International short film festival from Poznań, Poland.


Pokazy konkursowe / Competition Screenings

Konkurs Międzynarodowy / International Competition

This year, we’ve been awaiting the opening of competition submission season with particular curiosity. Is the pandemic going to influence the filmmaking process? Are the submissions going to revolve around one subject only?


The pandemic has also had an impact on us – programmers. After the lockdown and several months of working from home, lack of physical festivals, and meticulous observations of online endeavors, we had to face not only the mental aspect of watching films, but also the physical one. Jaded by the global situation and closure, and concerned about the position of the cultural sector, we were watching and assessing films that were strongly reflecting our bad moods and dark scenarios. However, we’ve encountered what we appreciate about short cinema the most – an exceptional ability to analyze social occurrences, inventiveness of form, abstract thinking and creativity, as well as a diversity of perspectives on the most important issues. It’s these films that gave us the space we’ve all been craving – not necessarily providing us with solace and a promise of a better tomorrow, but with an authentic purpose of our work – showing films that work with familiar emotions in a very conscious way: trauma, longing and loss, not always in reference to the pandemic, yet associated with relevant social and political issues, as well as more intimate and emotional ones. Despite the limitations surrounding their production, many of them have employed interesting strategies of combining film techniques, innovative visual solutions and unusual narration practices.


Finally, after many hours of deliberation, we have managed to select 26 films, produced in 19 countries, created by 14 women and 14 men. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers!

pokazy / screenings:


International Competition I: Against the Odds / Wbrew przeciwnościom
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 14.06.2021 / 17:30 / 90′ + Q&A



International Competition II: Hidden Life / Ukryte życie
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 15.06.2021 / 20:30 / 90′ + Q&A



International Competition III: Don’t Panic / Nie panikuj
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 16.06.2021 / 15:30 / 90′ + Q&A



International Competition IV: System Crash / Awaria systemu
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 16.06.2021 / 20:30 / 90′ + Q&A



International Competition V: Show Me the Way / Wskaż mi drogę
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 17.06.2021 / 20:00 / 90′ + Q&A


Konkurs Polski / Polish Competition

As usual, we are presenting the Polish Competition with a selection of two 90-minute programs. This year, the selection committee has chosen 10 titles with a significant majority of films directed by women.



It is the female perspective that dominates the competition selection, focusing on social and political issues, as well as diving into metaphysical images that reveal strong, personal stories. Inspiration drawn from nature is also quite apparent, it not only brings transcendence and mystery, but also calls for reflection on the world, environment and consequences that come with our lifestyles. Unconventionality also comes into play while considering the formal side of Polish short film creation with interesting strategies being introduced into the language of film: use of amateur film materials, incorporation of fiction into documentary, or unorthodox use of rhythm in dialogues. Polish filmmakers are trying to go beyond their own backyard, creating universal works that are far from employing well-established schemes.



Thanks to a collaboration with CK Zamek, the films presented in this selection are going to contain audio description and subtitles, while the accompanying events (introduction and Q&A) PSL translation. Since 2019, CK Zamek has been running a series called Sensitive Images, presenting social, civic and activist cinema. All of its screenings are adjusted to the needs of individuals with sensory disabilities.

pokazy / screenings:


Polish Competition I / Konkurs Polski I
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 15.06.2021 / 18:00 / 90′ + Q&A / PJM + audiodeskrypcja
CK Zamek Kino Pałacowe / 17.06.2021 / 13:30 / 90′ + Q&A



Polish Competition II / Konkurs Polski II
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 16.06.2021 / 18:00 / 90′ + Q&A
CK Zamek Kino Pałacowe / 18.06.2021 / 15:30 / 90′ + Q&A / PJM + audiodeskrypcja


Dances with Camera

Dances with Camera is an international competition dedicated to films where movement and physical expression take center stage. In this year’s selection, we have 23 short films from 15 countries, created by 14 female and 12 male directors that are going to be presented in two 90-minute sets.



