Summer Time Festival

Czas Letni [Summer Time] is a new music & film festival created with the idea of combining free time and the city, entertainment and culture, nature and education, people and space into a coherent whole. Czas Letni will bring quality cinema and alternative music to unique places in the Poznań area, stimulating exploration and rediscovery. Czas Letni is a space of comfort and collectivization, accessible to all and aimed at anyone who wants to make the summer spent in the city a time of active and productive leisure.

Czas Letni Festival is a project by the Ad Arte Foundation, which has been successfully animating culture in Poznań and Greater Poland for 20 years. The motto of this year’s 15th edition of Short Waves Festival – the largest event organized by the Foundation – is „Rethink/Rebuild,” meaning openness to change, new concepts and a wish to co-create them. Czas Letni, an event motivated by urbanity, shaped by space and wishing to reinterpret it, is also part of this change.

On the program:

Film screenings

➔ Urban View Competition – international short cinema in various genres and shades, dedicated to urban and architectural themes, previously a part of Short Waves Festival,
➔ Random Garden Cinema – screenings in outdoor locations of various Poznań neighborhoods, the program of each screening will be prepared in cooperation with renowned Polish film festivals
➔ Long Story Short – screenings combining famous feature-length titles of the season, which will be preceded by corresponding short films

Music events

➔ open-air concerts corresponding to their locales, the theme of the festival and the summer time; through music we want to introduce a state of relaxation, give the opportunity to draw positive energy from the summer in the city
➔ DJ sets and club nights created by talented and acclaimed collectives from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus in locations well-liked by Poznań citizens

Accompanying events

➔ live podcasts – conversations with interesting guests, experts in their fields, esteemed culture creators, artists, researchers, urban planners
➔ architectural walks – introducing previously hidden stories, meanings located in the spaces of Poznań
➔ field recording workshops – you will hear and record the finest details that both the city and the natural world have to offer us
We will be revealing the full program of events and the Festival schedule to you gradually, so keep an eye on our social media!