Strange-Hansen, Denmark, 2021, 18’
        2. Please Hold, dir. K.D. Dávila, USA, 2020, 19’
        3. Sukienka, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak, Poland, 2020, 30’
        4. The Long Goodbye, dir. Aneil Karia, UK, 2020, 12’
        5. Ala Kacchu – Take and Run, dir. Maria Brendle, Switzerland, 2020, 38’

        Summer sensitivities in Poznań

        We concluded the Wielkopolska Film Summer on September 23 at Poznan’s Liberty Square, where we again showed the program that viewers had the opportunity to see during the event in Gniezno.

        1. Ag:Au, dir. Alan Cantouris, UK 2021, live action, 3’
        2. 81 meters, dir. Jānis Ābele, Latvia 2021, documentary, 14’
        3. Beity, dir. Isabelle Mecattaf, Liban 2021, live action, 15’
        4. Seabreaker (Rampante), dir. Eloy Domínguez Serén, Spain 2022, live action, 27’
        5. Sierra, dir. Sander Joon, Estonia 2022, animation, 16’
        6. GOOD VIBES IS ALL I NEED, dir. Saro Vallejo, Switzerland 2021, experimental, 7’

        Organizers: Ad Arte Foundation, Osieczna Land Society Funding: local government of the Wielkopolska region, Osieczna Commune Partners: Short Waves Festival, CRM, Antistatic

        United State of Love - Short Waves Festival 2022

        Summer is gone, but Love is never gone!!! 

        Second installment of the k-wax x united collabo featuring Short Waves Festival / Ad Arte Foundation.

        Screening of the best short films presented in the competitions of the last two editions of Short Waves Festival! It’s united in diversity – all the films show us amazing stories dressed in a short form, which is by no means limiting for them. The audience could see shorts from the International Competition, the Polish Competition, the Dances with Camera Competition, the Urban View Competition and the Polish Experimental Films Competition.

        SWF22: The best of – Dances With Camera


        1. Neon Phantom, dir. Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil 2021, live action, 20’
        2. An Evening with Taglioni, dir. Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple, UK 2021, live action, 14’
        3. PASSAGE, dir. Ann Oren, Germany 2020, live action, 13’
        4. Amani, dir. Alliah Fafin, Canada 2021, live action, 17’
        5. Walks with me, dir. Kati Kallio, Finland 2021, live action, 11’


        SWF22: The best of – Urban View


        1. Sun Surface, dir. Vincent Ceraudo, Benjamin Ramirez Perez, France 2021, documentary, experimental, 16’
        2. Minimal Sway While Starting My Way Up, dir. Stéphanie Lagarde, Netherlands 2021, experimental, 15’
        3. ExpoFilm (this film is my memory), dir. Penny McCann, Canada 2020, experimental, 10’
        4. Piazzale d’Italia, dir. Enea Zuchetti, Italy 2021, experimental, 13’
        5. Daedalus, dir. Devis Venturelli, Italy 2021, experimental, 12’


        SWF22: Agreement across divides / International Competition & Polish Competition


        1. Sperm obsession, dir. Klaudia Prabucka, Piotr Michalski, Poland 2021, live action, 6’
        2. Nights and Days in July, dir. Jana Bringlöv Ekspong, Sweden 2021, live action, 15’
        3. Joanna d’Arc, dir. Aleksander Szamałek, Poland 2021, documentary,  30’
        4. Sierra, dir. Sander Joon, Estonia 2022, live action, 16’


        SWF21/22: experimentalal – Polish experimentalal Films Competition


        1. Mon chéri Soviétique / dir. Karol Radziszewski / Poland 2021 /  28′
        2. Bal na cześć, że młodzi nie uzbierają na emeryturę / dir. Klaudia Prabucka / Poland 2020 / 27′
        3. Rixt / dir. Horacy Muszyński / Poland 2020 / 30′


        Full program of the event

        An enchanted evening at the Andalusian Dog! During the event ☆ It is a Kind of Magic ☆ the audience could experience magic in the form of a live illusionist show and find magical elements in a set of short films selected by Short Waves Festival selectors! 

        Everyone can find magic in something different. And that’s what the Short Waves Festival programmers did – each interpreting the slogan “It’s a Kind of Magic” in his or her own way, they selected films that combined to create an eccentric mix, from which four film cards were laid out on the table. Each is different – they are spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts, but they form one magical deck.

        1. Bleu de Nuit, dir. Baloji, Belgia, Kongo 2018, 10’
        2. The End of Suffering (A proposal), dir. Jacqueline Lentzou, Greece 2020, 14’
        3. I am good at karate, dir. Jess Dadds, UK 2022, 11’
        4. Slug Life, dir. Sopie Koko Gate, UK 2018, 7’

        Full program of the event

        The winter solstice and the beginning of the astronomical winter is when in the northern hemisphere the sun tops the zenith at the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the shortest day of the year! For this reason, 10 years ago in France the idea was born to celebrate International Short Film Day on this very day. Every year cinephiles around the world come together to celebrate the uniqueness and magic of this film form.

        Participants of the screenings prepared by, celebrating the Short Film Day saw six short films from Poland and other countries of the world. They followed the footsteps of a mysterious man living in an American cemetery (Marblehead), found out what power carries the desire to surround those closest to us with care (Wyraj), stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with a young woman walking through a city wracked by summer heat (Über Wasser), looked into an album of forgotten photographs (Still Processing), moved to Poland in the 1990s. troubled by the unrest of historical changes (The Earth Will Absorb It All), and finally they stayed in the home of a traditional Polish family that has to face its habits (Sharing).

        1. Marblehead, dir. Jack Auen, Kevin Walker, USA 2021, live action, 10’
        2. Wyraj, dir. Agnieszka Nowosielska, Poland 2020, live action 20’
        3. Über Wasser, On Solid Ground, dir. Jela Hassler, Switzerland 2021, live action, 12’
        4. Ziemia wchłonie to wszystko, dir. Dominik Ritszel, Poland 2021, experimental, 9′
        5. Still Processing, dir. Sophy Romvari, Canada 2020, documentary, 21′
        6. Dzielenie się, dir. Natalia Sara Skorupa, Poland 2021, documentary, 14’

        We organized events within the framework of the Short Cinema Festival in three cities in Poland:

        Kraków: Kraków Kino Pod Baranami

        Warszawa: Kino Muranów 

        Katowice: Kino Światowid

        In December, the Ad Arte Foundation, organizer of the Short Waves Festival, cordially invited audiences to celebrate Holidays – specifically, Short Film Days! Two days, two events and two main tropes for celebrating art – music and film!
        On December 15, we met at the Black Cat to gently redefine Christmas carols. We presented a local form of celebrating not only music, but also music videos, as we then showed the final 10 of the Muza z Fyrtla Competition of the OFF JEZYCE Festival! Because of where we were, there was also a feline touch in the form of a short film starring cats.
        And on December 20, viewers were invited to PIES Andaluzyjski, where the visuals came alive, as the band Die Neuköllner Nudler graced us with a concert! The atmosphere was, of course, completed by a short film about the dog.


        All cats are grey in the dark, dir. Lasse Linder, Switzerland, 2019, documentary, 19’


        Adjusting, dir. Dejan Petrović, Serbia, 2021, documentary, 20’

        Full program of the event