Dances with Camera have been a part of Short Waves Festival program for the past eight years, continuously proving that movement is the most universal and versatile language. Body expression is often able to convey more than words, providing film narration with new possibilities, also in nonlinear forms, or the ones that reflect emotional logic. In this program, the filmmakers are going to lead us through a wide spectrum of emotions, reflecting not only on the new pandemic reality, but also more fundamental human relationships, values and social contexts.

pokazy / screenings:


Dances with Camera I
Kino Muza Sala 1 / 14.06.2021 / 18:30 / 90′ + Q&A



Dances with Camera II
Kino Muza Sala 1 / 15.06.2021 / 19:00 / 90′ + Q&A


Urban View

We’ve come to live in extremely original times. When our reality changes, it is only natural that our urban sphere is going to be altered as well – it becomes lonely and desolate. Despite that process, it still has a life of its own and silently evolves, adjusting to the new normal.



The pandemic world has shifted the artists’ focus to a much more inward perspective. For filmmakers whose works are a part of this year’s Urban View selection, in many cases, the comfort of one’s home or a closed, safe space have become the primary observation point. The artists explore the concept of urban landscape from the perspective of their own balcony, and inquire about the significance of belonging to a specific place. What makes my city feel like home? What does “my city” mean?



We would like to invite you to see 2 programs and 14 fantastic, international urban films. Casual non-fiction observations, animated daydreams, and rebellious visual expressions – every single one of them illustrates the evolving dynamic of a contemporary city in a unique way.

pokazy / screenings:


Urban View I
CK Zamek Kino Na Dziedzińcu / 16.06.2021 / 21:30 / 90′ + Q&A



Urban View II
CK Zamek Kino Na Dziedzińcu / 17.06.2021 / 21:30 / 90′ + Q&A


Konkurs Polskich Filmów Eksperymentalnych / Polish Experimental Film Competition

Is it still possible to have a fresh perspective on the subject though? Is there space to consider other, equally important issues? Absolutely.



The competition screenings contain sad-yet-humorous and raw-yet-pretty creations. It’s a mix of works that revolve around the media, Internet, as well as dreamlike and anthropocene visions. They are dancing around with current global issues, which are continuously increasing in number.



Despite having to deal with this weird and disturbing reality, or maybe because of it, the filmmakers have kept their cool, as well as a sense of humor. Creativity is demonstrated through bitter, yet thought-provoking observations. The artists shed light on heartbreaking codes and algorithms. They speak up about the rights that used to be disregarded until now. They laugh ironically while speaking of a dark and uncertain future. They contemplate the return to nature or escape into the world of absurd and grotesque. They have concerns they’d like to communicate to us, maybe remind us of, or draw our attention to something. So if you have ever complained about living in dull times, then watch out – it’s only gonna get more exciting!

pokazy / screenings:


Polish Experimental Film Competition I / Konkurs Polskich Filmów Eksperymentalnych I
Kino Muza Sala 1 / 16.06.2021 / 19:00 / 60′ + Q&A



Polish Experimental Film Competition II / Konkurs Polskich Filmów Eksperymentalnych II
Kino Muza Sala 1 / 17.06.2021 / 19:00 / 60′ + Q&A


Pokazy specjalne / Special Screenings


Spotlight: DAN.CIN.LAB.

DAN.CIN.LAB is an artistic platform focusing on innovative projects crossing dance and film around
current societal issues. Anna Alexandre, director of DAN.CIN.LAB, is happy to present a selection of
four dance films – three fictions and one creative documentary – by artists programmed, supported
and/or co-produced by DCL, questioning identity, migration, equality, environment and more globally,
human rights.


Spotlight: Kino Rebelde

Kino Rebelde is a Sales and Festival Distribution Agency created by María Vera in early 2017. It’s
exclusively dedicated to the promotion of non-fiction cinema, as well as hybrid and experimental
narratives. Based on creative distribution of a few titles each year, Kino Rebelde has established
itself as a “boutique agency”, working on a custom strategy for each film, with regard to its specific
features, market potential, niche, as well as formal and alternative windows. Kino Rebelde was
born in Madrid, but just like its films, it is a nomadic project. In recent years María has been living in
Lisbon, Belgrade and Hanoi and she’ll keep moving around.


Spotlight: Piotr Bosacki

Piotr Bosacki graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is a lecturer at his alma mater
in the Intermedia Department. He is a co-creator of an art group called PENERSTWO. He works in
the field of visual art (particularly animation), music composition and literature. He published ‘The
Arrangement of Elements’ (2012), a theoretical discussion of art pieces as linguistic constructions.


