SWF Beyond

SWF 2023 has come to an end, but the films presented during it have stayed with us for a long time – hence the desire for more screenings and analysis to make the ideas of bold experimental cinema resonate even louder in the discussion of short film. At the same time, we are committed to nurturing a space for the development of film culture by continuing the series of weekly screenings at the Andalusian Dog, this time in a slightly different format. That’s how we came up with the complex six-cycle SWF Beyond, which will take place every third Wednesday of the month. 

In January and February, we will consider the state of the Polish short film industry and what its creators want to convey about our domestic reality. The screenings of the two Polish Competition programs will be an attempt to explore and diagnose the Polish mentality, the problems associated with it and those displaced by it. 

The remaining months of Beyond will be particularly attractive to those who value innovation, courage and openness to experiment in art. They will be dedicated to the RAW Competition, which was an uncommon novelty of last year’s festival, created with the support of young European programmers. The four sets of films illustrate how contemporary filmmakers play with conventions, still surprising with originality, regardless of thematic considerations. 

SWF Beyond Screenings

A fascinating set of films that present the enigmatic landscapes of dense Polish forests and remote cemeteries. They confront the layers of trauma entwined with cultural and political structures, and face the universal doubts on morality, fear and mystery. With the various range of cinematic approaches they engage into both the physical and psychological depths of Poland’s history and the human condition.

➔ Polish Competition II: Deep in the Forest

  • The Night Falls Quietly / Mieszko Dobek / Poland / 2023 / 9’
  •  ZIMA / Tomasz Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki / Poland / 2023 / 26’
  •  Brama Św. Piotra (Saint Peter’s Gate) / Natalia Sara Skorupa / Poland / 2023 / 11’
  •  No Way Forward, No Way Back / Maciej Stępniewski / Poland / 2022 / 3’
  •  Death and Herring / Klaudia Prabucka / Poland / 2022 / 4’
  •  Stwór (The Creature) / Damian Kosowski / Poland / 2022 / 22’
  •  W lesie są ludzie (There Are People in the Forest) / Szymon Ruczyński / Poland / 2023 / 10’

A selection of thought-provoking films that shows moments of detachment, search for personal liberation, frustration, nuances of queerness and evolving manhood. They navigate the delicate balance between conforming to social expectations and staying true to oneself, taking you on a psychological and, at times, literal journey through the intricacies of the human mind. Films that scream and whisper.

➔ Polish Competition I: In the Eye of the Storm

  • As It Was / Damian Kocur, Anastasiia Solonevych / Poland, Ukraine / 2023 / 15’
  • PASTELOZA / Marta Marianna Kubiak / Poland / 2022 / 5’
  • The Body Dissolver / Dominik Ritszel / Poland / 2023 / 11’
  • Płot (The Fence) / Tomasz Wolski / Poland / 2022 / 19’
  • Barwoczuły (Panchromatic) / Joanna Zuzanna Suchożebrska / Poland / 2022 / 10’
  • Skraj (Edge) / Edmund Aleksander Krempiński, Jakub Dylewski / Poland / 2023 / 18’