Short Waves Festival – Day 1

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]TUESDAY AT SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL / DAY 1 / 18.08

It’s today! 12. edition of Short Waves Festival starts with full power in a hybrid form: OFFLINE / in Poznań and ONLINE / via Filmchief Hub platform. We are tremendously happy that you are with us, and those who have not yet decided to participate this year – you are still more than welcome! Online Accrediatations and tickets for single events are still on sale. Detailed information and an official schedule can be find on, as usual. Take a look what we have prepared for you on the first day of Short Waves Festival 2020!



Comedy Shorts in Senior Film Club
15:30 / Kino Rialto / online


Senior Film Club meetings are a perfect opportunity to meet up at the cinema to watch short films together. This year we will be reminding that laugh is a strong remedy for the miseries of this world. Comedy Shorts will most definitely make you forget the everyday struggles for a moment and provide you with a solid dose of serotonin!



Dances with Camera I (+Q&A)
18:00 / Kino Muza / online

Dances with Camera is an international competition of short films that share the common denominator of dance and physical expression. Dances with Camera is one of the two thematic competitions at Short Waves Festival, which have consistently been attracting interest of our audience for the past seven years.



Pokaz Otwarcia / Opening Program x Obrazy Wrażliwe
20:00 / CK Zamek / online


This year’s Opening Screening in just 60 minutes gathers the diversity of our festival and shows the primary topics in modern cinema. 2020 cannot be downsized to a year of pandemic. It’s also the year of mass protests, climate crisis and on-going immerse in the world of new technology. All these processes are accompanied by a huge need of human solidarity and caring for others. We see that in cinema and it’s uplifting.



Awesome Shorts: The Future Is Now – pokaz wideoklipów
21:00 / Tama Bar / wstęp wolny


Awesome Shorts is a platform that has been operating since 2019, dedicated primarily to promotion and distribution of short films and initiated by Ania and Andrzej from Ad Arte Foundation. From the very beginning they have been focusing on unconventional short forms like videoart or advertising, and above all – music videos. If the future is now, it would be good to take a closer look at what it has in store. Awesome Shorts: The Future is Now is a selection of the newest, the most interesting and the most awesome in the audiovisual sphere. A music video program courtesy of the so called millenials.



Klub Festiwalowy Agata+ TBH
21:00 / Tama Bar / wstęp wolny


Agata is an artist, producer and DJ. Curator of FORMA series. Her DJ sets are a meticulous selection with past and future elements. She tells stories, sets the mood and dances. Short Waves Festival 2020 club coordinator, she will be opening a series of sonic evenings at Tama.



International Competition III: Mixed Feelings / Mieszane uczucia
21:30 / CK Zamek / online


This program demonstrates that the world is not black and white. Not only through incredibly colorful selections, but also through ambiguous situations that the characters find themselves in. This set is a bona fide rollercoaster of emotions in which we go way beyond the comfort zone and immerse ourselves in the world of personal stories, difficult ethical choices, equivocal behaviors, unusual encounters. The characters are forced to make decisions that could cause mixed feelings in each one of us…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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