Spotlight: Laurynas Bareiša

Laurynas Bareiša (b.1988/02/26, Kaunas, Lithuania) holds a bachelor’s degree in both applied
mathematics from Vilnius University and in cinematography from Lithuanian Academy of Music and
Theatre. In 2016 he finished his studies for a master’s degree in film directing. His last two short
films ‘By the pool’ (2017) and ‘Caucasus’ (2018) were premiered in Venice and Locarno film festivals.
His latest film ‘Dummy’ had its world premiere at Berlinale Shorts.

pokazy / screenings:


Spotlight: Filmy Tańca z DAN.CIN.LAB.
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 15.06.2021 / 14:00 / 60′ + Q&A


Free tickets available for pick up at event locations on the day of the event.


Spotlight: Kino Rebelde
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 16.06.2021 / 14:00 / 60′ + Q&A


Free tickets available for pick up at event locations on the day of the event.


Spotlight: Piotr Bosacki
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 18.06.2021 / 17:00 / 60′ + Q&A


Free tickets available for pick up at event locations on the day of the event.


Spotlight: Laurynas Bareiša
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 19.06.2021 / 17:00 / 60′ + Q&A


Free tickets available for pick up at event locations on the day of the event.

SWF Award Ceremony

A ceremonial announcement of winners in all competition categories presented at the 13th Short Waves Festival, as well as a performance by ROSALIE.


Joint award pool: 48 000 PLN
International Competition: 19 500 PLN
Polish Competition: 10 500 PLN
Dances With Camera: 8 000 PLN
Urban View Competition: 5 000 PLN
Polish Experimental Film Competition: 5 000 PLN


ROSALIE. – singer and lyricist, whose style – oscillating between the mainstream and the underground – is most often described as alternative R&B with soul, electronica and hip hop influences. She has Enuff EP and Flashback LP releases under her belt, as well as collaborations with artists such as Taco Hemingway, Ten Typ Mes, Otsochodzi and an electronic duo called Catz N’ Dogz. Her most recent LP entitled IDeal was released in March of this year via Def Jam Recordings Poland. In the beginning of 2021, Rosalie. was nominated for prestigious Fryderyk Awards in two categories “Album of the Year – soul, R&B, gospel” and “Song of the Year”.

pokazy / screenings:


CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 18.06.2021 / 20:00 / 120′



SWF Awarded: Konkurs Polski, Konkurs Polskich Filmów Eksperymentalnych
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 19.06.2021 / 15:00 / 90′



SWF Awarded: Urban View, Dances with Camera
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 20.06.2021 / 13:30 / 90′



SWF Awarded: International Competition
CK Zamek Sala Wielka / 20.06.2021 / 15:30 / 90′


Four Perspectives

Four Perspectives is a presentation of four different views on the concept of solidarity, prepared by the curators of four festivals that constituteEuropean Short Film Network – Go Short (the Netherlands), Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (Germany), Vienna Shorts (Austria) and Short Waves Festival (Poland). The films programs were originally constructed with the This Is Short platform in mind, where they were premiered online. The film selection is followed by industry events, including an industry panel called Gender Solidarity in the Film Industry.


Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

One of the slogans present at demonstrations against the restricting of abortion law in Poland was ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’. Contemporary feminism fights not only for gender equality, but also for gender solidarity and care for every person who needs it.


Program: Short Waves Festival


Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Generations!

When it comes to personal matters like loneliness and health, or broader problems like the climate crisis: the old need the young and vice versa.


Program: Go Short International Short Film Festival


Four Perspectives on Solidarity: New Topographies

In a state of isolation and fear during the COVID-19 pandemic, the displacement of cinema into a virtual space and the online life of art which anticipated and rendered visibility to the struggles of workers and migrants can be a start of a process of shared knowledge and discussion.


Program: Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Standing With Those Who Have No Rights

Why are well-integrated people deported? And if the law allows it, is it really a good law? Five films on a politically sensitive topic.


Program: Vienna Shorts

pokazy / screenings:


Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 16.06.2021 / 16:00 / 90′



Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Generations!
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 18.06.2021 / 13:30 / 90′



Four Perspectives on Solidarity: New Topographies
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 15.06.2021 / 16:00 / 90′



Four Perspectives on Solidarity: Standing With Those Who Have No Rights
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 19.06.2021 / 13:00 / 90′


Fokus / Focus

FOCUS: Mirror Mirror

This year’s Festival’s motto is Mirror Mirror – an enigmatic but also very comprehensive expression that can be interpreted in many different ways. Its vagueness provides the opportunity to find inspiration in short films that represent it. As always, the pieces deliver vivid reactions to their closest as well as more distant surroundings. The recent suffocating experience of the pandemic is noticeable in the latest productions as they make us question our behavior, beliefs, routines and habits. In three different programs, we discover new angles that come with a mirror view: the reflection of reality, the ambiguity of images, the in-depth insight into our psychology, and many more, because what you see in the mirror can be perceived differently by someone else.


Look at me

The possibility of contacting everyone instantly results in a constant urge for attention. Incessant Internet presence gets us accustomed to the never-ending mutual observation and it encourages us to compare our lives with others. The films show how social media can shape our identities and give rise to a wide range of experiences: confusion and extreme loneliness, superficial relationships, but also strong body-awareness, positive change around perception of sexuality. It also allows us to observe the processes that occur both in our mental and physical spheres.


Parallel Worlds

The pandemic has affected us in so many different ways but the feeling of being trapped in our homes has possibly had the strongest effect on our mentality and physicality. Left completely alone or overwhelmed by a full house, we found ourselves desperately looking for some space to breathe. In the same way, the film protagonists are unhappy with the existing reality and try to find alternatives that can either get them away or at least give them a sense of control: whether it’s a poetic observation of everyday scenes, finding meaning in a new spirituality or just – creating their own little worlds.


The Art of Looking

There are a lot of quotes and comments about art being a mirror that reflects society. However, as cliché as that might sound, there is a grain of truth in this statement. The five films presented in the program are a proof that art does not only serve the masses but also individuals. From a very personal video diary of a queer artist, an insane journey through the history of mankind, to the AI humanoid that questions the state of gender equality – all of them thoroughly analyze the Self through many different creative forms. Subtle and intimate stories mix with broad perspectives on the art industry driven by the same phenomenon: passion for observing the human being.

pokazy / screenings:


Look at me
Kino Muza Sala 1 / 14.06.2021 / 16:00 / 90’



Parallel Worlds

Kino Muza Sala 2 / 18.06.2021 / 16:00 / 90′



The Art of Looking
Concordia / 16.06.2021 / 22:00 / 90′


Free entry.

FOCUS: Austria

From the potentials of cinematic perception to the concrete utopias of the everyday, these programmes encompass themes of resistance against oppressive realities as well as radical bodies and their appearances. The films explore these themes through analogue structures, digital manipulations, documentary, fiction, performance and music video. Reflecting on the artistic direction of Diagonale – and much like the ebbs and flows of human life – they look inwards and outwards, consider topic and story and examine textures and patterns both material and interpersonal. Speculative architecture and ambient soundscapes meet nostalgia and blissful nature, while desire meets the freedom of youth. Alternative narratives reveal ambiguous certainties and their projected possibilities. Ultimately they tell of the bittersweetness of self-emancipation, or as expressed in Mira Lu Kovacs’s song: “Maybe stay–to see what else can break”.


Text: Marius Hrdy
Curators: Sebastian Höglinger, Peter Schernhuber
Print coordination Diagonale: Maria L. Felixmüller

pokazy / screenings:


Focus Austria: Diagonale I:

Kino Muza Sala 2 / 17.06.2021 / 15:30 / 90′

Kino Muza Sala 2 / 18.06.2021 / 18:00 / 90′




Focus Austria: Diagonale II:

Kino Muza Sala 2 / 17.06.2021 / 21:00 / 90′
Kino Muza Sala 2 / 20.06.2021 / 17:00 / 90′


Pokazy pozakonkursowe / Non-competition Screenings

European Film Awards

In 2020 Agnieszka Holland was elected the European Film Award president, replacing Wim Wenders, a German director. The main task of this organization is to promote European cinema and it’s been doing so for the past 33 years. The “Best Short Film Award” has been a category for the past 23 years, and since then 8 Polish filmmakers have been nominated for it. Two of them have received it: Marcel Łoziński (Poste restante) and Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (Hanoi-Warsaw).



European Film Award is one of the most prestigious distinctions for filmmakers presented on the Old Continent. The stylistic, genre, and thematic diversity of short cinema makes people follow this category with bated breath and we’re not only talking about the short film festival community! Two film sets will allow us to see what’s new with European directors, with screenings of films from 8 different countries.

pokazy / screenings:


European Film Awards I:

Kino Muza Sala 1 / 19.06.2021 / 19:00 / 90′



European Film Awards II:

Kino Muza Sala 1 / 20.06.2021 / 19:00 / 90′


European Short Film Audience Awards

A unique film selection that is a result of collaboration between 8 international film festivals. Vila Do Conde, Clermont Ferrand, Tampere, Wiz Art, Go Short, Alciné, Belgium Short Film Festival and of course Short Waves are short film festivals, which have been collectively promoting their audiences’ favorites for years. The audience of each festival has chosen one title, turning the program into a true feast of entertainment, intriguing images and genre diversity.



The film with the highest number of votes has a chance to win 3 500 EUR, the decision is in your hands!

pokazy / screenings:


European Short Film Audience Awards  I:

Kino Muza Sala 1 / 17.06.2021 / 17:00 / 90′




European Short Film Audience Awards  II:

Kino Rialto / 19.06.2021 / 21:00 / 90′


Comedy Shorts

Listen up! Comedy is said to be one of the hardest genres to produce, yet short films do not confirm that to be true. Quite the opposite – they show that dark humor is the panacea for all worries. Inspiration is supplied by life itself. Who hasn’t had bureaucracy mess with their plans, decisions made on a whim don’t always turn out to be the finest, should cast the first stone. Besides, shit happens, and you can run into doppelgängers at a local bar. Intrigued? We hope your jaws will drop – out of laughter of course.

pokazy / screenings:


Comedy Shorts:

Collegium Da Vinci / 15.06.2021 / 22:00 / 90′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.

Electro Shorts

Let’s get the party started! A selection of films pulsating with electronic music, perfect for a weekend warm up. We will explore illegal raves, meet a bunch of electro freaks and learn about the differences and similarities between a synthesizer and a food processor. Music will make us forget our problems, help us reconnect with nature or express feelings towards loved ones. This wide variety of film genres and styles proves that music appreciation knows no limits at all.

pokazy / screenings:


Electro Shorts:

Tama / 17.06.2021 / 21:30 / 90′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.

Queer Shorts

Queer sounds proud! See for yourself and enjoy a set of films that are full of emotion. You’re going to meet extremely charismatic characters – a drag queen who likes to mother a bit, São Paulo girls who know that friendship is everything, and two characters for whom an unexpected meeting turns into… the end of the world they knew. The need for love and acceptance is shared by everyone, regardless of gender, race and amount of cash in the wallet. Welcome to Queer Shorts – join in on the search for what’s important for almost everyone – closeness, attention, warmth… and a sick night out!

pokazy / screenings:


Queer Shorts:

KontenerART / 17.06.2021 / 22:00 / 90′


Wstęp wolny.

Kinky Shorts

It’s time to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone to finally achieve fulfillment and satisfaction. Are you ready for what fate has in store? Shameless filmmakers are going to ignite your senses with dirty stories, making your deepest desires come true. A strong dose of humor will also bring you some satisfaction because first times (and not only) require all muscles to be relaxed. And remember, a dog is much more than a man’s best friend. We hope you’re as excited to see this film set as we are!

pokazy / screenings:


Kinky Shorts

Kino Rialto / 18.06.2021 / 22:00 / 90′ / 16+


Horror Shorts

What’s going on in your head? Is it always safe to be left alone with your thoughts? The line between reality and imagination is very thin and the short horrors show what it’s like to find yourself on the opposite side of the safe space. Six films take you to unknown territories where the story repeats itself, strange faces emerge, confusion arises, and anxiety is hidden behind every gesture. Find out whether Joe will satisfy his appetite, if the human drive can be tamed and whether the fall will be somebody’s last one…

pokazy / screenings:


Horror Shorts:

Pływalnia Olimpia / 19.06.2021 / 22:00 / 90′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.

Awesome Shorts

Awesome Shorts is a platform for promotion and distribution of short films that’s been operating since 2019, created by Ania and Andrzej from Ad Arte Foundation. They’re interested in all forms of short cinema, including video art, advertisements, and first and foremost – music videos. 


We can’t turn back time and we’re not looking back. We all know what 2020 was like. The world was turned upside down, yet it’s not the first time that happened. In this year’s selection, we take a look at what’s here and now, and the world of music videos has been more abundant than ever. Audiovisual creators show that they are capable of facing the new rules without having that affect the quality of their work. 


Awesome Shorts Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 present what’s new, most interesting and most awesome within the visual realm. This year’s selection is primarily characterized by creativity and innovative forms, while 2021 is their common denominator. The program contains music videos from well known production companies such as Partizan, Canada, Iconoclast and Polish Dobro Films, independent creators and musicians (XiuXiu, La Femme). It’s going to be quite eclectic.  


Here and Now! Awesome Shorts!

pokazy / screenings:


Awesome Shorts: Here and Now I:

Nurt / 15.06.2021 / 21:30 / 60’


Wstęp wolny.


Awesome Shorts: Here and Now II:

Laba.Land / 20.06.2021 / 21:00 / 60′


Wstęp wolny.

Filmy konkursowe w Filmowym Klubie Seniora

Once again, we are going to host a Senior Film Club meeting in order to present a set of the best selections from this year’s competition section consisting of Polish and International competitions, as well as Urban View. Older viewers will have the opportunity to join the protagonists on a sentimental journey – from running into an old flame, a farewell to a beloved housing estate, to discovering certain correspondence that reveals many family secrets…

pokazy / screenings:


Filmy konkursowe w Filmowym Klubie Seniora:

Kino Rialto / 15.06.2021 / 13:30 / 90′


SWF for Kids

This year, the Short Waves Festival for Kids selection is curated by Cinema in Sneakers, a festival for children and young adults which has been held for the past 9 years. The selected films are a mix of forms – animations, narratives, documentaries, which are visually appealing, but also engage the youngest viewers emotionally. They touch upon various subjects such as otherness, diversity and independence. They focus on our relationship with nature, relationship between children and grownups and are definitely a great starting point for discussion – the best part of cinema. We invite our youngest viewers ages 4-6 and 7-9 to join us on a sneakery cinematic adventure!


The films will be available with Polish V.O. only.

pokazy / screenings:


SWF for Kids (4-6 l.):

Kino Muza Sala 1 / 19.06.2021 / 11:00 / 60′


Poza kinem / Beyond Cinema

Opening Event: Kino Forma: Empty Cloud

The Cloud, premiere of a new interdisciplinary audiovisual event prepared specifically with 13. Short Waves Festival opening in mind.
The Cloud, Frank Bretschneider, Agnieszka Obszańska, Zofia i Aga, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, choir Minimus, Render Boys, Niemy Dotyk, ZOFIA i AGA.
The Cloud, sounds, images, words.
The Cloud, a space for untold stories and countless interpretations.
The Cloud, where speech is born, Fa, LeFaN, FaNLele, Falls, Fall, Fallen, Star, Start, It Starts. 

The Cloud, generated and selected sound waves, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, mechanical sounds, electricity, magnetism, lights and other radiations.
The Cloud, falling apart, alanache, half shut eyes, breathing in, empty spaces, haircut, breathing out, sitting on the fence, smell of rain, breathing out, eyes open, breathing out, night, tucking in.
The Cloud, though our eyes be filled with sleep, may our hearts always remain awake.
The Cloud or actually – empty puff.


The text contains quotes and references to: Maria Magdalena Kozłowska’s text, description of Frank Bretschneider’s EXP live act, description of Zofia’s album “Otulenie” and Misia Żurek’s publication “Ground Reflecting on the Sky”.

Frank Bretschneider
av live act
av live act
Zespół Wokalny Minimus
live act
Agnieszka Obszańska
Maria Magdalena Kozłowska
spoken word
Render Boys
Niemy dotyk
sound installation

Szymon Stemplewski
intuitions, correlations, links
Maria Trzeciak
production support
Krystian Piotr
light & sound
Grzegorz Ciemciach
digital visuals
Aga Nowacka
analog visuals
minimal Glamour + Andrzej Hercuń
graphic identity

pokazy / screenings:


Empty Cloud:
Pawilon / 14.06.2021 / 20:00 / 90′


VR: Sense of Place

VR technology has an amazing power of transporting us to real or imagined spaces. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the worlds we are unable to access on a daily basis. Sense of Place is a film selection that explores the possibilities associated with VR in the context of experiencing particular emotions evoked by a specific place. Both projects have premiered at Venice Film Festival – “Replacements” is an animated depiction of changes and urbanization of Jakarta, while “ROOMS” is an intimate tour of spaces with various purposes.

pokazy / screenings:


VR: Sense of Place:

Kino Muza Sala 3 / 16.06.2021 / 15:00 / 120′
Kino Muza Sala 3 / 17.06.2021 / 14:00 / 120′
Kino Muza Sala 3 / 18.06.2021 / 14:00 / 120′
Kino Muza Sala 3 / 19.06.2021 / 14:00 / 120′


Bezpłatne wejściówki do odbioru w miejscach wydarzeń w dzień wydarzenia.

Random Garden Cinema

Random Garden Cinema is a series of film screenings taking place in various and unconventional places across Poznań with exact locations revealed on the day of the event. Each year, we invite our curator and programmer friends from different festivals to compose a selection that is going to complement each location, creating an unforgettable atmosphere, while their presence allows for dialogue between them and the viewers. Every event is a completely different journey into the world of short film that brings great joy from collective film viewing.


Random Garden Cinema I: Go Short ISFF

Not your regular mixtape. This program is delving into offbeat representations of familiar songs and hidden gems. Some films here offer an unexpected interpretation of a music piece; like a youth choir singing Black Sabbath or one guy that practiced three months to perform Led Zeppelin backwards. Other films focus more on visual presentations, which can put a piece of music in a totally different light. In the end of the program both visuals and audio are put into a loop, that will continue in your head for days after. “Hey now, heeeey now, don’t dreeeeaaaam it’s oooover”.


Curator: Mathieu Janssen – programmer at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen


Random Garden Cinema II: Jewish Film Festival BB

2021 marks 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany. The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg will be 27 years old. It shows films of all genres and the diversity of Jewish culture, history, present and future. A variety consisting of queer and ultra-orthodox cinema, between questions of responsibility and trauma, between pointed spotlight, thoughtful reflection and disarming humor. The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg will happen on12th-22nd August 2021.


Curator: Bernd Buder – programmer at the Jewish Film Festival Berlin


Random Garden Cinema III: Vienna Shorts

Come one, come all in the garden of trashy delights! Be warned and be prepared for the cream of the crop, the toast with the most, the milk of the holy tit: the Vienna Shorts Très Chic retrospective.


Curator: Diana Mereoiu – programmer at Vienna Shorts.


Random Garden Cinema IV: Cyprus IFF

These past few months have been very difficult for all humanity. The pandemic has left us isolated and troubled. When Short Waves invited me to present a short program explaining the screening venue and atmosphere, I had no doubt in my mind that it had to focus on comedy. After all, the setting is perfect. Garden, drinks, nice people, and comedy. Perfect match. This is a collection of comedy shorts screened through the years at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. They are some of our favourite comedy shorts. Some were also awarded in our festival and they are still talked about by our audience.


Curator: Ioakim Mylonas – director of International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

pokazy / screenings:


Random Garden Cinema I: Go Short ISFF
TBA / 16.06.2021 / 20:30 / 120’


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.


Random Garden Cinema II: Jewish Film Festival BB
TBA / 17.06.2021 / 20:30 / 120′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.


Random Garden Cinema III: Vienna Shorts
TBA / 18.06.2021 / 20:30 / 120′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.


Random Garden Cinema IV: Cyprus IFF
TBA / 19.06.2021 / 20:30 / 120′


Tickets available at CIK – Poznań Cultural Information Centre, ul. Ratajczaka 8 and directly at event locations on the day of the event.